Baseball, Billiards, and More


My Name is Mike and I just turned 18 about a month ago. It’s time for our annual baseball tournament. The big event is always a week long and this year it’s in a small town on the other side of the state, about five hours of driving from my hometown.

I am an only child and my parents, Tom and Amy, normally take me to the tournament and my dad enjoys watching our team play. This year dad couldn’t get the time off; mom did and she asked her younger sister if she would come also. Mom really doesn’t like watching the games. She normally goes shopping during the day and wanted someone to hang with. Well my Aunt Mary was able to get the time off and she agreed to come to the tourney with mom and me.

Dad and Mom belong to a gym and work out about three times a week. Both are in very good shape. Mom and Aunt Mary are MILFs. Aunt Mary looks a lot like my Mom. They both sport long blond hair, slender legs, and a nice rack.

Mom is an educated businesswoman with a master’s degree who generally tries to downplay her physical assets, she’s used to men noticing her. They hit on her all the time, but she always cuts them down or brushes them off. She likes to be in control and can be forceful. She is big in the church and quite conservative. My Aunt also works but I am not sure what she really does. She and Uncle Matt have three kids, all younger than I am.

Mom decided that we should leave a day earlier than originally planned; she wanted to make sure she knew where all the stores were. From checking on the Internet, it looked like they were going to have to drive to a bigger town to do decent shopping. So off we went; mom and Aunt Mary talked the whole way about their jobs, husbands, well just about everything. I just sat in the back and listened or played on my DS.

After about five hours, we finally arrived at the town hosting the tournament. The motel that our team was staying at was out in the middle of nowhere. The only thing close by was a bar and grill. It looked like any other place to eat was a few miles down the road.

Coach picked this place because it was within walking distance to the ball fields. We got two adjoining rooms, mom and Aunt Mary had one room, and I had the other, which I thought was cool.

Mom told me that we should keep the door between the two rooms unlocked, but we should all make sure we knocked before we entered the other room. We got settled into the rooms and mom knocked on the door and asked “You want to get something eat.”

“Sure thing,” I replied.

Mom and Aunt Mary were dressed in snug jeans and tight sleeveless shirts. I must have looked at them a little too long because my Aunt asked, “Like what you see?”

All I could say was, “Yes.”

The women were tired from the drive and didn’t want to drive again so we walked over to the bar and grill; it wasn’t a bad place. It had four pool tables and the food was ok. Mom and Aunt Mary decided to play some pool to relax; they are both very good players. They like to hustle their friends at parties. Dad even complained about the two of them hustling people when they go out to bars. Dad always said that one day it will catch up with them. I watched for a while as the place started to fill up with locals. About five young guys walked in and saw my mom and aunt playing pool. One walked over to the table to see if they wanted to play doubles.

I heard Mom say, “Sure, but go easy on us as we don’t shoot much pool

The guy smiled, “Sure thing,” then walked back to his group.

I walked up to Mom, “You better watch out, these guys don’t look like the kind of guys you want to hustle.”

She responded, “We can take care of ourselves.”

The guy who had talked with mom returned with a partner. “My name is Mark. Would you two like a drink?”

Mom smiling “Sure, were drinking draft.”

I watched them play about three games and Mom and Aunt Mary won all three games. I walked up and told them I’m headed back to the room since I have to be at the ball field in the morning.”

Aunt Mary and Mom both looked at me and Mom said, “Ok, we won’t be long.”

“Remember you two don’t need to try and hustle these guys or anyone else.”

Laughing mom answer, “Who me?”

Sometime later I was awakened by a loud noise from my Mom’s room. I sat up and listened a little, I heard my Mom say, “Be quite. We don’t want to wake up my son next door. I don’t need him to find out about this.”

That’s when I heard a guy’s voice say, “Ok, but you two still need to pay off your bet or I might just wake him up myself.”

“Don’t worry; we’ll pay off our bet.”

It sounded to me like Mom and Aunt Mary lost big time at pool. I knew they would pay off the bet because Dad always saying “That if you make a bet you better pay it off. There’s nothing worse than someone not paying off a bet, no matter what the stakes are.”

Then I heard Aunt Mary say, “Hold on there, what is this. The bet was with you two not all of your friends.”

