Chantelle: Sunday Afternnon


Note to Readers – I suggest to start at the beginning and read all of the stories that lead up to this one, and if you don’t want to do that, at least read Chantelle: Sunday Morning

Sunday Afternoon

Hearing the first car arrive excited the girls, far more than I would have thought, actually. The three of them were chattering and giggling, thrilled at the prospect of what was going to begin happening in a very short while. I told them to go to the bedroom, and remain there until I called for them.

I heard a second, and then a third car arrive before the occupants of the first car had even entered the house. Five of my friends were already here, and apparently the last vehicle was just behind them. Under the impression that we were actually having a special afternoon of Texas Hold ‘em, they had all brought more booze and spare cash and were all ready for several hours of betting and bullshitting. They were all single, either divorced or never married, and with the earlier than normal start to one of our poker nights, were all revved up and eager to begin the drinking and playing.

There was Ben, who had arrived in the first car accompanied by Carl and Everett, Jerry and Roger who had come as singles, and then the last car had disgorged passengers Doug, Grant and Kenny. We were all in our very late twenties to early and mid-thirties, we all golfed and played softball together, and I had known a few of them since high school. None of us were stand outs, but none of them were unattractive either. Ben was black, Jerry and Roger were Hispanic and the rest of us were white or mixed of some sorts. Basically, we were a typical gathering of thirty year old weekend athletes.

There was already a lot of smack talk being laid down, and beers being consumed, so I told them all to have a seat at the poker table, and those that didn’t have chairs could just stand and listen to what I had planned.

“Listen, I know you all think we’re here for an afternoon of cards, and yes we are, but there’s more to it than that.”

I looked around at everyone as I spoke, seeing them all eyeing me with puzzlement or confusion. This was somewhat out of the ordinary, as usually when I hosted I would have two tables setup for poker. I had earlier, of course, used the kitchen table to lay out food and booze, putting it out of commission for use as a card table.

“Well, whazzup, bro?” came from the table.

“Before I show you, I need your promise that what happens in Mike’s house, absolutely has to stay at Mike’s house, okay? I need your solemn vow on this and I need it now. If you don’t feel comfortable, that’s cool, but you will need to leave.” This had their rapt attention.

They each agreed, as I had been fairly certain they all would, and started pestering me with questions and comments.

“Phweeeee” I whistled to get their undivided attention.

“Gentlemen, please be quiet. I would like to introduce to this afternoon’s entertainment: Chantelle, Kaylee and Bethany!” I shouted for the girls.

You could have yelled fire, and not a muscle would have twitched. They all sat and stood with jaws aslack as the three teenaged harlots appeared in the hallway from my bedroom. The three were in their sluttiest emo girl make-up, and each looked like a fantasy come to life. You could have heard a pin drop, while the assembled perverts looked over the tits and cunts on display. The three sluts sauntered out to the room and stood there, displaying their bodies in ever increasing suggestiveness.

Suddenly the room was filled with noise; whooping and hollering, wolf whistles, and so many comments and questions that I couldn’t possibly answer them all. I motioned for quiet by waving my arms around and set down the ground rules.

“Gentlemen, this is what I have for your entertainment today, three sluts who will do practically anything you ask. The rules are as such: they will do anything you ask, within reason, of course, but there’s to be no abuse of any sort. If they say no to your request, please respect their wishes, as I will not tolerate any violence towards them. That will get you removed from the premises very quickly. They’re clean, insofar as I know, but if you’re unsure, there’s condoms on the dining room table. As well, there’s an assortment of lubes, and towels and wipes for your convenience.” I paused to let it sink in.

Again, the noise began, while questions and lude remarks were bandied about. Once again I signaled for silence. After the uproar died down, I went over to the girls, and whispered in each of their ears to step forward as I introduced them.

“Let me introduce your entertainment! As you can see, every available hole has been left uncovered. All three of these sluts are willing to do just about anything, and desire you to fuck them in their mouths, cunts and assholes. This is Chantelle” With that, Chantelle stepped forward and struck a pose only seen before in a brothel.

“Chantelle loves, and I mean loves, to suck cock. She would like nothing better than to have each and everyone of you let loose a load or two down her throat. But she also loves a dick in her cunt or ass, so don’t be shy!”

I pushed Kaylee forward. “This is Kaylee, who owns one of the tightest little assholes that I’ve ever had the pleasure to fuck. Fuck her ass, again and again, and she’ll ask for more. But of course, she also loves the taste of cum, and will also happily take a cock in her pussy.” When I mentioned her ass, she promptly spun around and pulled her ass cheeks apart to display the little pink star.

