First Rites of Summer

Toni hated working Sundays, especially when it was nice outside. She worked in retail, managing the Sporting Goods and Toy departments at one of the major discount stores in town. So she was required to put herself on the schedule at least one Sunday each month. Like it or not, it was part of her job and it paid the bills. She had little choice but to accept it.

The sun was shining outside, summer vacation had just started for her kids the previous week and she would have much rather been cooking out. Instead, she was stuck inside the store. Business was slow and all she seemed able to do was watch the minute hand on the clock drag. Just before it was time to leave for the day Tameka, a new, dark-skinned girl in Women’s Clothing, who had a friendly, gap-toothed smile, asked if she could get a ride home.

On a normal Sunday, Toni might have turned her down, as she needed to get home to her kids. But Tameka offered some smoke and a little something refreshing to drink. After a long day, Toni found that too tempting to refuse.

Tameka lived in a little two-bedroom apartment on the northwest side, not very far from the store. It promised to be a relatively quick, harmless stop. Toni took off her uniform smock once they were inside and, as she sat down, draped it over the armrest on the sofa.

Tameka ventured into the kitchen and returned carrying two glasses of Hennessy on ice. Her roommate emerged from the bathroom holding a wrapped blunt in her hand.

“Monique!” Toni exclaimed, surprised to see her. Monique also worked at the store as a Customer Service Manager. She was older, in her late thirties, Toni calculated, with creamy, light brown skin, while Tameka had to have been in her early twenties. It seemed an odd living arrangement.

“Hey Toni,” she responded. “Thanks for bringin’ Tameka home.”

Tameka handed Toni one of the glasses and sat down next to her on the sofa. Monique chose a chair adjacent to the sofa, fired up the blunt and took a few short hits. Then she passed it on to Toni and the gossip about what was going on at the store started.

It didn’t take long before Toni began to feel a little slow and drowsy. She leaned back, raised her arms and yawned. In so doing, her shirt rose up, exposing her belly and illuminating the fact that the button to her pants was open. She always unsnapped it so she would feel more comfortable while she was sitting.

“Toni got a tattoo!” Tameka leaned over for a closer view.

“What is it?” Monique slid off her chair and knelt Ankara escort down in front of Toni.

“My sign,” Toni answered self-consciously, slurring her words. “You know, Cancer.”

The tattoo was centered around her navel. It stood out against her caramel skin. Toni lifted her shirt so they could have a better look, but the bottom half of the tattoo partially covered by her pants.

Monique then took the liberty of lowering the zipper, slowly and gingerly, until Cancer’s crab was exposed in its entirety.

“I’m high as hell,” Toni laughed, instinctively raising her hips, “and ya’ll takin’ my pants down.”

Monique chuckled to herself and continued to do just that. She tugged more aggressively, slipping Toni’s panties off at the same time while Tameka eagerly looked on.

“Wait a minute. Stop.” Toni protested once she realized what was really happening. “I ain’t no lez.”

By then it was too late. Monique squeezed between Toni’s knees and leaned forward.

“Oh shit.” Toni gave in all too easily and parted her legs. She decided to just let it happen.

With each deft stroke of Monique’s tongue she relaxed a bit more, losing her predisposition against having sex with a woman, and giving in to the pleasure. She allowed herself to moan with each heavy breath and reached inside her shirt with both hands to pinch her nipples.

Toni soon noticed that Tameka had removed all of her clothes. She was closing the curtains in the living room, cradling a pair of toys and a bottle of massage oil in her free arm. Tameka eventually kneeled down behind Monique, took down her pants and began to rub the oil all over her ass.

Toni was building toward a climax, heightened by the effects of the erotic scene playing out before her. Tameka covered her middle finger with oil, abruptly inserted it into Monique’s puckered asshole and Toni orgasmed.

“She spurt on my face,” Monique exclaimed, repositioning her mouth so she could swallow all she could. She pulled off her shirt, then leaned forward and licked away the rest of Toni’s ejaculation.

“Get your tired ass down here!” Tameka said to Toni with a grin. “We gonna two-whole this bitch.”

Toni was still feeling rather woozy and complied. Tameka handed her a dildo then began to work a narrow spindle up Monique’s ass. “Go ahead,” she encouraged Toni. “Don’t forget to pay attention to her clit.”

“You like my smell, Toni?” Monique turned her head between gasps and groans after they had been working her holes for a while.

Toni Ankara escort bayan merely smiled lasciviously, realizing that she did. She moved that fake dick in and she moved it out. She twisted it and turned it and, every now and then, remembered to run circle around Monique’s clit until she felt her juices ooze out onto her hand.

