Innocent sister in law POONAM f


Hello Readers . The story that i am going to tell you is about my cousin’s wife Poonam . She married my

brother when she was 28 . At that time i was around 18 years old . Since i was close to my cousin , she

was always really friendly with me . She is a fun woman and at the same time insanely hot . With a

slightly wheatish complexion and long black hair , she is a perfect Indian woman .

She mostly wore tshirt and jeans and other western dresses . But whenever she wore indian attire she would look like a

goddess . Her big breasts always trying to burst out of her chest . Any guy would get turned on by

merely looking at her cleavage . she had an ass to die for .

We used to meet once or twice every month . I never in my life thought that I would see my Poonam Bhabhi in sexual

manner until one day. The day came when I was 20 years old and had to join college in Delhi . My cousin used to live

in delhi and he asked me to stay with him as he had a big house .

By that time Poonam Bhabhi was around 30 years old . So it happened that some of my friends dropped me to Delhi

in their car. So I got down at the apartment gate and my friends were about to leave and they told me something

which ignited the fire inside me. My friends told me that since now I am going to live with my brother and Bhabhi.

They asked me to fuck my bhabhi whenever my brother was away. I was

shocked at what they said because I never thought of her like that

. So I told them what crap you guys are

talking. They told me that they know about Bhabhi as they have seen her

some time or the other and she is the hottest looking female on can ever get,

so they asked me to take a chance sometime and fuck her.

I scolded them as they were talking very badly about my poonam Bhabhi like

how huge her boobs were and how her saree sticks to her huge ass and other

crap. So after that they left and I directly went to my brothers flat it was around

noon and poonam Bhabhi opened the door and welcomed me inside. My

friend’s words took a spell on me and right from that moment I was checking

her out. She was smiling and said,

Hello aditya how are you saying that she hugged me tightly. I was so

uncontrollable at that moment coz I was seeing her as a hot lady more than

my Bhabhi. Now she is hugging me. I was carried away by the spell and I too

hugged her tightly and her warm huge boobs pressed inside my chest softly

and I laid my hands over her ass unknowingly.

She did not mind and I was so close in smooching her in passion but i controlled myself

and stopped but poonam Bhabhi was so

innocent she was still hugging and looking in my eyes and said how was your

journey I said it was fine then she asked me where were my friends I said they

left. She said I should have invited them inside for juice.

I thought in mind that they would only prefer her and nothing else if they come

inside her house then I said its ok don’t worry they got some other work to do

then I met my brother at night that came back from office and masturbated

thrice before I went to sleep. But still my mind was somewhere in between a

hot and sexy figured female and a mother like bhabhi but not for long as

everyday my brother left early in the morning and came back at night.

I had huge time gap to enjoy her beauty visually and like while she came out

of the bathroom in towel I used to peep and try to have a good look at her wet

hair neck and tightly packed boobs inside the towel and her thighs and legs

which were in solid shape. I used to touch her here and there during the daily

house chores, pretending as if I’m helping her and sometimes.

I used to adjust her hair while she was cooking as she can’t touch her hair

while cooking as her hands were oily kind stuff. I used to draw her hair from

her cheeks till her neck. I used to watch her cooking over her shoulder

watching her sweaty cleavage. Sometimes I used to rest my hands on her

shoulders and smelled her neck. It was such a wonderful feeling and slowly

my mind moved away from considering her as my bhabhi to a sexy hot female.

She never minded while I moved around her and we also watched TV while

holding hands together which itself gave me full erection multiple times. I was

feeling jealous on my brother and tried to listens their bedroom sounds at

night but I realized that my brother used fuck her only on Sundays when he

got time and other days poonam Bhabhi’s sexiness and beauty was wasted

except for me to perceive it.

She used to wake me up in the Many times, I was just

short about to pull her into my bed to fuck escort her with my strong morning

erection, but I could not dare to do it. I wanted a very strong emotion and

reason behind doing it, because the attraction was only from one side.

