Dirty Movies: Country Music Stars (with Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, and Jewel)


There are three kinds of secrets in Hollywood: the kind that the tabloids and the media know about, the kind that directors, producers, and agents know about, and the kind that only the celebrities themselves know about. Dirty Movies is one of the third kind. Spreading only through word of mouth from actress to actress, starlet to starlet, Dirty Movies is a production company founded solely for one reason: so that the gorgeous young ladies who graced screens and made hit singles could act out their nastiest, raunchiest sexual fantasies on film for their own private collections, to be shared only on the drunkest of nights with others also “in the know”. No one quite knows the full story of how Dirty Movies came into being, nor how their logistics works in terms of fulfilling every one of their client’s personal fantasies, but they manage to provide for everyone, and no one has ever been disappointed by their service.

Today, Dirty Movies takes a look at the country music industry, and how some of its veteran performers treat the young upstarts in the business…


Somewhere in the remote countryside lies a privately owned farmstead that spans out about 200 acres and is surrounded by sturdy fencing. The vast stretch of green is broken only by a wide dirt path that turns off from the interstate a few miles away and serves as the only way in and out of the farmstead.

A blue pickup truck drives up the dirt road, bouncing on the rough, worn ground as it passes through the gate onto the property. The truck bed is covered by a large tarp, concealing its contents. The driver honks once as it passes by, and the person sitting in the passenger seat waves briefly.

The truck continues on towards a large two-story farmhouse, which looks very modern and well kept. Nearby the farmhouse is a horse stable, with an enclosed area of ground in front of it to serve as a pen.

Pulling to a halt in front of the house, the driver parks it and shuts the engine off. The driver’s side door opens, and she steps out.

“Shania Twain.”

The Canadian country star looks over and smiles, shutting the truck door behind her. She’s dressed in a short-sleeved plaid shirt with the two top and bottom buttons undone (leaving only one strained button to contain her large tits), tight form-fitting blue jeans that hug her hips and ass, and brown leather boots.

“Hot enough for you?” she asks in greeting.

“Looks like it.”

“I was talking about the weather,” Shania corrects, though with an impish sparkle in her eyes.

“So was I.”

She laughs, her long brown hair blowing slightly in the breeze.

The passenger door opens and shuts after a moment, and footsteps in the dirt are heard as someone comes around the front end of the truck. “Hello!” Jewel’s greeting is as bright as her smile, the blonde folk and country singer dressed in a powder blue tank top (and clearly not wearing a bra, as her nipples poke through the fabric), cut-off denim shorts and black leather boots that come up to mid-calf.

“Nice to meet you, Jewel.”

“Same here!” Jewel responds gaily. “I’ve heard a lot about you and your…productions.”

“From Ms. Twain here, I take it.”

The two women exchange a sly glance and laugh. “Let’s just say she was there to help me get…comfortable with the idea.” Jewel says coyly

“There were others involved,” Shania adds. “Men…and women.”

“And toys.”

“And ice cream.”

“And handcuffs.”

“And a whip.”

“Okay, I get the picture.” Both women crack up. “So I’m guessing you two are ready to get started.”

“You think?” Jewel replies with a little laugh, her hands coming up to cup her own sizable breasts, jiggling them a bit.

“What do you say, Shania?”

In response, the brunette MILF pulls her shirt open, openly flashing her tits with a sunny grin.

“Let’s do this, then.” The two women walk over to the truck bed, where something shifts and moves underneath the tarp. “I have to say, I’m surprised you got the two of them to do this.”

“Actually, both of them pretty much agreed on the spot when they found out the other would be involved,” Shania says, undoing the knots of rope holding the tarp down. The hardest part was getting them here like this.”

So saying, she and Jewel pull off the tarp to reveal Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, both stark naked and on all fours, their bodies covered with a thin sheen of sweat from the heat underneath the tarp. The girls have ball gags in their mouths and collars around their necks, and two butt plugs stick out of their asses.

Both blondes blink at the sudden brightness and Carrie starts getting to her feet. “No!” Jewel says sharply, reaching over and giving her a smack on the ass. Carrie lets out a muffled yelp and withdraws back on her hands and knees. “Bad Carrie! No getting up unless we say!” Making a noise of apology, Carrie bows her head slightly in submission, while Taylor stares straight ahead, waiting patiently.

Shania fiddles with the back panel of the truck bed, unlatching one side before unfolding and extending it, creating a small ramp to the ground. Reaching into the truck bed, she pulls out two leashes and attaches one to each girl’s collar.

