Early Morning Fuck Ch. 01


I’d been out clubbing with friends and decided to walk home to burn off the alcohol in my system. It was about 05:30, July, so the sun was up and not cold.

I cut through the park and being horny from seeing all those men dancing together, I wondered if the cottage would be open and or in use.

I pulled open the big heavy door and went in. It was empty.

I went back outside, lay on the grass and had a cigarette. In the distance, I saw a figure walking in my direction. My dick started to stir in the hope that it would be someone horny.

As it approached, I could make out a young guy, about 19 –20, slim, with dark shaggy hair, wearing baggy jeans and a T-shirt.

As he came closer, I though “cute”. His eyes were fixed to the floor.

He walked the path to the cottage, glanced in my direction and headed for and went in the cottage.

I was up in a flash. And followed. He had put himself in the furthest cubicle. I went in next to him. In the wall was a sizable hole. I looked through and could see him sitting with his jeans at his ankles with his hand stroking a nice reasonably sized cock. That’s all I needed. I unzipped..and pulled out my nice thick cock. I moved to the hole so he could see me. He moved his mouth toward the hole.

I took the initiative and put it through. I then felt his tongue move lightly up the side of my ever-hardening cock, it felt nice and soft and wet. He reached the tip and gently licked into my piss slit, lapping up my precum. This boy knew what he was bursa escort doing. I then felt his mouth engulf my prick.. Fuck… it felt good. His mouth was warm..wet and fuckable. I felt his hand grab my shaft and then his mouth went to town on my cock sucking for all he was worth I pushed against the partition so he could get as much of me in his mouth as possible. I could feel his hard grip sliding up and down my cock in his saliva, and my cock head against the back of his throat. I moaned and whispered that it felt good and told him to keep doing what he was doing. And he did. Being the greedy bastard that I am, I wanted more than being sucked by this cute boy.

I pulled my cock away and told him to get in here with me. A minute later he was standing in front of me. His jeans over his shoulder, his T-shirt over his head and his 6.5 cock jutting out in front of him. He was really slender and smooth, except for the patch of hair round his dick. I pulled him to me and sat down. I just had to taste his cock. His precum tasted sweet and his cock responded to my mouth. After only a few seconds, I could feel his cum shooting to the back of my mouth. I wasn’t expecting that! I kept his cock in my mouth and let him finish dumping his load. I love the taste of cum. My tongue was tingling from its acidity. I let his cock slip out, but left his cum in my mouth. I turned him around and bent him over. I pulled his arse cheeks apart to see his pink tight hole. I put my mouth to it and my tongue began to ease into him. He began bursa escort bayan to groan and pushed back. I managed to dribble some of his cum into his opening hole. As he relaxed, I could get more of his cum in him. I pulled away and started to use my finger to open him more. I slowly slipped in another finger while spitting more of his cum at the top of his arse crack, watching it run down to my fingers where it was pushed into him. I put another finger in him and spat the rest of his cum there so he could get really lubed up.

When I thought he was ready… I sat on the edge of the seat, turned him around to face me and told him to sit down on my cock. He straddled me and lowered himself down onto my now rock hard dick.. I swear it had grown bigger than I had ever seen it. I felt the head of my cock slide into him and could feel his tight hole grasping it. His face was all screwed up and he was biting his lip. I pulled his hips down and felt that tight ridge that was going to be stretched all too soon. He took a sharp intake of air and I pushed him right down onto my cock. It slid straight up him, in one move. He yelled. I held him close and then started to ride him up and down slowly. I could feel his arse relaxing and accepting my cock. It felt soooo good. Hot, wet, and slippy with his cum. I told him to ride up and down and to make sure he came all the way down. He did. His cock was up against my belly oozing pre cum and getting hard again. After a few minutes, I told him to get off. He looked disappointed, escort bursa but as soon as he was standing, I bent him over and pushed my cock back in his dripping wet hole. Now I could fuck him hard. I grabbed hold of his hips and began to really pound him. He was really groaning by now and pushing back.

I told him to pull his cheeks apart so I could get deeper, he did and it felt fucking amazing. Then I pulled my cock out to just the end and pushed it all the way back in one stroke, and again and again and again. He was loving it and so was I. I stood on tiptoes, pushed in deep and went for the kill. I was really slamming into this tight young arse, feeling it give way to my huge fat cock. My balls began to tighten up and I got faster and faster. I reached round and grabbed his cock. It was solid and wet. With one more lunge into him, I emptied my balls right up into his arse. Fuck.. I could feel my long heavy shots of cum going deep into this boy. I didn’t think I was going to ever stop. Load after load shot into him. I felt his arse tighten, then felt his warm sticky cum in my hand. He pulled my hand off his cock and began to lick it clean, savouring his own cum. I was panting and sweating and my cock still jerked in him. He stood up and I held him close kissing the back and side of his neck. We stood like this for a while until my cock started to get soft. I could feel my cum (and his) leaking out of his hole onto my balls. It felt good. Finally I pulled out of him. He turned.. we kissed deeply and then introduced ourselves. I told him that was the hottest fuck I had ever had and wouldn’t mind repeating it again soon. He said he was free today, with a smile. We dressed and walked back to my place and fucked all day long.

To Be Continued…

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