She never thought about me in that manner. Moreover she used call me aditya

and all and so how to proceed? I was the only question. My brother did

not even have the slightest idea of what was running in my mind as I was

waiting for a chance, I got in touch with my friends in Nasik they asked me

about poonam bhabhi and how I was enjoying her and I told nothing to them,

but inside my mind I wondered how true they were about my poonam Bhabhi.

So it was my birthday in 2 weeks so they told me that they would send me a

present. So I gave them my full address. That was it. Those motherfuckers

went online and ordered Playboy magazines with my name giving our Mumbai

address. This indirectly helped me out. poonam Bhabhi checked the mails

everyday and found out the Playboy magazines and directly reported the

matter to my brother.

My brother was furious and scolded me very badly that day even my

Bhabhi was little angry on me. She told me that am not good stuff to read. She

was innocent even while scolding then I called my friends and scolded them

good but it was already late, because they told me that they already ordered

some other Porn DVD’s which will be delivered on my Birthday and cannot be


I was totally fucked again my bhabhi found out the DVD’s and reported it to

my brother. This time my bro kicked the shit out of me on my Birthday. He

slapped me and also punched me for my friends prank on me. I did not have

chance to explain since it had my name and address. I was 20 years old and

not a full man enough and still dependent. I was crying like a c***d that

morning and my brother left to office and I was in my room.

My parents called me but I did not want to talk to them so poonam bhabhi

spoke but didn’t tell the issues I did. She found out that it was my birthday

then she came into my room. I was calm and silent. She was so hot in that red

silk saree that day and even sexier as she was little angry. She sat beside me

and wished me Happy Birthday. I said thank you then she asked why I need

all those nasty stuff like playboy magazines and Porn DVD’s.

I wanted to tell her that it was not my mistake but my friends played a prank

on me but I lied and I told her that since I was growing to be adult, I felt to see

naked female body and also to sound myself correct I told her it’s the part of

nature then she told me that it’s bad and since I got beatings will I stop doing

this. I told her No and she was shocked, she said aditya that’s wrong, your

brother slapped you because this is wrong and may lead to other bad habits in


You should not get into this kind stuff and I did not accept. I told her no one

can stop me and since b*o hit me, I will surely do all kind bad activities from

now. She was pleading me not to get angry in very innocent manner. I was

not convinced by her. Then she asked me something. She asked me what do

I want to stop getting angry and not get into such activities.

I told her that it’s very simple, that I wanted to see women naked and that’s

why I wanted the porn DVD’s back. She was thinking for a while then she

made an offer very innocentlyd. She told me that she will not give me the DVD’s but will make my wish

come true since it is my Birthday as you all guessed, even I guessed it right.

She said she will go nude in front of me for me to watch and give up the

DVD’s and what a wonderful offer that was those fucking DVD’s didn’t mean

shit to me. I was getting a live shoe with my sexy poonam Bhabhi whom I

fantasized and masturbated since three months. I accepted her offer in awe

and she stood up and locked the door. She was very emotional and also shy

and also innocent. She was blinking more frequently than normal.

She set her eyes on me and he walked near my bed and first she let loose her

long hair then she dropped her pallu. She then removed her blouse and un

wrapped her silk red saree which was on the floor now just beside her blouse.

She was standing just in bra and panty in front of me. She looked away from

me and asked whether it was enough. I was shivering and so was she.

I said No and I said I wanted to see full nakedness then she smiled and tried

to unhook her bra but she was not able to reach it then she asked me to help

her as I approached close to poonam bhabhi standing in bra which was holding

her izmit escort bayan busty boobs trying to jump out and her tight panty forming a camel toe at

her pussy junction, sweet smell of her skin made my dick raise to unexpected


I was having full on hard erection I went to her and slowly wiped the hair to

aside to her back and her unhooked her bra and dropped it on to the floor.

Now poonam Bhabhi was holding her huge boobs in her hands and didn’t try to

drop her panties, indirectly asking me to pull them down. I was standing to her

back so I slowly pulled her panties down revealing her solid round ass cheeks.

