A Chance Encounter


A few weeks ago I e-mailed Chynabright, another Lit member who lives in the UK, to ask if she wanted to co-write a story with me. I wanted to do this because I’ve written a few for Literotica and have had some good feedback, but I’ve always been frustrated that I’ve not really been able to know exactly how it feels from the female side.

I’d read a few of Chyna’s stories and liked her writing, so hoped she’d been up for it.

She agreed and over the last few weeks we’ve been working on this story. I wrote the first section, then she wrote a few hundred words, then I did, and so on. I think the results are pretty hot – tell us what you think…


I ran into the café to get out of the sudden downpour. I dumped my sodden gymbag on the floor, ordered a double espresso and slumped into a chair.

It had been a tough workout. It had been a month of tough workouts, but I was in training for the marathon and I was determined to beat last year’s time of 3 hours 28 minutes.

At the age of thirty-two I knew I wouldn’t have many more chances to beat that time, and with my six foot three, rugby player’s build, long distance running was always going to be difficult. But I’d put the work in. Months of training were coming together. Months of pounding the treadmill and pumping the weights, meant I was now in peak physical condition, and I was ready for the race.

As I swept the rain from my short blond hair and put my suit jacket across the back of my chair I pictured myself crossing that finishing line with the clock showing 3 hours 19 minutes, and a smile crept across my face.

To be honest I was looking forward to it all being over. Spending so much time training had left me with little time for anything else.

Sure, part of the reason I’d started long distance running was to get over the break-up of my last serious relationship, but that had been more than 18 months ago. Thinking about it, I’d not even had sex for over six months. Wanting to preserve my energy for the gym, I’d even stopped masturbating.

Sipping the scalding hot coffee I thought about how it really was time I got out there and started seeing someone. I shifted in my seat, suddenly aware of the tension in my loins, my balls heavy and full with unreleased need.

I coughed and shook myself out of it. There would be time for that once I’d run the marathon.

I looked around the café. It being central London it was full of people in business clothes, all animatedly discussing deals, rushing through their drinks, looking outside at the rain bouncing up from the pavement.

A tall blonde woman walked in, bending over to shake her umbrella outside and showing her firm ass and long, bare legs as she did. I felt my cock stirring again. I really had to do something about this!

Maybe I should just go up to her and ask her out. Maybe she’d say yes. I’d never had much trouble getting girls to go out with me when I’d asked before. I wasn’t bad looking. In fact most girls said I was handsome. They liked my blue eyes, my deep voice and my muscular chest.

Maybe this girl would agree to go out with me. She was pretty enough, I thought as I watched her at the counter. In her late 20s, probably a lawyer at one of the firms nearby, probably wrapping her clients round her little finger with that short skirt, high heels and those long, tanned legs.

I had to stop staring at her. I had to drink my coffee. I really had to get laid.

I forced myself to look away, and looked around the rest of the café. That’s when I saw you……….


Dan had just stepped outside of the noisy cafe to take a phone call when I had that feeling you get when you just know someone is checking you out.

I turned and saw you watching me.

I still can’t put my finger on what exactly made you notice me; just another face amongst the crowd.

Dan, my horny husband, and I had popped into the cafe for something to eat. We’d been up most of the night (fucking, of course — what else would we be doing?) and I was knackered. I’m sure I looked it too.

Before we’d left I’d thrown on an old pair of jeans and a vest top. OK, so my cleavage was showing; not a bad cleavage even though I do say so myself (and Dan tells me at least once a day what great breasts I have)!

Maybe that was it, my cleavage; men are suckers for a nice pair of breasts. Maybe you liked the messed up hair look, not my usual style but that morning I was more interested in eating than looking good. Dan thought I looked hot with my long, dark hair curling over my tanned shoulders. Anyway, you were watching me. I smiled and watched back. I found myself subconsciously staring at your crotch, and then I consciously wondered how big your packet was under your trousers. My smile must have been inviting as you then approached our table..

“Hi,” you smiled.


“Hi,” I smiled back.

I mersin escort could feel my heart racing as I walked over to you. It was that old feeling I loved so much. I remember how it had always made me feel, how that rush of doing something naughty made me feel alive. It was funny how the old sensations came back along with the old instinct.

