Aunt Traci


I suppose most of my relatives think I’m a little weird, but photographers and writers are like that. Everyone knows I’m a photographer. I mean, that’s my job. But nobody in the family knows I write porn. That’s a hobby I’ll keep to myself.

I’m twenty eight and single by choice. I’ve had lots of men, and a few women, show interest in me. I choose to ignore them, at least for long-term relationships. I’m having too much fun living by myself in an old farmhouse I inherited. The closest neighbors are over the next hill in all four directions.

Every now and then a man catches my attention and I think maybe this is the one I could live with. Then something happens that reminds me that relationships are hard. Somebody always loves a little more.

Family members can be like that, too. You see too much of each other and, eventually, your differences come to the surface and you split apart again, kind of like two magnets that are pushing against each other. Other family members you are totally comfortable with, as long as they don’t stay too long.

My favorite relative has always been my nephew Mike. He’s my oldest sister’s oldest son. He’s eighteen now. With only ten years between us I think he was naturally attracted to me when the family got together because we could each relate to certain things, like music. Maybe he saw me as the sister he never had. I don’t know. In any case, we always got along great.

He was probably fifteen or sixteen when I began to see him as a young man. Mike was tall and thin, but it was at that age that his body began to fill out and I noticed it more and more. I have an in-ground pool in the back yard and when my sister and her family came over to use it, it was Mike I paid the most attention to.

Then he started playing sports in high school and lifting weights and I had my first truly sexual thoughts about Mike. He never gave any indication of thinking of me in the same way. I assumed I would always just be Aunt Traci to him. In reality, we had never spent time alone and, therefore, never had a chance to talk to each other without others around. Once we did, all hell broke loose.

Mike is a cyclist. His high school had a team that wasn’t sanctioned; it was just a club that formed among the guys and a teacher volunteered to coach them. Mike really got into it. He began to ride in organized tours on the weekends and often did sixty to one hundred mile rides. Now that he has graduated, he does it on his own whenever he gets the chance.

Living out in the country as I do it is not uncommon to see groups of riders go past my house, as I did on a particularly warm Saturday morning in May. I was working in the yard in a tank top with no bra and jogging shorts, a fairly standard outfit for me on the weekends. The wind was picking up and my wavy brown hair must have looked a mess between being blown and a little perspiration mixed in.

I was at the side of the house closest to the driveway when I thought I heard someone, or something, approaching. I looked up to see a bike coming to a screeching halt a few feet away. Behind the sunglasses and under the helmet was Mike’s tanned face.

“Hey,” I said as I stood up and he unclipped his shoes and dismounted.

“Hi, Traci! Bet you weren’t expecting me.”

I used both hands to try to put my hair back in place.

“Nope. It’s a nice surprise, Mike.”

I unconsciously let my eyes scan him from head to toe, attired in a body hugging jersey and spandex shorts. His legs were really filling out nicely and his… Oh, well, I tried not to stare.

“We’re doing a sixty five mile ride today,” he said, taking a long drink of water before continuing. “It’s the first really hot ride of the year. We’ll be going through lots of water.”

“C’mon inside and I’ll refill those bottles,” I offered.

He pulled a second water bottle out of its holder and followed me inside.

“How’s your Mom?” I asked.

“She’s fine. Doing the same old stuff.”

We entered through the back door and went into the kitchen. I took the bottles and filled them with cold water. When I turned to hand them back I might have caught him gazing at my chest, as I had bent forward to turn off the faucet. I began to feel strangely aroused simply being in the same room alone with Mike.

“Thanks. I’ll need these later,” he said, taking the bottles.

“Do you want to use the bathroom or grab a towel to cool off?”

His jersey was unzipped more than halfway down his chest and I saw the sweat rolling down his skin. Mike had removed his sunglasses and put them in the back pocket of the jersey. His face was red from the sun and perspiration gathered on his brow. He wiped it off with the back of his gloved hand.

“No, I’m fine. I’ll only stay a minute. Just wanted to say ‘Hi’ since we were passing the house.”

“I’m glad you did,” I said.

He took off his helmet and laid it on the counter along with the water bottles. Then, without warning, he sprayed my chest with one of the bottles. I swiveled away from him, but not before a stream Ankara escort of water crossed my tank top right at the breasts.

“Hey!” I screamed and then laughed.

