A Good Woman Will Find Him



Brown haired and green-eyed Guy Meadows was left confused when seeking to find is the optimum age to marry because the opinions varied widely. He settled on twenty-eight and planned accordingly.

He studied hard at college and emerged with a masters in business administration and after settling into permanent employment upgraded that to an MBA.

By the time he was twenty-seven Guy was director of operations for a company that manufactured, imported and distributed LP gas and electric grills and barbecues. He was on track to marry next year, having recently become engaged to Penny Whitehead, assistant IT manager at a bank.

Penny was rather conservative but Guy’s parents thought she was lovely so he thought that was something. The months ticked by and then, without consulting Guy, Penny applied successfully for promotion in IT at a bigger branch of the bank 1700 miles away and expected Guy to resign and relocate with her.

No way.

Guy had grown up in Welling, felt it really was his home, and loved his job. So Penny was left to choose between Guy and her promotion.

She dumped Guy.

Guy’s mom Mary was shocked. “The little bitch; she would have given me lovely grandchildren.”

“You did the right thing letting her go,” his father said. “Your career comes first.”

Well his dad always had been a practical thinker.

Guy sold the engagement ring back to the jeweler who’d supplied it at 60% less than what he’d paid for it. However the jeweler said he’d give Guy a 40% discount on the next ring he sold to him and that seemed fair. Guy believed he was lucky that Penny had handed the ring back and grinned thinking she looked quite shocked when he’d taken the offered ring and said thanks, pocketing it.

During this twenty-eighth year Guy had become aware that his projected wedding might have to be put back a year or perhaps longer. Becoming engaged to a replacement babe had proven more difficult than expected. Because he had a good physique and long brown hair, and plenty of it, and brooding green to hazel eyes he thought women would line up for him. Well his mom had said they would.

Well they almost did that, the gaps between them were fairly short, but all of them wanted dates and money spent on them, good sex but as soon as Guy became serious about a relationship each date would disconnect from him. He also found some of the bitches had lied and they weren’t single.

Six weeks from his 31st birthday Guy and Hazel Hunter became engaged. She appeared too wide in the ass for Guy’s liking but when he’d mentioned that to his mom she’d said nonsense, Hazel had ‘magnificent child-bearing hips’. A month later Guy’s employer began firing workers because the company was heading for insolvency and six weeks later it closed it’s doors and he was declared redundant. He’d still not found a new position a month later and at that point Hazel dumped him.

His dad said she was disloyal and anyway he hadn’t wanted a daughter-in-law ‘with such a fat ass’.

Fortunately Guy had two younger sisters, both of whom had married and they each had produced a grandchild so his mom was no longer too concerned about him siring grandchildren but she still remained keen to have the family name perpetuated.

Guy’s longtime friend had been fired for gross negligence at his job as an insurance company claims inspector and wanted to out of their shared apartment. Guy had saved well and thought it was a good investment so purchased Gary’s holding. He then advertised for a tenant for the vacated room and to share apartment facilities. Eight guys and a female applied.

Danielle Grant who’s disclosed she was forty-four looked at Guy over the empty coffee cups.

“My marriage had collapsed and I’m filing for divorce. I desperately need somewhere to live and this apartment is near where I work. You are asking for $785 a month. I’ll pay you one thousand a month.”

“W-e-l-l I don’t know, Guy said, concentrating to avoid telling this applicant she could not have the accommodation because she was female, knowing that could have her file a claim for sexual discrimination. She’d probably do that, being an attorney.

Danielle apparently mistook Guy’s hesitation as a bargaining dodge. She ran her tongue along her top lip and said cutely, “Perhaps there is something else I could offer to tempt you?”

“Like what?” he frowned and only then did he realize what she might be suggesting.

“God you are a tough negotiator. To close the deal I’m suggesting I’m willing to have sex with you during my residency here.”

Steady on Guy, he warned himself. If he said yes she could plead sexual extortion or whatever it was called.

“Well I don’t know.”

“Are you worried about possible criminal repercussions in the wake of any complaint if we do a deal based on sex?”

“It has me worried.”

She smiled and said first could he answer a question, “Would you be willing to have sex with me?”

Guy used her tactic and ran his tongue over his top lip.