“Come on, Taylor,” Shania says, tugging on her leash, and the 22-year-old crawls forward and down the ramp onto the dirt. “That’s a good girl,” Shania coos, crouching down beside her and reaching under to grope Taylor’s right breast. Taylor sighs in pleasure at the touch, her eyes fluttering.

“Let’s go, Carrie,” Jewel orders, and Carrie starts moving forward slowly. “C’mon, faster.” Still Carrie continues to take her time, now starting to come down the ramp. “Move your ass!” Jewel snaps, yanking on Carrie’s leash. This causes her to lose her balance and Carrie tumbles down the rest of the way, landing on her back in the dirt.

“Now look what you’ve done to yourself!” Jewel scolds, squatting down beside Carrie. The younger blonde’s hair is mussed, her body is streaked with dirt, and she looks slightly dazed from her fall. “You’ve gotten yourself all dirty!” Jewel begins slapping at Carrie’s body, paying special attention to her tits as she tries “brushing” the dirt off of her. Carrie squirms under Jewel’s rough administrations, her body tingling from the stinging smacks she’s getting.

“Looks like she’s gonna need a bath,” Shania comments, now massaging both of Taylor’s tits in her hands. Taylor’s moans are muffled through the ball gag, her back arching downward slightly.

“Guess so,” Jewel agrees. “You hear that, pretty bitch? We’re gonna give you a bath ‘cause you got soooo dirty.” With that she raises her hand and delivers a sharp slap onto Carrie’s clit, eliciting a squeal as Carrie instinctively tries to curl her legs up and over in an attempt to shield herself. “Nuh-uh, no one said you could do that.” Jewel grabs her legs and pulls them down again, spreading them open. Carrie lets out a muffled whimper, a look of trepidation on her face.

“Relax,” Jewel says in a soothing tone. “I’m not gonna do anything bad.” She leans down and gives Carrie’s pussy a long, slow lick. The anxiety on her face changes to a look of delight as Jewel continues to eat her cunt, licking up and down her labia while occasionally dipping her tongue into her slick inner folds. Wiggling her hips, Carrie closes her eyes, losing herself in the sensation of her approaching climax. Almost there…almost…

Moments before she’s about to cum, Jewel’s tongue ceases its heavenly administrations, and Carrie makes a plaintive noise, her eyes still closed, her head lost in a fog of arousal. Jewel’s voice cuts through suddenly. “Time for your bath, Carrie.”

Carrie’s eyes pop open just in time to see Jewel standing over her, a devilish grin on her face as she aims the shiny nozzle of a hose at her and squeezes the pump. A jet of shockingly cold water hits her body, and Carrie shrieks through the gag, reacting as though she’s being electrocuted. As the cold water hoses over her Carrie rolls over onto her hands and knees and attempts to crawl away quickly to avoid the spray.

“No! Bad Carrie! Stay!” Jewel shouts, keeping the hose on her as Carrie continues trying to escape. “Taylor!”

Carrie suddenly finds herself in a half-tackle, the 22-year-old throwing her naked body against her own, and both of them topple over onto the ground. Taylor locks both of Carrie’s wrists behind her back in a tight grip and hauls her up onto her knees, arching her back so Carrie’s tits are thrust out.

Seeing the perfect target, Jewel adjusts her aim of the hose, and Carrie cries out again, struggling vainly as the cold water sluices over her tits and stomach, running down her legs and dripping from her clit onto the ground. Taylor nuzzles the back of her neck, keeping Carrie in place by her hands.

Then Taylor begins squealing as well as a second blast of chilly water hits her in the back, this one directed by Shania, who has removed her top completely and unbuttoned the front of her jeans, showing off the top of her pubic mound as she hoses Taylor down from behind. Unthinkingly, Taylor releases Carrie and twists around, trying to shield herself from Shania’s ambush.

Seizing the moment, Carrie lunges at Taylor and the two wrestle in the dirt, curses and squeals exchanged between them. The ground beneath them is quickly becoming mud and sticking to their soaked bodies. Shania and Jewel keep their hoses on them, spraying both of them liberally.

“Look at these bitches,” Jewel says, her voice throaty with lust. One of her hands holds the hose steady while the other digs in her shorts, fingering her steaming twat. “These cunts are Grammy winners, for fuck’s sake—and now they’re tangling in the mud like animals.”

“It’s fucking sexy,” Shania agrees. “What do you say we up the ante?”

