Future Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 1 – The Beginning


This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 1
*2 months later*

‘Happy Birthday, Harry!’ came the cheer from around the dining table in the Weasley household as they all raised their goblets in celebration of Harry’s 18th birthday.
‘Thank-you everybody,’ replied a beaming Harry as he looked around the table. Every member of the Weasley family was sat smiling back at him, except for Ron who was still away on his self-imposed exile.
‘Well open up your presents then Harry dear,’ said Mrs Weasley encouragingly as everybody began to dig into the buffet lunch she had prepared for the occasion. Harry looked down at the large pile of presents that lay in front of him, as he took the first present off the pile which was from Ginny.

‘Don’t open my present here Harry,’ whispered Ginny as under the table, she slipped her hand under Harry’s jeans and squeezed his cock gently, ‘wait till we’re somewhere more…..private.’ Harry smiled back at her as he gave her a kiss on the lips and put her present aside.
‘Look Harry, said Hermione who was sat on Harry’s other side, ‘that present’s from Ron!’ Harry quickly picked up the large, badly wrapped present and opened it up as Hermione watched on eagerly. Harry opened up the cardboard box and smiled warmly when he saw the contents. Inside, lay souvenirs of the places Ron had been, as well as numerous pictures showing Ron helping people from around the world.
‘I think this picture is for you Hermione,’ said Harry as he passed Hermione one of the photographs. Hermione gasped and then smiled as she looked at a moving picture of Ron looking out at a large African sunset, with the word, Hermione, traced magically in diamond blue across the darkening sky.
‘He seems to be doing well then,’ said Harry as Hermione nodded in agreement. Suddenly, a loud knock at the door announced the arrival of Kingsley Shacklebolt, the newly elected Minister of Magic.

‘Greetings everyone,’ boomed Kingsley in his deep voice as everybody raised their goblets to him, ‘Harry, may I speak to you in private?’ asked Kingsley as Molly took his travelling cloak off him.
‘Sure,’ replied Harry curiously as he and Kingsley made their way into the solitude of Mr Weasley’s study.
‘Firstly,’ said Kingsley as he sat down with a sigh on a worn out green, leather chair, ‘happy birthday Harry.’
‘Thank-you Minister,’ replied Harry.
‘Harry, please, call me Kingsley,’ countered Kingsley with a laugh, ‘I may be Minister now, but I’m still the same man you met three years ago.’ Harry laughed as the two of them settled themselves into their chairs.
‘So Harry, you may have heard I’m changing things up drastically at the Ministry,’ said Kingsley as Harry nodded in acknowledgement, ‘out with the old and in with the new so to speak. How would you like to become an auror Harry? No training or testing needed, you’ve already shown yourself worthy enough of this honour.’ Harry’s mouth dropped open in shock as Kingsley smiled back at him.

‘B-but, I’ve only just t-turned 18 Kingsley, surely I’m too young?’ replied Harry in disbelief.
‘Yes Harry, if you accept my offer you would be by far the youngest auror in wizarding history. But you of all people have shown that age is just a number Harry. You’ve achieved more in your short life so far then most wizards do in their life-times. I believe you could become a fantastic auror Harry. Will you join me Harry? Will you help me change this world for the better?’ said Kingsley as he held out a large hand to Harry. Harry gulped slightly as he looked into Kingsley’s dark eyes.
‘I will Kingsley,’ said Harry with a smile as he clasped Kingsley hand in his own.

*14 months later*

‘I now pronounce you both, husband and wife, you may kiss the bride’s,’ said the vicar as Ron and Hermione, and Harry and Ginny came together in a loving kiss. A huge cheer erupted from the thousand guests who had come to see the joint wedding of Ron and Hermione and Harry and Ginny as the two newly married couples turned to the guests and smiled joyously. The applause was deafening; even Dudley was whooping and clapping enthusiastically until Uncle Vernon gave him a threatening look which brought Dudley to silence. Suddenly, the chairs in the middle of the Great Hall of Hogwarts, where the wedding was being held, zoomed to the side of the room to create a huge dance floor.

The audience applauded even more as a finely robed Harry and Ron, led their new wives, who looked resplendent in beautiful white dresses to the floor for the first dance. The lights dimmed to create a romantic atmosphere as the Weird Sister’s struck up a loving tune, which the newly married couples began to dance too.
‘I love you Ginny Potter,’ said Harry who was nose to nose with Ginny.
‘I love you too Harry Potter……ouch,’ replied Ginny as she clutched the little bump on her tummy.
‘Is the little one moving again?’ asked Harry with a smile as Ginny smiled back.
‘Yes,’ Ginny replied, ‘I can’t believe that in only five more months our first child will be born.’ Harry clutched Ginny to him more tightly and gave her a long, passionate kiss as people began to enter the dance floor to dance alongside the newly married couples.

Many hours later, Harry found himself sitting next to Mr Weasley, who was gently hiccupping from the effects of too many glasses of wine.
‘I’m so proud of you all,’ said a slightly red-faced Mr Weasley, ‘two of my children married on the same day, and to such good people as well.’
‘Thank-you Mr Weasley,’ replied Harry as he patted him fondly on the back.
‘So I hear you’ve had quite a busy year at the Ministry Harry. I hear that in only your first year, you broke Mad-Eye’s record of 52 dark wizards caught in a year! How many is it you’ve captured Harry, 61 was it not?’ asked Mr Weasley.
‘That’s right Mr Weasley,’ replied Harry, ‘all of them now safely locked away in Azkaban.’
‘Wow…,’ said Mr Weasley in wonderment before he suddenly slumped onto his side in a drunken stupor. Harry laughed gently as he eased Mr Weasley into a comfortable position before going out into the grounds. Harry breathed in the slightly warm, early autumn air as he looked over at the soothing sight of the Great Lake.

