And So It Starts


I woke up suddenly and looked at the clock. Something had changed. I had gone to bed for a quick nap while my wife, Sue, was at a meeting and I knew she wasn’t due home yet.

But someone was on her side of the bed.

Really… there were not many possibilities. The only person in the house was my niece, Holly. But since Holly was only 18 and I am 45, I figured that wasn’t an option. Although she has been pretty flirty with me I knew it was either Holly or the dog and the dog stayed at the foot of the bed and was never under the covers.

I could hear breathing. And felt the bed move a little every few seconds. Whoever it was she/he/it was not trying to be quiet. Almost like they wanted me to wake up.

So… I turned over.

And it was Holly. Under the covers. With her head on Sue’s pillow and looking at me and smiling.

Holly had been my best bud from the time she was about 3 until she was 10 or 11. When she hit her teen years the only thing she seemed to like about me was my Jeep Wrangler. Now, just a few days after her 18th birthday, she was cute in a pixie-ish way. A bubble butt, nice legs, a great sense of humor and mischievous eyes. As a kid she had teased me by turning her little ass towards me and daring me to throw something at it. And she loved to jump on me, wrap her arms around me, and scream into my ear… that was not as fun as it sounds.

But here we were, in bed under the covers and I had no idea what it was she was up to. I was hoping that she had stopped yelling into my ear…

Then she whispered, “Pretend I’m Sue…”

Wha??? What did she mean by that? I was feeling pretty confused but, heck, I reached out to her and rubbed her tummy. She was fully clothed as far as I could tell. At least my hand hit the junction between a top and a jeans.. With no idea of what I should do, I poked her tummy…

She grabbed my hand…

I thought, “Uh oh… was that the wrong thing to do?” I was almost on the verge of apologizing to her istanbul escort when she moved my hand…


This confused me even more… down? There was not very far “down” to go without getting into “private” territory. I moved my hand one way and felt her inner thigh… and the other way… inner thigh again. With her hand still over mine I knew there was only one place my hand could be…

I tentatively rubbed the spot where my hand was laying and her gasp…

Then she grabbed my hand and moved it up… to her chest. Right over one beautiful breast. I could feel her nipple through her blouse… so I rubbed that, too. Another gasp…

Then she moved my hand to the side and I could feel her other breast… and another gasp.

I was beginning to figure this thing out… my niece wanted me to fondle her sweet little body. And I was already deeply involved in doing just that. If Sue happened to come home and walk into the bedroom she would see, even in the dark, that something was going on…

“In for a penny, in for a pound”, was my thinking. No use trying to evade it now. Here was a chance to check out a lovely teenage female body without risking her telling on me. Or at least not a lot of risk. She had started it after all.

By now I was fully alert . And just then she took my hand again and thrust it down the top of her blouse… down to where there was no doubt in my mind that there was a breast with a fully erect nipple. I did the only logical thing at that point. I took that nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger and tweaked it a little.

Another gasp.

Maybe I could change the game a little, I thought to myself, and I moved my hand over to her other breast… closer to me laying on my side next to her.

Holly was still fully clothed and all I had on was a pair of tightie-whitey underpants. And inside those tightie-whities was a cock that was sensing “action”. It was already hard… and getting harder. There was only avrupa yakası escort one thing to do…

I moved closer to Holly and gently pressed my hard cock against her right thigh.

Another gasp and she let my hand go – still playing with her cute little boob… and moved it down to my cock and , very tentatively, touched it.

This time it was my turn to gasp.

So far the only words either of us had spoken were from her when she said, “Pretend I’m Sue” and so far, by golly, I was pretty much doing just that.

I moved my hand out from her blouse and down… down… to the junction of her top and her jeans and didn’t stop. I moved my fingers under her jeans and felt her bare tummy. I didn’t stop… I moved my hand lower… and under the elastic of her panties… not a thong… just panties.

And still I didn’t stop… farther down and I could feel her belly button under the heel of my hand as my fingers began to encounter the rise of her pubic mound. Ooooh… smooth. No hair… no stubble… just smooth and rising up gently to the beginning of her crack.

My middle finger slipped into that crack and this time both of us gasped!

At this point my hand stopped while I reconsidered what I was doing. There I was, in bed with my beautiful teenaged niece with my hand down her pants and a raging boner.

“Don’t stop”, she breathed into my ear.

So I pushed down until I could feel her clit under my finger and very delicately touched it. It was so wet that my finger slipped around on it easily. And she moaned in my ear as her hand tightened on my cock inside those tightie-whities; which were beginning to get a little wet from pre-cum.

“How far should I taken this?” I asked myself. At this point there were only two choices… stop and calm down or go the distance. My dick twitched under her hand and that answered the question.

My finger slipped below her clit and into her tight pussy. It wasn’t bahçelievler escort that hard to push a finger in but I was pretty sure that two fingers would be more than she wanted. At least right then. But I could feel her pelvis rise to my finger as it slipped inside. Her cute butt was now well off the bed but I couldn’t really move my finger inside her because her jeans were still buttoned and zipped and there wasn’t much room.

Holly solved that problem by using her left hand to unbutton her jeans and unzip them and start to pull her panties down. That was easy since her ass was at least an inch off the bed already and her panties slid down her thighs and she squirmed her legs around to slide the jeans and panties off completely.

Then she put her left hand over the my hand to give me a signal that she wanted my finger inside her.

About then I slid my own undies off; and her fingers kept a tight grip on my cock as they left.

Now both of us were breathing hard and still only one of us had spoken. My finger was deep inside her and her hand was stroking my cock just as if she knew what she was doing. “Maybe it’s instinctive,” I thought to myself.

This was when she rolled towards me and kissed me on the lips with her mouth just slightly parted. I took advantage of that to flick my tongue out of my mouth and over the edges of her lips… and just far enough inside her mouth to feel her tongue coming out to meet mine.

She pulled my cock towards her pussy and I took my hand out of her as she pushed the tip of my dick towards where my finger had been.

I never did get on top of her… nor did she get on top of me. At least not that first time. My cock just went into her a little ways when she exploded in an orgasm and I held her tight while she shook and gasped and vibrated in my arms.

When she was done we just laid there… and when I tried to move away – and out – she held me even more tightly so I couldn’t move and we laid like that until I began to feel my back aching.

This time she let me go… and I kissed her gently on her lips and rolled away.

“Do you do this with Sue?” I heard her whisper.

“Not since she was eighteen,” I whispered back. I could see her smile at me.

I felt like a teen again, myself.

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