“And finally, this is Bethany, who has the nicest booty on the planet. I only met her today, but I can tell you that she can take a cock in every hole, and loves it.” Bethany had stepped forward, fingering her pussy as I spoke.

“Before we begin the festivities and I clean you all out at poker, there’s something else we’re going to do first.” I hadn’t told the girls about this part; it was going to be a surprise, albeit a nasty one. “I’m going to have each of the sluts pick out one lucky stud each, and suck them off until they cum. The winner gets something to be decided later, but the two losers will suffer the consequences for finishing last. We’ll take them out to the barn and punish them for failing to finish.”

At my pronouncement the three fuck-toys visibly blanched, as they all knew exactly what I meant. The guys were all straining forward, hoping to get picked, and were all shouting encouragement to the girls, trying to be the recipient of a gratis blowjob. The three girls stood there frozen, not sure of what they should do. I got close to the three of them, and in a voice loud enough for the entire group to hear, told them they’d better get moving, because they didn’t Ankara escort want to lose that soon.

Chantelle quickly went and yanked Ben out of his seat and dropped to her knees. He hesitated, and then unzipped his jeans and pulled out his already erect cock. Seeing this, the other two quickly selected their own victims, Kaylee pulling Roger out of the crowd and Bethany hustling Kenny over towards the other two. Within a minute all three were experiencing a fine blowjob and the hands, or should I say mouths, of the three lovely young fellators.

The other guys were all complaining about not getting picked for a blowjob, and I decided to up the stakes for the girls.

“Tell you what, guys,” I said in a voice loud enough to be heard by the girls as well, “whichever girl wins, will get the pleasure of giving blowjobs to the rest of you right after!”

A big cheer went up, and I knew that I was going to be enjoying watching the three sluts try to be the first to finish off their guy. I was anticipating that Chantelle would win, knowing that her favourite activity was sucking cock, and I figured that motivating her with the winner’s prize would prompt her to work even harder to finish first. My announcement had the desired effect, as each girl bent to her task with a flourish. The room was filled with the sounds of sloppy wet cock-sucking, as the five men not picked were offering encouragement to both the suckers and suckees.

“Oh fuck!” were the first words out of Ben.

Chantelle pulled off long enough to say “Cum, okay, cum in my mouth, I want your cum now!”

With that, Ben grabbed Chantelle’s head, forcing her mouth back on his cock, and with a grunt sent a stream of jizz into her mouth. She quickly turned around and showed us the proof of her victory, clear evidence pooled on her tongue that she swirled around and swallowed.

Both Kaylee and Bethany had stopped performing on their chosen guys, crestfallen that they had lost the contest.

“Okay, Chantelle, finish the other two off. That’s your prize!” I told the winner. She looked delighted as she scooted over to Roger and immediately inhaled his rampant cock.

“What about the rest of us?” Carl wanted to know.

“Don’t worry, Carl” I advised him “She can finish off the rest of you out in the barn.”

I told Kaylee and Bethany to start walking to the barn. With their heads low, they acquiesced and exited through the patio doors. I told Chantelle to hurry as she was still blowing Roger; Kenny was patiently waiting his turn.

Chantelle redoubled her efforts on Roger’s cock. Sucking and stroking with almost violent technique, she managed to coax the sperm out of his cock within two minutes. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, showed us her prize, and swallowed the evidence.

I told her to wait; that she could finish the rest of the guys in the barn, starting with Kenny. She jumped up and ran out to catch up to the two girls.

“Holy fuck, Mike, where did you find these hotties?” Ben wanted to know “That’s the best blowjob I’ve ever had.”

“Were you serious about them willing to get fucked however we want?” this from Everett.

“Guys, guys, they really want to be fucked however you want to fuck them, honestly.” I answered. I gave them an abbreviated version of the previous forty-eight hours, leaving out their ages, and all but the highlights.

I could see the worship in their eyes, which was simultaneously gratifying and yet disturbing. I was worried that I had taken the situation too far, that events would spiral out of my control, and yet, my cock was harder than ever at the thought of what awaited in the barn. I grabbed a beer, and led my friends out to into the afternoon for a sight they wouldn’t soon forget.

Chantelle was urging us on from her post at the barndoor, eager to claim the rest of her prizes.

“Hurry up, guys, come on, I still got lots of cum to eat!” she was bouncing up and down in her excitement. I didn’t see the other two until we entered the barn; they were standing near the stool, and Kaylee had already gagged and pinioned Bethany. I complimented her on the quick thinking, and told her to hold out her hands for me to restrain her hands. Chantelle was already giving Kenny her best effort, which was substantial, on his blowjob.

