Gill an 18 year history of depravity


I first met Gill when she was eighteen, she looked like a breath of fresh air, and we met in a biker heavy rock bar where everyone was wearing denim and leather. But she wore a summer floral print dress that was quite short, about mid thigh length along with oversized work boots without laces in them. She had an hour glass figure 36-26-36, her breasts were perky enough to stand upright, about a C-cup, with her nipples sticking through the dress, proving she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her bottom was quite tight and firm and stood to attention and there was no sign of a panty line under her dress which was reasonable tight in all the right places. Although we were in Sheffield in the North of England where most people looked pale, she had a golden natural tan with blue eyes and shoulder length blonde straight hair.

We didn’t date for seven years after meeting and only then for just less than two years, mainly sex and not much else; sex in public places was her thing. Eventually work separated us and I moved away. We bumped into each other a few years later and dated again for a year or so, before this time our jobs separated us once more.

Three years past and we bumped into each other again, she was out with a few of her mates, and she was quite merry and introduced me to her mates as her favourite fuck buddy. To which I frowned and said hello to her friends then told her I’d catch her later as she was obviously pissed. She asked for my mobile number and said she would text me hers. We left and went our separate ways.

A few weeks later I got a strange text, it said Hi it’s Gill, forgot to tell you I got married last year. Do you still live in the same flat; can I come over in an hour or so? I need a chat; I have something to ask you. I said ok. And that’s when things started to get interesting.

She came over to my flat; she was wearing a short summer dress and big clumpy work boots, nothing new there as she always used to wear this kind of gear when we first dated. A style she wore well. She didn’t mess around, took me by the hand and led me in to the bedroom where she undid my jeans pulled them down, pushed me on the bed and started giving me a blow job. Still quite shocked I blurted out; I thought you said you were married? She momentarily stopped said shush I explain shortly, then carried on until she slurped it all down and climbed on top of me, pulling her dress over her head just leaving a white lace thong on. I asked if wearing a thong was a married thing, as she never wore underwear when we dated.

She laughed, said I have a no questions asked deal for you, I will come over and do what I just did and then you will spank me for as long and as hard as you like and use whatever you want as long as you don’t draw blood. Do we have a deal?

I said ok, who wouldn’t she was a very fit blonde now in her mid thirties, no wrinkles, a long tongue and was one of only a couple of girls I knew who could deep throat me. It was a no brainer.

On that occasion I didn’t really know her thresholds so I gave her a 10 minute otk hand spanking, 20 minute hard slippering laid over a pillow on the bed. This was followed by thirty six strokes of the cane whilst bent over, touching her toes. At the end, she was panting but not crying. I asked her how she felt. After catching her breath she said, you really didn’t hold back did you? I said I could make it harder and longer if that’s what she wanted. She smiled and said, leave that for next time, I’ll be in touch, got dressed and left.

A week or so passed and she phoned once more and asked to come over, I was busy but agreed for her to call round a little later. When she arrived she asked if we could go for a walk in the woods opposite where I lived. I said ok and off we went. These woods were used as a nature trail by the school nearby and as a shortcut for people who were going to the hospital as it was a lot quicker than travelling right round. So they were busier than most wooded areas.

After about ten minutes we left the main path for a clearing, about hundred yards away, often used by local kids at night. The ground was littered with beer cans and cider bottles as well as a couple of fire pits. Gill told me she wanted me to cut some switches and use them to cane her. I went off to find a couple that were suitable, when I returned she was naked except for her boots and bent over a fallen tree. She asked me to use both switches together and give her at least fifty hard strokes across her bottom. I only managed 28 before the switches broke. I fetched another four and gave her the remaining 32 using all four together like a birching.

Afterwards she knelt in front of me and paid for her beating as arranged. Then she got dressed and I walked her back to her jeep. She left her knickers hanging from the branch near where she had been bent over saying it would give the kids something to think about. We kissed and said goodbye.

