Bad Daddy!

Big Tits

Things changed a lot, as expected, when my mother died. Us kids were all grown by then with our own homes and families. But that left me father alone. Dad and I were always very close and I tried my best to keep him company. My house was only a few blocks away from dad so we’d usually have coffee in the morning and I’d fix him breakfast on the weekends.

It was a blazing hot summer day! My daughter was home from college and had a couple of friends over to “beat the heat” in my swimming pool. Dad had been here since the morning and I could see his eyes light up when he saw the girls in their bikinis.

“You dirty old man,” I elbowed him in the ribs.

“You can’t blame a man for just enjoying the view,” he retorted with a flushed face.

“Well, I certainly don’t have a figure like the girls but I am going to change and get in the pool too. I’ll leave you out some of Ryan’s trunks and you can join us.”

“Oh, I don’t want to ruin the girls having fun by an old man joining them,” dad scoffed.

“Dad, you aren’t THAT old!” I said, kissing his cheek. “C’mon it will be fun!”

It felt wonderful to relax in the pool! I could tell that dad was having a good time as well. My father was never a crude man. He was always fairly strict and well-mannered. But he was also funny and lovable. It did surprise me a little by the way he was looking at the girls while they tossed the ball around the pool.

My daughter, Bethany, has always been a little heavy like me. Susan and Jenny were both lovely young girls with bodies that would knock out any guy. I suppose my father was no exception. So, I guess it didn’t surprise me much seeing dad “get an eyeful” watching the girls wiggle and jiggle in and out of the pool.

What did surprise me was the way dad was acting. He started getting very quiet, which was very unlike him. Then, he got out of the pool and was gone for a long time. I was concerned if he was feeling alright and went inside to check on him. Hmm, he wasn’t in the bathroom. Did dad go back home? No, his car was still in the driveway. I went to get another towel from my bathroom and there was dad in my bedroom. He was looking at the girls through the blinds of my window. When he heard me, he instantly fumbled with the trunks he was wearing. My dad was jacking off watching the girls play in the pool!

“Dad! What’s going on?” I blurted in my surprise.

Then I instantly felt guilty about catching dad in the act. I didn’t mean to shock him so by my presence but it was my first reaction.

“I need to go,” poppa said, and went to the bathroom Mersin Escort to change.

Just minutes later, dad was dressed and out the door. No matter what I said I couldn’t change his mind even though I pleaded with him to stay. He was embarrassed and humiliated and wouldn’t listen to me. I called him later that night, trying to tell him it was okay but he cut me off abruptly.

It took a few days before I got dad to come over for coffee. I gave him a big hug and a peck on the cheek while he started in with his apologies.

“It’s okay, dad. Come and sit and I’ll get you some coffee.”

“I’m sorry, honey…I couldn’t help myself seeing those girls…and well,” dad stumbled.

I tried to lighten things up by lightly punching him in the stomach.

“Well you are a man after all! Those girls are young and pretty, dad. It’s good to know you still have some spunk in you,” I ribbed him playfully, wondering if he got my sly joke.

I made pop some biscuits and sausage gravy, his favorite, and before long we were simply having a good time like we always did.

“You know, Ann, it hasn’t been easy for me after your mother died,” dad said, darkening the mood.

“Oh don’t start up with that! I’m a big girl daddy. I know how you guys can be. The fact that you’re my father doesn’t mean that you don’t need to jerk off!” I blurted.

“Annie!” dad said in surprise.

“Oh come on dad! Let’s not mince words. We are both adults, hell I’m 42 years old dad! It’s okay and normal that you need to masturbate, I do it too ya know!”

“You shouldn’t be talking about this,” dad flushed as he said it.

“Bullshit! Why? Why can’t we talk about it? That it’s normal for my dad to get horny around teenage girls? That I need to masturbate, just like anyone else, because I can’t find a good man?” I cried.

“Annie, please.”

Suddenly I felt overwhelmed by emotion and crashed into daddy’s arms. I couldn’t help but

start crying and climbed on his lap and told him to hold me.

“It’s okay baby. I know it’s been hard for both of us. Your mother passing away and your divorce with Paul. It’s okay, honey.” dad comforted me.

He held me for awhile as I had the best cry I’d had in years.

“You’re a good man, papa, and I love you so much!” I told him later as he was leaving.

“We don’t really need to hold secrets from each other.”

The next morning, dad woke me up. I didn’t hear him come in, he obviously used his key to get inside my house.

“Wake up sleepy-head! I’ve been banging on your door, silly!”

I threw Escort Mersin on my robe and went to make us some coffee. We enjoyed several cups and had a

pleasant time talking about this and that.

