Fun at Fredricks

Big Tits

A True Story

A little bit about me and this story. I’m an exhibitionist and I love showing off my body whenever I get the chance. I love going shopping at Fredrick’s and I also love being a tease. Those two things can be a very exciting combination. Especially when there is a cute sales girl there to play with.

One Saturday I decided to go shopping at the mall and of course to my favorite store Fredrick’s. I got dressed in a my usual button down blouse with a short pleated skirt, stockings, heels and no panties. As I drove to the mall I did my usual flashing of truckers as I passed them on the freeway just to get myself excited for the mall. By the time I got to the mall my pussy was wet and my excitement level well elevated and ready for more fun inside the mall.

The mall was busy so I had some fun walking through the food court sitting across from guys so I could let them look up my skirt at my shaved pussy. After awhile I decided to head to towards Fredrick’s. I loved watching the guys as they turned their heads to watch as I walked by, my heels clicked loudly on the floor getting everyone’s attention.

When I got to Fredrick’s their were a few other woman already shopping, some with boyfriends or husbands all standing around looking at cloths. There were two girls that looked to be in their mid to early twenties who were the sales girls. One had a short brown hair with a sassy hairstyle and she was wearing a button down blouse and a short skirt the other was wearing a dress a cute little dress that didn’t reveal much.

I started looking around watching the people in the store and when one of the guys would look my way I would bend over and flash them my bare ass. Customers Ankara escort came and went and once the store thinned out some I asked the girl who was wearing the short skirt for some help.

I started out trying on a few corsets and would step out into the store each time for anyone near by to see me. Which to my pleasure there always seemed to be some guy or woman near by to watch.

I told the girl, loud enough for others to hear, that I was looking for some outfits that were see through. With that the girl headed off to find some for me and I noticed the guys moving closer to the dressing room. She started bring me different outfits to try on like lace teddies, bra and panty sets and baby-dolls. I tried each on as she went to find more. Every time I put an outfit on I would walk out and model the outfit asking the girl her opinion not to mention watching the reaction to the men standing by and asking them what they thought also.

After modeling a few outfits and getting more excited and daring I asked the girl if they had any nice sheer bodysuits. She smiled at me and went off and came back with this beautiful black lace bodysuit. I put the outfit on and again stepped out to model it. I could see the girl smiling as she looked me over and I decided to push the limits a little further. I asked the girl “How do I look?” and she said that “You very sexy.” that was all I wanted to hear. I then asked “Does the material feel soft?” and took her hand and placed it on my hip. I watched as she smiled and did not remove her hand but caressed my hip. I could feel myself wanting more now and I was willing to do what it took to get this girl in the dressing room with me.

I asked if Ankara escort bayan they had anything with removable flaps, she smiled and said she would be right back. By this time there were only two other people in the store and the other sales girl was with them at the far end away from the dressing room.

The girl returned with a teddy that came with a bra and panty set. I quickly changed and stepped out to see her standing waiting for me right in front of the door. She smiled at me and I smiled back. There was no one else in sight other than the salesgirl and one woman that were looking at outfits and not paying attention to us.

I asked the girl “What do you think about this outfit? she said that it made me look hot. I pulled the little ribbon holding the Teddy together letting it open revealing not only the bra and panties but my bare breasts and nipples.

The girl reached out and cupped my breasts as she asked “May I?”

I moaned and grabbed her wrists pulling her into the dressing room with me. She began suckling on my nipple as I started undoing her skirt. She stopped just long enough to remove her blouse as I pulled her panties down revealing a neatly shaved bush. I sat her down on the chair and knelled between her legs and began licking her pussy. Her fingers were in my hair as my tongue licked and sucked her young sweet slit

I could hear her trying to hold back moans of pleasure as I slipped 2 fingers into her wet pussy still suckling her slit Her pussy was dripping wet when I decided to get a better taste of her and pushed my tongue inside. She gasped loudly and it excited me thinking someone might hear her and walk in on us. I kept tongue fucking her deeper Escort Ankara and faster swallowing her juices as they covered my tongue. She began shaking and climaxed filling my mouth with her cum. I leaned up and kissed her, then she had me stand up and started licking and sucking my pussy. I placed one foot on the chair next to her giving her better access and held onto the wall for support.

This girl was driving me crazy with how greedily she was licking and sucking my pussy. I put my hand on her head and started fucking her mouth with my pussy. She reached around and grabbed my ass pulling me to her pushing her tongue deeper inside me with her nose pressed against my slit

I finally couldn’t take anymore and starting cumming all over her face. My body was shaking and I had to sit down so I straddler her lap. We kissed each other tasting each others cum on our lips while our bodies relaxed.

When we finished I took out some tissues from my purse and we cleaned each other up and got dressed. She asked me to let her go out first and than follow so I agreed. I took the teddy and bodysuit and walked out to the register. There were a few customers in the store by that time and the two sale girls were standing by the register talking. As I walked towards them I could hear the other sales girl telling the girl that I was with that she knew what she was doing in the dressing room.

I smiled to myself and went to the register to pay for the items. The girl that was with me checked me out and I saw her write something on the back of my receipt. Once I left the store I looked at my receipt and saw that she had wrote her name, phone number and “Call me” on the back.

I laughed and hurried back to my car to go home. That night I did give her a call and we ended up getting together to have some more fun.


Thank you for reading my adventure at Fredrick’s

I hope you enjoyed this true story.

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