Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 11 part 2 – The End of all Things


This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 11 – part 2
Tears started to form in Harry’s eyes as he tried to contemplate what he had just witnessed. Ron’s and Snape’s spell had combined to strike Dumbledore square in the chest. The power of the spell raised him off the ground, momentarily hanging him above them like an angel before being thrown backwards, over the battlements to his death.
‘YESSSSS!’ shrieked an ecstatic Bellatrix as she fired the Dark Mark into the night sky above them, while a pale, wide eyed Draco stood frozen to the spot in shock. Harry however only had eyes on one person, his friend Ron who was looking on at where Dumbledore had fell. A sick, twisted smile had formed cruelly on his mouth and a strange red glint flashed across his eyes his usual caring eyes.
‘We must leave now before the Order finds us,’ said Snape hurriedly as he grabbed Draco by the arm and went to leave the tower.
‘What’s the hurry?’ said Ron as he turned slowly to face Snape, ‘the old man is dead; the spoils of Hogwarts are ours.’ The other Death Eaters murmured in an excited agreement.
Snape looked on at the Death Eaters, who seemed eager for action, ‘fine,’ said Snape, ‘but I’m going to the Dark Lord to inform him of the news, I’ll make sure he sends reinforcements to you.’
‘Let’s go boys,’ cried Ron with a cackle as he lead the Death Eaters down the spiral staircase leaving Harry to silently cry alone, not just at the death of his mentor, but at the fall of his friend.

Ron was walking down a corridor, moonlight shining through the windows as he fired spells at the paintings and suits of armour, obliterating them immediately. More Death Eaters had arrived and were running amok around the school, destroying, killing, stealing and raping at will. Ron passed Greyback and Dolohov along the corridor, who were raping a pair of girls from Hufflepuff in Ron’s year on the floor, whilst another Death Eater ran past, chasing a bunch of students who were cowering in a classroom.

‘Ron!’ one of the girls cried when she saw him approach, ‘please……help us,’ she pleaded through tears. Dolohov, who was riding her doggy style, looked up at Ron and grinned as Ron smiled back wickedly.
‘Sorry girls, but it’s too late for that now. O and boys, if you happen to see Ginny Weasley around then make sure you capture her. If by chance Harry does escape we can always use her as bait,’ said Ron casually. Dolohov nodded; turning his attention back to the girl as he spanked her ass hard. Ron continued down the corridor, firing a spell out of the window towards the battle that was raging between a group of Death Eaters and members of the Order of the Phoenix in the grounds. Ron soon found himself at the foot of the long corridor that lead towards the Gryffindor common room. Somebody had destroyed the painting of the Fat Lady as he made his way into the deserted common room. Tables and chairs had been overturned and smashed and homework lay strewn on the floor, where only a few hours ago, students were peacefully revising for their exams in a few weeks time. Ron readied his wand as he heard footsteps come down the common room stairs.

‘Ron! Thank goodness your here, there’s Death Eaters everywhere,’ said Hermione as she hurried over to Ron and embraced him. Ron hugged her back before suddenly giving Hermione a kiss on her lips.
‘Ron….,’ began Hermione before she finally gave into her passions and threw herself at Ron’s mercy. Ron held her in his strong arms, his hands snaking their way down Hermione’s back, as they continued to kiss passionately in the middle of the room.
‘Ron,’ said Hermione, her eyes closed as Ron ravenously kissed her neck, ‘we must….go and help.’
‘That can wait,’ said Ron through kisses, ‘I want you now Hermione,’ he said impatiently as his hands went to her breasts. Hermione sighed as she grabbed Ron by the back of neck, pulling him closer in as he kissed and licked her neck. Ron and Hermione stumbled across the room, locked in there passionate frenzy until Ron felt his knees give way when he hit a chair. Ron collapsed onto the chair as Hermione sat on his waist. Ron placed his hands on Hermione’s breasts again, feeling their softness through her top. The sensation caused Hermione to grind her hips into Ron, making his cock start to harden. Ron took the flimsy material of Hermione’s top and ripped it apart, revealing Hermione’s D sized tits to him. Ron paused momentarily in awe as he looked at Hermione’s naked breasts for the first time. They were perfectly round, with light brown areolas and large nipples that had already began to harden.