It was over a month before her next visit; she turned up without calling first and asked if there were any pubs in the area that did a reasonably good lunch. I told her there was one that had reasonably good food at a fair price, but the beer range wasn’t to my liking and it had a reputation for being a bit rough on match days. Luckily today wasn’t a match day, so she offered to take me for lunch, her treat and she would drive us there. Gill owned a white Suzuki Grand Vitara Jeep which she has bought years previous.

We drove over to the pub and pulled up in the car park near to the, kids play area and went in for lunch. While chatting over lunch, she apologised for not ringing first, but she had been visiting her husband at work which was only ten minutes away. She was wearing a black roll neck sweater dress and her usual oversized work boots, she told me that she had forgotten to put any underwear on, I figured that she was flirting as her not wearing underwear wasn’t unusual.

The conversation soon moved on to spanking when she asked me if I had ever spanked anyone in a pub, I told her I had spanked Karen a couple of time in a pub car park and Julia in a pub bar. She then asked if the spankings had been on their bare bottoms, I said no, both of Karen’s had been over her jeans and Julia’s has been over her dress, although a couple of smacks had probably struck her bare legs as her dress had been short.

She smiled, and licked her lips provocatively. She suggested that after lunch I should spank her in the car park on her bare bottom. I said that would probably be a bad idea as we were parked near the children’s play area. She pondered for a moment then agreed. We left and she asked if I would be alright getting home on my own as she had to pick her husband up, I said yes that was fine as there was a shortcut through the park and it would only take 10 minutes to walk it. We kissed and I thanked her for lunch before heading off.

A few days later she phoned me and told me she couldn’t get the thought of getting spanked in a pub car park in public out of her head. This reminded me of our dating days, and having sex in pub beer gardens. It was literally making her wet just talking about it. She asked me to think of a quiet pub with a car park where we could drive in, spank her and drive out without too much of a problem and she would come round the following week.

This first car park spanking was a short affair, Gill turned up in short white denim shorts and a vest with large arm holes which left little to the imagination due to her being braless as usual. We drove to the pub just around the corner from where I lived, a pub I didn’t like very much if at all and which was frequented by football fans drinking şişli bayan escort bottled lager as the draught beers were undrinkable due to poor cellarmanship.

The pub had a reasonably big car park in front of it and a driveway to the rear car park, which was used to serve the pubs five-a-side football pitch and changing which were under the pub. There were thick bushes at either side of the car park which separated it from the houses at the sides and a row of small trees along the top of the car park separating it from the pavement and busy road. The entrance was quite wide allowing cars and pedestrians to enter and exit at the same time. There were three picnic tables diagonally opposite the car park entrance adjacent to the pubs front doors and on this occasion there were half a dozen blokes standing near the tables smoking and drinking.

I asked Gill to stay in the jeep as the side view of her long legs, shorts and vest was already stirring up interest with the locals. I went inside and bought a bottle of beer and a bottle of coke for Gill and returned to the jeep. I told Gill that if I was to spank her here it would be over her shorts, she didn’t argue as her normal confident nature had slipped a little. She drank her coke then asked where the toilets were, I told her, but advised her to wait until we got back as her walking in to the pub would stir up the locals. She said she could handle it and off she went, she returned five minutes later with a chorus of “Get your tits out for the lads” been sung by the group of blokes outside the pub. I took the bottles over to one of the empty tables and as I was leaving, one of the blokes asked “Does the blonde piece take it up the arse?” I replied, you had better ask her husband, and returned to the jeep.

At which point Gill got out of the jeep, came round to the passenger side dropped her shorts and bent over my knee. If she had done this earlier, the blokes outside would have had a full view, but luckily a car had parked next to us, between us and the pub, blocking their view. I wasted no time and gave her fifty hard smacks across her bare bottom in quick succession, barely giving her time to catch her breath and leaving both her ass and the tops of her thighs bright red, I then told her to dress and drive us back. Which she did and came in to my flat, (a), because I had requested her payment in full as per our arrangement and (b), because even with her shorts on it was obvious that she had been spanked due to my hand prints across the tops of her thighs. She was supposed to be picking her husband up from work, but hadn’t got time to drive to the other side of Sheffield and back to pick up some jeans or a skirt!