‘Hello Harry dear,’ came a voice behind him which startled Harry.
‘O, Professor Trelawney,’ said Harry in surprise, ‘thank-you for coming today.’
‘It was a pleasure dear,’ she replied in a dreamy voice, ‘congratulation’s once again, of course, I always foresaw that you would marry Ginny Weasley and live a long, fruitful life’ she finished as Harry nodded in amusement, secretly thinking back to the dozens of times she had predicted his early, grisly death.
‘O my….,’ said Professor Trelawney faintly as she clutched the side of her large glasses before falling to the ground.
‘Professor……professor?’ said Harry urgently as he slapped her lightly on her cheek. Suddenly, Professor Trelawney sat bolt upright on the ground, with an odd, far-away look on her face before speaking in an unnatural, deep voice.

‘From the seed of the fallen Dark Lord’s most powerful ally, that lays within his most devoted, shall grow a being more powerful than them all. For he will not be driven by a lust for immortality; but by revenge, power and destruction. Only the first born of the Dark Lord’s vanquisher shall be able to defeat him, for if he fails, the world will fall.’
Suddenly, she gave a quick shake of her head and looked up at a wide-eyed Harry in confusion.
‘Are you alright dear? Why are we on the floor?’ she asked curiously.
‘It’s nothing Professor…..here let me help you up,’ replied Harry eventually as he eased her too her feet.
‘Thank-you Harry, well I must be off now, my Inner Eye is feeling alert. I can see……so much. Farewell Harry,’ finished Professor Trelawney as she left Harry feeling very much shaken.

*11 months later*

‘Ginny darling, you’ve made the front page of the Prophet,’ said Harry excitedly as he unfurled the newspaper.
‘Wow, really,’ replied Ginny joyously as she momentarily stopped feeding baby James from her breast, ‘read it to me Harry.’ Harry cleared his throat before reading the article:


In a move that has been heavily rumoured all summer, chaser Ginny Potter has made a record breaking 5 million galleon transfer to the newly crowned European Champions, the Holyhead Harpies. Ginny Potter (aged 19) has made the move after a record breaking season with her former club, the Chudley Cannons, which was briefly interrupted by the birth of her first child, James Sirius Potter. After scoring a record 158 goals in the 30 league game season (breaking the old record of 140 set by Francis Verve in 1907) which has seen her recently called up to the England squad, the Holyhead Harpies felt moved to sign this exciting new talent.
‘Ginny Potter is easily the best young talent we have seen in the last 20 years and I plan to build the team around her,’ commented the Harpies manager Imelda Sunday, ‘many people will think she is an expensive signing, but if she fulfils her obvious potential, then we have signed possibly the greatest chaser the game has ever seen.’
The move caps an excellent year for the young Potter family as along with the birth of their first child James in February, her husband Harry Potter at the age of just 20, was last week named as the new Head of Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic. Rumours at the Ministry are that Mr Potter is now seen as the second most powerful man at the Ministry, only behind the Minister of Magic himself. But of course, after all that the young Mr Potter has done for the 100,000 strong wizarding community in this country, the Daily Prophet wishes him, and his wife all the best in their new, exciting careers.

‘What a lovely write up,’ said Ginny warmly as she patted James on the back before he continued to suck milk from her tit, ‘how’s Hermione doing at the Ministry?’
‘Very well,’ replied Harry as he folded up the newspaper and leaned back on his chair, ‘she’s now junior secretary to the Head of the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She has big plans to change the rights that house elves and goblins have.’
‘Good for her,’ said Ginny fondly. Harry smiled back at his wife as he looked around their newly bought home. With Harry’s important job and Ginny’s recent big money move, the new, almost celebrity like couple could afford to buy a large mansion like house. With three floors and ten bedrooms, the house was a reflection of Harry’s and Ginny’s new powerful and wealthy status among the wizarding world. However, Harry had refused to let power go to his head and was still as down to earth and good-natured as he ever was; even if his job required him to make tough decisions. Baby James suddenly gave a loud burp causing Ginny and Harry to both laugh as Ginny put him back in his cot.

‘Is he all full up now?’ asked Harry warmly as he looked at Ginny’s erect breast, ‘because I would sure love to have a suck on them now myself,’ said Harry cheekily. Ginny smiled and winked back as she shook her chest at Harry.
‘Get up them stairs now you sexy thing,’ said Harry teasingly as he chased Ginny all the way up the large, winding stairs, all the way into their bedroom.

*10 years later*


With the retirement of the popular Headmistress McGonagall, Harry Potter, Head of the Hogwarts board of Governors and new member of the Wizengamot, has elevated Neville Longbottom from his position as Professor of Herbology to Headmaster of Hogwarts. A small minority of the wizarding community have criticised Mr. Potter’s otherwise popular decision. Disgraced ex Ministry member Lucius Malfoy commented:
‘The appointment of Neville Longbottom as Headmaster of Hogwarts is idiotic and disgraceful. To be Headmaster şişli bayan escort of such a prestigious school necessitates a certain amount of intelligence and magical knowledge; something which the young Mr. Longbottom sadly lacks in abundance.’
Harry Potter has hit back at the claims with a strong, impassioned defense of his childhood friend:
‘Neville will be the first to accept that he is not the cleverest wizard of all time. However, Neville is one of the bravest, kindest and most selfless people I know and his love of Hogwarts is only matched by his love of her students. I have complete faith in Headmaster Longbottom and I believe he will be as great a Headmaster that Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape were.’
Time will tell if Harry Potter’s bold claims become true but as ever, Harry Potter has the near universal support of the wizarding world. In more Hogwarts news, the board of Governors have also appointed Luna Lovegood to position of Professor of Defence Against the Dark Art’s to universal acclaim.
See pages 60 – 75 for more on England’s triumphant Quidditch World Cup campaign, including an exclusive interview with star player Ginny Potter, who scored the winning penalty in the final against Germany.