“Let’s,” Jewel nods, and both women shut off the hoses. They strip off the rest of their clothing and walk over to the two mud-covered girls, who continue struggling with each other obliviously. Carrie straddles Taylor’s stomach, squeezing the 22-year-old’s tits in her hands, while the squirming younger blonde yanks on Carrie’s hair with one hand and spanks her ass hard with the Ankara escort other. Shania and Jewel grab the girls by their collars and separate them, dragging their twats and asses through the mud in doing so.

“Stop it!” Shania orders loudly, and the two girls comply instantly, staring daggers at each other. She undoes Taylor’s gag and pulls it out of her mouth, while Jewel does the same for Carrie. “You’re completely filthy, the both of you. What do you two have to say for yourselves?”

“I’m sorry.” Taylor says, her eyes cast downward in deference.

“Me too,” Carrie chimes in, responding similarly.

“Good,” Shania nods. “Now how do you think you should be punished?”

The girls’ eyes widen, and immediately two different voices of protest fill the air.

“Don’t punish me! Punish her! She’s the one who started it!”

“Did not! You’re the one who tackled me!”

“YOU tackled me FIRST, you bitch!”

“Who’re you calling a bitch, you skank?”

“Skank?! Why, I oughtta—!”

“Enough!” Shania cuts in forcefully. “I don’t care who started it, but WE—” She gestures to Jewel and herself, a wickedly perverse gleam in her eye. “—are going to finish it.”

With that, the two women lead the muddy girls on all fours into the horse pen, where a long trough sits by the fence. Two steel faucets frame one side of the trough, their pipes stemming from the ground. Shania and Jewel position each girl in front of one faucet, looping the girls’ leashes around a fencepost so that their upper bodies hang over the trough.

“You two are going to clean yourselves,” Shania says, reaching into the trough and pulling out two large sponges. She hands one to each girl. “Jewel and I have plans for you filthy pigs, so you need to look decent.”

“I think I can help with that,” Jewel chimes in, bending over the trough as she reaches for something behind it. Carrie and Taylor’s mouths drop open as Jewel reveals two large black strap-ons, their shafts bulbous and veiny. Jewel gives one to Shania and the two women put them on.

“We’re going to fuck your tight asses with these cocks,” she continues, a little growl of lust in her throat as she strokes her strap-on with one hand. “Think of it as an incentive and a punishment. Whoever gets clean last has to suck the ass juices off of both these shafts.”

Before either girl can say anything, Shania and Jewel reach down and yank out their butt plugs, causing them to yelp. The two MILFs raise the soiled sex toys to their lips and start cleaning them off, getting a good taste of one of the girls’ assholes before trading off for the other.

“Mmm,” Shania murmurs, savoring the taste on her tongue. “I hope Taylor wins, her ass tastes fucking incredible.”

“I don’t think so,” Jewel replies, licking one of the butt plugs like a lollipop. “Carrie’s ass has a better flavor, almost like a spicy zest to it.”

Both women share a laugh as they position themselves behind the girls, with Jewel behind Carrie and Shania behind Taylor. Squatting slightly to place the tips of their strap-on dildos against the girls’ assholes, which gape open slightly from the butt plugs. The two women glance at each other and, with a grin and an unspoken prompt, lunge forward to sink in the thick plastic shafts into Taylor and Carrie’s bowels. The two young blondes let out identical shrieks as their assholes are speared, and Shania and Jewel clasp their muddy hips and start sodomizing them energetically.

“Wash yourselves, whores!” Shania barks. Taylor and Carrie comply immediately, turning the faucets on and soaking their sponges in water before beginning to scrub the mud from their bodies. The feeling of the fake cocks pistoning in and out of their assholes sends hot waves of pleasure through them, and they moan as their cunts throb with arousal.

“Guess I was wrong,” Jewel pants, her big tits heaving and jiggling as she pounds rhythmically into Carrie. “These bitches don’t have tight asses at all. Look, she’s taking most of my dick in her shithole after only a minute.”

“Taylor is, too,” Shania grunts, sweat dripping from her body. “It feels like she’s taken a lot of cock up here before.” She gives Taylor a slap on the ass for emphasis. “Is that true, slut? You’re just a little anal whore under all that innocence, right?”

“Ye-yes,” Taylor manages to reply, teeth chattering slightly as she washes mud off her tits. The water from the faucet is as cold as it was from the hose, and her nipples stand up hard against the soft, soaking sponge. “I-I’m a bu-buttfucking bitch. A total whore for cocks up my-up my ass.”

“Who fucks you?” Shania asks, moving one of her hands down to push two fingers into the 22-year-old’s cunt. “Who gets to climb inside this sexy ass of yours? Your band?”

“My band,” Taylor gasps, her arousal building. “My manager, the record company people, the recording studio guys—I let them all fuck my ass raw.”