I suggested putting a bag of frozen veg on her bottom at the top of her thighs to reduced the swelling and soreness, I also suggested that she borrow a pair of my desert combat trousers as it wouldn’t have been the first time she had worn oversized men’s trousers to go out in, but in the end she simply borrowed one of my denim shirts and a belt and wore it as a dress. I must admit it looked a lot better on her than on me.

A few weeks later she messaged me and suggested we visit the pub where we had eaten lunch at, park away from the kids play area and I could give her a good spanking. She said she was coming to mine straight from the gym so would be wearing short stretch shorts and a sports bra top, she told wear she would keep her shorts on for the spanking because they were very tight fitting, and thin enough to not offer her bottom any kind of protection at all.

I said ok, and when we arrived at the pub the car park was pretty full. One of the local football teams were playing and the match was being televised and shown on the televisions in the pub. As it happened the pub was pretty full, luckily for us most of the window blinds were down to keep the suns reflection off the screens and there was no one outside smoking as everyone was watching the game in side. I went to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks; it took a while as the pub was rammed full.

When I got back out front, Gill was sat at a picnic table near the front entrance. I sat down opposite her with my back to the pub and gave her drink to her. She finished it then got up and walked round to my side of the table to my right and bent across my lap. I looked round to make sure no one was watching, as well as checking towards the pedestrian entrance and the driveway before starting to spank her. I took my time landing each smack across the area where her thighs and bottom met, knowing that this was the most sensitive area to spank.

The spanking lasted a good five or six minutes to complete, when finished, the tops of her thighs were bright red and there was a definite glow from her bottom through the material of the shorts, as well as a damp patch at the front of her shorts and on the leg of my jeans. From the moaning during her spanking, I knew she had had an orgasm. She lay still for a moment so get her balance as she was trembling, she said I think we had better go, we have an audience! I looked round and saw about eight blokes standing in the doorway just feet away staring at us and smiling. Gill found her feet a walked back to her jeep; I finished my drink and walked over to it too. As we got in, the blokes started clapping and whistling, they continued to do so as we drove away.

When we got back to mine Gill asked if she could take a shower, afterwards she came in to the lounge, knelt in front of me, smiled then sucked me off as per our arrangement. She told me she had come twice during the spanking. Gill then dressed and left for home. She messaged me a couple of days later to tell me she kept having more and more orgasms every time she thought of the spanking she had received and the looks on the men’s faces afterwards.

It was over a month since our last car park debacle, when Gill messaged me to ask if I fancied trying her car park fantasy out one last time. Unusually, instead of coming round to mine she had driven to the football pub around the corner from me, pulled up in the car park in front of it before messaging me.

Unfortunately I wasn’t at home as I was out shopping, I explained I was about half an hour away by bus and suggested she drive round to mine and wait there. She replied that it was a nice day and that she had put on a tight fitting white top and denim mini skirt for my benefit, the car park was empty and there wasn’t anyone stood outside drinking or smoking. So she would go get herself a drink and sit outside on one of the picnic tables and wait for me there.

I arrived about forty minutes later, her jeep was still in the front car park but I couldn’t see her, I went in the pub but still couldn’t see her. I tried phoning her but got no reply; I hung around and had a drink in case she was in the toilets but still no Gill. After an hour, I left, her jeep was still in the car park but she was nowhere to be seen. I walked back to my flat in case she had decided to walk there, but still no sign of her. I tried calling her several times but got no answer, that night I wandered back up to the pub and her jeep had gone.

It was a few years later while out with my fiancé that I bumped in to Gill in a student pub in town, she was partying with a group of girls. I walked past her to go to the bar, glanced her way but didn’t say anything as I wasn’t 100% sure it was her. She was wearing a 70’s style one piece pant suit, but instead of trousers it was loose fitting shorts, plus she was in heels not her old work boots.