Harry chuckled and threw the newspaper aside as Kingsley Shacklebolt entered into his spacious office.
‘Good morning Harry,’ said Kingsley jovially, ‘are you well?’
‘Very well Minister,’ replied Harry.
‘Excellent, excellent…..I have a task for you Harry,’ Kingsley boomed as he sat down in a chair opposite Harry, ‘you have heard of this child in Europe? He is called Skyrow, attends Durmstrang and is only 12 years old. From what I have heard; he could become one the greatest wizard of all time.’
‘Yes I’ve heard of him,’ replied Harry a little uncomfortably, ‘what are his achievements then?’
‘Well he can already produce a fully pledged patronus, which is of a large dog apparently. He has already mastered Legimency and Occumency and is already the under 18’s world duelling champion,’ responded Kingsley.
‘Impressive….very impressive…..,’ Harry said in a quiet voice.
‘I sense you are a little uncomfortable Harry, what do you have to say?’ said Kingsley slowly.
‘Well…..Minister……you know of the prophecy that was set ten years ago, the one which stated my son will have to defeat a new, more powerful threat…..well what if this child is this threat?’ replied Harry uncertainly.
‘That is why I want you to go and see this boy personally. That is your task, go to Durmstrang and talk to this boy, see what sort of man he could become,’ responded Kingsley calmly.
‘Very well Minister,’ replied Harry with a nod, ‘perhaps I should also take Ron too Minister? He’s still quite new as an auror and he could do with some experience.’
‘I don’t see why not,’ nodded Kingsley in agreement, ‘good idea Harry, I look forward to hearing your analysis on this young boy.’

*1 week later*

‘He’s just through here gentlemen,’ wheezed the Durmstrang castle’s caretaker as he led a wary looking Harry and Ron into the study.
‘Thank-you,’ said Harry as they seated themselves in front of the boy. Harry was shocked by the size of the young boy. He was very small for his age; his feet didn’t even touch the floor and overhung from the large chair he was sat on. He did however, have a very noble and captivating look about him, as if he didn’t quite belong where he was. He had bright green eyes which shown out from his pale skinned face. He had high cheekbones, full, red lips and a long, straight nose. His hair however was a vivid, dark red which was kept a medium length and lay messily spiked across the top of his head. The boy stared from Harry to Ron with a querying, but confident look as Harry cleared his throat to speak.

‘Hello Skyrow, my name is Harry and this is Ron….,’ began Harry.
‘Call me Sky,’ said the boy quickly, cutting Harry off mid-sentence.
‘Don’t you like the last part of your name?’ queried Harry. Sky stared at Harry for a moment before answering.
‘No I do not,’ replied Sky simply.
‘Ok Sky,’ continued Harry warmly, ‘you sound like your English, why are you at Durmstrang?’
‘I am English,’ said Sky, ‘but my mother did not want me to attend Hogwarts; she said Durmstrang was run much more in line with her beliefs.’
‘So who is your mother?’ asked Ron whose eyes had narrowed slightly. Sky gave Ron a peculiar look before answering.
‘That….is none of your business,’ replied Sky softly. Ron looked deeply into Sky’s eyes for a moment before writing something down on the paper in front of him.

‘You are Harry Potter aren’t you?’ said Sky suddenly to Harry.
‘Yes I am,’ replied Harry, slightly off put by the change of position from questioner to answerer.
‘You defeated Lord Voldemort did you not?’ continued Sky.
‘Indeed I did,’ Harry said, slightly surprised that the boy was confident enough to use a name once feared around the world. Sky replied with a slightly disapproving sniff as Ron’s eyes narrowed even further.
‘You approve of Lord Voldemort then?’ asked Harry testily. Sky gave a small smile as he shifted forward so that the fire in the hearth highlighted his noble features further.

‘Well of course he was a flawed character wasn’t he; obsessed by that crazy, impossible dream of immortality. Of course, in a sense he is immortal as he will always be remembered, but I think that would be little solace to him don’t you think? But you cannot deny that his mission to unite all wizards was a noble one,’ replied Sky calmly.
‘You are very knowledgeable of a man who died before your time,’ said Ron sharply.
‘To be the best, one must learn from the mistakes of the best so that they will not be repeated,’ Sky reasoned.
‘Which leads us to you Sky,’ said Harry quickly, slightly disturbed by how the conversation was going, ‘for a 12 year old boy, you are very special aren’t you?’
‘Why yes, I suppose I am. Youngest person ever to produce a patronus, youngest world duelling champion; only yesterday I learned how to apparate on my second attempt,’ said Sky as Ron blew out his cheeks in amazement.
‘Very impressive,’ said Harry as he looked into Sky’s eyes, ‘when you are older, the Ministry would be very interested in you working for them.’ Sky gave a short, almost cold laugh as Harry looked at Ron with a slightly disturbed look.