“Mike, how come you’re going to punish us, huh? We weren’t bad or anything.” she was on the verge of tears.

“You know the rule, babe, whatever I say is the rule, and you don’t argue. You better be careful; you don’t want me to use the crop again, do you?”

“Oh god! No, please don’t, I’m sorry.” a lonely teardrop meandered down her cheek. I swiped at it with my finger and assured her it would soon be joined by many more. I gagged her, and whispered in her ear that I wouldn’t go any easier on her because I knew she loved getting spanked.

Bethany had stood stock still this whole time, and I finally turned my attention her way. I stepped up on the stool and hoisted her up to the hook. What a lovely sight, with her long black boots, and nothing else, covering her nakedness. Her ass couldn’t have looked more like something that had to be paddled.

The guys had been quietly conversing amongst themselves, switching their attention between Chantelle’s blowjob and what I was doing with Kaylee and Bethany. I broke their concentration with the announcement that as I punished the girls, Chantelle was going to reward each of them with a blowjob. All five guys who were still waiting their turn sidled over closer to Chantelle, hoping to be next, but still paying rapt attention to what I was doing.

I picked up the crop and Kaylee freaked out. She started screaming into her gag and thrashing around as if she could avoid her fate.I chuckled loudly, and picked up the paddle instead. She calmed down, and I let her have several good cracks across her latex covered ass, which had to have increased the pain factor. She was crying and wiggling as I eventually gave her twenty-five strokes.

Chantelle had already finished blowing Kenny, and had moved onto Doug, rewarding him with the best blowjob he had ever received. He had hold of her head and was thrusting in and out of her mouth with abandon, lost in a sexual frenzy, and she was taking it without flinching. It wasn’t long before he stroked his cock onto her face, hitting her open mouth with about half of his spurts of cum and glazing her face and hair with a nice coating of sperm.

I moved onto Bethany, and spanked her several times with the paddle, turning her ass bright red. She was crying, but she was wiggling about in sexual bliss each time I stroked her ass. Before I had given her all twenty-five lashes, she had an orgasm, right there, hanging from a hook in a barn while she was being Ankara escort bayan paddled. I lay down the paddle and told Chantelle to hurry up, as I wanted to go back to the house and continue our fun and start a poker game.

“I only got one more guy to go, Mike, okay?” she looked up at me, her face covered in cum, dripping from her chin and hair, and her teeth with a coating of the baby batter she had missed swallowing.

“Okay, we’ll wait. Hurry up!”

Of course by this point, the guys were much looser, and feeling more comfortable, watching everybody get blowjobs from a slut they had only met less than an hour before. There was a lot of joshing and teasing, especially Ben’s way, with him being the first, and the fastest to finish.

It only took Chantelle another three or four minutes to finish Grant, who chugged at least a dozen spurts of cum straight into Chantelle’s open mouth, which she swallowed with great flourish.

“Okay, who’s next!?” she asked, to no one in particular. Eight blowjobs in less than forty-five minutes, and she still wanted more.

“That’s enough for now, Chantelle.” I warned her “Let’s get Kaylee and Bethany down, and go back to the house.”

I asked a couple of the guys to help with taking the girls from their respective hooks, and removing their gags and restraints. Kaylee looked up at me with lust and love clearly visible in her eyes which gave me pause; what was I turning into? I wasn’t sure I liked this facet of my personality; that I was becoming some crazed sex junkie, fuelled by the actions of three teenaged sluts. I shook my head clear and left the self-doubts for a moment to tell everybody to return to the house. I could deal with these thoughts later, by myself. Right now, all I wanted to do was sink my rock hard cock into anyone of the three under-aged fuck-toys.

Obviously not having suffered too much while being punished, Kaylee and Bethany took off for the house like a shot, catching up to Chantelle before she got to the patio doors. They were excitedly chattering amongst themselves, impatiently waiting in the sunroom by the time all the guys made it back inside.

Before we were even all in back in the house, Chantelle, her face still covered in man gravy, dropped to her knees and in a most wanton voice asked “Who’s next? I want more jizz, please.”

“Don’t be greedy, Chantelle,” I admonished her “give Bethany and Kaylee a chance!”

I needn’t have said anything. Bethany was already fondling a cock, and Kaylee had moved over to the ottoman, ready to be sodomised by Ben. It didn’t take long for Chantelle to get a cock in her mouth, as Kenny was face fucking her with gusto. I looked around and realized that some of the guys would probably start playing poker, so I asked if anybody was interested and we moved over to the card table to start some half-serious gaming.