Louise, my ex, had always been amazed by my ability to spot women and men who were into sex. I just had some kind of sense for it, and as soon as I saw you sitting there with your husband there was something about you that interested me. Sure you looked gorgeous. When your husband left the table I got a clear view of you, your dark hair brushing against the flawless skin of your slender arms, your enticing cleavage, and your mischievous eyes, smiling invitingly at me.

Maybe it was the eyes. That had to be it. Whatever it was, it was enough to make my cock stir. Without thinking I got up and walked over to you. I knew just from looking at you that you’d be up for it.

As I walked over, feeling my heart race and the excitement build, I wondered how you’d like to do it. Would you like to be on top? Would we go to a hotel or just fuck in the café toilets? Would your husband be involved? Would you enjoy two pairs of hands roaming over your body, two sets of lips kissing your neck and breasts, two tongues, one licking your nipples, the other gliding over your pussy? I knew it would happen. The only question was how…..

“Your husband’s going to get wet out there isn’t he?”


“Well, getting wet isn’t always a bad thing, I love it when men make me wet,” I said suggestively, the innuendo floating between us. I wondered what you were thinking of my sexual confidence. I wasn’t usually this forward with men, but that day something told me that this could be fun, very fun. I took a bite of my chocolate muffin when out of the corner of my eye I saw Dan outside, still chatting on his phone. I don’t think you noticed him watching us.

I can bet that there’s plenty of men who would like to get you wet,” you grinned.

I decided to tease Dan a little. I moved a little closer to you.

“Would you be one of them?” I asked as I ran my fingers up your thigh and over your crotch where I could easily feel your hardening cock through your trousers. God, you felt big! I felt my pussy responding with a tingle as I started to wonder what it could be like to feel your sizeable cock inside me. I glanced outside and smiled at Dan, he returned the smile as he finished his call and moved towards the door. “Can’t say that I’d turn you down if you were offering.”

Dan returned to the table, sat down next to me and put his hand on my knee.

“Hi,” he said to you.

“Dan, this is…?” I looked questioningly at you.

“Nick, good to meet you,” you shook his hand as I realised just how weird, but fantastically exciting this situation was. My husband shaking the hand of a man I wanted to fuck.

“I’m Chyna,” I introduced myself. “I need to talk to you for a second, follow me,” I whispered in Dan’s ear. “Please excuse us for a minute, we’ll be right back,” I said to you.

I took Dan’s hand and led him to the ladies. Luckily there was no one there. Dan pulled us into a cubicle and pinned me against the door.

“What are you up to, you naughty little slut?” he looked at me with a wicked glint in his eye and I could feel his cock growing as he pressed up against me. “I saw you feeling his cock, you want to fuck him, don’t you? Does he make your pussy wet? Come on, tell me you want to feel his big, hard cock deep inside your beautiful cunt.”

My heart was racing and the way that Dan was pressing into me was making me even more horny.

“Yes, I want him,” I breathed. He started to unbutton my jeans as our tongues entwined, locked in a passionate embrace. I moaned as his fingers roughly pushed aside my thong and thrust two fingers deep into my pussy.

“Oh yeah, he’s made you very wet,” you declared. “I think he wants you too, I saw the way he was undressing you with his eyes.” He fucked me with his fingers while rubbing my clit with his thumb. My whole body was tense, my breathing rapid, my eyes closed as I concentrated on the amazing tingling feelings flowing through me. I imagined your cock embedded in my pussy, thrusting in and out of me whilst Dan was moving his hands and lips over my body.

“What do you want him to do to you?” he asked.

“I want him to fuck me!” I admitted as I came on Dan’s fingers.

“Ok, you can have him,” Dan decided, his gorgeous smile beaming down at me. He brought his fingers up to my mouth and I greedily licked my juices off his fingers.

“Thank you,” I said before kissing him deeply. I pulled my jeans back on and we left the cubicle. I glanced at myself in the mirror, my cheeks were flushed and my hair was even more messy than before. I quickly ran my fingers through it to try and tidy it up without much luck. We were met at the escort mersin door by a tall blond woman. She looked slightly bemused to see Dan and I leaving the ladies together.