On my way back to our seats she stopped me and asked why I hadn’t said hello, I explained I hadn’t been sure it şişli escort was her due to what she was wearing and her lack of dodgy boots and that I was out with my fiancé. She asked if I was still living in the same place and I replied that I was. She asked me to give her my mobile number before I left so that we could catch up. I said okay.

My fiancé was more than a little curious of who the blonde was and I told her she was an ex from way back and to stop being jealous. She continued to ask questions and I told her I would introduce her to Gill before we left if that’s what she wanted, but to stop asking so many questions or she would get her rear warmed for the second time that night.

When we left, I introduced them to each other, both were being bitchy. I slapped my fiancés bottom and told her to wait outside while I said goodnight to Gill. I slipped my phone number written on a beer mat into her hand, turned her round and slapped her bottom and told her that’s for being a bitch.

My fiancé later found that I was a man of my word as she received a spanking in the middle of town on a back street followed by a strapping when we got home before going to bed.

The next afternoon Gill text me asking if she could meet up for a chat, I told her I was going out that night clubbing with my mates, but could meet her in town at some point, she asked if my fiancé would be there and I said she had gone home as she was going to have Sunday lunch with her family the next day.

It was gone eleven when Gill messaged me, she said she had been out with her husband’s family earlier and couldn’t get away, I explained I was on my way to a rock club but could meet her there as it was a reunion party and there would be people there who knew her too. She wasn’t keen on that idea as I was the only person from the old crowd that she had kept in touch with and that her ex wouldn’t appreciate her being there as he had always suspected that she had left him for me.

I explained that not only was that old news and me and her ex had sorted that out over a decade previously but, her ex had died a couple of years ago of an accidental overdose. She agreed to come but declined the reunion invitation; she said she would go to the room on the top floor and message me when she was there. I was outside talking to friends who were smoking when I got Gill’s message to say she was upstairs, so I made my excuses and went up to see her. We chattered for an hour, catching up on the last few years before she asked if we could get a cab back to mine. I reminded her that I was engaged to be married and she was still married so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. She told me not to worry, she just needed to talk to me in private and would only stay a couple of hours and then get a cab home, reluctantly I agreed as I was curious on what she had to say.

When we got back to mine she asked if I had any white wine to drink, I said no only a nice bottle of Merlot, but she declined and said a cuppa will be fine. She initially told me about how her and her husband were now living as man and wife whereas, originally it had been purely a business agreement in order for him to extend his work visa and her life was a lot happier now. I was pleased for her, I asked if her husband spanked her and she said no, it wasn’t something they had talked about yet, and probably wouldn’t.

She asked if I ever spanked my fiancé, I explained that since she had read “50 Shades of Grey”, all kinds of punishment had been explored and that she even kept a diary to write down every time she had been naughty or told a lie, so that I could punish her for her naughtiness. She wasn’t into the bondage side due to having panic attacks, but had received slipper, cane, strap, tawse, belt, rod, ruler, crop and my hand usually on her bare bottom and all made her wet. Gill was happy that I had found someone whom I had similar interest with in and out of the bedroom.

It was getting late and so I asked what was it she had needed to talk to me about in private. She asked if I remembered her car park fantasies from when she used to call round. I said I did, including the last one when she disappeared. She said that’s what I need to talk about, she hadn’t disappeared she had been coerced and held against her will for several hours.

She had arrived at the car park and messaged me at around two in the afternoon, gone inside for a coke and then sat outside at one of the tables. Shortly after five men in black combat trousers and boots had sat down at the table next to hers. One of the men had asked her to join them to which she politely refused, after a bit of banter he got up came over to her and showed her his Police warrant card and told her they would like to ask her some questions.