I wiped the top but the damage was done. It was nearly see-through wherever the water struck it. I faced Mike again and he openly stared at me with a smile. One nipple was plainly visible, along with a good portion of the flesh around it.

“Sorry. My hand slipped,” he said.

“Yeah, right. Pretty good aim for an accident.”

“You shouldn’t wear such revealing clothing, Traci. Guests may show up out of nowhere.”

“And spray me with water bottles?” I said sarcastically.

“You never know.”

I stepped closer to him and said, “Is my clothing any more revealing than yours?”

I made sure he saw me staring at his crotch.

“There’s a purpose to everything I have on,” he said.

“And what’s that? To turn on your aunt?”

I pulled the zipper of his jersey all the way down and ran my fingernails up his bare chest, lingering around his nipples. I grabbed the bottom of the jersey and lifted it, the tight fit and moisture combining to make it a tougher removal than I anticipated. Mike was grinning when I was done.

“I could have warned you about that,” he said. “I bet yours would come off easier.”

“I bet you won’t find out,” I said, tracing the outline of his breast with my finger.

I was standing so close we were almost touching. I moved my hands down to his abs and waist. I slid them down his hips. Very deliberately I made my way to his crotch, finally skimming my fingers up the length of his cock and back onto his stomach.

“This isn’t fair,” he murmured.

“I gave you water,” I said. “This is my payment.”

Our mouths and bodies came together. I could feel his cock press against me as we kissed. Our tongues met and his hands moved onto the top of my shorts in back. The longer and harder we kissed the lower his hands got until he was squeezing the cheeks of my ass through my shorts and I was grinding my pussy onto his cock. I moaned when Mike brought his hands to my chest and I gave him just enough room to knead my tits through the damp top. I touched his cock. It was hard.

I was the one who backed away first. I couldn’t look at his face.

“I’m so sorry, Mike. I…I…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, Traci. I shouldn’t have come here. I better get going.”

He hurriedly put on the jersey, grabbed his helmet and water, and nearly ran out the back door. I cried. I cried out of shame and fear. Fear that I might have lost him because of a stupid moment of lust that had built up over the years.

My fears were groundless. Later that night I received a text message from Mike. It read: ‘Don’t be mad.’ There was a photo attached. Mike was naked and his cock was rock hard, pointing out like a rod. I stared at the long, thick shaft until my pussy was soaking wet.

It took forever to get to sleep that night. My heart raced at the possible meaning, or consequence, of Mike’s text. Obviously, he wanted to continue what we started that morning. I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t even sure what I wanted. He was my goddamn nephew, but I think I wanted to fuck him more than any man I’d ever known. Still…my sister’s son?

I was awoken mid-morning on Sunday by my cellphone ringing. I looked at the screen. It was Mike.


“Hi, Traci. This is Mike.”

“Hi, Mike.”

I honestly didn’t have any idea what else to say.

“Did you get my picture last night?”

“I did.”

There was a long pause. “Did you like it?”

There was an even longer pause. “Yes.”

“Good. I didn’t want you to be sorry or mad or anything because of what we did,” he said quickly. “I think we’ve both felt that way for a few years now.”

If nothing else, the kid was perceptive.

“You might be right, Mike. But…”

“Did the picture make you horny, Traci?”


“Well, did it?”

I rolled onto my back and thought for a moment. “Kind of.”

“Seeing you in that wet tank top and having you touch me made me so horny I didn’t know if I could finish the ride,” he said. “I wanted you to know.”

“I should have done that, Mike.”

“Are you naked now, Traci?”

I swallowed hard and felt my pulse quicken. “No.”

“What do you have on?”

“A shirt and panties.”

“Take them off, Traci.”

It was like I was hypnotized. I laid the phone down and stripped naked.

“OK,” I told him.

“I’m in bed naked, Traci. I’m thinking about you naked and my cock is getting hard. I’m touching it, feeling it get harder. I want you to touch your pussy, Traci.”

I did. “OK.”

“Your hand on my cock yesterday was the greatest thing I ever felt,” he said. “I wanted more.”

My fingers began to massage my pussy and clit.

“Are you rubbing your pussy, Traci?”


“Good. I’m holding my cock and I can feel it throbbing just from thinking about you touching yourself.”

“I wish I could see it, Mike.”

“Rub Ankara escort bayan your clit.”

I did.

