I turned the key in my front door and pushed it open. The post had been laid neatly on the table in the hallway, so I guessed that my daughter, Joanne, had already been home. For a moment I thought to call up to her but something made me hesitate. I hung my coat on the rack in the hallway and walked through to the kitchen, draping the jacket of my suit over the back of one of the kitchen chairs. The coffee maker was on and three-quarters full of hot coffee. Pouring a large beaker full, I sat at the kitchen table and took a minute to glance through the evening paper, before I went to change. One of the few changes I had made since my divorce had been to remodel the kitchen, making it more functional and masculine. Joanne had been fifteen at the time and had managed to persuade the courts that her best interests would be served if she lived with me. For the past four years we had enjoyed an easy companionship, more like friends than father and daughter.

I drained the beaker of coffee and climbed upstairs to my room, carrying my jacket slung over one shoulder. To get to my bedroom, I had to pass Joanne’s and, as I walked past, I could hear music playing softly. I listened for a moment and smiled at the gentle jazz tunes that wafted beneath her door. I carried on to my bedroom and quickly stripped out of my work clothes and slipped into a bathrobe. Crossing back to the bathroom, I set the shower to hot and hung my bathrobe on the back of the door. the shower felt good, particularly after a long day fighting the stuffiness of poorly coping air conditioning. I hummed softly as I lathered myself and then towelled my hair and dried myself off.

Slipping my bathrobe back on I made my way across the landing, to my bedroom, but, before I could open my bedroom door, I heard an anguished cry from Joanne’s room. I tapped on the door, gently.

“Jo, are you ok?” I called, through the wood.

The only response was another cry, slightly longer and quieter than before. I reached down and turned the doorknob, pushing my daughter’s door open slowly. In front of me, Joanne was sprawled across her bed, her long silky black hair fanned over the pillow. She was naked and I could only stare, for a moment, at the beautiful young women she had becomes. Her belly was toned and trim, with her breasts rising firmly in two gentle swells. The browny pink islands at the base of her nipples were crinkled and puffy, while the nipples themselves were hard and erect. Her legs were bent, the thighs parted and her back arched, lifting her taught buttocks almost off the bed. I could see the narrow gash of her pussy covered with soft downy pubic hairs. I could also see her hand moving between her thighs, working a thick pink latex vibrator slowly in and out of her pussy. The rubber of the vibrator and the tender lips of her pussy were glistening and shiny with the juices seeping out of her pussy and she was moaning as she pushed the vibrator slowly inside her.

I could not take my eyes off the site of my beautiful daughter slowly fucking herself with a thick rubber cock. I watched as she moved it in and out then held the base of it, pressed deep into her pussy, as she caressed the hard nub of her swollen clit with her thumb. I could feel my cock swelling and rising as I watched her hand caressing her sensitive clit and the tender lips of her pussy. The sound I had heard had been cries of pleasure, rather than of anguish and she began to squeal more loudly, her legs stiffening as her whole body tensed, arching off the bed. Mersin Eskort

Suddenly, her whole body flushed scarlet and her squeal was turned into a gasp as her body locked rigid, while her pussy gushed sweet, tangy nectar onto the bedclothes. Her squeals became grunts then gasps and, finally, a scream of pleasure. She relaxed, collapsing onto the bedclothes and easing the buzzing vibrator out of her dripping pussy. I goggled at the size of the vibrator and my cock jerked under my bathrobe as she pulled the fake cock out of her with a wet slurping sound.

Panting, she lifted her head and looked straight at me. I blushed furiously and dashed out of her room and along the landing into my own bedroom, slamming the door behind me. I was panting with lust and shame, my cock sticking out thicker and harder than I could recall in a long time. I closed my eyes and groaned, as I recalled the sight of her dripping pussy and remembered how I wanted to spread her legs and push my cock into her wetness.

Hurriedly I pulled on fresh briefs and jeans, stuffing my cock cruelly into the confining denim. By the time I had pulled a t-shirt over my head, there was a tapping on the door.

“Daddy, may I come in?” Joanne asked quietly.

“Just a minute.” I replied.