She sat with them and they asked her the usual ID questions and asked to see her driving license and wrote down her details in a note book. Then one of the men suggested they take her down to the station to interview her about her lewd behaviour. They explained they had been told that she had been in this pub before wearing a top with no sides and flashed her breasts at the locals, there was also security footage taken from the rooftop CCTV camera of her dropping her shorts and bending over a man’s knee and getting spanked on her bare bottom, also of her being spanked in just her underwear in front of a dozen witnesses in the car park of the pub down the road. She was then asked to respond to these allegations individually, as they were interested in her reasons for this behaviour.

Flashing the locals: She denied doing anything of the sort; she explained that her top had large arm holes; she never wore a bra as she didn’t have any need to. The locals may have had a glimpse of the side of one of her breasts when she had walked past them but she in no way flashed them.

Being caught on camera while being spanked on her bare bottom: She admitted that she had dropped her shorts and been spanked but had done so believing that no one could see her as there had been a car between her and the pub, she hadn’t known about the CCTV camera.
Spanked in underwear in front of a dozen witnesses: She admitted to being spanked in front of the pub, put she was wearing white gym shorts and sports bra not just underwear. Although she admitted that her gym shorts were small and tight and she could understand how they could be mistaken for underwear. As to been spanked in front of witnesses she admitted that after the spanking had finished there were a few people in front of the pub cheering but they must have come out during her spanking and not seen all of it.

She was then asked if she liked dressing provocatively, for example the fact that even now both her nipples were clearly visible and her skirt barely covered her bottom, even revealing her cheeks when she sat down. She replied that in her understanding of the law wearing revealing clothes wasn’t an offence and if they went to the town centre or down West Street on a weekend they would see girls wearing a lot less. She was then sarcastically asked if she was a lawyer, to which she replied that no, but her father was the Chief Superintendent of SY Police before retiring.

So just to recap, you admit to wearing revealing clothing showing your bare breasts in a public house, you admit to baring your bottom and being spanked in a public place, and you admit to receiving a spanking in front of a group of people wearing short thin short style panties? To which she replied they were shorts not panties, I never wear panties!

The man who first spoke to her then asked her what she did for a living to which she replied that she was the Supervisor mecidiyeköy escort in the Quality Control Department at a well known food processing factory. He then said that she seemed to be taking this very lightly, you may not know this but thanks to the CCTV we had your jeep number plate checked out to find where you live and look in to your circumstances. We think it’s strange for you to travel to the other side of the city to carry out your lewd intensions, obviously not wanting your neighbours to find out what a slut you are? If we take you to the station and charge you with indecent behaviour and public disorder offences, not only will it go to court and the case will be published in the newspaper, but you will be listed on the sex offender list. This in turn means that your neighbours will be informed you are on the list as will your employer and your husband!

I believe your husband is on a marriage work visa isn’t he? This will be revoked as you will no longer count as a person of good character. You may lose your job, without your husband’s income you will lose your house as I doubt you could afford the mortgage whilst on benefits and I doubt you’re ex Chief Superintendent Father would speak to you again. So what do you think of your situation now? Still want to be a clever bitch?

Her mouth dropped and she begged them not to arrest her, when one of the men leaned over the table and spoke to the man who had been talking to her. She was then asked if she was prepared to take an alternative form of punishment not too dissimilar to the types of punishments she had been caught getting.

Of course she knew that she had no choice but to accept whatever they decided. She was walked to a nearby house where one of the men lived, all but one of the men went into the lounge area to watch the football, and the other took Gill in to the back garden and into a shed. He told her he used to work for the South African Police Riot Squad and was used to dealing with troublesome young ladies. He went over to a cupboard and pulled out and a long thick plastic rod, He asked Gill to hold it, he told her it was called a Sjambok, originally made from hippopotamus or rhinoceros hide, and used as a cattle whip, but the plastic version had been developed for police use, it was shorter at only around three feet long, about an inch thick at the handle and tapered down to just under half an inch at the tip.

She was then taken back into the kitchen, the lead officer came back in and said that she would have the choice of three punishments by Mick the South African or be arrested; she was left alone for ten minutes to decide.