“And how does it feel?” Shania continues, her voice getting lower as she continues pumping Taylor’s cunt and ass simultaneously. “How does it feel, knowing that all these people use your ass to stick their cocks and fingers and God knows what else? Knowing that all your hundreds of fans who come to see you live on stage can see your ass—but none of them know what a dirty little butt slut you are.”

Taylor moans, her head spinning. Over half her body is still covered in mud, and she tries to keep focused on cleaning it off, but Shania’s rampant fucking of her holes and wild dirty talk spur on her approaching climax. Next to her, Carrie can see the younger blonde’s predicament and uses it to her advantage, trying to get clean as fast as she can. Behind her Jewel continues to pound and out of her ass, but not quite as forcefully as before, her attention more focused on Taylor’s predicament. Carrie’s cunt throbs with the approach of her own climax, but being more experienced she holds back from giving into it. Scrubbing the last of the mud off her front, she ducks her head under the stream of cold water, running her fingers through her blonde locks to clean them out.

“What if they did know?” Shania purrs, now using her other hand to grope Taylor’s tits. “What if all your precious fans knew you’d give your asshole to them if they asked? What if they showed you, right in the middle of performing, a bunch of them lining up and fucking your shithole numb in front of everybody? Maybe you could write a song about it. It could be your next Grammy winner: ‘Sodomizing Swifty.’ What do you think of that, huh? What do you think of that, you SLUT?”

As she says this she gives the 22-year-old’s clit a pull while twisting her nipple at the same time. Taylor’s response is an inarticulate scream of pleasure, the sponge dropping onto the ground forgotten as her orgasm slams into her with the force of a hurricane. Her body quakes, her back arching and undulating with her breath coming in hitched gasps for air as Taylor loses herself in an overwhelming climax. Her hands scrabble in the dirt uncontrollably as she feels her cunt spasm and spurt out its juices on the ground below her. Seeing this, Carrie soaks her own sponge in the water once more and hastily scrubs mud from her legs, cleaning off the remainder of her body.

Finally, Taylor’s orgasm gradually winds down, and she regains her senses just in time to see Carrie finishing up. “Oh…oh, no!” she cries out, the extremely satisfied expression on her face changing to dismay.

“I did it!” Carrie shouts in triumph, throwing her sodden, filthy sponge back into the trough, which is more than half full of muddy water.

“You certainly did, slut,” Jewel says, pulling her strap-on out of the blonde’s ass with a wet pop and giving it one final slap for emphasis. Carrie breathes a sigh of relief as the older singer goes to stand in front of Taylor, whose body is still covered in mud from the waist down. Shania pulls out of her ass and moves around also, the two dominant MILFs pointing their soiled strap-ons at Taylor’s lips. “Now clean us off, bitch!” Jewel commands her.

Taylor looks from one to the other, her eyes pleading. “But I…I–”

“You knew the rules,” Shania says firmly. “You still look like a pig that’s been wallowing in his sty, so you might as well act like one. Now suck off these ass-flavored cocks!”

Seeing no other option, Taylor opens her mouth and Shania thrusts her hips forward, pushing her plastic shaft as far as it can go. The full flavor of her own bowels overtakes the 22-year-old’s taste buds, but she continues to clean it off as best as she can. Taylor had done ass-to-mouth before plenty of times, but it seemed like Shania had gone deeper into her asshole than anyone else had before.

“Look at me, Tay,” Shania says softly, one handing gently cupping her cheek. Taylor looks up, her hazel eyes expressing a look of obedience that is somehow both innocent and lustful at the same time. “You look so beautiful right now,” Shania tells her. “Right here, on your knees sucking a fat cock—you’ve never looked more amazing.”

Her loving words make Taylor blush slightly, and her oral administrations slow down, becoming a little more sensual as she cleans off the underside of the strap-on by licking it up and down with her tongue, never breaking eye contact with the brunette singer.

The tender moment is broken by Jewel, who practically pulls Shania’s fake cock from Taylor’s mouth. “Enough of the sappy shit,” she snaps. “It’s my turn now.” She takes Shania’s place and shoves her own filthy strap-on into Taylor’s mouth, pushing it all the way towards her throat. Grasping the younger blonde’s head in her hands, she starts pumping her hips back and forth, essentially skull-fucking Taylor. The taste of Carrie’s ass is totally different from her own and, combined with the repeated attempts of invasion into her gullet by Jewel, causes Taylor to choke and gag, long streamers of spit running across the fake shaft and out past her lips down her chin.

