Becoming Daddy’s Fuck Toy Pt. 02


2 long days had passed since Daddy had caught me playing with myself in his bed and fingered my desperate little pussy till I came hard, and life had returned to normal.

Like seriously normal.

That night as I lay in bed after he had first made me cum, I imagined what our new life together was going to look like. How he would creep into my room when he was able, and mom was asleep, and tell me how much I meant to him. How much better I was than her. How much he needed to feel himself inside me.

I’d imagined how it would be the first time he pushed his amazing cock into me. I’m still a virgin, and I’m scared what it will feel like. Some girls at college say it hurts a lot when they first push themselves inside, but I know that the only man I want to do that to me is the only man who has never let me down.

He’d been mean that first time; making me feel ashamed for what I had been doing but I think that was just because he had been shocked by discovering how much his daughter had wanted to be with him and how grown up I’d become. Maybe he’d been confused about having naughty thoughts about me too.

But he’d been so gentle with me afterwards, rubbing the juices from my pussy onto my lips and then kissing me gently. His kiss had made me melt, so much more than the fast and inexperienced kisses I’d had previously from boys at school.

The bristles from his beard had tickled me and I nearly giggled but then he lowered his hand back down to my pussy and stroked me so slowly and gently that before I knew it, I was gasping for breath instead.

He seemed to know exactly how to touch me in just the right way that my body needed; his fingers pressing and squeezing round my clit, then down to my opening before returning to my clit. Building the pressure slowly, until I couldn’t cope anymore and I’d climaxed hard, holding tightly onto him until I calmed again.

Afterwards he’d made sure I got showered before Mom got home, cuddling me up in the softest towel he could find and drying my hair like he used to do. He made me feel safe and special just like he always had done when I was a little girl.

I’d fallen asleep that night exhausted and calmer than I think I’d been in a very long time. When I woke, I almost had to pinch myself that any of it had happened at all and spent as much time as I could with my eyes closed trying to remember and savour every detail. I dressed with a huge smile on my face and went down for breakfast.

I don’t know what I had expected when I went downstairs, but normal family life wasn’t it. My whole life had changed yesterday in an instant and yet here I was at the breakfast table as if nothing at all had happened.

He made toast for us and carried on just like normal. I kept waiting for him to give me a special look when mom was distracted, or some kind of sign that he acknowledged what had happened between us, but he barely glanced in my direction.

My frustration increased as him and Mom talked about how much they were looking forward to meeting friends for drinks at the weekend, and he told her how much he was looking forward to seeing her in the new blue dress she had bought a few days ago, and yet he still barely acknowledged my presence in the room, let alone gave me any indication that he was happy to see me. As he got ready to leave, I couldn’t wait any longer and leapt up from the table, so I was near the door when he left. As he walked past, I leant into cuddle into him, but he just kissed me on the top of my head and reminded me that I needed to finish all my breakfast and not to be late for school. Just like normal.

I found myself feeling hurt by the way he had been with me this morning; I’d expected so much more from him and I fought back tears all the way into college. I thought he felt the same way that I did about us and now I wasn’t so sure. Maybe he didn’t like me as much as I thought he did, or he’d changed his mind when he had had time to consider what we had done.

All through morning lectures I couldn’t concentrate properly and kept trying to work out how I felt. I veered between anger and sorrow and all the shades between. More than anything though I just felt so confused. I knew that there had to be reason why he was so distant with me and gradually I started to understand: He was trying to keep us safe.

We weren’t supposed to do what we had done yesterday. I knew that. I could just imagine what would happen if Mom found out about it. She wouldn’t understand how much we needed each other, how right it had felt being in each other’s arms. Neither would anyone else. In fact, now I came to think about it, if one of my girlfriends had confided in me about how their Dad had watched them masturbate and then pushed his fingers into their pussy, making them cum over and over I know I’d have been absolutely horrified, and yet what had happened between us didn’t seem wrong at all. Whatever was going to happen between us now was going to need to remain a secret, and for it to be a secret I needed to help Daddy so we could escort bayan be together.

I carried on the rest of my day as best as I could, feeling happier about things now I thought I’d figured things out a little, although my mind wandered a lot as I continued to daydream about our afternoon together and replayed it in my head over and over until I started to feel the slick of my juices between my legs.