She giggled. “Let’s do it this way. We mersin escort sign the agreement for three months at a thousand dollars a month. We make no agreement about sex but you know I have made the offer. You have to decide whether or not you trust me.”

“Let’s sign!”

She smiled and said she believed they would get along very well. “I’ll regard you as my toy boy.”

* * *

Guy jerked off twice in the shower on Thursday night thinking about the excitement ahead of him next day.

Danielle had arranged for her husband’s attorney to be at the marital home on Friday afternoon while she brought in a relocation crew to pack all her possessions, most of which would be taken away for long-term storage.

Just before 4:00, guys arrived with the four pieces of furniture and four paintings Guy had agreed to have in the apartment, one of the items being Danielle’s heirloom dressing table with mirror. Then in came eight big cartons the guys said were filled with clothes and shoes.

They left and Danielle arrived and kissed Guy beautifully, He thought the necessities should come before sex and suggested they go and buy a two vertical racks for her shoes and two self-standing racks for her clothes because the generous sized closest in her bedroom would be totally inadequate.

Half an hour later they were back and while Guy assembled the shoe racks and clothing stands Danielle unpacked. Just over an hour later they were finished.

She placed a hand on his shoulder affectionately. “Come on, let’s go our for a drink and I’ll buy you dinner.”

“I-I would like to lick your pussy first.”

Her eyes widened and she colored and said she couldn’t think of anything more she’d like better.

Without asking him where did he want her to position, Danielle hoisted herself up on to the dining table and lay back, spreading her legs.

Guy dribbled, wiped his chin and strode purposely forward and flicked her panty leg aside and crooned, “You smell lovely.”

She laughed, “Liar.”

Her ran his hands gently up the outside of her hold-ups thinking she had rather good legs for an elderly woman. He assumed elderly included forty-four year olds.

He reached the flesh above the stocking tops and licked some flesh.

Danielle groaned and her legs widened.

He straightened and gently tugged at the top of her high-cut panties and she lifted her ass without being asked, as if she’d don this before.

“Nice cunt,” he said approving and noted Danielle now appeared to be panting for some reason.

Without warning she reached out, grabbled handfuls of his hair and yanked his face down on to her neatly trimmed bush. Her hair there was brown whereas her other hair was a dull dark-honey blonde. Ah so one of those hair colorings was artificial.

Danielle shoved down her hands and spread her outer lips for him.

Guy took a moment to study this normally concealed part of her body. It looked clean and healthy pink and was lubricating well. He reached out with his tongue and gently made connection dead center.

Danielle screamed and her whole body began jerking and she puffed, “Oh god, omigod.”

Guy though obviously she wanted work done so went to work with his tongue and fingers, surprised as just how wet Danielle was so early into the act.

As they walked out of the apartment building Danielle, still breathing a little heavily, asked, “Do you know what cunnilingus is?”

“I-think so.”

“Then please accept this compliment my young friend. In that department you are world class.”

Guy frowned and asked how on earth would she know that and Danielle said mysteriously she’d been around.

Over the next few weeks Danielle worked on Guy’s confidence and taught him things about women and updating his thinking even about life in an attempt to make him project in a more worldly manner. He cooperated fully, aware that he was a little naïve in some areas.

Danielle called one of her clients who knew someone beefing up company management and the after an extensive interview the company CEO gave Guy a 10-day contact to investigate and report on this company’s administration and efficiency problems. The CEO took Guy’s findings to the board and the CEO was instructed to fire the director of operations and director of sales of the hardware manufacturing and distribution company and to replace them. The CEO appointed Guy as director of operations and deputy CEO of the business that had 470 people on its payroll.

Guy was almost speechless in excitement when he rushed into Danielle’s office at her law firm to give her the news of his appointment. She was delighted and took him to early lunch. That night when Danielle arrived home her sexy partner who was no longer jobless handed her a first-class return air ticket to Germany. Her daughter worked there in a laboratory of a giant international pets and livestock foods company to widen her education in development of animal nutritional supplements.

Before Danielle left for Germany Guy thought it was time to introduce her to his escort mersin parents. He called his mom who was pleased he was in a relationship with a woman again and she invited them to lunch on Sunday.

* * *

Peggy was looking out the lounge window telling Daryl for the third time how she wanted the steak grilled when she stopped the nag and said, “Here they are.”