That’s when I heard one of them say, bursa escort bayan “Look the bet was double or nothing and you lost. Either you come up with the four thousand dollars or you entertain all of us until we’re satisfied.”

Mom speaks up, “We told you we don’t have that kind of money and that we would entertain you two.”

The guy strongly answers, “For that kind of money you will take care of all five of us.”

At that time I cracked open the door between the two rooms. I could see Mom looking at Aunt Mary smiling. I knew they must have planned this and lost on purpose. They just didn’t want me to find out about it. Well it was too late for that.

As I watched Aunt Mary, she answers in a sexy voice, “We don’t want any trouble with you guys.”

The guy I knew as Mark says, “Then we understand one another.”

Mom and Aunt Mary both smiled at him and agreed.

Mark then chuckled, “Well ladies, I think you two need to give us a show. You can start first by taking off your clothes, one at a time. Which one of you is going to be first?”

Aunt Mary looking at Mark specks up, “I’ll go first.”

Mom moves over to the bed and sits down.

Mark taking charged, “Ok guys move the table so she has room to entertain.”

Two of the guys jumped up and moved the table.

Mark directed Aunt Mary to move over to the area where the table has been removed. She moves over to where she was told and looks around the room and starts her stripping at the top of her blouse, unbuttoning one button followed by the next, and the next, and so on. She slipped it off one shoulder and caught it in the crook of her arm. She did the same for the other side. Holding it closed in front leaving it open for her cleavage to show. Finally, she released the arms and let her blouse flow to the floor pooling at her feet in a soft pile.

She stood there in her light blue lacy bra with the pillow-like tops of her rather large breasts pushing up and trying to burst out over the cups.

She unsnapped and unzipped her tight jeans. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband, she wiggled her hips and eased her pants down her legs. In doing so, she bent over causing her tits to push even harder against the bra. All the guys were waiting for her tits to explode out. But engineering won out over physics as they stayed put.

Wow, there was my Aunt standing in just her sexy bra and panties. Then she reached up between her tits and slowly opened the clasp of her bra. This time physics won as there was too much tit flesh to be held back and her tits bounced out.

I had always wanted to see her tits. They looked even bigger than I ever thought they would. The ivory mounds of flesh had little sag. They were capped by rouge color areolas topped by long hard nipples. She finished removing her bra and let it fall into the pile of clothes already at her feet.

Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her lacy panties, she eased them over her full womanly hips. Sliding them down her shapely legs, she stepped out of them and left them on top of the pile. Standing now only in her low heeled pumps, she unabashedly showed her shaved pussy to the five guys in front of her. There was my aunt totally naked in a room full of strangers.

“Now give us a little dance.” commands Mark.

Aunt Mary started to dance making her boobs bounce around. The guys started yelling “Shake that ass.”

Mom spoke up to plead, “Please, not so loud. My son is asleep in the next room”.

The guys all laughed at her and together answers “Ok.”

Aunt Mary was getting into the dancing and giving a very good show. With a very sexy smile on her face she had her ass swaying and her boobs bouncing.

After about ten minutes, Mark orders, “Ok you stand over there and play with your tits while Amy has her turn.”

Mom walked over to the middle of the room, swaying her ass and smiling at the guys. I couldn’t believe that my mom was enjoying herself; she turned around and started to remove her top. She was a little more dynamic in the way she removed her blouse, caring on and trying to excite her audience. She wanted to put on a better show then her sister.

The bra she had on was made of a gauzy material almost completely see-thru except for the sparkly sheen. She then slowly took off her jeans. Her panties were not the normal type but were a thong made of the same gauzy material of her bra. I looked hard but didn’t see any pubic hair and was sure she too was shaved. There was my Mom in her bra and thong. Her tight ass cheeks separated by the thin strip of material were a sight to behold. If seeing Aunt Mary hadn’t already made me rock hard, mom’s ass would have done the job all by itself.

Mom reached behind her back to unhook her bra. Doing this caused her breasts to press harder against the see-thru material. Her impressive globes were soon freed as she took off her bra.

This was the first time I can ever remember seeing my mom’s tits. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of them. They nilüfer escort looked great, perfectly formed. She had beautiful big long nipples that seemed to be getting harder each moment she stood there. I looked and would have to say Aunt Mary’s tits were about the same size as moms, but mom’s nipples were so much bigger.