By lunchtime I felt desperate to cum and not being able to resist the urge I rushed to the restrooms. It wasn’t quiet with a constant line of girls waiting to use them, but it was the only place that I was able to get any kind of privacy.

I locked the stall quickly behind me and pulled my skirt up, pushing my panties aside. I leaned my back against the side of the stall and rubbed my soaking wet pussy urgently, thinking about how his fingers had plunged into me and how that had felt. I imagined being back in his arms, his lips on mine as I pushed myself to a fast climax, having to press my hand over my mouth at the last minute from giving myself away to the girls outside the stall.

The rest of the afternoon was dull, and I spent the time trying to work out when Daddy and I might have some time together on our own next. Mom usually went to bed earlier than he did so I hoped that when she went to sleep tonight that we would be able to spend some time together, so that at least we could talk about what happened now.

When bedtime came, I dressed in my prettiest, skimpiest nightie before coming back downstairs to get a drink. He was watching TV in the lounge, so I popped in and asked him if he wanted a drink. He said no, but not before he’d seemed to undress me with his eyes. “I’m off to bed now Daddy” I said hovering in the doorway “but I won’t be asleep for ages if you want anything.”

“Good night, Katie” He said as he stretched himself out further on the sofa. “I won’t be too long before I head to bed myself. I’ll say good night when I come up if you’re still awake. Sweet dreams Princess. ”

I’d certainly still be awake I thought to myself as I made my way upstairs. I could barely contain my excitement of being alone with him again. I just wanted to feel his hands on me and kiss him and tell him how much I needed him. After what seemed like hours, I heard my door open and my heart skipped a beat with the anticipation.

“Hi Daddy!” I whispered. Knowing I needed to be quiet so that we didn’t wake Mom.

“Hi Katie. Lights off and off to sleep now baby. It’s late.”

“I’m ok Daddy, I’m not that tired. I wanted to wait up for you, I’ve missed you today, Daddy. ”

He wandered over to my bed and pulled the covers up over me. “I missed you too Katie, but I don’t want you grumpy and tired in the morning. Sleep well.” He kissed the top of my head and made his way out of my room, closing the door behind him and leaving me more confused than ever.

After a few moments I felt my tears start. How could he not want what I wanted? Surely he’d been thinking about me all day too? Why hadn’t he wanted to spend time with me alone. I found myself crying angry tears now, curling up tightly under my covers, my body tensed, till there were no more tears left to cry.

By the time my tears had subsided I had hatched a plan to force him to take notice of me again. I’d seen the way he looked at me when I’d come downstairs earlier. I didn’t usually flaunt myself at home, knowing I’d get whinged at to cover up and be decent, usually by Mom. But the low cut of my nightie, that showed the curve of my breast and did nothing to hide the pertness of my hard nipples had certainly caught his eye this evening. I would make sure that tomorrow he couldn’t ignore the woman I had become and what I wanted.

I woke early and was showered and dressed before the rest of the house were awake. Overnight I’d mentally planned my outfit to gain the maximum impact and just hoped that it would work out. I pulled my shortest school skirt out of the wardrobe and the blouse I’d put aside a few months ago because the buttons were starting to strain, stretched over my increasingly voluptuous breasts.

At school I hadn’t been able to get away with much makeup, but college didn’t have such strict rules. I usually only put a little mascara and lip gloss on, not wanting the row with Mom about how I looked, but today I was hoping for the attention that would get me from him.

I spent time on making myself up, choosing a vivid eye shadow, and lining my eyes carefully with the darkest liner I had. I chose a dark shade of lipstick, checking myself carefully in the mirror before heading downstairs for breakfast. If this didn’t grab his attention, then I wasn’t sure what would.

My bravery only lasted till the foot of the stairs, I almost changed my mind and hot footed it back upstairs to change but it was too late. He’d heard me coming and turned around to ask me what I wanted to eat this morning.

I didn’t look at him. I couldn’t look at him. He made me nervous and I needed not to be nervous ankara escort bayan right now. I could tell he was watching me though. I mumbled about being ok with just toast and juice as I busied myself putting my books in my school bag.