Mike said, “Yesterday I wanted to put my hands inside your top and feel those incredible tits and squeeze your nipples. I wanted to feel your ass inside your shorts.”

I was masturbating quicker, spreading my legs to give me better access to my wet pussy and clit.

“I wanted to reach inside your shorts and feel your pussy,” Mike said. “I’m so hard, Traci. Harder than the picture I sent you.”

“I wish you were here, Mike. My clit is throbbing and I might cum if I keep this up.”

“I want you to cum, Traci. I want to hear you cum. I’m stroking my cock faster now.”

A long silence followed but I heard his breathing.

I said, “Will you cum with me, Mike?”


“I wish you were inside me,” I managed to say, though words were coming harder now.

“I would suck on your tits, Traci. And drive my cock into you until you cried out.”

My body began to quiver. I was so close.

“Oh God,” I muttered loud enough for him to hear.

“That’s it, Traci. Think about us fucking and then you start to cum.”

I rubbed my clit frantically. I rocked on the bed as the orgasm grew. I couldn’t speak.

“Cum for me. God, my cock is about to explode, Traci.”

The phone fell from my hand. I clutched at the covers and came in waves.

“Yessssss. Oh my God, yes. Fuck me, Mike!” I squealed.

There was no need to hold the phone. Mike had set his down so he could take a towel he had ready and let his cock spurt stream after stream of cum into it.

I picked mine up just in time to hear the last of his guttural groans. He heard my final few mutterings as my second or third orgasm subsided.

“Are you there?” I heard him ask meekly.

“Yes. Thank you, Mike. That was fantastic.”

“I’m glad. Maybe someday…”

“Maybe,” I replied.

It was a long shower that I took, much of the time standing under the water and thinking. Clearly, Mike and I were on the same wavelength when it came to how we felt about each other. The sexual attraction was unmistakable. The aunt/nephew relationship still posed a major stumbling block. At least for me, it did. Mike seemed intent on moving forward as if I was the neighbor next door. My decision would have to be: was my sexual attraction to Mike more significant than my being his aunt?

I would ponder that some more later. My immediate thought was on repaying Mike for the photo he sent. I got out of the shower…with the water still running…and wrapped a towel around me without drying off. I brought my camera back into the bathroom and set it on the counter. I focused it for the inside of the shower and set the delay for ten seconds, taking ten shots.

I hit the shutter, ran into the shower, and posed until I heard the last of the ten shots being taken.

After dressing, I plugged the camera into my laptop and found the one perfect shot, with the water flowing over my tits and pussy and just a hint of my ass. A little cropping and playing with the light made it even better. I sent it to Mike.

His reply was quick: ‘Awesome. Beautiful.’

I replied: ‘Busy next weekend?’

‘Parents out of town. No.’

‘Perfect. Want to come over and use the pool?’

‘I’ll be there. Tell me when.’

‘Anytime Saturday.’


It was one of the longest weeks of my life. I had to warn myself that the possibilities were endless. Anything from nothing happening other than a nice swim to…, well, anything was possible. I hoped for the later and spent much time imagining Mike and I finally fulfilling my desire to have him. But I was prepared for whatever.

On Saturday, I got up early and put on a V-neck t-shirt with no bra and tight denim shorts. I had been on dates where I wasn’t as nervous as I was then. This day had far more potential than most of my dates.

When I heard Mike’s car in the driveway, I thought I would have a heart attack. I took several deep breaths and tried to calm down. He was wearing his bathing suit and a sleeveless t-shirt. He looked great, as always.

We sat in the kitchen for a while and talked. He told me that his parents were gone for a week and that there was no particular time he had to be back that day. I offered food and beer and he accepted both.

When he was done eating, I said, “I’ll bring beer out to the pool. You go ahead, I need to change.”

My hands were shaking as I stripped and put on the skimpiest bikini I owned, which was not indecent but was definitely small. I grabbed two beers out of the refrigerator and walked out to the pool. Mike was on one of the recliners finishing his first bottle. He never took his eyes off me once I appeared.

It was a perfect day to be out with almost no breeze and ever-increasing temperatures under a bright sun. I chose to sit under an umbrella but Mike had removed his shirt and was already working on his tan. The outline of his cycling jersey was obvious on his well-developed chest.

“I’d Escort Ankara be out here all day long, every day, if I owned this house,” Mike said.