“You know what’s really beautiful?” Jewel says in a half-snarl. “Mouth-fucking your pretty little face, just like this. You let all those fuckers use your ass as a cum dump? I bet your mouth is just a cock rag to them, something to clean their dicks with after tearing Ankara escort bayan your shithole apart.”

“How many dykes have you had up there, hmm?” she continues. “I saw the way you came from Shania’s ass pounding, it looked like you were having a fucking seizure. Do you like being fucked by bitches more, is that it? Are you just a big lezzie slut under all that cock you take? Answer me!” Taylor’s only responses are wet sucking gasps and gags as Jewel continues pumping at her throat.

“Yeah, choke that queer cunt with your cock!” Carrie yells out, sitting back on her haunches, her fingers sliding in and out of her twat as she watches.

Her outburst proves to be a mistake, as Shania rounds on her, all tenderness gone from her face and voice. “Did we say you could talk? AND you’re fingering yourself without our permission? Bad, naughty Carrie!” She grabs Carrie’s wet hair and yanks the squealing blonde forward until her head is over the trough. Shania squats down beside her and uses three fingers to shove up Carrie’s ass, which is still gaping open from her assfucking. As Carrie reacts to the anal invasion Shania dunks her head into the muddy water.

“You don’t talk until we tell you!” Shania says in a loud voice, roughly thrusting her fingers in and out of Carrie’s ass. Arms flailing, Carrie tries to pull her head out of the cold dirty water, but Shania holds her firmly in place, continuing to speak over the sounds of gurgling and splashing. “You don’t move until we tell you! You don’t cum until we MAKE you, and when you do you thank us for the privilege! Is that understood?”

Shania pulls Carrie’s head out of the trough. The blonde singer is soaking with filthy water from her neck up, with much of it matting her hair to her scalp and more of it running down her body. Spitting out water and gasping, Carrie manages to utter “Wha-what—?”

Making a ‘tsk’ noise, Shania dunks her back in, now adding a fourth finger to Carrie’s ass. “I said, is that understood?”

Pulling Carrie out again, the drenched singer’s mind is torn from both the cold water soaking her head and the boiling heat of her oncoming orgasm, which can no longer hold back. “Please, Shania, I…I—”

Her words are cut off as Shania submerges her head a third time, the brunette’s fingers pistoning in and out of Carrie’s ass. Shania curls her thumb inwards, trying to get it inside as well. “Is. That. Under. Stood.” She punctuates each word with a hard thrust of her fingers before pulling Carrie’s head up.

“Yes! Yes, I understand! I’m sorry!” Carrie shouts, desperate lust tinging her voice.

“Good.” With that Shania draws her fingers almost all the way out of her ass before ramming them back in one final time, this time adding her thumb so she fists Carrie’s ass. Carrie arches her back, her tits thrusting outwards as she shrieks out the climax ripping through her system. Her body jerks and shudders, her asshole clenching tight around Shania’s fingers, and her cunt lets loose with a spray of juice that covers the ground in front of her. Shania continues to push her fingers forward, driving Carrie’s orgasmic state even higher as she can feel the digits pushing against the inner walls of her bowels and making her cunt spasm.

Slowly Carrie returns to Earth, her body relaxing, and Shania pulls her fingers free of the blonde’s ass and sucks them clean. “Th-thank you, Mistress,” Carrie says, sweating and out of breath. This causes Shania to laugh. “‘Shania’ is fine, but I like the way you think,” she replies.

She looks over to Jewel, who has discarded her strap-on and made Taylor lie on her back on the ground before sitting on the 22-year-old’s face, her asshole directly on top of he younger blonde’s mouth. Jewel plays with Taylor’s tits lazily, a relaxed smile on her face as she feels Taylor’s tongue lapping at her anal ring, with shivers of pleasure coursing through her as it slips into her body.

“How does she feel?” Shania asks with a knowing grin.

“Fucking amazing,” Jewel replies. “Her tongue is incredible, it’s getting in deeper than I thought. Part of me just wants to take her home and use her mouth like this all the time: watching TV, recording in the studio, eating dinner…hell, maybe even for taking a dump.” This draws a muffled noise from Taylor, and Jewel laughs. “I guess she doesn’t like that idea.”

“I think these two have been good little fuck-pets,” Shania says, rubbing Carrie’s back gently as Carrie continues to recover from her intense climax. Her asshole feels like its been split wide open (which it has, still gaping from the fist she took) and briefly she wonders if it’ll ever close back up. “What do you say we treat them to something?”

“What did you have in mind?”

Shania nods her head towards the horse stable. “In there. I’ve got…a few things for these two sluts.”

