Double Whammy – Ken and David


From my Diary..

Sunday 4th August2013… 1pm.

As always Ken had me in his mobile caravan, He travels alleviate country and I guess he has a guy in each place he parks up, but he regularly visits Torbay and when he calls me on my mobile, I know exactly what he wants and he buggers me until I am numb and cannot feel it there any more.

But he treats me well and always gives me a fifty note.

When I arrived he was already grasping himself through his jeans and, seeing his bulge I knew what I was in for and felt the cringe in my rear passage.

“Into the toilet with you dear boy” he said, staring at me with that serious lusty smile that said he was really craving for it.

He seemed to take great pleasure in first doing things in the loo. Sat on the toilet seat he clumsily removed my jeans and boxer shorts and immediately took my cock into his mouth no messing.

His suck was no mean task and he was always rough and touchy feely with his big hands encompassing my ass as he fully sucked me. He sort of liked to spread my ass cheeks as he seemed he wanted to swallow me and then, like a boy scout and ready prepared, he stuck a finger into a jar of Vaseline readily placed on the locker and then stuck it right up my ass without any finis whatsoever.

That was Ken. He took his sex rough and I had grown accustomed to it.

It seemed he was still sucking me five minutes later, by which time the initial hurt of his deep strong sucking wore off and I felt my cock begin to respond in giving me the most wonderful sexual sensualities. He continued to finger fuck me changing from one finger to two and his grunting and groaning between sucking was very loud and I felt his tongue working my foreskin tight back as he pressed his tongue tip into my p-hole with some relish.

“You taste and feel so fucking good Alex, I could have you for breakfast, dinner and tea and even supper, Now turn around and bend over so I can take the flavour of your ass, that so earthy nectar and familiar smell I love so much. I did as he asked and immediately felt his sucking there as he took a rest from my cock. But he licked my balls too and it was nice. It really made me feel complete and I felt so benevolent and comfortable with this guy who took his sex rough and hard, as he wanted it and not thinking of how I did. But thudding bursa yabancı escort matter, he was paying me for services which I mainly enjoyed. The only thing didn’t go for is when he loved to pee over my ass in the shower after he’d deep fucked me, I had already felt the hot stream of his spunk all over my ass and now, led into the shower, he showered me with his stinky urine.

I just gritted my teeth and took it, hoping it would soon be over and that he would turn on the shower to cleanse me. But all the time, when he did that to me, I hoped upon hope he would not ask me to drink it, that would definitely be a no go.

I’d suck him before intercourse that was fine. He had a lovely pliable and thick cock which I loved to play with and the way he moaned was a real send on. He said one day he would spunk me in the mouth but wanted to save it for my ass, where he would spend it all at once, deep and plentiful inside his fuck tube as he called it, well prepared with his Vaseline fingers and sucked wide open for his veritable cock to enter, and when that happened I knew it, because he would take my ass like I was a piece of meat, grasp my hips and really hammered me, he loved his deep stiff hard fuck of my ass and he certainly got his fifty pounds worth

When he’d had his worth of me he lay exhausted on the bed and, releasing my handcuffs he thanked and paid me and told me I was still his favourite.

!I want you again next Sunday so come promise?”

I stood up and put my gear back on and made for the door, He teased me saying I was walking bandy but that was no surprise, but I had yet to see David in the evening and it would be an action replay, But I would have at least three hours to recover.

Sunday 3rd August 7pm.

“Hello David, how’s you?”

David was always a predictable, considerate and gentle guy which is what I needed after serving Ken.

He would first want to suck me off, usually on the bed or sometimes one the edge of his snooker table.

He had a lovely bachelor pad and was always delighted to see me. Then he would like to sniff me up in different positions, especially on all fours when he would really take time to enjoy me orally everywhere which was always so nice and lovely. I would just relish everything, relax on all fours and let him bursa sınırsız escort enjoy me. Then he’d ask me if I was ready and when I said to go ahead, that I was hungry for it, he’d gently slide his beautiful cock inside me which was heavenly and slowly fuck me, holding my cock and balls at the same time until he was drawing near, when he would delightfully wank me so we could cum together. But he would always stop mid-fuck which was lovely because it enable for us both to cherish each other’s throb as I tightened my rectal muscles and squeezed him inside me.

But having said that, this evening was different. His idea was that he didn’t want our casual relationship to decline so had new ways to spice up our meetings.

I said fine but emphasised I was quite happy with what we did and it always seemed fresh to me.

“Well let us just try huh Alex” he said and I was always a willing horse, so long as what he had in mind didn’t disturb everything that had proved successful and compatible with us

But then I discovered it was a little bit of Ken all over again because he brought out some various gadgets which told me he wanted to experiment with stretchy bands and handcuffs.

He loved to massage me on the bed but now he wanted to expand that theme by experimenting with the tie -on bands, handcuffing me to the bedrail and stuffing an apple into my mouth, after had partaken of my suck of him, then gagging me so the apple did not drop out.

Then he brought out a box of anal vibrators which, as far as I could tell, were all different sizes.

“This one represents my cock” he said looking very excited and pressing a button, it started to vibrate and looked like a real cock sure enough.

“But I want to start you off with the smaller size first Alex, It should be fun. I love your ass you know that and I want to make it as nice as possible as a build up to the real thing.”

I submitted to his desires and knew David enough to realise he would do me no harm. So I removed my jeans as always and stood there in my tightest of briefs which he always loved to fondle.

“I have washed the pair you left last time Alex which have been well used, They were stiff with semen but you can leave a fresh pair for me after we have done huh?”

“Of course” I said. I loved the görükle escort idea of him wanking to the sniff of my soiled briefs and felt it would keep him in good stead for the next session.

But this evening it was going to be different although the initial moves were unchanged, like the way he started to reveal my hole, and tease with his tongue which was always rather sensual.

“Wow! You are very open tonight Alex?”

IO guess he could see I was not fully closed after David’s exportation of me but felt I should not tell him about David, in fear that he may not like it and would no longer wish to see me.

“It is just that I have had a mild form of diarrhoea “I lied.

“Aww poor thing let me massage this softening cream into you before we start with the vibrators.”

And he gently teased his fingers around and around and in doing that he gave me a huge erection.

“My!” I think I ought to so something about that, don’t you Alex? He retorted. And then I felt the absolute delight of his mouth fuck. It seemed I had been sucked so much that day and David’s suck was more mellow and gentle, all those lovely teases with his tongue wrapping around my glans and teasing under the foreskin as he really enjoyed a good deep and satisfying sucking to the core, making me cum full into his hand, my spunk squirting everywhere.

“That was nice to be sure” he said wiping his mouth and this seem to have given him the zest to start inserting the anal vibrators into me, one by one, each having a different but very sensual feel about them

“I love this, your ass seems to really lap this treatment up.”

Then he bound and handcuffed me and I felt like an animal waiting for the onslaught, but it was thrilling when he stuffed a small apple into my mouth and gagged me.

This seem to give him the impetus to really fuck me with the vibrators, teasing then from side to side as he pushed the into me one by one, sucking each one when he took it out. His moans told me just how he loved that and each time he put the next size into me I was treated to the most wonderful ass spoiling, his licks and sucks sending me to another place it was so divine.

Reaching the largest vibrator I felt the full stretch, and it felt like Ken all aver gain. But David was happy and said he had enjoyed it so much and when he finally fucked me with the real live cock I relished and adored, it was always the perfect way to end our time together.

So the day’s double whammy was over and I had two days to recover before it was Gary’s turn.

He was different again but that is for the next time. I need to recuperate you see.

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