‘I have no interest in politics and the bickering’s of old men sat around tables in cold dungeons, I have only one dream…..to become the greatest wizard of all time,’ said Sky as his green eyes shone brightly in the dim light. A numbing silence fell across the room for a moment as Sky, slightly embarrassed by his show of emotion returned his face to a neutral look.
‘Well Sky,’ said Harry finally, ‘the Ministry will always be here to support you. Good luck for the future; we shall monitor your progress.’ Sky gave a little nod as Harry got up and shook his surprisingly strong hand.
‘Goodbye Sky,’ said Ron as he held out his hand to him. Slowly, Sky took his hand and Ron felt an unusual, almost warm feeling before they finally broke away. With one last look at the small boy, Harry and Ron swiftly departed the room.


‘So…..what did you make of him?’ asked Kingsley the next day as Harry drained a large glass of firewhiskey in one.
‘He’s the greatest young wizard I have ever come across,’ replied Harry as he wiped his mouth, ‘watch him carefully….I have a feeling that his destiny is tied with that of the rest of the wizarding world.’

*30th August 2017…….7 years later*

James Sirius Potter smiled at himself as he stood naked in front of his full length mirror in his grand, spacious bedroom. He was 17 and a half years old and in a few days’ time, would be on the train to Hogwart’s to start his final year there. There was only two words that could be used to describe James; handsome and cool. James stared first at his own handsome face in the mirror.

He had inherited the good looks of his mother and father as he ran a hand over his smooth chin. He had large brown eyes, which were enhanced by the contacts he had to wear and had a long, straight nose. His lips were nice and full and his hair was dark brown and of a medium length so that it crept over his ears, and lay messily swept back to the side in a breath-taking way; almost as if he had just stepped off his broom. James’s piercing eyes then travelled down his near 6 foot frame until they came to look at his body. He was slim like his father, but not as slim as Harry was at his age and was nicely toned. He had two, small perfectly round brown nipples as well as the faint outline of his growing pecs on his smooth, hairless chest. The sides of his chest gently sloped inwards slightly towards his flat toned tummy where the beginnings of a six pack were forming. James eyes then travelled past the well-defined V shaped outline of his groin which pointed to his pride and joy: his cock.

His cock when fully erect stood at an eye-popping seven and a half inches long. The shaft was beautifully smooth, fat and pale in colour, while the head was quite long and bright red in colour. His balls were also large, around the size of a medium sized orange and were perfectly round in shape. James had discovered the pleasures of sex just over a year ago when at the end of his 5th year he had shagged a 7th year Gryffindor girl. It was in that moment that he had discovered that as well as being blessed with a large cock, he also possessed a great sexual stamina, something the girl had no complaints about. James had since then slept with two more girls and was hoping to add to his tally tonight. James had never had any trouble in attracting the girls. He was popular, good-looking and famous and the girls adored him for it. Simply put, James liked the girls, and they liked him.

James smiled once more as he took hold of his 11 inch unicorn haired, holly wand and began to use the hair removal charm on his mass of pubic hair in preparation for his antics tonight. James made sure he removed all the hair, including a few that lay on his tight ass until finally all the hair around his groin area had been removed. With one last look at his impressive body and his soft, dangling cock which looked even larger now it was shaved, James re-dressed into his chino trousers and striped, tight fitting blue and white top.
James’s bedroom like the rest of the house was large and impressive. In the middle of the room, lay his large 4 poster bed which stood slightly raised above the floor on a small like two stepped stage. His bed lay opposite a beautiful marble fireplace where a gentle fire burned away under a small cauldron. Various posters of James’s favourite Quidditch players and musicians adorned the walls as well as a few posters of bikini clad young witches. Dozens of trophies (including the recently won Quidditch Cup which James got to keep as he was captain) and certificates also lay on shelves or were stuck on the wall, highlighting James’s varied achievements. As well as being popular and good-looking, James was also a naturally gifted wizard and regularly came top of every class. However, this led to James having a laid back, almost lazy approach to school and found more thrill in causing trouble like his namesakes rather than serious studying. Suddenly, Harry’s voice came sounding out of a small, wooden box which lay on James’s desk.
‘James!’ called Harry’s crackly sounding voice from two floors below, ‘come downstairs please.’ James sighed as he turned on the spot and apparated into the hall below. Harry was stood next to a fabulously dressed Ginny, who was straightening his bow-tie for him.

‘Ah son there you are,’ said Harry as he then smoothed down his expensive dress robes, ‘me and your mother have been invited as honoured guests to the International Conference of Wizard Leaders, so you’re looking after your brother and sister tonight.’
‘I don’t need looking after,’ said Albus irritably as he entered the hall from the living room, ‘I’m nearly 16!’
‘Your right Albus,’ replied Ginny şişli escort with a smile to Harry, ‘but your sister does, she’s only 13.’ James gave an exaggerated sigh before replying.
‘Ok then,’ he said in mock annoyance, ‘I’ll look after them.’
‘Good lad,’ said Harry as he ruffled his son’s hair, ‘Ron and Hermione are coming to pick us up and they’re bringing Rose and Hugo over. We’re stopping at their house tonight so you are in charge till we arrive back tomorrow James.’
‘Rose and Hugo are staying over!’ said Albus excitedly, ‘cool!’ Just as Albus said this, a loud knock on the oak, double doors announced the arrival of Ron and Hermione as Rose and Hugo hurried into the house.
‘Rose! Hugo!’ cried Albus excitedly, ‘great to see you! Let’s go in the living room.’ The three of them quickly made their way into the living room where Lily was also sat as the four adults went to leave.
‘Ok, see you tomorrow son,’ said Harry as he gave James a brief hug before departing.
‘Goodbye sweetheart,’ said Ginny as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.
‘See you James,’ said Ron and Hermione fondly in unison.
‘Bye guys have a good night,’ replied James as he shut the door on them. James smiled to himself as he hurried into the living room.

