Gray Rock Academy pt.4


-Thanks for all the good ratings and comments, the comments really make me want to continue with the series-

“I just don’t understand what happened?” Jax spoke to Tyler as they rode in the front of the bus on their way back to gray rock. They continued the discussion as the boys complained about not getting to see the girls and such. The whole bus ride back was noisy. As the bus pulled into the parking lot and the cadets made their way back to the dorms Jax and Tyler made their way to the armory to check in their weapons. Jax spoke as they walked “I know you don’t agree with all the behind the scenes stuff” he motioned with his fingers as if quoting. “But I also have seen how you look and act around that cadet…what’s his name…max”. Tyler would shake his head “it’s not even like that Jax… he is just a good kid, you know I’m not like the rest of you animals” he would grin bumping into Jax. “Besides he kind of reminds me of myself when I was that age, you remember don’t you?” once again grinning. Jax would grin back “reminds you of a little you huh? Then maybe I should pay him a visit…” Tyler bit his lower lip but not say anything as they checked in the weapons.

James was just entering the dorm a few mins after Sam who was already fast asleep. Casey watched as he entered. Casey sighed as max pulled the remainder of the poker chips to his already massive, neatly stacked chips. Casey looked at him “you shouldn’t gamble…” max would smile back “you should learn a better poker face”. Casey announced lights out as Chris entered from his night off and Casey went back to the juniors. Jax entered the senior’s dorm to do the nightly check in as Tyler did the same for the juniors. Jax walked up and down a few of the isles inspecting, he stopped at max’s bed as he spoke to the cadets. “Alright everyone, have a good night’s sleep” he hand was resting on max’s shoulder as max just looked at him funny, the hand sliding down max’s shoulders and stopped, resting on his lower back. “Busy day tomorrow” he turned a smiled at max before leaving the dorm.

The exercises for the morning were almost over and the juniors were getting ready to move into the academics portions of their şişli bayan escort day and the senior moved into the work yard. Tyler stepped out in front of the cadets. “Alright cadets, no work or exercise this afternoon” Tyler would say as all the cadet looked confused, happy but confused. He would turn to Casey and Chris “pick teams, soccer is the game of choice, winners get to accompany myself to a movie… an entire night out of the academy” he would nod and wish them luck and he took off his shirt. Tyler’s body was probably one of the fittest in the school, his skin a darker tan, his abs stretched down into a tight “V” shape just above those blue flannel boxers. He slides the black and white referee shirt over his tightly built chest.
Jax was pacing in the halls “where the fuck is he?” He would hear small steps behind him “you wanted to see me sir?” Jax would turn to see young Scott from the juniors behind him. The blue eyes, so light as if they were from the oceans of Hawaii. His spiked up blonde hair was stiff with gel. That boy smile with the pearly white was the definition of innocence. Jax just stared at him. “Um sir?” Scott would break the silence and pause. Jax would look at him with a grin “I was told you skipped showing before class today?” Scott looked nervous now “s-s-sir I um didn’t have…the time…it was short”. Scott looked down “how long will I be spending in the work yard?” Jax grabbed his shoulder “your not in trouble Scott, but I want you to report to the showers now, a gentleman needs to learn the responsibility of keeping oneself clean.
Scott walked into the shower, a small, white, puffy towel around his thin waist. Scott’s body was slim and smooth. As he entered he realized Jax was sitting on one of the benches. Scott stood there for a moment before Jax spoke “well?” Scott would put his head down but tilt his eyes up toward Jax in a seductive manner, a non-intimidating look, and Jax would smirk back. Scott would slowly undo his towel and allow it to slide from his body, he stepped into the shower. Those blonde spikes becoming dark as it matted down to his face, slightly covering over them baby blue eyes, those blue eyes that never left Jax. “Good boy şişli escort Scott… your very well trained” Jax would move up on the bench undoing his cargo and sliding them down to his thighs revealing just his cock and waist. Scott would finish sliding his hand from under his little ball sac, the white lotion laid on his butt and entire groin in thick layer as he moved to Jax. “Well I had a very good teacher sir” he climbed into Jax lap almost instantly lining his ass up with that thick hard cock, bringing himself down upon it. His faced grimaced slightly as he tried to fit it in. he was about half way in as he put his arms around Jax neck and placed his little lips against jax’s older rougher lips an pressed that tiny tongue into Jax mouth kissing him as he slowly and softly bounced up and down working more and more of that older boys cock into his ass.

There he was nude. Scott’s little, smooth, and tender body bouncing up and down on the clothed, except his lap, body of Jax. He would slide totally down onto jax’s oversized rod and then begin squirm in a small circle motions. Jax would whisper “ride it slut”. Scott would begin bouncing again, bouncing like a wild boy as his own little dick rubbed on jax’s tight black tee shirt. Jax was holding his hips down onto his lap as he released load after load up into Scott, who moaned as he felt his ass fill up. Jax breathed out heavy as he continued to speak to him “I need you to do me a little favor …”

Casey’s team was losing badly, the score was 5 goals to one and there was only a few mins left. Chris and max now moved the ball down the field passing to each other making great moves as they worked it down field. Chris passed it to max who shot and made the goal as the same time receiving a late slide tackle. Max would drop holding his knee. Tyler dismissed all to leave and shower with Casey and Chris leading them away as he attending to max helping him to a bench and kneeling in front of him.

Max sat on the bench gripping his knee and wincing in pain. Tyler would tell him to sit still and lean back. Max sat back , he wore only his black mesh shorts as he covered his face and leaned his head back and Tyler wrapped his hand mecidiyeköy escort onto max’s leg and slide his shorts up a bit higher on his thigh and then put his hands on the knee. Max’s hands instantly covered Tyler’s as he moaned slightly in pain. With his hands resting n max’s leg and covered by max’s hands Tyler looked up at max. Their eyes stayed locked for a min. Tyler would break the awkwardness “umm I don’t think ya pulled anything, probably just twisted it”. Max would nod and look down at Tyler’s hands in his as they both rested on his leg. Max would slowly pull his hands along with max’s farther up on his legs. About mid thigh Tyler would pull away “did you want t go get some ice?” Max and Tyler made their way to the infirmary, Tyler helping him walk along hand over his shoulder, occasionally looking over at each other.

“So you understand cadet?” Jax would ask and Scott would nod and watch Jax button up his pants. Jax would grin “come here Scott “he would make Scott stand up o the bench bringing Scotts belly at the same level as jax’s face. Jax began kissing on that smooth, young, flat tummy as he once again removed Scotts towel. That soft little dick hung downward as Jax slowly placed it into his mouth and began sucking on it. Scotts hands moved to run through jax’s hair. That little dick getting stiffer as the vocal scot moaned out, jax’s hands moving to that little bubble butt, his middle fingers both teasing as that still warm and gooey ass. Jax continued for a min or two as he felt Scotts body tighten up. He moved one hand to cups Scotts little balls with a few budding pubic hairs. His other hands moved to begin jacking off that throbbing little member, keeping the head resting on his tongue inside his opened mouth. Milking that little piece of meat, begging for the sweet nectar that only the youngest and cutest of boys could offer. It may have been only a few drops, but it was juice from the gods as Scotts hip bucked naturally offering a tiny spray onto jax’s tongue. Jax swallowed it down cleaning it up some as he heard the dorm doors open.

Jax stood up “maybe I’ll have some of the other boys come in and use you?” Scott looked up slightly worried. Jax grinned before leaving and a few of the other cadets enter looking at the naked and sticky wet body of Scott and almost all said in unison “ fun times at Gray Rock Academy!”

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