He didn’t say a word, but I could feel his eyes burning into me as I bent over. I wondered how much of my lace panties were visible under this skirt. Feeling a little out of my depth I reminded myself that I had wanted his eyes on me. I wanted him to pay me attention, and I wanted a reaction from him. I straightened myself up and went and sat at the table.

He passed me my plate and looked straight at me. “I think you need to go change Katie once you’ve finished breakfast.”

I bit into the toast he’d just handed me and pretended I hadn’t heard him. I wasn’t going to change. If he wanted me to change, he would have to strip me and redress me himself. I ran that scene through my head momentarily and found that I was clenching all my muscles tight. It made me hurt how much I wanted him to fuck me right now.

I carried on eating, trying to ignore that he was watching me. I could feel how fast my heart was racing. “I told you to go change Katie. You aren’t going to college looking like that.”

I looked straight at him now, determination in my eyes, petrified by the look in his, but trying desperately hard not to show my fear or back down. “I’ll be late if I don’t go now Daddy. I don’t have time to change” I could see the danger in his eyes so I grabbed the last of the toast off my plate and walked as fast as I could out the door before he could say anything more.

I heard the door click shut behind me and kept walking fast, not daring to look behind me as I made my way down the path. I knew I’d definitely got his attention and wondered with a grin if I’d made him as hard as he made me wet.

Just after lunch I heard my mobile ping and when I checked it was him. “Hi Katie, make an excuse. Skip your final class and come straight home.”

I couldn’t believe that my plan had worked! I longed to be with him, and my last class went by in a blur as my mind ran from excited to terrified. I feigned a terrible headache just before the end so that by the time the bell rang, I could be excused for the rest of the day. Once out of sight of school I perched on a neighbour’s wall and re-did my makeup, and then ran as fast as I could so that I could be with him as he’d told me as soon as possible.

His van was already in the driveway when I arrived back, I opened the door and was about to shout that I was home when I felt his hand in my hair. He yanked me through the door and closed it behind me before slapping my face hard.

I’d never been slapped before and could never have imagined the pain that radiated from the sharp blow. My jaw ached and my skin burned as I stood shocked, unable to focus my mind enough to react to him. It had happened so fast and unexpectedly that I hadn’t even attempted to defend myself. I raised my hand to my face, attempting unsuccessfully to lessen the sting.

“No need to stand there looking so shocked Katie, what did you expect to happen when you treated me with such disrespect this morning? Did you think I was going to let you get away with that? ”

I hadn’t thought about how he might have found me disrespectful this morning, only that I’d wanted him to be so turned on by seeing me that he would only be able to think about tearing my clothes off all day. My shocked face turned to sadness now. I shifted uncomfortably and averted my eyes.

“Don’t look away from me Katie. Look at me.” His grip tightened in my hair and he raised my head, making me wince in pain. I forced myself to hold his gaze. “Not only did you blatantly disobey me when I told you to change, but I distinctly saw you smirking as you did so. As for how you look today… What a dirty little thing you’re turning into Katie. On Monday I catch you acting like a whore in my bed and by Wednesday you’re dressing like one too. Look at the way you dressed today. Did you think Daddy was going to give you the attention you want Katie, dressed like that?”

“I just want you Daddy.” I whimpered. “I thought if you saw me looking grown up and pretty that you’d want me too.” This was not going the way I thought it was going to.

“Grown up? Pretty?” He laughed. “You look tragic Katie. Pathetic. Poor Desperate little Katie”

Despite the stinging tears that I couldn’t hold back I felt angry with him. Angry and brave. “I want to be grown up Daddy. I don’t want to be your little girl anymore. I want to be treated like a grown up and I want you to fuck me. I felt sad that you hadn’t wanted me since Monday, when you are all I’ve thought about since then. And ok, I’ve messed up today Daddy and I never meant to disrespect you, but I’m so desperate for you to want me and fuck me Daddy like the real woman I am.”

“Oh, you’re not a real woman Katie. You’re a cheap little whore.” He pulled my hair tighter, tilted my head back exposing my neck and grabbed at my escort ankara blouse. The buttons didn’t need any encouragement to release and those that didn’t pinged one by one onto the wooden hall floor.