Both men then came back, and she told them she accepted their punishment. She was then told that she would be videoed as proof that she was a willing participant of some adult sexual activities, reluctantly she agreed. The other man went back to the lounge, she was ordered to strip and bend over the kitchen table. Mick told her that traditionally she would be hung up for the beating and it would be across her back. However as she seemed to enjoy being spanked on her bottom, this is where he would whip her.

He then began to beat her, giving her thirty strokes until her legs gave way. She was allowed to compose herself before receiving the following twenty. She was then taken to the lounge for the others to inspect the welts and bruises, and was told that this was the end of the first punishment; the next two were there to teach her humility. The second punishment was to entertain the men in the lounge before dressing and going back to the pub where she had to remove she would strip and apologise to the landlord and the group of men who had seen her been spanked at the other pub.

The entertainment they had in mind turned out to be of a sexual nature, she had very rough vaginal and anal sex, multiple times including being double penetrated several times for a couple of hours with all five men before giving them blow jobs and swallowing all their ejaculations. She was then taken to the bathroom, cleaned up and showered before dressing and walked back to the pub.

On entering the pub a large fat bald headed man who looked about sixty came over to them and said “I hope you’re here to explain yourself young lady”, one of the men told him she was there to apologise to all concerned and make amends. The fat man smiled and told the men to take her round the back to the changing rooms. On entering the changing rooms she was taken through to the team room where there were around twenty men waiting. She was taken to the front of them and introduced as the horny slut who liked to be spanked in pub car parks. She was told that the men in front of her were the men who had been sat outside the pub the first time she got spanked and the men who watched her get spanked in her short shorts.
She was then told she would have to go to each man, apologise to them individually and ask how she might make it up to them to ensure they accepted her apology in full. But first she must strip completely naked. Gill looked at the men who had brought her in to see if they were joking, they weren’t. She slowly undressed in front of the crowd who cheered her on.

She walked over to the first man and said she was sorry and asked him what he would like her to do. She knew the answer before he said it “suck my cock and swallow my load bitch”. This was the norm from now and was repeated for the first fourteen men who were all in their late teens to early twenties. The next man was older, a similar age to her he said “suck my cock, then bend over while I fuck your arse off”, this was repeated by the next two men too. The last three circled her, told her to kneel and she was told to suck them until hard then get on all fours while they took it in turns to spit roast her. When all twenty were satisfied, they were told to go back in the pub and send the landlord down.

She was told this was her final punishment, she had to apologise to him and ask him to withdraw the charges against her in exchange for whatever he wanted. The fat bald man walked in, smiled at her and asked what she wanted. She asked him what she had been told to and as expected sucked him off and swallowed his load, she was the told to put her skirt and shoes back on and walk with them back in to the pub topless. A round of applause and cheers met her. She was told to get in her jeep and drive home, they would keep hold of her vest plus they had videoed both the sex sessions at the house and the sex sessions in the team room, these were to be put on DVD and sold to all the guys that had fucked her as souvenirs and to remind them to keep a look out for her in the future.

Afterwards she was told never to come back to the area again or all her punishments would be doubled, videoed and published on the internet. There was one last threat given to her that if any of the five of them bumped in to her anywhere, she would be expected to apologise to them and do whatever they wanted on the spot regardless of where she was.

This is why she had stayed away and why she couldn’t risk staying the night. She admitted that she had been put off spanking, as even the thought of the beating she had received at the house now scared her.

Her story made me physically sick, we said our goodbyes and I haven’t heard from her since and that was six years ago. Just over two and a half years ago I moved out of the area, but my bus to town still passed both pubs and the woods, and sometimes I think of the spanking she got and sometimes about her being coerced into sex in the team room. The pub where everything kicked off has since closed, the landlord moved to another pub, later split from his wife and left the industry. As to the five men, only one of them it turned out was a police officer, his whereabouts are unknown.

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