‘Right you lot,’ said James urgently, ‘I’m going to my room. Stay out unless it’s really important ok?’ The others gave him a swift nod before continuing to talk animatedly amongst themselves as James hurried back up to his room. James locked the door behind himself before going over to the cauldron in his fire and placing it on desk. James flopped onto his bed and waited, feeling a sense of excited anticipation build inside his body. Knowing that he would have the house free tonight, James had decided he could have a little bit of fun before returning to Hogwarts. He had asked two girls over from his own year in Hufflepuff who he knew would be up for a goodtime with a good looking famous lad like himself. Feeling a little hot due to the fire, James took off his top so that he only had his chino’s on.

Suddenly, and much to James’s delight, the fire in the fireplace suddenly turned a vivid green as two girl’s suddenly tumbled into his room.
‘Hey Rachel….Anna,’ said James softly as he went over to help them up. Both the girl’s giggled as their eyes wandered first to James’s handsome face, and then to his toned figure. James could already feel his cock rising as he looked upon the two girls’. Both of them were dressed in just a bra and panties so that much of their young, sexy bodies were on show. Rachel stood a head lower then Anna and had very short, dark hair which hung longer on one side then the other. Her skin was darkly tanned and she seemed to have firm, C sized tits. Her upper legs and body were very toned as her hobby outside of Hogwarts was dancing, which also gave her a nice looking ass. She had pretty, green eyes and a small button nose and when she smiled, small little dimples formed on her soft cheeks.

Anna on the other hand was taller than Rachel and slimmer. She had long, light blonde-brown hair which she kept in two pig-tails. She had a very pretty face with big blue eyes and small, juicy lips. She seemed to have smaller, round B sized breasts and a long, slim body which was paler then Rachel’s and a few ribs poked out slightly when she stretched her body. Her legs were beautifully slim and long as James took each of their hands in his own and led them away from the fireplace.

‘Nice room,’ commented Anna.
‘Nice legs,’ remarked James cheekily.
‘Cool hair,’ said Rachel to James with an admiring wink.
‘Beautiful eyes,’ replied James back.
‘Sexy body,’ purred Anna as she looked at James’s strong, youthful body.
‘Sexy……everything,’ said James with a wink, causing the girl’s to laugh.
‘So…..,’ said Rachel as she began to trace her fingers along her flat, tanned tummy, ‘what did you have in mind for us?’ Both girls’ began to stroke their own bodies in an absent minded way as James took in the pleasures of their bodies.
‘Well,’ said James confidently, ‘I’ve got some wine on the go, some hot honey ready, and….. I’ve got this,’ finished James as he pulled down his beige chinos and white boxers in one go, so that his hard seven and a half inch cock sprang free.

‘O….my…God,’ whispered Anna in awe whilst Rachel mouthed the word, wow. James gave a triumphant smirk as he kicked his trousers away and stood with his feet apart, hands on hips, naked in front of the girls.
‘That’s certainly an impressive looking dick,’ said Rachel as she licked her lips slightly in longing.
‘It’s all yours my babes,’ said James as he pulled back his foreskin, revealing his long head, ‘I’m feeling very kinky tonight…..lets have some dirty fun.’ Rachel and Anna gave each other an excited grin before suddenly reaching around their backs and removing their bra’s.
‘Wow…,’ said James breathlessly as he looked at the girls’ breasts. Rachel’s tits were wonderfully round and tanned. Her dark brown areolas were puffy in nature which made her nipples look beautifully suckable. Anna’s boobs were a lot smaller in nature though her nipples were lovely and pointy. They were paler then Rachel’s and a small, dark freckle lay just to the side of her pale areola on her right breast.
Just as James could feel his pulse quicken, Rachel and Anna then quickly bent over and removed their panties. Both of them giggled at the sight of James’s cock twitching slightly in excitement as he looked down at their pussies. Both of them had small, tight looking pussies whilst Rachel had a thin strip of dark hair above hers and Anna’s was completely bald.

James smiled as both girls walked sexily towards him and pushed him into a seated position on his large, plush bed. Anna immediately dropped to her knees and began to suck longingly on James’s hard dick.
‘Mmm that’s it, suck it babe,’ groaned James as Rachel approached him. James and Rachel shared a long, dirty kiss as James lowered his hand to her pussy and began to rub his hand along her moist, lipless pussy. Rachel opened her mouth wider and let James’s and her own tongues begin to wrestle ferociously in her mouth.
‘Ooo my,’ moaned Rachel in pleasure as they finally broke away from their kiss. James by now was thrusting two of his fingers deeply and quickly into Rachel’s tight pussy, causing her to sigh out loud in pleasure. Loving the feel of Rachel’s tight, wet pussy on his fingers, James lowered his head to her sizeable breasts and began to suck ravenously on her puffy nipples. Rachel rubbed her fingers through James’s impressive hair as he did this, adoring the feel of James sucking and biting on her erect, tanned breast. James then quickly went to her other tit and began suckling on that like a baby, filling his mouth with Rachel’s round tanned breast.