Returning to you at the table I was looking forward to finding out where this situation would lead.

“Hi, sorry about that,” Dan said to you. “I believe you may want to fuck my wife…?”


I was momentarily taken aback by the direct nature of the question and Dan’s confident grin, but I quickly recovered myself. One glance at you, at your flushed cheeks, your tangled hair, and your eyes glittering with barely concealed lust, reminded me just how hot I was for you.

It was starting to look like this might turn out to be a very interesting day.

“Fuck yeah!” I said to Dan with a broad grin at you.

You smiled back, and my cock stirred in my trousers. It was already semi-hard from when you’d been rubbing it, and now the months of pent-up, unreleased need were translating into a mounting animal lust for you.

I had to have you. And soon.

“Look,” I said. “My flat is just round the corner. Do you both want to come back?”You looked at each other. I could see from your expressions that you were feeling the same as me – dizziness at how rapidly this was developing combined with a knot of desire in your stomachs and throats.

Dan nodded and I led the way out of the cafe.

“How far away is it?” you asked as we walked briskly along the rain-soaked pavement.

You were looking up at me, several inches shorter than me. I was taken with a sudden desire to hold your face, and touch my lips to your full, red lips, run my hand along the curve of your hip. But I pushed it away. Your husband was on your other side of you – admittedly, he had just offered to let me fuck you, but I’d been in threesomes with other couples before and some were funny about kissing. As my eyes travelled over your pert breasts and the curves of your tight ass I controlled myself, making sure I didn’t go too far, too fast.

“Just round the corner,” I said. “Do you live near here?”


“No,” I replied. “We’re just staying here for a few days, house sitting for a friend.”

I squeezed Dan’s hand and turned to smile at him. I could tell from his shining eyes that he was as excited as me at the prospect of what was about to happen. I was conscious of you on the other side of me and couldn’t wait until I had both of those strong, male bodies, naked and pressed against me. I had butterflies in my stomach, as I normally do just before Dan is about to share me with another man. But this was different, more intense, more spontaneous. In the past our threesomes had always been planned. Never had we just had a chance encounter like this.

How far was your flat? I was desperate to feel yours and Dan’s lips on mine, hungrily exploring my mouth, my breasts, my pussy. I wanted to taste your cock, to run my tongue up your shaft. I wanted to beg you both to fuck me senseless.

It felt like we’d been walking forever when we finally arrived.

You held the door open and I entered first. Dan, behind me, grabbed my ass, squeezing it. I giggled and turned towards him and kissed him passionately. “So, are you ready to have some fun, my naughty little slut?” Dan questioned.

“God, yes,” I replied before he pushed me towards you.


I caught you in my arms, slid my hands over your slender waist, and pulled you close to me, enjoying the warmth and softness of your body. I smiled at you then bent down to place a gentle kiss on your lips. They were so soft. I wanted more. Your eyes were closed as I pulled you even closer and began to kiss you passionately. I knew you’d be able to feel my cock growing hard, pressing into your stomach. I wanted you to. I wanted you to know how much I wanted you.

With a gasp we separated and stood there in my hallway looking at each other, our eyes burning with lust.

I decided to take control.

“Go into the living room, Chyna, and wait for us there.”

With a smile you obeyed.

I turned to Dan. “How far are you willing to take this? I mean I don’t want to go too far or anything.”

He shrugged and said: “It’s up to her really.”

Then with a grin he added: “I think you’ll find she’s quite up for it.”

I grinned back. “Well, ok then. Let’s go give the lady what she wants.”I led the way into my living room. You were standing at the window, looking at the view. I live on the 19th floor so it was an impressive view of central London at dusk.

“Chyna,” I began. “You and Dan are going to do what I tell you. Then if you’re good we’ll swap and you can tell us what to do. Are you ok with that?”

You nodded, looking like you were so overcome with desire you could barely speak.

“Is there anything you don’t want to do?”

“Obviously I don’t want you to hurt me,” you said. “But other mersin escort bayan than that, I’m up for anything.” Your eyes travelled slowly down to where my cock was tenting in my suit trousers. I thought I could see a similar bulge in Dan’s crotch.

“Ok. Come to the middle of the room and kneel down.”