“No more!” Monique had enough. She told them to leave the toys inside of her while she relaxed and caught her breath for a moment.

“You wanna go next?” Tameka asked Toni.

Toni exhaled. “Yeah.”

“Take her into the bedroom and get her ready,” Monique panted, still on hands and knees. “I’ll join you after I wash the toys.”

Tameka took Toni’s hand and escorted her down the hall and into the bedroom. She hopped onto the mattress and knelt down with her hands at her knees. “What are you still doin’ with that shirt on?” she teased Toni. “Don’t think of gettin’ in this bed until you’re completely naked.”

Toni pulled her shirt over her head, unsnapped her bra and dropped them both on the floor. She reached for Tameka’s extended hands and stepped up and onto the mattress.

“Oooh, I love your little titties,” Tameka said, rubbing them firmly with her palms. She tilted her head slightly to one side. Toni instinctively responded and they touched their lips together.

Toni had never kissed a woman before and this really excited her, especially when Tameka began to massage her back. Lower and lower Tameka’s hands trailed until she was squeezing Toni’s ass. Toni sensed what would happen next and parted her legs slightly to allow ease of entry.

“Toni, you’re so juicy! You must like kissin’ me.”

“You’re a good kisser.”

“I think you just like havin’ sex with girls.”

“I just found that out, huh?”

Tameka took one of Toni’s hands. “Touch my pussy, baby.”

Just then Monique entered the room. “I though you was gettin’ her ready.”

“Oh, she ready, hon’,” Tameka laughed. “You can believe she ready.”

“All right then Toni,” Monique ordered. “Get on your hands and knees and stick that ass up in the air.”

“Monique’s an ass lover,” Tameka giggled into Toni’s ear.

Toni was expecting pain. Instead, she experienced something soft and smooth sliding up and down the crack of her behind. A splat of saliva exploded over her tight little hole and Monique’s small, stiff tongue darted in and out. It felt heavenly until she was penetrated by Monique’s favorite toy. Tameka followed up by working the dildo Escort Ankara into her sloppy, wet pussy. At the same time Toni felt discomfort with the pain Monique was providing, it excited her, and she came quickly.

After they finished, Toni laid down with her head on a pillow as if to take a nap. Tameka curled up behind her. “I’ll leave the two of you alone now,” Monique muttered as she left the room.

“You’re not gonna fall asleep on my, are you?” Tameka whispered. “I thought you was gonna save some of that pussy for me.”

Toni turned over swiftly and kissed her. Tameka shifted her body slightly so she could lower her head and nibble on Toni’s nipples. “You gonna spread your legs for me?”

“I’ll do anything you want,” Toni moaned.

Tameka moved even lower, extending her kisses to Toni’s stomach. “This is what I’ve been fantasizin’ of ever since I first laid eyes on you.”

Tameka went down on Toni, circling her clit with her tongue, then sucking it into her mouth. Eventually she lifted her leg over Toni’s head and positioned her wet slit over Toni’s face. Toni got so excited she grabbed Tameka’s ass and pulled down. She started licking frantically, out of control, until she was tasting a woman’s come for the first time.

Tameka finished and rolled off Toni. She looked back and smiled, then crawled toward her and gave her a kiss. As they both caught their breath, Toni realized what time it was. “Shit, I gotta get home to my kids.”

“You wanna get high with me after work again tomorrow?” Tameka flirted, as Toni rummaged for her bra and her shirt.

“Hell, yeah!”

“I’ll let you ride my strap-on if you put me on my back.”

“Deal!” Toni agreed.

“All right then,” Tameka smiled after Toni gave her a kiss good-bye. “Send Monique in here when you leave.”

Toni found Monique on the sofa, slowly working one of the toys in and out of her pussy while she watched something on the television. “Toni done ate her some pussy!” she stated. Toni just smiled once again. “You’re one of us now. Wanna do mines?”

“I gotta get home to my kids,” Toni stuttered apologetically.

“Well, you best go wash your face then or everyone might just know what you been doin’.”

Toni cleaned herself up in the bathroom, returned and finished getting dressed. She allowed Monique to walk her to the door.

“Make sure you come back and visit us again,” Monique told her.

“I surely will,” Toni promised. “Tameka wants you in the bedroom.”

As the door closed behind her, Toni was already having second thoughts about her new sexuality. It was great sex and all, but she didn’t consider herself a dyke. She all but decided, right then and there, not to come back and get high with Tameka the next day.

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