Somewhat reluctantly, Jewel raises herself off of Taylor’s mouth and stands up, as does Shania. Taking the leashes, the two MILFs lead Taylor and Carrie to the horse stable, the girls’ hearts beating fast with nervousness and anticipation as to what could be in store for them.

Inside the stable are eight men sitting around on stools or on the straw-covered floor, all of them naked and with thick, hard cocks between their legs. They stand as the Shania and Jewel enter, leading the two fuck-pets. Shania and Jewel detach the leashes. “All right, guys, we’ve got two prime pieces of ass to stick your dickmeats into,” Shania says to the men. “Have fun with them—and make sure they cum with your cocks in one of their holes.”

She and Jewel step back as the men surround the girls, crouching down and groping their tits and cunts. One of them gets his cock in Carrie’s mouth and she begins sucking on it, her tongue lapping the veiny underside of his shaft. Another man kneels behind her and starts tonguing her ass, licking up and down her crack before digging into her bunghole. The wet tongue sliding up her abused backside feels good, and Carrie arches her back downward instinctively, sticking her ass out further to get the guy’s tongue in deeper.

Next to her Taylor is sucking on two cocks, alternating between each one as both men try to get their dicks as deep in her mouth as they can. A third man is getting jerked off expertly with both hands while a fourth kneels behind her and positions his cock at the entrance to her cunt. He fucks in slowly, relishing the sensation. “Goddamn, her pussy’s tight!” he says. “Her asshole may be a fucking train wreck from all the dick she’s taken up it, but her cunt’s wrapping around my cock like a glove!”

Taylor moans in delight at the feeling of her pussy getting pumped with steely cock, the guy fucking deeper into her body with each thrust. Though she wasn’t a virgin by any means she normally didn’t take many men up her quim, in the hopes that it would retain much of its snugness on the occasions when it was filled, thus add to the pleasurable sensations she’d get. This was much better than having a loose-lipped, worn-out cunt that would have required baseball bats to get off. Taylor can feel her arousal building, her clit throbbing for release as the guy fucks her at a steady pace.

Meanwhile the man Carrie has been blowing changes positions, now lying on his back on the ground. Carrie straddles his hips and poises her twat over his cock, sinking down upon it with a look of bliss. He reaches up and plays with her tits, rolling her nipples with his thumbs as she starts riding him, bouncing up and down his cock. Two guys stand near her head, one on either side of her, and she leans over to take one cock in her mouth, her hands stroking the other’s shaft and cupping his balls.

Shania and Jewel sit back on their stools and watch the show intently, both women fingering themselves. Jewel is leaking a steady stream of cunt juice over her fingers, and they make a wet, sloppy noise as she pulls them out of her gash. Absently sticking them in her mouth and sucking on them for a minute, she says to her companion. “Damn, this is hot.”

Shania nods mutely, watching as the guy cunt-fucking Taylor pulls out with a audible pop and thrusts into her ass in the same motion. Pumping in and out for a few moments he withdraws and replaces his cock back in Taylor’s cunt, fucking it again for a bit before starting the cycle over.

“Think we should join in?” she asks.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Jewel replies with a smile. She stands up and walks over to the small group surrounding Taylor. Choosing the man not being orally or anally serviced by the 22-year-old, she places her hand on his shoulder and turns him around, leaning in to kiss him passionately. The two of them make out heavily for a minute, his hands cupping her ass while hers jack his dick. Breaking the kiss with a hungry look in her eyes, Jewel makes him back up against the wall, her hands still wrapped around his shaft. Removing her hands to place on the wall for balance she raises her leg in the air, spreading her pussy lips open as she does so, and he holds it up with one hand without prompt. Raising her hips slightly up, Jewel positions her soaking cunt at the tip of his cock before moving forward and letting the first few inches slide into her body. The man gets his other arm around her waist and pulls her down even further onto his dick, and both of them moan in pleasure.

Now securely mounted on his cock, she releases the wall and holds onto his neck. He does the rest, letting go of her leg to wrap both around her waist to lift and lower her up and down his shaft. Jewel starts kissing him again, pushing her tongue into his mouth eagerly, her body held off the ground only by his strong arms and his manhood.

Shania, meanwhile, lies down on the ground with legs spread wide. The man not currently getting pleasured by Carrie kneels between them and spears the woman’s cunt with one push. He fucks her in earnest, her experienced twat taking him deep within a few minutes, and soon his balls are slapping against her labia.