I quickly hung the bathrobe on the back of the door and pulled the zipper on my jeans closed. My cock was still painfully hard, pressing against my pants but at least it was concealed behind the layers of denim. Glancing around the room I made a desperate check to ensure that there was nothing else betraying my arousal.

“Ok, you can come in.” I called.

Joanne pushed open the door and stood there, for a moment, in a light silk robe that came about halfway down her thighs. Her still hard nipples pushed against the shiny material and the light from the landing window shone through the garment, outlining her figure and emphasising her narrow waist and flaring hips. I looked away, sure that she could not have realised that the light behind her had made her robe almost transparent. Slowly, she came over and sat on the end of the bed, almost close enough to touch me. I could smell the clean scent of her hair and body, overlaid with a wisp of a sharper odour that, I realised, was from her damp pussy. She reached over and took my hand in both of hers.

“I’m sorry Daddy, I didn’t mean to upset you. I thought you were still at work.” she whispered.

“You didn’t upset me, sweetheart.” I tried to reassure her.

“Then why did you run out?” she asked.

“Because I shouldn’t have been thinking the things that were in my head and I shouldn’t be looking at my daughter like that.” I replied.

“Like what?” Joanne continued, “I don’t understand.”

“I wasn’t looking at you as your Daddy.” I explained.

“You mean you were looking at me as a woman?” Joanne laughed, “I am a woman Daddy.”

“I know you are sweetheart, but I still shouldn’t look at you in that way.” I tried to convince her.

“Daddy, if I ask you something, will you promise to tell me the truth?” she demanded.

“I’ll always tell you the truth.” I promised

“Did you like what you saw? Truth now.” she quizzed me.

“You’re very beautiful,” I replied, “and yes I did like what I saw, very much.”

“Good. Now I’m going to tell you something and I swear it’s the truth.” Joanne said, by way of an answer, “While I had that dildo inside me, I was imagining that it was you and that you were fucking me.”

I just stared Mersin Escort Bayan at her, my eyes almost bulging in their sockets as I tried to understand what she had just said. I suppose I must have looked pretty ridiculous with my mouth flapping like a goldfish. Joanne said nothing, just looked into my face with her deep brown eyes and held my hand between her elegant fingers. She lifted my hand to her mouth and touched my fingertips to her lips, kissing them lightly, opening her mouth and sliding one inside. Her mouth was hot and her tongue danced over my fingertips like a butterfly, touching and then fluttering over the skin of my finger. I almost jerked my hand out of her grasp but the thrill of her tongue shot through my body, directly to my aching cock. I closed my eyes and groaned softly.

“Daddy, are you alright?” she asked, concerned.

“I’m fine, darling, it’s just what you’re doing is affecting me.” I croaked, hoarsely.

She slipped my fingers back into her mouth and slowly sucked the tips, one by one. I bit my lip to hold the moan in my throat as my cock throbbed inside my pants. I looked down and tried to shake my head to clear it of the mist of desire but I could not take my eyes from the vee of her robe and the curve of her breasts under the silk. She let go of my hand with one of hers and unfastened the sash that held the robe closed then leaned closer. I could feel the heat of her body through my shirt as she brought her mouth closer to my ear. Her sweet breath was warm on my face and I gulped, trying to retain some measure of control over my body.

“You mean that, Daddy? Does it make your cock hard? Do you want to fuck me Daddy?” she breathed.

I could not answer her, it felt as though my heart would explode into my mouth. I nodded, trying to look ashamed as I confessed that I desired, no I lusted for, my darling, beautiful daughter. She took my hand and slowly eased it underneath the silk of her robe, pressing it against her breasts. Unconsciously I curled my fingers against her skin, cupping her taut, pert globe and feeling the hard point of her nipple, pressing against my palm. My cock was ragingly erect and I could feel the thin, clear, pre-cum oozing over the head staining the front of my briefs. Joanne lowered herself back onto my bed and spread the front of her robe wide open.

“Daddy, fuck me. Please. Shove your hard cock into my pussy and fuck me.” she begged.

