At the Office with Aunty


When I was in my early twenties I worked for my Aunt and Uncle in a small electronics firm. Most days, it was only me and I my Aunt Peggy in the office. Aunt Peggy was a very attractive woman. About 5′ 1″ with very large firm breasts a small waist and very cute bubble butt that shimmered when she bounced around the office. She often wore very pretty dresses to work. Her dressed varied greatly in design but she regularly wore ones that exposed her beautiful milky white cleavage.

Aunt Peggy was the kind of woman that knew she was admired for her cleavage and was not afraid to show it off. Most days in the office she caught me looking down her dress to catch a better look at her plump tits. She would always look up and smile. I could tell by her look that she knew that I was a young horny guy that loved big boobs.

One day in early summer Aunt Peggy wore a very sheer dress to the office. She came in alone explaining that my Uncle was home sick. I often looked to see her panty lines and bra as she walked through the office. Today I noticed that she did not have on a slip and her underwear were the high cut French type. She normally wore the “granny panties”. The lack of a slip allowed perfect view of her silhouette when she stood in front of the windows.

Later that day while we worked together on a project I noticed that she was wearing one of the shelf bras. The kind that exposed the top of her breast. When she bent over I could see her pink nipples protruding from the bra. Through out the day she seemed to tease me more and more. I noticed her looking at my crotch to see if I was getting and erection. This continued teasing had me at full mast! I noticed that Aunt Peggy’s face was Ankara escort a bit flush too.

Towards the late afternoon, she sat at her desk. Our work areas faced each other. I had full view of her legs when she put them on the desk. I normally tried to get a peek up her dress but she regularly crossed her legs. Today she had her legs slightly open enough for me to see that her white panties were soaking wet. The sight of this make my cock twitch inside my pants. After a few minutes I started to form a wet spot in the front of my pants.

Aunt Peggy continued to make small talk and looked at me in a much different way then usual. She remarked that she had been having pain in her neck and back. I took this comment to immediately walk over to her desk and start to rub her neck and back.

Once my hands started to massage her, I could feel the sexual tension build even further. Now that I was standing behind her I could see down her dress. I smelled a faint wiff of her excited pussy. I was worried to go any further. What if she got mad? As I rubbed her neck she seemed to drift off in pleasure so I decided to slowly work to her shoulders and advance my hands further forward with each stroke. Once I had started rubbing the upper part of her chest she let out a small moan. I reached down unbutton her dress a bit more this let her tits nearly fall out the front of her dress. She seemed to be in such deep pleasure that I decided to make my move and reach down and massage her boobs through the her now exposed bra. She didn’t even flinch. I continued to rub her for about 15 minutes when she leaned forward and unfastened her bra. This freed her big breasts from the bra. I reached around and cupped Ankara escort bayan them in my hand and playfully pinched the nipples. Viewing her massive tits almost made me cum in my pants. Aunt Peggy continued to allow me to massage her for another 10 minutes or so. I didn’t want this opportunity to touch these soft white tits to end.

Just then she sat up in the chair and spun around. Since I was standing behind her she was now waist high to my crotch. I could see in her eyes that she wanted more and all her inhibitions were now gone.

She told me that she had seen me masturbate in the bathroom aat work one day. Since that day she had wanted to see and touch my cock. She quickly unbuttoned my pants and pulled them to the floor. She then lowered her lips on to the tip of my raging cock. Her soft warm lips were almost too much for me to handle. I nearly came right way. With her free hand she massaged my balls, rolling them around like a sack of marbles. After a few minutes she motioned for me to open my legs wider. I was ready to collapse already but complied with her request. She took her mouth off my cock long enough to get her fingers wet with my ejaculate. She then started to rub behind my balls on my scrotum. She then inserted her middle finger into my asshole. The sensation was too much for me to take. I immediately had a very large orgasm filling her mouth full of cum. She continued to suck on my cock until my orgasm was over all the while probing my asshole even deeper now with two fingers.

By now Aunt Peggy’s dress was pulled down over her shoulder to her waist. He large breasts hung naturally with erect nipples. I want to return the favor and asked her to move Escort Ankara from the chair to the desk. I then pull her dress off as she lifted her self on to the table top. I then took the position at the chair and motioned for Peggy to lift her knees up. When she did I slid her panties over her hips and on to the floor. I could now fully see her pussy, ripe and wet. I buried my face into her cunt and used my free hands to spread he lips wide open. This revealed her swollen clitoris. I proceeded to suck on her clit. I could feel her muscles contract as she neared orgasm. After a few minutes I buried my tongue deep into her pussy. I Felt her start to spasm with orgasm.

I wanted to lick her pussy for ever. It tasted so good and pleasuring her was such a turn on. As she came her big natural tits shimmered as her body shook.

After her orgasm slowed a bit she told me that she wanted to feel me inside of her. She then turned over and presented her pussy to me from behind. I stroked my cock for a minute to regain my erection. I then buried the tip in her pussy. She loudly moaned and arched her back. I had no trouble pushing the rest of my cock into her pussy as it was dripping wet. I made sure to pound her pussy hard from behind. With each stroke he white bubble butt shimmered and bounced. The sight of this was too much to handle. As I continued to fuck her from behind I reach around to squeeze her big beautiful natural tits. After a few minutes I could feel her orgasm contract around my cock. This tightening made me cum right away. I filled her pussy full and staid inside of until I became limp and fell out. I used my hand to feel her pussy from behind and rub the cum all over it. She loved the feeling of the wetness rubbed all over her asshole and pussy.

We kissed passionately for about 10 minutes afterwards. We continued to have an affair for a few years. Always waiting for an opportunity to be alone in the office.

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