Taylor’s sodomizer buries himself in her ass and grips her by the waist, with the blonde singer squealing as he pulls her over and on top of him as he lies back on the ground. Her legs are wide open, showing off her glistening twat and Escort Ankara her well-used asshole alternatively engulfing and disgorging the thick shaft. One of the men she’d been blowing sees his opportunity and moves in, getting between her legs and placing his cock at her labia before pushing in steadily. Although Taylor has done double penetration before (and only a few times at that) the sight of two cocks invading both of her holes combined with feeling both shafts through the thin membrane separating them always sends her mind into overdrive.

“Oh fuck—FUCK!” she screams as her climax touches down with the force of a bomb. Her skin flushes red, her toes curl, and her body shakes as her orgasm rips through her. Both her asshole and cunt spasm and clench around the organs pumping into them, sending bolts of pleasure through the men. The man in her ass holds back his own climax for dear life, not wanting to come just yet. The other man can’t help it; her twat practically grips his cock so he can’t move, and seeing the pretty, innocent-looking teenage superstar act like a total whore and cumming from his dick drives him over the edge also.

“Aahhh, Jesus!” he moans, his heart pounding in his ears as he feels his load of hot semen boil over from his balls and blast through his shaft into Taylor’s warm, welcoming cunt. The spurts are fitful, but each one feels like he’s shooting a bucketful of jism into her.

Carrie has bent forward, taking another cock up her ass to fuck alongside the one in her cunt in a double penetration of her own. She goes one step further than Taylor, however, greedily sucking on a third cock in her mouth, her squeals of pleasure muffled around the meat. After a few minutes the men in her ass and mouth switch ends, and Carrie eagerly takes the ass-flavored dick on her tongue, swirling it around the shaft before capturing it between her lips.

The man Taylor’s blowing pulls his dick from her mouth, the spit-soaked shaft slapping wetly on her cheek and leaving a trail of saliva. He moves away from Taylor to Jewel, standing behind her as she continues to get her cunt fucked. The man plunging in and out of her cunt pauses, holding her steady as the second man eases his cock into Jewel’s asshole. “Ohhhh, shit, that’s so good,” Jewel moans, her eyes closed and her expression one of ecstasy as she feels her colon expanding around the thick meat digging into her body. “Your cock is sliding in so easily—it must be fucking drenched from being in that bitch’s mouth.” The two men start fucking her holes in unison, both thick shafts sliding into her holes at the same time, and within minutes Jewel throws her head back and wails as her orgasm overtakes her, and her body quakes between the two men. The man fucking her cunt suckles on her large tits, increasing her pleasure.

Having milked the last drops of semen into her willing pussy, the guy withdraws from Taylor’s cunt and moves away to sit back on the floor, catching his breath. This allows Taylor’s sodomizer to increase his pace, and he does so, grasping her by her inner thighs and pulling her onto his cock while raising his hips at the same time. Taylor’s assfuck becomes wild and frenetic as the man’s cock bottoms out in her experienced shit-chute, his balls slapping loudly against her stretched anal ring. The 22-year-old’s whole body shakes with the jackhammer-like thrusting and she is screaming herself hoarse as the constant ass-pounding sets off an endless string of orgasms, with cunt juice squirting liberally from her twat.

It isn’t long before he reaches climax, and he pulls Taylor down on his cock and holds her there, his ass lifted up off the ground as he wordlessly shouts out his orgasm, his cock spewing semen deep into Taylor’s ass. His hips jerk upward for a few moments, as though the intensity of his orgasm threatens to pull him bodily into Taylor’s sperm-laden bowels before, finally, it reaches its conclusion and he collapses back down onto the floor, with Taylor lying on top of him. Both of them are sweaty and panting from exhaustion, with matching expressions of dazed satisfaction.

Carrie feels the cock in her mouth start twitching and pulsing as the man groans, his breath quickening. Sensing his climax, she backs off on his dick until only the head remains past her lips before sucking hard, her cheeks hollowing a bit with the effort as she flicks the tip of her tongue up and down his piss-slit.

All the blood drains from the man’s face, and he grits his teeth, making guttural noises from his throat as his cum rockets up from his balls, through his shaft, and into Carrie’s waiting mouth. Carrie feels the first few warm shots of semen hose across her tongue and teeth, streaking the inside of her mouth, and she quickly pulls his spurting cock from her mouth with one hand, jerking him fast as she directs the rest of his heavy load onto her face. More streamers of sperm splatter her cheeks, nose, and forehead as Carrie looks the man straight in the eye, keeping her mouth open so he can see the cum collected in her mouth. The man can hardly breathe, feeling as though every drop of fluid in his body is being drained out of his cock in reverence to the gorgeous blonde in front of him. His eyes remain locked onto the gorgeous country singer’s brown ones, and though she continues to get double penetrated by two other men, her cum-covered face holds an expression of grateful pleasure that he somehow feels is meant for him alone.