When she bent over to take off her panties her tits hung down making them look even fuller. I couldn’t help but get even harder, if that was possible. She stood up and there was my Mom totally nude. My deduction was proven true as her pussy was also totally shaved.

Mark forcefully says , “Now a little dance from you.”

Mom started to dance and did all she could to get her tits bouncing around. She looked like she had done this before. She seemed to be really getting into it. Mark looked at my Aunt; she was still playing with her own tits. “Ok now join Amy. We want to watch both of you dancing, now.”

That is when I noticed one of the guys had a camera and was filming everything. While Aunt Mary and Mom danced, the guys started to yell cat calls.

My Mom again pleas with the guys, “Please be quiet, my son is right next door.”

Mark laughing, “Alright, but you better get them tits bouncing better, we want a better show.”

So Mom and my Aunt began to make their tits bounce more as they danced. Cat calls were still being called but not as loudly now.

After about fifteen minutes, Mark strongly speaks out, “Ladies this is how it is going to work. You’re each going to take care of us, but first we want to watch you two make out.”

Aunt Mary definitely answers, “We don’t mine taking care of you guys, but I don’t think you’re going to watch us kiss or do anything else.”

Mom was in agreement.

Mark walked up to them and slapped them both. They both cried out.

I don’t think they were expecting that, but it didn’t seem to piss them off. Then it hit me my Mom and Aunt are submissive and they were enjoying this. Now I know for sure they had planned this and were wanting these guys to be forceful. They were role playing and the guys didn’t know the game.

Mark looked good and hard at them and said, “I think you two need to do as you’re told or pay us our money.”

So Mom and Aunt Mary looked at each other and smiled, then started to kiss.

Someone yells out, “Come on, you can kiss better than that. Don’t forget to play with each other’s tits.”

Just then Mark and another guy walked up to them. Then I heard a loud smack as they each received a hard slap on their ass cheeks. Mom and Aunt Mary jumped.

Mark commands, “You two better give us a better show. We want to be entertained.”

It was then that they really got into it, they fell onto the bed kissing. Mom then cupped my Aunt’s breast, running a thumb over her nipple which instantly sprang to life. She pinched and tweaked her nipples as she sucked

My aunt started to moan. After a few minutes my aunt rolled over and returned the favor for Mom. Then they each started to rub each other’s pussy. They were really getting into it, the guys were getting into watching them. The guy with the camera was making sure he captured all of it.

This went on for a while; Mom and my Aunt both had at least one orgasm. The guys were now all ready for some action.

Mark starts talking, “Amy over to the other bed. It’s now time for you two to take care of us.”

Mom moved as fast as she could to the other bed close to where I was and Aunt Mary stayed on the bed closer to the window. The guy who took Mom first was a little rough with her. He pulled on her tits until she yelled. He laughed and told her to be quiet unless she wanted to wake up her son next door.

All Mom said was, “Not so rough.”

He laughed again, “I will be as rough as I want you pretty little cunt.”

Mark looked over, “Amy, you’d better behave or we might wake up your son. He just might like to join in the proceedings. What do you think?”

Mom weakly answer, “I am behaving. I just said not so rough, and please don’t wake my son. I don’t need anyone back home finding out about this.”

Mark and two other guys all laughed.

It looked and sounded like Aunt Mary was getting the same rough treatment also. I had to open the door a little more so I could watch Aunt Mary also.

The first guy pulled and pinched my Mom’s tits and fucked her hard. Even with the rough treatment she was receiving, it appeared that she was enjoying herself, riding his cock like there was no tomorrow. When he was done fucking her she just smiled at him.

He orders, “Now clean me off with your mouth.”

Mom just put his cock into her mouth and started to lick and suck him clean. He then grabbed her head and started to face fuck her hard and fast. She started to gag. He yells out “Someone better get the trash can over her in case she hurls.” Mom didn’t hurl but she did gag a few times.

This is when I noticed one of the unoccupied guys going thru their türbanlı escort purses. He found their driver’s licenses and it look like he was writing down their addresses. Then I saw someone going through their cell phones and making a copy of their contact list.

I watched Mom and Aunt Mary act like sluts and fuck all five of the guys, it ended about 2:00 am. Mom and Aunt Mary thought they were done and started to get up.