“I hope this one isn’t bossy, or has a fat ass over over-sized tits…”

“Don’t be foul darling. The right woman will find our son eventually. Omigod.”


“He hasn’t bought the girlfriend; he’s arrived with her mother.”

Daryl joined her at the window and said, “Judging by the way he has his arm around her and hanging on to the far-side tit I’d say this is the girlfriend, absolutely.”

“Oh god, don’t say that,” Peggy wailed.

“Our son has begun dating grannies,” Daryl said, pinching his wife’s ass and having that hand smacked away.

Smiles were few in the heavy atmosphere on the porch after the introductions as Danielle and Guy waited to be invited in. Finally Daryl took the initiative and said, “Come in honey and view my collection of perfume bottles. What did Guy say what your name was?”

“Danielle but I find Honey is very acceptable. Excuse me Mrs Meadows while I go with Mr Meadows to view his collection.”

“I keep the bottles to remind me where all my money has gone over the years,” Daryl growled and his wife glared but Peggy’s face lit up when Danielle turned and said, “Oh Mrs Meadows, I almost forgot to give you this. She thrust a hand into her shoulder bag and pulled out a perfume pack.

“Oh how lovely,” Peggy said. “Estée Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia,” she called, just glancing at the box and then reading the label cried, “Omigod, it’s the eau de parfum spray, solid perfume!”

“Yes Guy had mentioned you were a connoisseur and he said the same for you Mr Meadows about whisky,” Danielle smiled, handing across a bottle of Highland Park 12-year-old scotch. Daryl licked his lips and said, “Honey you are our very special guest.”

“Yes welcome to our home,” Peggy said warmly.

After that Danielle did nothing to ingratiate herself, just acting normally and leaving it to Guy’s parents to accept or reject her on their own judgment.

Lunch went well and even Peggy had to admit the steaks were grilled to perfection.

At they waved the visitors off, Daryl said expansively, after a couple of wines too many, “Well that went well. She has great tits and a great ass.”

“I suppose so. You know I really like her but what can I say to my friends, knowing my son’s new lady friend is only ten years my junior.”

“Don’t mention age.”

Peggy snorted and said he knew her friends, of course they would ask.

“Then be vague and lie that you don’t know and say somewhere between thirty and fifty.”

“Omigod you can be quite intelligent at times darling. Look leave finishing clearing away. Just deal with the scraps. I feel a little heated up and would like some attention.”

“Yes dear,” Daryl said, wondering if his wife had forgotten it was not the last Sunday of the month.

* * *

Ten months went by. Danielle had returned from Germany with photos of herself with her daughter and Guy had thought the daughter looked rather dishy but perhaps a little reserved. He idly wondered if she could fuck as well as her mom did.

Danielle had taken on a new client and told Guy she was rather impressed by him. A few evenings later she told Guy her new client Gus Roper had asked her to go out with him.

Guy asked what did she feel about that and she said, “A bit girly all over again.”

He grinned. “Then do it. Life’s too short to miss opportunities that could be taken.”

Danielle said carefully, “Are you sure? He’s great looking with plenty of money, divorced and about my age. It could be the end of you and me as a couple if he gets his hands on me.”

“Do whatever makes you happy. Keep on fucking me until he wants in and at that stage simply advise me and move back to your room.”

“Are you sure?”


Ten days later Danielle said, “Gus wants me to go away with him for the weekend. I told him about you and he simply said then choose and I said I’d let him know.”

“Fine do it. I’ll find someone else.”

“You are such a gentleman about this. I feel like an ungrateful slut.”

“You and I have had a great time together Danielle. You have become a big part of my life and got me back into work and I feel I’m a better person because of you. I like you very much and love fucking you but I don’t love you and we both know that. It just didn’t happen.”

“I know and know I feel the same way. It seems we were not meant to progress our relationship further.”

They talked that out and when she returned from calling Gus she said, “Do you mind if I bring April here for dinner tomorrow night?”

“April your PA?”


“No of course I don’t mind. I’ve only seen her a couple of times but have talked to her a bit on mersin escort bayan the phone while waiting for you to come off your phone. She seems a very nice woman.

