Don’t Look Back Ch. 14


They exited the dance floor and made the short trip to the back area in record time. There was a code of sorts that was used to determine the availability of the rooms. It was a simple system. Colored plastic cards were hung on the door knob—red, green, and purple. The one on top determined the occupancy of the room. Green meant no one was inside. Red meant ‘stop, the room’s in use’, while purple meant ‘yeah, someone’s in there, but company’s welcome’. That was for the more adventurous souls who enjoyed sex with more than one person at a time. Everyone was on their honor to use the cards, and there’d never been a problem with it so far.

They passed the first couple of doors which displayed red cards. Lee stopped in front of one that sported a purple tag and reached for the knob. Marshall let out an indignant whoop without thinking. Lee turned to face him with a shit-eating grin.

“Could someone possibly be jealous?”

Marshall noted with chagrin the amusement in Lee’s eyes. He scuffed at the floor with his boot, debating a suitable response, before he blurted out, “Yeah, I guess that’d be me. “

Lee made no immediate reply. He took Marshall’s hand, leading him farther down the hall until they found a door with a green card on top. He switched the card to red before they entered the room and closed the door.

Then he pushed Marshall up against the door and claimed bursa escort his lips, sucking Marshall’s lower lip into his mouth. Releasing him, he murmured, “You don’t need to be jealous. You’re the only one I look at. You’re the only one I see.”

Marshall warmed at his words. He knew Lee wouldn’t lie to him.

“I’ll never leave you,” Lee promised. “I told you that when we found you. I meant it then, and I mean it now. You and me, boy. Always.”

He reclaimed Marshall’s mouth, and their tongues met in a glorious union of flesh. Marshall knew what happened hadn’t been Lee’s choice or his fault. But every once in a while, he just needed a little bit of reassurance.

The décor of the room was simple. A single bed, nothing fancy, but the sheets were changed on a fairly regular basis, more than you got in some motels. A small wooden side table, if you needed to lay out a few things. Two or three chairs, in case of voyeurs. Each room was BYOL—Bring Your Own Lube, as well Bring Your Own Rubber. There were machines in the men’s room that dispensed those, so there was no excuse for coming up short.

Marshall and Lee had never used condoms. They were exclusive with one another, always had been and always would be.

Lee already had his hands at Marshall’s waist. He undid his fly and pulled down the zipper, freeing Marshall’s leaking erection. Marshall escort bayan toed off his new boots and shimmied his hips as Lee pulled the cords down his legs, before kicking them out of the way. His fingers were already working the buttons of the black shirt then it joined the rest of his clothes on the floor.

Lee undressed quickly. When they were both naked, he gestured toward the bed.

“Hands and knees,” he directed, and Marshall obeyed.

Marshall knew just how far apart to spread his knees, how to wriggle his ass in an enticing fashion. Lee’s hand crashed against first one buttock, then the other, leaving heat in its wake. The bed dipped under Lee’s weight, the springs creaking their protest. No telling how many bodies had done this exact same thing many times before. Partners was a popular place, both with men who needed a quick place to hook up, as well as couples who liked to be adventurous without having to go home to do it.

“Head down, boy,” Lee admonished.

Marshall had been daydreaming; his fault entirely. He dropped his head into the proper position and accepted another swat to each cheek as penance for his inattention. He loved the structure of Lee’s love, although the rules weren’t always rigidly enforced. Just most of the time. And it was all done with love.

Air hit Marshall’s pucker as Lee parted his cheeks. He shivered bursa escort at the coolness of Lee’s breath as he blew across Marshall’s entrance. Apparently, he’d been eating something minty, and the sensation was both startling and intense. Marshall shivered as Lee’s tongue lapped at the sensitive skin of his perineum, licking at the underside of his balls as they hung down between his legs.

His cock ached from inattention, but he didn’t dare reach for it. That was so against the rules. Although he might, if he got horny enough, just to see what Lee would do about it. Might be fun.

Lee’s tongue was doing the most amazing things to Marshall’s hole, dipping and sucking, but there was more to come. Marshall knew it, and he needed it. Needed Lee inside of him. Soon.

He tried to curb his impatience, but the moan he inadvertently released was heartfelt.

Lee ceased his ministrations, leaning along Marshall’s back until his breath was warm in Marshall’s ear, his cock nestled securely between Marshall’s cheeks.

“Tell me what you want, baby,” Lee whispered seductively, his voice sending delicious shivers ranging through Marshall from his fingers to his toes.

It didn’t matter where they fucked, or how often they fucked, Lee continued to take Marshall’s breath away on a constant basis.

“Want you, Lee,” Marshall moaned. “Need you inside of me.”

Lee grasped Marshall’s cock and pumped it. “You want me to fuck you hard?” he teased. “Want my cock inside your hot ass, do you?”

“With all my heart.” Marshall bucked into Lee’s hand. He tried not to whimper, but he was quickly losing control.

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