Eventually, Ron reached out his hands and took large handfuls of them as he begun to play with them. Ron wiggled his hands, enjoying the sight of Hermione’s breasts ripple about in his hands. şişli bayan escort He then began to massage them in a circular motion as Hermione bent her body forward, encouraging Ron to suck on them. Ron took the hint as he placed both hands around Hermione’s left breast, squeezing it lightly so that her nipple bulged upwards. Ron brought his lips closer towards it, parting them slightly, allowing his tongue to flit in and out quickly around her areola and nipple. Hermione moaned lightly at this sensation as her hands snuck underneath Ron’s robe and began to feel Ron’s torso; her fingers squeezing and feeling Ron’s strong muscles. Ron then opened his mouth wide began to suckle on Hermione’s nipple, allowing huge amounts of her tit to enter his mouth. Hermione moaned out again louder as her hands began to stroke up and down Ron’s groin.
‘Suck my cock Hermione,’ said Ron with a final kiss and squeeze of her breast. Hermione smiled as she gave Ron a kiss on the lips and loosened his robes, so that, his chest and tummy lay free of the clothing. Hermione let her kisses and licks slowly descend Ron’s body, halting momentarily at his stomach, as Hermione kissed and squeezed his six pack. Finally, Hermione knelt at the foot of the chair, her head directly in front of Ron’s groin; who opened his legs slightly to allow Hermione to remove his boxers. Hermione slowly removed his boxers, watching how more and more of his cock became revealed until finally, it sprung free and slapped Ron’s stomach.

‘Oooo……I love your cock Ron,’ purred Hermione, as she looked at Ron’s fat 6 inch cock for the first time. Pre-cum lay glistening at the tip as it pulsated there, ready for action.
‘Quickly Hermione, we don’t have much time,’ said Ron eagerly. Hermione gave Ron a lustful smile as she wrapped her hand around the base of Ron’s cock and began to pump her hand up and down along his shaft. Hermione squeezed hard on his shaft, so that all Ron’s pre-cum collected at his head as Hermione poked out her tongue and lapped it all up greedily. Ron sighed out in ecstasy as he momentarily felt Hermione’s warm, wet tongue hit his sensitive head. Suddenly, Hermione shoved Ron’s cock into her mouth, causing Ron’s hips to shoot forward as his fingers dug into the arms of the chair.
‘Fuck!’ Ron blurted out as Hermione began to suck Ron’s cock with a deep, quick action. Hermione continued to jack off Ron’s dick as she let her tongue swirl around the 3 inches of Ron’s cock that was in her mouth.
‘O God Hermione that’s amazing, you’re so beautiful…….so beautiful,’ groaned Ron loudly as he placed his hand lightly on the back of her head. Encouraged by Ron’s moans, Hermione opened her mouth wider as she lowered her head even more until her nose hit Ron’s groin.

‘Ooohhh,’ moaned Ron as Hermione engulfed his entire cock, ‘good girl,’ Ron said with a smile as Hermione stayed there, allowing her warm saliva to build up around Ron’s fat dick. After a few moments, Hermione broke away with a sharp inhalation of air, as she lifted up Ron’s dick and dove onto his shaven balls. Hermione began to suck and pull lightly at Ron’s ball sack as he ran his fingers through Hermione’s hair; his hips bucking naturally through the electric sensation of Hermione’s exploring tongue. With a final few quick rubs of Ron’s dick, Hermione stood up before Ron and began to sexily remove her skirt. She pulled playfully, at the bow on the side of her hips that kept her panties in place until finally she pulled it loose so that her panties fell to the ground. Ron’s eyes widened in awe as he stared at Hermione’s young, shaved pussy. Ron then looked at the rest of Hermione, who stood naked before him except for a pair of dark school stockings that came up to her knee.
Ron grabbed his cock and shook it encouragingly at Hermione who quickly jumped on top of Ron’s waist. Hermione wasted no time in grabbing hold of Ron’s cock and placing it at her entrance before lowering herself down, impaling herself on Ron’s dick.

‘Oohhh yeahhh,’ sighed Ron as a happy smile flickered across his face. Ron placed his hands on Hermione’s peachy bum as she began riding Ron’s cock eagerly. Hermione soon picked up a fast rhythm as her thighs began to hit Ron’s groin with a satisfying smack. Hermione locked her eyes onto Ron’s as she rode him, watching his face strain with pleasure as she clenched tightly around Ron’s dick. Ron brought his index finger to Hermione’s lips, as he slowly eased it into her mouth, letting her tongue lick and swirl all around it. Ron then with his other hand spread Hermione’s ass cheeks wide, as he removed his finger and placed his wet finger at her asshole. As Hermione thrusted down on to Ron’s cock, Ron quickly shoved his finger into her hole, causing her to moan out loud. Hermione however, smiled lustfully after this intrusion and continued with her fast thrusting; her hands resting on Ron’s chest for support. şişli escort Ron kept his finger in place for a while; enjoying the feel of how tight it was before he began to wiggle his finger to loosen her hole.