He let go of my hair and I reached up, pressing my hand against my scalp to relieve the stinging pain.

“Get on your knees and take your blouse and bra off, Whore. You obviously want to show your body to me, so show me.” He growled at me.

I dropped to my knees, but hesitated, feeling shy now at what he had asked of me. This wasn’t what I’d imagined it would be like. I slid the tatters of my blouse to the floor and reached around to undo the clasp of my bra. The straps slid easily off my shoulders and I watched as the bra fell to the floor in front of me. Instinctively I clasped my arms around me, hiding my nakedness from him.

“Ashamed now are you Katie? There was me thinking you wanted to please me. I don’t even know what to think anymore. Not a woman, not a little girl, not even a dirty little whore. Just a worthless waste of space. I’m wasting my time.”

His words triggered feelings in me that I didn’t understand, they cut me, and I found myself both crying and releasing my heaving breasts at the same time; but there was something else I felt right now too. I realised that there was the undeniable feeling of wetness pooling between my legs.

My face must have shown my surprise at that realisation because he knelt beside me, pushed my legs apart and pushed aside the tiny lace panties I was wearing. He traced his long fingers along the length of my slit making me moan as he brushed over my swollen clit.

Wordlessly he unzipped his jeans with his free hand, his erect cock needing no encouragement to be released from its confines. I couldn’t take my eyes from it, it was beautifully big and thick, with veins that made me want to reach out and trace them with my fingers.

His fingers probed deeper but painfully slowly across my pussy now as he started to stroke himself slowly from his base to tip, my moans getting louder and more urgent as I watched him intently. I could feel him watching me too, despite my eyes never once darting away from the sight of his hand tightly wrapped against his cock that I wanted so badly.

He withdrew his fingers from between my legs and stood, positioning his cock right in front of my face, my mouth watering as I watched him smear the thick strings of my arousal, which were coating his fingers, over the throbbing head of his cock.

“Tell me what you are and what you want, Katie, and maybe I’ll let you take me in your mouth.”

He pressed his soaked cock against my lips and tasting him was all I could think of. I parted my lips and leant in towards him. He instantly pulled away and slapped my face with such force that I could hear ringing in my ears. “Don’t you dare try and take what you haven’t been offered Katie. I taught you better than that. I gave you an instruction, Whore”

I struggled to say the things he wanted me to say but I wanted him so badly. “I’m a dirty whore” I whispered, “and I want you to fuck me Daddy.”

He pressed his cock back against my lips, and I resisted the urge to open my mouth for him. I needed no further lesson right now on obeying him. He rubbed the tip of his cock over the outline of my lips. “I am going to fuck you, little whore, but not the way you want me to. This is a lesson in not defying me Katie. You’ll do well to remember this one if you want to keep me happy.” With that he put a hand at the back of my head and pushed his cock past my lips which offered no resistance and plunged his considerable length deep into my mouth.

I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t prepared for the force of his thrust or the way his cock felt as it hit the back of my throat and stretched me. I gagged and panicked, slamming my hands onto his thighs trying to push him back off me. I couldn’t breathe and desperately tried to find the strength to pull back as he held himself tightly at the back of my throat. He caught hold of my flailing hands and brought them behind me, holding them tightly against the back of my head as he slowly pulled himself out of me allowing me to take huge gasps of air.

“I can’t do this Daddy” I managed to say between raspy breaths. He slowly pushed the tip of his cock back into my mouth and out again slowly, teasing my lips and tongue. “You can, Katie. You’ve just proved that you can.”

He continued to slowly push his cock back and forth, my mouth closing around him, my tongue relishing the chance to explore him at last. His body was tensed, and I wondered how much effort it was taking for him to tease like this and resist the urge to take me hard and fast.

“You can choose to stop now Katie and go back to being my little girl if you want to, or you can learn what it’s like to really be my dirty little whore like I think you want to be. The choice is yours Katie. Make it.”

I didn’t even need to think about what I wanted. The thought of not having his hands on me, him inside me, scared me more than anything else. Despite the fear I felt right now my body was screaming out for him, my clit throbbing, desperate to be touched. I answered him by leaning forward and easing his cock further into my mouth.

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