I stood up and, for a moment, she looked crestfallen. Then her expression changed to a grin of triumph and delight, as I unfastened my jeans and pushed them, and my briefs, down past my ankles. My cock sprang out, the head slimy and wet with pre-cum, pointing straight out over my tight balls. I shrugged out of my t-shirt and stood, naked, in front of her. Joanne lifted her feet onto the end of the bed, bending her knees and spreading her thighs wide then reached out with her arms.

I took the two steps to the end of the bed and leaned over her. Her nipples were hard and erect, as I bent my head and engulfed one in my mouth, sucking and lapping the tip with my tongue. Joanne arched her neck and growled in her throat, reaching between us to close her dainty fingers around the base and shaft of my cock. I could feel the coolness of her hands moving back and forth on the shaft cock then spreading the slippery pre-cum over the swollen, aching, head.

Gripping the base more tightly, Joanne eased the head of my cock between the lips of her damp pussy, rubbing it along the Mersin Escort length of her slit, oiling it with her slippery juices. My thighs trembled as I tried to resist the urge to ram my cock deep into her pussy. Slowly, gently, I pressed my cock into her pussy. I knew that, after watching her with the huge vibrator, Joanne would be able to take my whole length, but I still pushed forward gradually, feeling every ripple of her muscles as she drew my cock inside her.

“Daddy, that feels so good,” she crooned, “I want your cock right in my cunt.”

The sound of Joanne’s voice, mouthing dirty words that I could hardly imagine her knowing, never mind using to me, just turned me on even more. I pushed further into her wet slit, feeling her pussy gripping me as the head of my cock pierced her deeper and deeper. Slowly, I pushed deeper into her tight pussy, until I could feel her soft pubes tangling with mine. Sliding my hands under her ass and along the backs of her thighs, I lifted her legs, so that her knees hooked over my shoulders, her heels resting on my back. Jerking my hips forward, I rammed my cock deeper, making her grunt as I thrust as deep inside her as I could.

“Oh god! Daddy that feels so good,” cried Joanne, “fuck me harder Daddy!”

“Darling, I can’t hold back much longer, Daddy needs to cum.” I warned her.

“That’s all right Daddy, you can fill my cunt with spunk, I’ve been on the pill for years. Fuck me until you spurt in my cunt.” she laughed.

Gradually, I began to ram my cock faster and deeper, sliding it in and out of her pussy. Joanne reached up and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer so that her breasts pressed against my chest. The hard points of her nipples dug into my skin and I could feel her hands bunching into fists, her fingernails digging into my back as she bucked underneath me, thrusting her pussy harder onto my cock. Sliding my hand between us, I cupped her breast in my palm and squeezed it gently, feeling the nipple against my fingers.

“Yess, Daddy,” she hissed, “fuck me and play with my tits.”

I thrust as I squeezed her breasts, driving my cock deep into her. The tight wetness of her pussy, as she milked my cock made me stiffen and my I started spurting into her womb, pumping my load from my heavy balls into the depths of her pussy. Looking into her eyes, I pulled back, sliding my cock out of her pussy with a slurpy plopping sound. Taking hold of the base, I straightened up and aimed the spurting head between her breasts. Thick ropes of stringy cum shot out of my cock and splashed over her nipples and between her taut breasts. She gasped, opening her mouth wide, just in time for a gooey string to shoot across her face and into her mouth. Without realising, she swallowed and gulped down a mouthful of cum.

My cock was still spurting weakly as she smiled at me and licked her lips, catching the traces of my cum that clung to the corners of her mouth. Then she reached up to her breasts and slowly smeared the white slimy trails over her nipples, before lifting her finger to her mouth and licking it clean. Pushing me away, for a moment, she sat up on the end of the bed, giving me a good look at the strings of my cum that matted her hair, then leaned forward and slowly sucked my limp cock into her mouth. Slowly, she used her mouth and tongue to clean my cock of our mingled juices, sucking and licking until my cock was clean and hard again.

Wriggling off the bed, Joanne dashed for the bathroom.

“Daddy, I’m just going for a shower. If your cock is still hard when I get back, I want you to fuck me again. I’ll do anything you want, but you have to promise to fuck me hard.” she giggled from the doorway, “I’m going to be my Daddy’s little slut from now on.”

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