April was a little plump and her sexy mouth was perhaps her best physical feature and she talked too much but Guy found her okay and the three of them related well. When April rose to leave Danielle said she was off to run a bath. “Please put April into a cab Gus.” She then kissed April good night.

As soon as they entered the elevator April fell against Guy, pressing him into a corner and kissed him soundly. She wasn’t drunk but even so when her tongue entered his mouth he wasn’t surprised. He sucked it and she groaned.

The doors opened and it was over.

Or so he thought.

As they walked to the outer doors to flag a cab she said, “You penis felt very hard against my leg.”

“What penis. That was my car keys.”

“Liar,” she laughed just as a cab drew up outside to drop off the passenger.

Next day just before 1:00 Guy was on a bike in the company’s gym when his phone went.

“Hi it’s Alice. What are you doing?”

“Pumping flat out.”

“Oooh,” she giggled. “but you can’t be. Danielle is walking away from me now.”

“I’m pushing pedals on a bike in our office gym.”

She giggled again. “Danielle has told me your two are redefining your relationship while she attempts to find out how compatible she and one of her clients are. What do you think of me spending Friday night and through to Sunday morning with you?”

“What for?”

She just giggled.

Guy said he would talk it over with Danielle.

“Do that but why do you think she brought me home to have dinner with you guys last night?”

“I wonder if I’ve guessed?”

“It was for me to look you over and to decide whether I would like doing it with you. Well after that big fat kiss in the elevator with you I informed her this morning that you may fuck me cross-eyed although I was more polite than that.”

“You sound my kind of woman Alice but first I must talk to Danielle.”

“Please do that. Expect me to arrive Friday about 6:30.”

* * *

Alice arrived just after 6:15 and said hi and brushed by and went into the kitchen, followed by Guy eying her excessive ass sway.

She put down her overnight bag and stood, watchfully.


She nodded and as he opened the fridge and pulled out a jug of vodka martinis he saw her unhurriedly lift her skirt and rip off her panties and sniff them. As he approached she held out the panties and he sniffed them and smiled, and that was about all he could do because he was carrying the jug and two cocktail glasses.

“Sexy odor,’ he smiled and she smiled and sat.

“I suggest we have a couple of drinks, have some good sex and go out to dinner.”

She pouted and grizzled did they have to go out.

“Alice sweetheart, I aim to perform with distinction tonight but you have to give me some breaks.”

She smiled and said of course, she wouldn’t want to burn him out early and took her drink.

* * *

Alice left mid morning on Sunday and although Guy kissed her goodbye warmly he wasn’t pleased. She’d taken a phone call and he suspected she was having an angry conversation because after she shut the door he heard her raise her voice and that made him wonder if the 26-year old had a boyfriend.

Later when she was in the shower she’d left no instructions about her phone so when it rang Guy answered it.

“Is that Alice’s phone,” a woman asked sharply.

Guy reacted fast and cunningly. “I don’t know. There are several phones here and I was passing and answered it.”

“I’m Mrs Banks, Alice’s mother. I wish to speak to Alice please. It’s urgent, about her husband?”

Her husband? Well the mother ought to know. Guy felt let down by Alice and even more so by Danielle. They should have told him Alice was married, even if she was separated from him. It was only fair. As it was he’d inadvertently committed adultery. That outcome made him very cross.

“Just a moment,” he said to Mrs Banks. “I’ll try to find her.”

He took the phone into the shower and whispered, “It’s your mother. I thought it best to give the impression you were with a group of other women.”

As he walked out of the bathroom Guy heard Alice say, “Hi mom. Susan has taken a bunch of us to her gym to inspect the facilities and to have breakfast there.”

He muttered women and then decided to visit his own mother as soon as Alice left and to stay for lunch.

When he arrived back at the apartment Danielle was already home, acting quite perky. She looked at him and said, “Christ Alice has left you looking half dead.”

Well it was the truth so he shrugged and looked sheepish.

Her next comment was nothing short of sensational. “Gus Roper proposed to me last night and I accepted. You don’t mind do you?”

“No of course not,” he said warmly and hugged her. “It’s your big chance so take it. I wish you all the best.”

“Gus wants me to move in with him now. What do you think?”

“Okay, this is just an option. I suggest you stay here till the wedding and set an early date. That way he’ll remain keen to marry you to get you into bed with him every night but I’m not the right person to advise you.”

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