His balls have seemingly given up their last bit of semen, yet his cock continues to jerk and throb in orgasm, sending jolts of pleasure through his body, and he feels himself getting lightheaded, dimly wondering if his climax will ever end. Carrie continues to stroke his cock at a fast pace, not even slowing down even though no more cum is coming out. Still maintaining eye contact, she winks at him before darting her sperm-sprayed tongue out to lap at the sensitive underside of his cockhead. He gasps like a drowning man, feeling his lower muscles strain as, incredibly, a final few drops of cum are squeezed out from his dick onto her tongue. Carrie withdraws her tongue and closes her mouth, slowing down her hand on his shaft before giving the head a soft kiss and releasing his overworked, exhausted cock. Now free, the man staggers back a couple of steps before practically collapsing on the ground, a dazed look on his face.

Carrie swallows the cum in her mouth before licking her lips. Her cunt is on fire, and she badly needs the release. She looks down at the man plumbing the depths of her twat. “C’mon,” she says in a low hiss, hoping Shania and Jewel won’t hear her “breaking the rules” and decide to discipline her for it. “Make me cum! Make this horny motherfucking bitch cum!” She illustrates her need by squeezing her cunt muscles around his shaft, almost stopping him in mid-thrust before starting to grind her hips on him. Carrie leans down, her breasts pressing against his chest. “Your dick feels so good digging into my wet, slutty fuckhole,” she whispers into his ear. “Don’t you want to feel me cumming all over your cock like some hot fucking porn star? I know I want to feel YOU cumming in me—feeling all your jizz shooting deep into my twat, mmmm, it’s gonna feel so warm inside of me. Let’s get off together, so I can feel you draining your balls in my cumming pussy. I’ll feel like such a dirty little slut.”

Her nasty talk in his ear combined with her clasping pussy and undulating hips are more than enough to get him to the breaking point, and he grunts as he loses control, his cock starting to cum fitfully into her body. The first spurt of warm semen sets Carrie off, and she lets out a loud moan, clasping his shoulders to steady herself as her climax explodes through her system. The muscles in her body spasm wildly from her orgasm and, incredibly, this allows the man fucking her ass to cum as well, his cock buried in her clenching asshole. He grabs her asscheeks and pushes himself as deep as he can into her bowels before unleashing his balljuice, breathing heavily as he drains his cum within. Carrie coos in pleasure at the feeling of both holes being flooded with semen.

By the wall Jewel continues to be eagerly double-fucked, with two sets of balls slapping against her skin. The man in her ass, sensing his orgasm, pulls out of her bowels and quickly moves back over to Taylor. Kneeling down, he directs her head to his cock, and she sucks on him obligingly, cleaning Jewel’s ass juices from his shaft. He fucks himself against the inside of her mouth, making her cheek bulge with his meat, before withdrawing and jerking his dick hard for a few moments. Grunting, streamers of pearly-white semen explode from his piss-slit onto her face, streaking her cheeks and forehead. Taylor sticks out her tongue to catch some of his load, and she swallows it down as he milks the last of his cum across her nose.

Meanwhile the man still fucking Jewel hits his limit and cums, holding her in place as his floods her slick inner walls with sperm. She has her climax also and she leans in close, clamping her mouth on his neck as her body shudders in his arms. His strength falters and he sinks to the ground, still holding Jewel. At the same time Shania and her man are also cumming, with the guy pulling out and jacking off all over her tits and stomach while she massages her clit furiously, cunt juice sprinkling over her fingers.

Everyone relaxes for a few minutes, trying to cool themselves down from the intensely hot orgy. Finally Jewel raises her head and looks over at Carrie and Taylor, who haven’t moved from lying on top of their men, completely exhausted from the day’s events. “I think are two little fuck-pets are all worn out,” she says to Shania, who remains on her back looking up at the ceiling, her chest rising and falling with each breath.

“Can’t say I blame them,” Shania replies, slowly getting to her feet and stretching her muscles. “Why don’t we give these two a bath—a proper bath—and put them to bed?”

“Only if we can join them,” Jewel says, feeling her own fatigue.

Shania nods, and Jewel stands shakily. The men also rise, with two of them cradling Taylor and Carrie (who are half-asleep at this point) in their arms. The group heads out of the stable towards the farmhouse. Pulling open the door, Jewel goes inside, the men following behind. Shania is the last to enter, shutting the door behind her.


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