‘Mmmpf…..mmmmpf……mmmmpf,’ moaned Anna trying to attract James’s attention as with each thrust of her head, she engulfed more and more of James’s thick, long cock. James momentarily halted his excited sucking of Rachel’s now moist tits as he looked down happily at Anna, who looked up into his eyes with her mouth full of his cock.
‘Good girl,’ sighed James as he grabbed hold of her long pig-tails and began to pull and push her head along his cock.
‘Ahh fuck yes,’ groaned James loudly as his cock gave an excited twitch inside Anna’s small, wet mouth. James continued to force Anna’s head up and down along his cock as Rachel lowered to her knees next to Anna. With a dirty smile to James, she positioned herself under his cock and began to flit her long tongue over James’s rock hard balls. James moaned even louder in response and she began to pull and suck lightly on his heavy, round balls. After a few more moments, James released Anna’s hair and flopped back onto the bed, so that his legs still overhung the edge of the bed. Anna and Rachel began to mock fight each other over his cock as each tried to suck on the famous James’s large cock.

After around ten minutes of continuous sucking, James halted the girl’s and helped them onto the bed. James brought their heads together and watched as the girls began to make out with one another.
‘Ahhh yes,’ moaned James as he began to finger them both as they continued to snog each other longingly. Feeling the time had come; James grabbed his wand and waved it towards the cauldron on the table. Slowly it began to float over, until it finally stopped, hovering over the three of their heads.
‘Hope your ready girl’s,’ smirked James as he lowered his arm, causing the thick, warm honey to rain down on them.
‘Mmmmmmm,’ all three of them moaned, as the warm, sticky honey landed on their faces and backs. Slowly, the honey began to travel down their bodies, covering it in a fine, sweet gloop. Finally the shower of honey stopped as the cauldron floated back to the table.

‘You both look fucking amazing,’ exclaimed James as he looked at the two girl’s naked bodies. Both of them glistened a glorious golden colour as the honey clung to their slim, fit bodies. With his greedy eyes firmly on their honey coated breasts, James positioned the girls so they were closely knelt facing each other, their pointy breasts touching one another. James then placed himself in the middle of the two girls, slightly lower down so that his face was surrounded by their breasts. With his mind fully turned on by the sight of the girl’s youthful, pert, honey covered breasts; James began to animalistcally suck and bite at the girl’s tasty, fleshy tits.

‘Mmmm, oo yes,’ moaned the two girls as they wriggled in closer, so that James’s head was firmly sandwiched between their breasts. Both of them smiled and moaned as they looked at a wide eyed James continue to suckle on every available piece of their firm breasts his mouth could reach. James looked into Rachel’s eyes and mouthed her a silent roar, like a tiger, as he suddenly pounced onto her puffy nipple. Rachel smiled happily as; James began to slurp on the honey surrounding her nipple. Squelchy sounds filled the room as James let more and more of her tit enter into his eager mouth. As he continued to do this, James felt, four, honey covered hands grab hold of his dick and begin to rub swiftly along it. With a moan, James finally released Rachel’s tit from his mouth, which bounced back into position as he let the girls continue to jack off his cock.
‘I think it’s time my dick felt what your pussies are like,’ said James eagerly as he pounced on top of the slender Anna, pinning her down onto the bed.

‘Mmmmm, fuck me hard big-boy,’ groaned Anna as she spread her legs wide, giving James access to her quivering pussy. James swiftly took hold of his dick and began to tap it on the outside of Anna’s small, moist pussy, letting flecks of her juices and honey, coat his already wet cock. Finally feeling where Anna’s entrance was, James promptly bucked his hips forward, so that his fat, seven and a half inch cock plunged into Anna’s tight pussy.
‘Ahhhh that feels good,’ moaned James as he let his full weight full onto Anna’s. Slowly, James began to force his hips forward, instantly feeling Anna’s small pussy begin to stretch and expand to accommodate for his large cock.
‘Mmmmmmm,’ moaned Anna suddenly in pleasure as she finally felt James’s huge balls rest on the underside of her pussy. She wrapped her slender legs around James’s waist as he began to thrust his dick in and out of her pussy. As this was going on, Rachel went over to the bedside table and brought over the jug of wine. Slowly, she poured a little wine onto James’s back and watched in pleasure as it flowed down his long, smooth back and over onto Anna’s body. Wanting a piece of the action, she lowered her mouth to James back and began to longingly lick the honey and wine off it. James responded with a moan of appreciation as she devoured the honey and wine off James’s sweet flesh. Gradually, her licks travelled lower until she reached James’s firm, curvy ass. Rachel gave a little sigh of delight as she looked down at the famous James’s tight, honey covered ass as she suddenly she began to lick and kiss his honey coated ass cheeks.

‘Mmm that’s nice Rach,’ groaned James through a mouthful of Anna’s small, pointy tit as he continued to pound his dick furiously into her wet pussy. James was by now plunging his entire mecidiyeköy escort dick into Anna’s sweet pussy as he felt her pussy walls constrict nicely around his thick cock. After around twenty more minutes of fucking Anna, James removed his cock from her pussy and sat in an upright position. He began to kiss Rachel passionately and deeply on her full lips as he reached over to the jug of wine. He took a long swig from the jug before pouring more wine onto Anna’s body and open mouth below him. Quickly, Rachel jumped on top of Anna and began to lick off the wine and honey that still covered her long, slim body, much to James’s enjoyment.