“If you guys need a time out for some fun, we’ll just hold your spot open for you until you return.” I adivised the table.

Right then, Kaylee yelled for somebody to stuff her mouth with cock while her ass was getting fucked by Ben. Everett volunteered immediately, dropped his cash on the table and went over and complied with Kaylee’s request.

Apparently the initial shyness on the part of the guys had evaporated completely. Kenny had used Chantelle as a fluffer only, as he had moved onto Bethany, nailing her rectum as she kneeled on a couch. Chantelle wasn’t left alone for long, of course, as soon as her mouth was vacated by Kenny, Doug took his place. All three girls were being used, and it didn’t take long for Roger to make use of Bethany’s unoccupied mouth.

I figured the cards were now an afterthought as all the guys were looking for an available hole. It seemed as though as soon as somebody had cum, they were replaced by the next willing participant. Within twenty minutes both Bethany and Kaylee had been DP’d, and Chantelle was on her umpteenth cock in her mouth.

Finally, I saw my chance, as soon as Bethany was between cocks, I jumped into the fray and buried my dick into her anal cavity. She didn’t even flinch, just turned around to see who was using her asshole, and resumed thrusting against my cock.

It had become an orgy of orgying.

Finally, we went over the top. Chantelle was kneeling over somebody, with a cock in her pussy and Jerry behind fucking her ass, and Grant stuffing her face full of his dick. It truly stopped me in my tracks, watching this fourteen year old sex addict get stuffed every possible way.

I resumed what I was doing in Bethany’s ass, while Ben came over and pushed his semi-soft manhood into her mouth. We began to push in with the same rhythym, until my orgasm approached. When I knew I was close, I pulled out of Bethnay and looked for Kaylee. She was kneeling on the carpet, getting her pussy hammered doggy-style, so I went over and unloaded all over her pretty face. I must have fired a dozen or so shots of sex-glaze all over her head. It was dripping off her hair and chin and she looked as if she had won a lottery.

Eventually, our thirty-something bodies betrayed us, and within less than three hours, we were all finished. Even the girls looked exhausted, all covered with cum, oozing sperm out of all of their crevices; the entire house smelled of sex.

“Listen guys, thanks for “cumming” to our little house party,” I finally managed “But I have to get the girls home and clean up and I know it’s early, but if you wouldn’t mind clearing out, I promise we’ll have a poker night next week.”

There was some groaning at my announcement, and even a few complaints and guarantees that they could get it up one more time, but i wanted them out. I started picking up beer bottles and glasses, and even the lingerers got the message and finally, they had all cleared out.

“Well?” I directed my question to the room “Did you all have fun?”

“Oh god, that was so hot!” Chantelle declared “I must have swallowed a dozen loads at least!”

“My ass is sore, really sore, but in a good way,” Kaylee interjected her opinion “but I could do that all over again!”

“I never seen that many dicks!” Bethany exclaimed, to much derision from her slut-mates “No really, not all at the same time, anyways.”

Bethany wanted to know from Chantelle what it felt like to have all three holes filled at the same time.

“OH. MY. GOD!” she blurted out “You gotta try it. I felt all full, and incredibly sexy all at the same time. They made me cum like so many times I lost count.”

All this talk was making my cock stir slightly. Kaylee noticed and told the others.

“Look, Mike’s getting a hard-on! Maybe he wants to do us again!”

“Nah, I don’t think so girls.” I laughed.

I was tired, and although Escort Ankara I had restricted my sex somewhat more than yesterday’s activities, I didn’t think they could get me hard again. Then inspiration struck, prompted by the discussion about multiple penetrations.

“If you can get me hard again, we’ll stuff Bethany in every hole so she can attempt the experience. If Kaylee wears the strap-on, she can suck that, she can kneel over me to get her ass fucked, and Chantelle can fuck her pussy with a vibrator. How about it?”

Bethany answered in the affirmative, but with some trepidation. Kaylee tried to ease her fear, and Chantelle went immediately to retrieve the strap-on and vibrator. As soon as she returned, she plopped down beside me on the floor and started sucking on my flaccid penis. With the tought of what we were about to do running through my thoughts, I got hard enough to fuck.

I pushed Chantelle off, and beckoned the other two over to me. Chantelle helped Kaylee get the faux penis tied on, and Bethany crouched over top my now erect cock, and slowly pushed her anus all the way up her rectum. Once she had the entire length inside her, Kaylee stepped up and presented Bethany with the cock she was going to suck. I exlained to her to go slow so we could find a rhythym, and once we got into sync, I told Chantelle to start easing the vibrator into her cunt.