You did so.

“Dan. Stand next to her.”

He went and stood next to you so your face was at crotch level. The atmosphere in the room was electric.

I went to stand next to your husband.

“Now take out my cock,” I ordered. You looked up at me and began to unbuckle my trousers. I noticed my breathing was heavy as you slowly pulled down my zip, then reached inside to fish out my hard cock. You left it there, bobbing in the air, as you waited for further instructions.

“Good,” I said. “Now do the same to Dan.”

You repeated it on him and gave his thick, erect prick a squeeze as you pulled it out.

We were still all fully dressed, but the two men were revealing large, hard cocks.

“Now lick my cock from the bottom to the top,” I ordered.

You moved back to me, stuck out your tongue, looked up at me with a glint in your pretty eyes and slid your soft, wet tongue along the length of my dick. I sighed in pleasure.

“Now give your husband the same.”

You did and he also groaned his appreciation.

“Come here and suck me,” I commanded.

Without a moment’s hesitation you were in front of me, engulfing my shaft in your mouth. It felt warm and wet, and then you began to suck me, sliding your lips up and down, bathing me with your tongue. It felt incredible..

“Stop,” I said. You looked like you were about to go to your husband to do the same to him, but

I stopped you, grabbing your chin. “Stay there.”

You looked up at me. “Open your mouth.” You did.

I positioned my ever-hardening prick at your open mouth and pushed it in until it was at the back of your mouth.

“Now relax your throat,” I said. You blinked and I pushed a little further. I could feel my cockhead at the entrance to your throat. There were still about two inches of my cock showing.

“Relax more,” I said and pushed a little further. I could feel the tightness of your throat closing around me.

“Fuck me that is hot,” murmured Dan next to us, his hand now stroking up and down his shaft.

I didn’t say anything just gripped onto the back of your head with both hands and pushed my hips forward again. It was sliding down your throat. You were breathing through your nose and looking up at me, still that excited expression in your eyes.

“You’re going to swallow all of my cock I said and then I’m going to pump my cum down your throat.”

You moaned around my shaft. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. I pulled out of your mouth then pushed back in. Then out again and in. Each time I pushed further and further down your throat, and each time the sounds of you slurping around my thorbbing dick were getting louder and dirtier.

“Go on, Chyna,” said Dan. “Swallow that big fucking cock.”

I was now pistoning in and out of your mouth, really fucking your face.. You were panting with excitement and the effort of the act. My cock was swollen, veins sticking out along its length.

“Show me your tits,” I growled at you.

Quickly you pulled off your top and unclipped your bra, revealing magnificent breasts.

“Push them together,” I said. You did, creating a valley where I slid my now soaking wet shaft and started sliding back and forth, grunting with pleasure as I felt your soft, warm titflesh surround my cock, watching the head appear at the top of your cleavage.

“Oh God. Yes, Nick,” you said. “That’s so good. Fuck my tits. Fuck my mouth.”

I moved up and pushed my cock back in your mouth, and started pumping back and forth between those hot lips again. I was close to cumming. My balls were tight against my body, full of hot cum, all for you. My shaft was disappearing right down your throat now and every time I pulled out there were strings of spit between my engorged shaft and your lips. They dropped down and landed on your tits. Next to me I noticed Dan was now furiously tugging at his big cock, watching me face-fucking his wife.

“Shit,” he said. “I’m going to cum just watching this!”

It was enough to tip me over the edge and with a roar I slammed into your face, my cock sliding down your open throat, and spurt after spurt of jizz firing down your throat into your belly. You clamped your lips around the base of my shaft, holding me tightly in place, swallowing every last drop.

When I pulled out, Dan came too. He aimed his cock at your tits, wad after wad of thick, stringy cum, landing on those gorgeous orbs, smearing over your erect nipples, and sliding over your white throat.

Finally he stopped, and you sighed, leaning forward to suck both cocks briefly once more, as if you wanted more already. Then you sat back and smiled up at us. We were both panting, trying to catch our breath.

“Fuck that was good,” I said.

Dan nodded and sat down in an armchair. He looked at me with a smile: “You are one filthy fucker.”

“Thank you,” I said with a grin, and sat down on the sofa behind you.

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