Seeing Rachel’s firm, curvy ass in the air, James quickly seized either side of it with his hands as he positioned his body just behind her. Rachel gave a high moan as she felt James’s hand on her ass as she continued to suck the wine off Anna’s tits. Loving the sight of Rachel’s beautiful tanned ass between his fingers, James slowly began to run his fingers along her smooth, curvy behind. Suddenly, James gave it a flurry of slaps, enjoying the feel of her flesh ripple in his hands.
‘Ahhh…..oooo…….oooo,’ moaned Rachel as she bit lightly into Anna’s neck for comfort as James continued to smack her ass cheeks with a look of wild desire in his eyes. Finally, an out of breath James stopped as he surveyed his work. Her ass was now a lovely red colour and emanated a warmth which was not there before.
‘Beautiful,’ groaned James in a low voice as he spread her cheeks wide and spat his warm spit on her ass hole and pussy. With another affectionate slap of her bum, James grabbed his now throbbing cock and thrust it deep into Rachel’s pussy.

‘Mmmmmm, oooo yes fuck me,’ moaned Rachel as she thrust her ass back at James, so that the smacking sounds of their groins echoed around the large room. James struggled to keep hold of Rachel’s firm ass as she viciously thrusted and grinded it back at him eagerly.
‘Ahh fuck, your such a dirty whore Rach,’ moaned James as reached around and grabbed her hanging tits with his hands. Anna wriggled underneath Rachel, so that her head was now positioned underneath the underside of James’s cock. Anna watched in awe as James’s young, large cock disappeared then appeared at a fast rate into her friend’s tight pussy. After a few moments, Anna raised her head and began to lick eagerly on the underside of James’s cock and Rachel’s sensitive clit.

‘Mmmmmm,’ moaned both Rachel and James in appreciation as Anna continued to pleasure them with her wet mouth. With Anna positioned nicely under his cock, after every few thrusts, James would swiftly remove his dick from Rachel’s pussy and plunge it into Anna’s eager mouth; lubricating it up for his continuing pounding of Rachel’s now red, wet pussy.
‘This is fucking heaven,’ sighed James out loud after a few more minutes as he felt Rachel’s pussy juices explode around his dick. Without thinking, James prodded his finger into Rachel’s ass, causing her to scream out in ecstasy.

‘Ooo yes,’ Rachel moaned, ‘put your dick in my ass.’ James smirked as he watched Anna lick a combination of honey, wine, pussy juices and saliva off his large cock. James continued to circle his finger inside Rachel’s warm, tight ass until he finally felt it begin to expand. Not wanting to waste a second, James grabbed hold of his dick and began to press it forcibly against her asshole, into finally, a few inches of his cock eased into her ass.
‘Ahhhhhhhhh,’ sighed James in pleasure as he loved the feel of Rachel’s ass around the tip of his cock. Gradually, more and more of his cock slid into her ass, which began to expand with every inch that went in.
‘Tit, now,’ said James simply to Anna who responded by bringing her pointy, small breasts to his mouth. James began to eagerly suckle and bite on her nipple as he began to thrust into Rachel’s ass. All three of the teenagers groaned in delight as they continued to pleasure one another. As James sucked on her tits, Anna began to kiss and suck on his neck as she let her hands roam around his strong body. She gave his firm, peachy bum a slap and squeeze, forcing his cock even more into Rachel’s ass, who moaned in appreciation.

‘Fuck my ass harder James,’ begged Rachel as she reached a hand under her own body and squeezed on James’s large ball sack.
‘Mmmmppf…..ahh fuck,’ moaned James as he began to feel waves of pleasure jolt through his body. James took a firm hold of Rachel’s cheeks as he began to thrust hard into her ass, loving the sight of his cock disappear fully into her tight ass. After a few more minutes of pounding, James finally felt a strong, unstoppable orgasm surround his body.
‘Ahhhh……urghhhh……ahhhhh I’m so close!’ James groaned as he suddenly felt his dick slip out of Rachel’s ass. Suddenly, he looked down to see both girl’s kneeling below his dick as their four hands rubbed hard and quickly along his dick.
‘Arghhh here I cum!’ moaned James suddenly as he could no longer hold back the waves of beautiful pleasure that pulsated from his dick.

‘Ahhhhhh……urghhhhh……urghhhhhhh……ahhhh fuck yes!’ groaned James as seven, thick strands of his creamy cum exploded out of the tip of his cock and onto the girl’s hands and faces.
‘Ahhh take it all my babes,’ James moaned as smaller spurts of cum shot out of his hard dick. Finally, James felt his orgasm subside as he surveyed the two delighted girls. Both of their faces and hands were covered in his thick, white cum as they giggled in a girly way to one another. Eagerly they began to lick James’s sweet tasting cum off each other until finally no more remained on their bodies.

‘James that was incredible!’ exclaimed Anna as she and Rachel flopped onto the bed in exhausted ecstasy. James laughed as the three of them lay for a moment on the bed to catch their breath.
‘Erm…..girls,’ said James in a would be awkward voice. Both girls’ eyes shone in amazement as they looked at James’s cock. James smirked at their reaction as they looked at his fresh erection in astonishment.
‘B-but…how? You cummed like, a minute ago!’ said Rachel faintly as she stared intently at James’s erect dick.
‘I did say I have a big sexual appetite,’ said James as he took hold of his cock from the base and shook it to make sure it was fully hard once more. James winced slightly as he experienced the uncomfortable feeling of achieving an erection so soon after sex.