“Dad? No secrets right?” I asked.

“Okay, shoot,” he replied.

“Do you do “it” often?” I asked brazenly using a simulated jack off motion.

Dad almost spilled his coffee as he laughed.

“Well…as needed”.

“You know, sometimes I’d see Ryan doing it. I always thought it was kind of cute.” I replied.

“Ho-ho, oh really??”

“Oh, you don’t think a mother knows when her son starts to masturbate?” I teased him.

It surprised me but dad really did open up. In a very gentle manner he told me that he and mom had a very healthy sex life and that he never cheated on her. I confessed I had an affair with a much younger man, after I found out that Paul had been cheating on me.

Never before had we ever discussed sex as openly as we were now! I couldn’t help but notice a rather large bulge in daddy’s trousers as we continued talking about sex! And that was making me very excited!

“Maybe you’d think this weird…but coffee makes me very horny dad. Maybe it’s the caffeine?” I whispered to him.

After seeing him aroused, I couldn’t stop myself from flashing him my legs a bit in my short robe. Here I was horny as hell after talking about sex and teasing my own father!

He suddenly got up and excused himself and headed for the bathroom. Was my dad going to go in there and jerk off? I found myself listening at the door! I could hear him softly groan and didn’t hear him peeing. I was incredibly aroused and lightly knocked on the door.

“Daddy, are you okay?” I asked.

“Just a minute,” he exclaimed as I could hear him fumble around.

“Please, open the door dad.”

With his face beet red, dad opened up. I could see his erection barely contained in his pants.

“Please, just don’t say a word dad.” I kissed his cheek and started rubbing his crotch.

“Let me see it, papa-bear,” I whispered as I unzipped his pants.

With little resistance, he succumbed. I sat on the toilet seat with my dad standing in front of me. I’d never seen my father’s cock so close and now I was caressing it!I was literally “dripping wet” as I started to stroke dad’s prick! I squeezed him hard and saw a bead of precum from his tip. Instantly, I licked it and then took my daddy into my mouth! I was determined to give him the best blowjob he’s ever had!

“Oh my Lord!” dad groaned.

I opened my robe and showed Mersin Bayan Escort him my bare breasts.

“Does that feel good daddy? You like it when I do this?” I teased in the best “little girl”voice I had.

“Damn Annie, you’re gonna make me come!” dad groaned.

“Yeah, let me have it daddy! I want to see you shoot your hot fucking cum on my tits! Squirt your spunk on your daughter’s tits, dad” I yelled.

I was furiously stroking on dad’s cock and egging him on to ejaculate. I was so incredibly turned on and told him how naughty and horny this was making me. That obviously did it for him and it really shocked me to see how much my dad really did cum!

Dad was pretty shaken up by this time and said he needed to lay down for a spell. I walked him to the couch, his hot stuff still on my boobies and dripping down to my tummy. I wasn’t done! I playfully ran to my bedroom and grabbed my trusty toy – a big flesh-colored vibrator, I had been using for years.

Poor guy! I teased the hell out of my father! I pulled up my lounge chair next to him, exposing my pussy, which he hadn’t seen since I was a baby. I started sucking on the fake dick while rubbing some of his cum into my skin and then all over the vibrator. I slowly pushed the toy into myself, telling dad to watch me.

“Look daddy, it’s got your cum all over it and now I’m fucking myself with it!”

It didn’t take long for dad to get a better view and he got between my legs, watching in amazement as I masturbated.

“Do it for me dad,” I said. “Go ahead and fuck me with my toy!”

“Oh baby, your pussy is gorgeous and pink, just like your momma had!” dad exclaimed.

I was having a series of little orgasms. My father was between my legs, fucking me with my toy but then taking full advantage and licking me! No wonder mom had a good sex-life!

Dad really knows how to lick a girl and he didn’t stop at all! Before long, I was clenching my thighs around his face in ecstasy, I couldn’t take much more!

I had completely melted in bliss. I was shocked when I saw that dad had another huge hard-on!

“Suck it for me a bit, my sweet daughter,” dad said as he prodded my mouth with his cock.

Wow! Within moments my daddy mounted me.

“Hot damn! Now daddy is going to fuck you good!” he groaned.

Boy, did he ever! I opened Pandora’s Box and dad opened my “box”. In our afterglow, I couldn’t help but clench dad with tears of joy. I started to cry a bit…I was so happy that we had made a bond few can experience. There was guilty feelings…I fucked my dad! But I knew how guilty he must of felt. I held dad tight and told him we shouldn’t feel ashamed, we both needed this. And that began how we were not just father and daughter, but two loving and lonely people with experiences few can ever know.

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