Friends can do anything for me


HI i am kevin.This story of mine,if you believe or not,is completely true.Back at school days I always used to have this aggressive attitude.I guess this was because I always had these friends who would beat up anyone who didnt obey me.This things for you was quite essential to know before i start the story.

So heres my story.As you know first love is always a mess.I had my first love with pretty hot babe.At the age of sixteen she was blessed with 34DD tits and well shaped ass to die for.These i guess are important things about her than her name which was Katie …. lol…..In school I was pretty famous for my bullying and fuck any girl i want.There were also days when our History(only coz she was hot) was made to beg for my cum.It started on my birthday.Yeah I mentioned it to my friends Jack and Mark that I find miss kelly (my history teacher’s name which i found out later) really hot.It was like any other school days but that day she did wore some slutty clothes to expose herself as far she could.I felt strange when she started unbottoning her tops infront of the class.But didnt expose them until Jack and Mark told all the students to make thier way to the playground and that it was my order.Soon the class went empty.Then she let her tops fall exposing her legendary breasts,came over to me and got into her knees.In a seductive voice she asked “Would you please feed me some cum of yours?”. I smiled,and she got me. She spread my legs a bit,unzipped me and took all 7 inches down her throat. As she sucked me Jack with a evil grin asked me how was the present?.He knew by my face that I loved it.Then while miss Kelly was working hard to satisfy her thirst with my seed Mark started to tell how they got her here.Jack and Mark collected many info about her from her son Jeremy(16) who was a junior in our school,knew that if he didnt tell them then şişli bayan escort his life at school is going to hell.They found out that she had a fight with her husband and he left her a month ago and she lived alone with her daughter and son.So oneday after school they went over to her place at night.Obviously Jeremy opened the door and locked immediately after they got in….Good boy 😉 ..The three(Jeremy knew the plan) wasted no time in grabbing her from behind and tieing her to a chair.They clearly told her that she was one of the lucky one chosen to be my whore with other details about what she had to do.But you know Bitches are Bitches and they dont understand languages which does not include violence,pain etc She didnt agree… you already know how bitches should be treated friends dont you? 🙂 … So the Jack and Mark went and got her lovely innocent daughter wither duct tape on her mouth just like mommy.She is 14 but not a virgin exactly means she is a whore.Their plan was to kidnap her and return her after I am finished with her mom.But when they went to her room,opened the door,they saw her standing all nude.She told Jack her name was Abby and as she saw them tieing her mother she knew what they wanted and would loved to get fucked by them but with a promise to not hurt her mother and brother.Also that to act like they are forcing her so that her mom never knows.So there she was,Mark holding her by her arms infront of her mother all nude.She was shocked as she found her elder brother fondling mom’s tits as tears rolled down her cheeks.Then Abby was placed on the couch by Jack and Mark. Both had their cocks out like Jeremy who was playing with his moms stiff nipples with his 6 inch pecker .Mark went under Abby and stared pushing his eight inches in Abby’s tight cunt Jack loved anal but no girl would want his thick 7 inched dick to be the şişli escort first for their ass.Jack took Mark’s cock out of Abby’s pussy.It was damn wet with the whore’s cunt juice.He used the wetness to lubricate her ass as jack rubbed Mark’s cock on her pucker.Mark knew by the wetness that she needs a cock in her pussy at any cost so he pulled off the duct tape and let Abby moan.Mark whispered in Abby’s ear “dont dissapoint us by telling you cannot take it up your ass as if you do we are gonna sell your mom in some whorehouse..” Mark smiled as Abby replied “take my ass…make me your slut..”Jack couldnt hold it anymore pushed the tip of Mark’s cock in her ass.Abby closed her eyes and was holding Mark tight against her.Mark showed no mercy and pushed all of it in her virgin ass.She let out a soft cry with a whisper “Arrgh…tht hurts ohhhh..” Jack now took Mark’s cock and put it back in Abby’s pussy.She let out a moan as she felt her pussy stuffed again and an awkward emptiness in her rectum but that emptiness was soon replaced by Jack’s cock as he pushed inch after inch in her ass.The thickness of his cock made her skip a heartbeat in pain as she moaned “Go sloooooow…..itzzzzz tooo thickk…”. Mark pounded her pussy with all his might as she was trying to recover from Jack’s thickness.Soon the two boys led her to a incredible orgasm.Just when Mark slowed a little Jack took hold of her hips and rammed her ass at light speed.Abby was now enjoying both of them.She smiled at Mark and started kissing him,exploring his mouth with her tongue,fondling his hair.Mark returned the favour by fucking her slow with deeper strokes.Suddenly Mark looked into her eyes and asked “Are you dating someone?”.Jack was kind of shocked as he heard and slowed down his speed.Abby blushed a little before as she grinded her pussy at Mark’s cock and said “No Baby..”.Then Mark placed mecidiyeköy escort her head on her shoulder and hugged her tight.He smiled at Jack who was trying to figure out what was going on.. Mark atlast broke the silence and said “Hey Jackie,I think I am in love with this bitch”.Jack had a “WHAT!” look on his face and asked “Should I stop here bro?” before Mark could announce his decision Abby looked at Jack as much she could and said “Dont you dare take your cock out of my ass! Finish what you started…” And then she looked at Mike and said in the most sexy voice “Honey would you mind if he fucks me this one last time…I love that thickness.Mark proudly replied “Its okay and she could have it anytime also you should know Jack is not too much into girls…Right Jackie?”.Jack there was busy with priceless of his bestfriends girl replied “yeah..”.Abby then announced “Enough talking you assholes…Mark speed up now! and Jack think of any fucking guy you want to but fuck my ass real hard……Both of you! CUM IN ME! i am on a pill..”.Now both studs exactly knew their job.Mark bit Abby’s lower lip as he started hammering her pussy with all his power.Jack was also fired up as he pumped her ass real hard.Soon all three of them were on the verge of cumming.Abby screamed “OH MARK! I’m gonna cummmm..”.Mark replied her “Yeah honey… me too” and Jack replied her by fucking her ass even harder.Abby started cumming as she kissed Mark hard.Soon Jack collapsed over Abby’s back and both Mark and Jack started cumming filling Abby’s fuck holes.When after few minutes they came to senses Jack knelt down,took out Mark’s softening cum coated cock from Abby’s pussy and started sucking.While Abby and Mark kissed each other passionately.Her mom and Jeremy being the audience enjoyed the show as they found her untied and sucking her son’s cock with cum flowing down her chin……..

story’s far from over ….this is my first attempt to write so mistakes are possible…and i would go for part two on your demand so comments are welcome….

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