After a while, Ron removed his finger and placed both his hands on Hermione’s ass again as he stood up from the chair. Hermione wrapped her long legs around Ron, whose dick still lay in her pussy as Ron stumbled over to the table. Ron roughly brushed aside the books and parchment that lay on top of the table as he placed Hermione down gently upon it. He placed her legs on top of his shoulders as he whipped his cock out of Hermione’s pussy. His cock glistened with a combination of Hermione’s saliva and pussy juices as he placed it by her asshole and began to push his hips forward forcefully.
‘Ahhhhhh………yeahh,’ moaned Hermione as a few inches of Ron’s dick struggled in to her ass. Ron paused momentarily, enjoying the sensation of Hermione’s tight ass around his fat dick before he began to buck his hips. After a few minutes, Hermione’s ass began to loosen as Ron began to thrust into her with ease. Ron grabbed hold of Hermione’s large tits, feeling a sense of power and control as he looked down at Hermione who was panting out loud with his thrusts. Ron kissed and sucked on Hermione’s dainty toes that lay on his shoulders, as he continued to pound her and feel her tits. The combined sensation of all three of these things sent Hermione wild as she thrusted her sweet ass hard back at Ron, so that all 6 inches of his dick entered her.

‘Ohh God,’ groaned Ron, as his body began to tense with the pleasure of fucking Hermione’s tight ass. His hands clenched firmly around Hermione’s breasts as he began to feel his orgasm build up.
‘Cum in my pussy Ron,’ begged Hermione. With one fluid action, Ron took his cock out of Hermione’s ass and into her pussy. Her warm, wet cunt finally drove Ron over the edge as his body tensed up and he let out a low groan.
‘Ahhhhhh…….ooo Hermione……ahhhhh……ohhhh,’ moaned Ron loudly as he shot thick strands of cum deep into Hermione’s pussy. Ron’s hips bucked fiercely into Hermione each time he shot off a wad of his young cum. Ron’s body collapsed on top of Hermione’s as he began to suckle on her hard nipples as his orgasm began to slowly pass; cum leaking slowly out of his fat dick.
‘O Hermione,’ sighed Ron as he began to passionately kiss her on the lips, his softening dick still inside her pussy.
‘I love you so much Ron,’ said Hermione after they broke away from their loving kiss.
‘I adore you Hermione,’ said Ron with warmth in his eyes as he removed his wet dick from her pussy. Hermione jumped down from the table and sucked on Ron’s soft cock, licking both his and her own cum from his warm cock. Once Ron’s cock was clean of all juices, they quickly found their clothes and re-dressed; Hermione having to conjure up a top to replace the one Ron had torn.

‘Come on now Ron,’ said Hermione as she took hold of his hand, ‘we have to go and defeat these Death Eaters.’
‘No we don’t,’ replied Ron.
‘What are you talking about Ron?’ said a confused Hermione, ‘we have to go now; Dumbledore will need our help to fight.’
‘Dumbledore doesn’t need our help. Dumbledore’s dead Hermione, I was there. I saw it happen….I made it happen,’ Ron said slowly.
‘No!’ said Hermione in shock as she broke away from Ron, ‘it cannot be. Where’s Harry? Is he safe?’ asked Hermione with tears pouring down her face, ‘Ron….what’s wrong with you?’ Hermione asked as at the sound of Harry’s name, a strange spark crossed his eyes and his expression turned to that of anger.
‘Harry’s missing…..hopefully he’s dead,’ started Ron, ‘don’t you understand Hermione. I’m with Voldemort now. He’s promised me what I’ve always wanted, wealth, power, status…….your love. Come with me Hermione, Harry’s finished, with Dumbledore dead it’s only a matter of time before the Ministry falls. Join me Hermione and with Voldemort we can fulfil our dreams……together,’ Ron said quickly, his face pale and twisted in a cold ambition. Hermione hesitated momentarily, unsure of whom to side with.
‘I love you Ron…..,’ began Hermione.
‘Leave her alone Ron,’ said a commanding voice from the common room entrance. Ron turned around to see Harry; his clothes slashed and torn and blood pouring from a gash above his left eye but otherwise looking defiant.
‘So…. you’re alive,’ Ron said, drawing his wand from under his robes.
‘Ron…..please, come back to us, this isn’t you,’ Harry pleaded.
‘You should have thought about that a long time ago,’ Ron said with a cold grin, ‘CRUCIO!’ he cried, directing his wand towards Harry.
‘Protego!’ Harry said quickly. Ron’s spell deflected away from Harry and hit Hermione, sending her flying across the room, before she hit the far wall with a sickening crack and slumped to the floor.
‘YOU!’ screamed mecidiyeköy escort Ron at Harry, his face contorted with rage. But Harry had already run from the common room as soon as he had cast his spell. Ron gave chase immediately.