“It gets a little boring when I’m by myself,” I told him.

“You don’t invite other men over?”

I laughed and said, “There aren’t many men in my life, Mike.”

“If they saw you in that bikini more often there would be. Or if they saw that picture you sent me.”

I could feel my face blush. “Make sure nobody else sees that,” I told him.

“It’s as secure as a phone can be,” he said. “Which isn’t saying much, but I change my passcode all the time.”

“Good. That was meant for just your eyes.”

He smiled and said, “And I’ve looked at it more than once.”

“Are you swimming?” I asked him.

“Sure. I was just finishing this beer first.”

A moment later, when the empty bottle was placed on the table next to him, Mike rose from the chair.

“You’re allowed to swim naked,” I said.

He turned and looked at me. I returned his stare before letting my eyes drop to his bathing suit. Mike turned to face the pool, quickly dropped his bathing suit, and stepped towards the edge of the water with my eyes locked on his ass. He dove in gracefully.

He really did have a great body, the few seconds I got to see it. Once he was in the water, I had to settle for views of his chest or his back and ass when he swam. He swam up to the edge and looked at me. I knew what was coming.

“It’s perfect. Come on in.”

It was Showtime. I wondered if he could see me trembling because I sure could feel it. I got up and walked out from under the umbrella. I reached behind my back and untied the top. I gradually let it fall away from my breasts. I laid it on a chair and put my thumbs inside the bikini bottom. I slid it down my legs and over my feet.

As soon as I stood up, I dove into the water just inches from where Mike stood. I swam away from him to the other side. I turned and looked at him. A few seconds later, we were both slowly gliding toward each other. We met in the center.

I put my arms around Mike and we began to kiss.

That was one of the best feelings I’d ever had, with the water around us and our naked bodies coming together. It didn’t hurt that this was the young man I was thinking about twenty four hours a day and wanted so badly. He almost lifted me off my feet when he put his hands on my ass and pulled with his muscular arms. I could feel his cock and reached for it. The kiss persisted with my hand around his thick cock and his hands on my tits.

“Let’s go over here,” I said when it eventually ended.

I walked him to the edge of the pool at the shallowest point and had him lean back. His cock was just above the waterline. I bent my knees until my face was at his waist level. Mike put his hands behind him on the edge of the pool just as I moved closer.

I held the cock for a moment, watching it grow the final little bit until he was fully erect. I slid my tongue up from his balls to the tip. I did it again. I circled the head of the cock with my lips and tongue. He was SO big and I thought about him inside me, filling my pussy. I put the head inside my mouth and licked it. Then I slid my lips down until he was completely in my mouth.

I sucked on Mike’s cock, licked it again, and repeated the process. Soon, my head was bobbing up and down on the thick shaft. Mike put his hand on my hair and I grabbed his ass. The water churned as my pace quickened and Mike began to match my movements with little thrusts into my mouth.

It only took a couple minutes before I heard him start to moan. He held my head in place and fucked my mouth. I prepared myself for his orgasm.

It came suddenly with a violent thrust of his cock and a blast of cum into my throat. He cried out and drove his cock into my mouth again. More cum poured out and I sucked harder. I put my hand at the base of his cock and stroked him, letting him shoot loads of cum onto my tongue. Over and over he came until the last drop dribbled onto my chin.

I put my head under the water and then rose to stand in front of him. We kissed until he put his hands on my hips and turned me so we switched positions.

“Get up on the tile,” he told me.

I sat on the edge of the pool.

Mike forced my legs apart, although I was a willing participant. He moved forward and I leaned back a little. His face buried itself into my pussy and I felt his lips on my clit. Then his tongue was probing my pussy and diving inside to taste the sweet juices. The kid knew what he was doing.

He returned to my clit and licked it and sucked on it until he heard me moan. Then he licked it harder and faster. He put his hands under my ass and lifted me up. Mike attacked my clit and I begged for more.

I was about to cum…sitting on the edge of my pool…being eaten by my nephew. It was a pretty good day so far.

“Oh my God, Mike. Yes! Yes!” I screamed.

His tongue stabbed at my clit one more time and I came.

“Ohhhhhh fuck!”

My legs locked themselves around his head and Mike ate me to multiple prolonged orgasms in the middle of my back yard. Every time his hand wrapped around my tit I felt a new surge in my pussy. I finally had to practically kick him away from me.

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