Mark just started to laugh at this, “Where do you two think you’re going?”

Mom smiling, “We’re done, right?”

All of the guys started to laugh; then. Mark looked at them both, “Hell no!”

“We need some sleep. We have to be at the ball field to watch the games.”

“Too bad; we don’t care.”

This is when Mom noticed the camera, “You ass holes, you have filmed all this. We don’t need this getting back to our husbands.”

All the guys laughed again. Mom and Aunt Mary just looked at them.

“That’s right sluts, and we have copies of your home addresses and your contact list off your cell phones. So listen up, we’re going to fuck you some more tonight and every night that you’re here. If you think you’re not going to do this, well, we’ll just have to send a short film to everyone on your contact list. Do you understand? And that includes your son, Mike.”

“We don’t care about fucking you guys. We lost on purpose so we could get manhandled by someone other than out husbands. We just don’t need this getting out. So please don’t. I beg you not to do that.” said Mom.

“We won’t as long as you two perform for us or whomever we bring with us throughout this week.”

Mom looked at my aunt hoping they both were on the same sheet of paper.

Aunt Mary finally speaks up, “Ok, as long as it doesn’t get back to our husbands or friends.”

“Mark chuckles, “Ok, but we may want to invite some of the other team’s fathers or coaches over to enjoy you two. I’m sure some of the players are eighteen, I’ll bet. We are going to get our money’s worth from you, understand? Even if you say you lost on purpose, you two still need to pay off your bet, on our terms.”

I saw the look on my Mom’s face and it was one of worry and anger. Aunt Mary had the same expression.

Mom said “We will pay off the bet, but please no one else.”

Mark strongly says, “As long as you two perform for us or whomever we bring with us this week.”

Mom looked at her sister. They both smiled at each other.

“Ok, we will. We lost the bet and we will pay it off.” answers mom

Mark commands, “Enough talk, time to get back to what we were doing.”

He grabbed Mom and turned her around so that she was sideways on the bed on her hands and knees. He told one of the guys to get the other one turned over also. The women were now side by side on the bed

Mark orders, “One each in the front and one from the rear.

Before they knew what was going on Mom and Aunt Mary had a cock in their mouth and one in their cunt. The guys were being very rough with them. The fifth guy was still filming. The guys fucking their mouths were hammering them fast and hard. The guys in the back were slamming them on opposite times so the women were being see-sawed at a fast rough pace.

You could see their tits just bouncing all over the place. There was a loud smack as I saw one of the guys slap Aunt Mary’s ass hard. Then the guy behind Mom smacked her ass even harder.

Mom and Aunt Mary both at the same time yell out loud, “Do it again.”

The first guy hit Aunt Mary’s ass again harder. It seemed to turn into some sort of competition to see who could smack their ass the hardest.

Both, Mom’s and Aunt Mary’s ass started to look red. The guys fucking their mouths pulled out to watch the spanking competition.

As soon as the cocks were out of my Aunt’s and Mom’s mouths, they both started yelling “Hit her again.”

They were enjoying seeing each other get a spanking. Mom and Aunt Mary’s asses got a good spanking and they seemed to be enjoying it.

Then Mark said, “Enough fun for tonight; I will be back tomorrow night. You two don’t know who I will bring with me but for sure, it will be someone.”

Aunt Mary tells Mark, ” Since you have our phone numbers make sure you text us to let us know when we should be expecting you.”

I closed the door and jumped back into my bed, pretending to be asleep. Mom did open the door to peek in to make sure I was asleep.

The next morning I was tired but had to get up and get to the ball field. I knocked on Mom’s door to see if they wanted to go with me. She indicated they were tired and would either catch up with me later at the ball field or here in the motel if they didn’t go shopping.

As I opened my door to leave there was a note on my door, I opened it, “I saw you watching last night. I won’t tell your Mom. If you want a copy of the film, leave a note on your door tonight.’

Later in the day, I ran into my Mom and Aunt. They had a worried look on their faces, you could tell from looking at them that they had a long night.

Mom asked: “How did you sleep last night?”

I replied, “Just like a baby, very soundly, almost didn’t hear my alarm go off this morning.” Which was true, because I was so tired.

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