“Oh fuck Yes!” Bethany cried out “Oh, it’s fucking awesome!”

“I told you!” Kaylee murmured, obviously getting the most out of the clit tickler attqched to the strap-on.

We would lose the rhythym every once in a while, and would have to start slowly until we found our groove. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to manage another shot of baby batter for them, but Bethany was enjoying the three way stuffing, so I soldiered on.

Eventually, the depravity of what I was doing with three fourteen year old sex-crazed fuck-toys got the better of me, and I warned them I was close.

“Cool!” Chantelle offered, “why don’t you shoot it all over all of our faces?”

“That’s fucking hot!” Kaylee shouted.

I pushed Bethany off of my cock and told the three of them to kneel in front of me and I would try to blast all of their faces with my love juice.

I looked down at the their sexy faces as I stroked my cock, their tongues sticking out waiting for their reward, and I came. Hard. Harder than I had ever cum before, and I shot several large blasts of sperm all over them. I tried to aim for the open mouths, and made several shots before I dropped to the floor, totally wiped out. I couldn’t have escaped from a tortoise at this point.

They were giggling and laughing, and I raised my head, to see what the commotion was all about, to see Chantelle with sperm running out of her nose, and the other two having fits about it.

“Alright, I need to get you home, no arguments, okay” I declared. Theywere trying to argue, but I put a quick stop to it.

“How long before your parents start wondering why you haven’t called or returned home? Don’t you think that your mom is going to call Bethany’s mom soon?” I directed at Kaylee “And I bet it’s not too long before Bethany’s mom begins to get concerned as well.”

“What about me, Mike?” Chantelle wanted to know “You’re not going to drop me off at home, are you?”

“Well, didn’t you say your mom’s coming home tomorrow? Won’t she be expecting to pick you up at your dad’s apartment?” I answered her question with my own.

“Awwww, that’s not fair!”

“Chantelle, if you ever want to come and visit me in the future, it’ll be a lot easier if I’m not in jail for statuatory rape, so you need to go to your dad’s. I want you all to get cleaned up, and get your stories straight so there’s no any problems with your parents, and then we’re leaving.”

Chantelle, and especially Kaylee, looked close to tears.

“Listen, I mean it, you can visit me again, I would love to have you here again, but we really need to get you home.” I was starting to feel some dread at the prospect, but decided to force the issue “I don’t want to use the riding crop again, okay?”

My last sentence achieved the desired result, as the three of them sprung into action. Within an hour, they had showered, dressed and applied their normal make-up. Meanwhile, I had washed myself, put on fresh clothes, and started to tidy the house. The rest would have to wait, as I wanted to get them home, and return home while there was still daylight. Although summer had only been underway for a short while, I preferred to finish cleaning up tonight, rather than waiting until morning.

We made the trek back into the city, and while passing the sex shop where Chantelle and Kaylee had given me my gloryhole experience, they noticed it, and told Bethany the entire story. They had gotten over their initail reluctance to return home, and sounded much like typical teenaged girls with an entire summer holiday stretching out before them.

We arrived at Bethany’s house, and she kissed the other two before slamming the car door, and virtually skipped to her house. As soon as she was inside, we headed over to Kaylee’s house.

Once we arrived, the tears started between the two remaining girls, and I had to speak sharply to Kaylee to get her to go. As soon as she was safely ensconsed in her apartment buildiong foyer, I drove away. Chantelle stopped me as soon as we had turned the corner, and wanted into the front seat. She was strapped in her seatbelt, when she leaned over and asked me if a blowjob would change my mind.

I laughed, and told her no; that it would have to wait until we could get together again.

As we drew closer to her father’s apartment block, my feeling of dread returned, and I was suddenly afraid for the future. The nearer we got, the more intense my sense of foreboding became. By the time I stopped to let Chantelle out of the car, my knuckles were gripping the steering wheel so tight that I had no feeling in my fingertips.

Chantelle leaned over and gave me a kiss, and told me she loved me, and wished that I was her father. With that said, she jumped out of the car and ran into the apartment building.

I couldn’t shake the sense of doom; the eerie feeling that had enveloped me, and had caused me to start sweating and shaking.

I put the car in gear, just as a taxi pulled up behind me, and pulled away from the curb, into the evening, to return home to my empty house, and even worse, my empty life.

By now, I was in the throes of this feeling of dread, and the sense of foreboding overtook me so strongly that I had to pull over and rest.

What was it? There was something, just beyond the reach of my rational thoughts, torturing me, like a little red hot poker being slammed into my head, over and over again.

I finally shook it off, and drove off into the sunset, hoping that my life was returning to normal, or so I thought…

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