Finally after chasing Harry relentlessly through the battle that was still raging around Hogwarts, Ron finally caught up with Harry on the castle walls. Heavy rain fell as the thunder and wind howled around them, the Dark Mark still shining brightly in the night-sky above them. The bright flashes of spells still being cast in the grounds illuminated their faces to each other as they stared across the void to one another.

‘You took everything I ever wanted away from me!’ shouted Ron above the noise of the thunder, his face grey and his eyes contorted in a cold hatred of Harry.
‘I love you Ron, what happened to you? How could you betray your friends, Dumbledore…..me?’ Harry asked pleadingly.
‘You never cared for me,’ countered Ron, ‘and now the Dark Lord has promised everything I ever wanted. You took everything from me, and so I shall take everything from you. Your hero, Dumbledore lies dead, and your true love, Ginny is being taken personally to Voldemort himself as we speak.’ Tears began to fall from Harry’s eyes.
‘Ron…..your own sister, how could you?’ Harry said weakly.
‘It’s too late now Harry,’ Ron said coolly, ‘I loved you once like a brother……but no more, it ends here.’ With that Ron drew his wand and pointed it towards Harry.
‘STUPEFY!’ Harry cried. A jet of red light erupted from Harry’s wand and hit Ron in the stomach before he could finish his own spell. Ron stumbled backwards from the recoil of the spell, his hands clutching his stomach. His feet slipped on the wet stone before he suddenly stumbled over the battlements and disappeared over the wall.
‘RON!’ Harry screamed as he ran over to where Ron had fallen. Harry leaned over the edge and saw Ron hanging on to a ledge a few feet down from the top of the wall by his fingertips, ‘RON,’ Harry cried desperately, stretching out his arm to Ron, ‘give me your hand!’
Ron looked up at Harry. He looked different. His face looked relaxed and serene. His eyes looked much like his own and he was looking at Harry with a calm lovingness. ‘Harry,’ he said softly, a warm smile forming on his lips, ‘tell Hermione that I love her,’ and with that, he fell. Harry looked on in disbelief, his hand still out-stretched as if in slow motion; Ron fell fifty feet to the ground, his warm, caring eyes never leaving Harry’s before he landed with a hard thud on the wet ground.
Harry let out a blood curling scream of grief as he looked down at his friend below. Ron’s body lay twisted and broken on the wet grass, blood seeping from his head as his eyes stared blankly towards Harry, who fell to his knees and wept at the loss of the person he loved the most in the world.

Hermione’s eyes flickered as she gazed up and saw the blurry out-line of a person sat next to her.
‘Ron?’ she said faintly.
‘No,’ said the person, ‘it’s me Harry.’ Hermione’s blinked once more and her focus sharpened as she saw a scar ridden and tired looking Harry sitting beside her. She found herself lying in a warm, soft bed, sunlight pouring through the big windows. She recognised the room as being the hospital wing at Hogwarts.
‘Harry….thank goodness……..Harry, where’s Ron?’ Hermione stammered. Harry’s eyes glazed over with tears as he looked down at her.
‘Ron’s dead Hermione, he fell from the battlements during the battle,’ Harry said weakly, his gaze falling to the floor. Hermione stared at Harry, tears forming in her eyes, ‘he was redeemed by the end though,’ Harry continued, ‘I told the Ministry that he died fighting off the Death Eaters. He’s been given an Order of Merlin First Class. He finally got the reward he always deserved.’
‘Has he been buried yet?’ said Hermione slowly, trying to hold back the tears.
‘I don’t know, the Death Eaters took his body before I got the chance to go down to him,’ replied Harry. Hermione took Harry’s hand in her own as they sat in silence together.
‘O Harry,’ Hermione said eventually, ‘what are we to do?’
‘We carry on fighting Hermione. It’s what Dumbledore would have wanted. Don’t you worry Hermione; I won’t rest until Voldemort is brought to justice. It’s been a strange year Hermione, but I would give everything up just to have Ron sat next to us right now.’ Harry said defiantly. Hermione started to cry freely as Harry lay down on the bed beside her, holding each other in a tight embrace.
And there they lay in each other’s arms, Dumbledore dead, Ginny missing, and the greatest friend they ever had Ron, dead, all due to Voldemort and his Death Eaters.


Authors Note: Thank you to all my readers and for all the kind comments you left. This is the end of series, though there may be a future one if people want it (please check the forum for the vote). I hope you enjoyed my humble attempts and enjoyed reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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