‘Ready for round two?’ asked James cheekily to the two girls’, who were still panting from their exertions only minutes ago.
‘You’re an amazing lover but I’m so tired James,’ sighed Anna as James sat up on his knees.
‘O please,’ begged James, ‘my cock is aching for more.’ Anna and Rachel shared a smirk before Anna rolled onto her front.
‘Ok James,’ she said as she spread her legs slightly. James smiled as he mounted Anna from behind, making sure to give her pale ass a firm smack before sliding his large dick into her quivering pussy. After thirty more minutes of constant pounding, an exhausted James finally reached his long awaited climax.
‘Ahhh fuck…..urghhh……urghhhh…..mmmmm,’ moaned James suddenly as his cock exploded in pleasure and he filled Anna’s pussy with a large, but slightly more watery load of his semen.
‘Mmmm, that should do for a few more hours,’ said a satisfied James as he flopped onto the bed and lay in an impressive pose. The two, exhausted but satisfied girls curled either side of an equally tired James as they lay in silence for a few moments. After a while, waves of tiredness finally overpowered the three teenagers as they fell into a long, deep sleep.


James awoke late the next morning to the satisfying sight of a naked Rachel and Anna in his arms, their heads gently rested on either side of his chest as they slept away. James slipped his hands under the covers, which were wrapped snuggly around their waists, as he began to gently stroke their asses. James let his fingertips caress their soft skin as he gave both girls a kiss on top of their heads. At the feeling of his kiss, both girls’ began to stir as their eyes slowly flickered open.

‘Morning ladies,’ said James confidently.
‘Hey you,’ replied Anna as she gave James a long kiss on the lips whilst Rachel began to nibble and kiss on his body.
‘Did you both sleep well?’ asked James when he finally broke away from the kiss.
‘Very well,’ purred Anna in between kissing James’s neck.
‘Good…..did you both enjoy last night?’ said James softly, enjoying the feeling of the girls’ gentle kissing on his body.
‘Hell yes!’ replied Rachel causing James to chuckle.
‘Well look who’s decided to join us this morning,’ said James confidently as he gestured down the bed.
Both girls’ turned their heads and giggled instantly at the sight of James’s cock pitching a huge tent under the bed covers.

‘We’ll sort that out,’ said Anna cheekily as the two girls pulled down the covers so that James’s rock hard seven and a half inch cock sprang free. Slowly, the two girls’ descended towards James’s cock as they began to suck on it ravenously. After fifteen minutes of intense sucking and rubbing, James finally gave a loud groan as he cummed a massive load deep into Rachel’s mouth.
‘Yes that was good,’ panted an out of breath James as his huge cock began to rapidly deflate and the waves of intense orgasmic pleasure subsided. James watched on in delight as Rachel gargled his large amount of cum in her mouth. With a dirty look towards James, Anna positioned herself under Rachel as she opened her mouth and let James’s white seed spill into her awaiting mouth.

‘Ahh nice girls, drink my cum,’ said James softly as he watched some of his cum dribble down Anna’s chin and land on her erect nipples. With another quick gargle, both girls downed James’s sizeable load in one as James smiled at them in a horny passion.
‘Mmm tasted good,’ giggled Rachel, causing James and Anna to laugh.
‘I bet it did,’ said James erotically, ‘I’m sorry girls but I’m afraid you’ll have to leave now. Mum and Dad will be back soon and they’ll go mad if they find you both here.’
‘Harry Potter will be here soon?’ asked Rachel excitedly as she and Anna shared an eager look, ‘O James could we meet him? Pleaseeeeee?’
‘Sorry girl’s,’ chuckled James, ‘maybe another time.’ James sat back against his bed-rest as he reached towards his wine filled goblet on the bed-side table and drained the glass in one. James re-filled his glass once more and began sipping from it as he watched Anna and Rachel re-dress into their bra and panties. Once they had re-dressed, James placed his goblet down and walked them over to his fire-place.
‘Well thank-you for keeping me company ladies, it was a fun night,’ said James appreciatively to the girls, ‘I’ll see you both at Hogwarts tomorrow.’

‘Our pleasure James,’ purred Anna, ‘anytime.’ James smiled as he gave each of the girls a passion filled sloppy kiss on the lips and a squeeze of their bums. Rachel gave James a final brief kiss and a quick squeeze of his soft cock before she took a pinch of floo powder and disappeared into the flames. Similarly, Anna gave James a final kiss as James gave her breast a quick squeeze before she too vanished into the fire. Once they had both departed, James slowly turned around and gave a sigh of satisfaction. His bed-sheets lay messily all over his bed and in some places were still coated in honey and cum from their exertions the previous night. With the images of last night’s dirty sex still fresh in his mind, James summoned his dressing gown which he tied tightly around his body before departing the room.

James entered into the kitchen where Albus was sat reading his new spell books.
‘What were you doing last night?’ chirped Albus, ‘I could hear noises coming from your room.’
‘Never you mind,’ replied James as he gave Albus a gentle cuff around his head. Albus rubbed his head as James helped himself to some toast from the stack on the table that Albus had made.
‘Hogwarts tomorrow James,’ said Albus excitedly to his brother, ‘can’t wait!’
‘Nor can I,’ replied James through a mouthful of toast, ‘can’t believe it’s my last year…..its gone so fast.’
‘Yeah Jimmy, you’re getting old,’ replied Albus with a rare cheekiness as James gave Albus a wry smile, ‘do you think it’ll be a good year?’
‘Al, I think it’s going to be a year to remember,’ responded James.

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