Then I tried to grab her ass with my hands, but she pushed me onto my bed

and moved little far, still holding her boobs in her hands. She said aditya ,

don’t touch me. It’s wrong I am like your mother. I am showing my naked body

to you only to stop you from getting spoiled by other diversions as a Bhabhi

that’s my responsibility to keep my c***d, Dewar safe from all bad habits and

so look at me.

I am still young and also look better than all those dirty pictures you want to

see saying that she removed her hands from her boobs and it was a scene to

watch. Her huge busty boobs were hanging like ripe mangoes with pointed

long and erect nipple. She had lean waist and huge hips. She had little hair on

her pink soft pussy. Her thighs were in good shape like a model and not like

regular house wife aunties and bhabhi’s who have fatty lumps on their legs.

She was a super star material and her whole body was lean except at her

huge boobs and wide pear shaped hips. I was sad once I heard that but a****l

inside me was forcing me to grab her and fuck her and my erection was

getting bad. Her slow movements and mannerisms and shyness as she stood

naked in front of me made me go crazy like hell. Now I understood that, this

will not happen again.

I understood that I will not ever in my life get this opportunity. So I pretended

as if my erection was hurting me. It actually did but I exaggerated it in front of

poonam Bhabhi. I started shouting loudly and told her that my penis is paining

like hell. She asked me why. I told her because I got an erection like never

before as I saw her naked. She came running to me nude and her boobs were

swinging in air up and down and also towards sides.

I loved it and I was in my shorts and did not have any underwear as I just

woke up that morning then she saw my erection from outside my shorts and

was shocked. My dick was 7 inches and was really thick. Also I had athletes

body with six packs unlike my brother who had huge tummy and was fat.

She said to me not to think about her sexually to stop the erection.

I told her that’s not possible because she had the best bodies I have ever

seen in my life. She said it’s wrong for me to think about her and I told her to

forget about it and try to help me out. A Bhabhi or mother can anything to help

their c***dren just like she stripped for me and these words worked on my

innocent bhabhi. She asked me to go into the restroom and pour some water

over it.

I said I can’t move and also cannot able to touch it. She asked me what to do

aditya and she had some tears in her eyes too then I asked her to pull my

shorts down and massage my dick. She said that she will do anything to

relieve my pain then she pulled my shorts down, to find my huge 7 inch long

and thick dick and her eyes filled with surprise. It was as if she is something

she has never seen in her life.

She held my dick in her hands as I was lying on my bed and she was kneeling

on the bed nude. She started rubbing the dick slowly and was really enjoying

it. She asked whether I felt better and I said I was little bit better then she said

, I never knew that men also had such huge dicks. I heard of it from my

friends but this is a surprise for me and actually as a Bhabhi.

I should not do this or talk like this but trust me your dick looks really great. I

asked her how about dick. She said my b*o just had a 5 inch dick then

she asked me whether the pain was gone. I said pain will not be gone until it

gets wet like water or any other thing. She said she will go and get some

water. I told her not to leave me as pain may increase if she stops rubbing

then she asked me what to do and I told her to use her saliva to wet my dick.

She said ok and spitted on her palm and applied it like a lube and kept on

rubbing. What I wanted was her to take my huge dick in her mouth but she did

not understand. Now I told izmit sınırsız escort her that. Spitting saliva is not sufficient and my dick

needs to be submerged into the saliva. She asked how it is possible. I asked

to take my dick in her mouth. She was surprised as if it was first time.

She said it’s nasty and I told her that’s the only solution then she accepted to

do it. She kept on sucking my dick by dripping saliva into it. I was really feeling

so nice and I was in heaven and I asked whether she did this to my b*o .

She said no and I thought what a dick head was and then as she was

busy sucking my dick and I slowly rubbed her back and her ass and her boobs

and nipples.

She said what are you doing then I told her poonam Bhabhi you are like

my mother, can’t a son touch and feel her mother and if you give birth to a son

in few years don’t you allow him to play with and don’t you allow him to suck

your breasts? This is what I asked her and then she yes I was right then kept

on sucking. I was waiting for some reaction but I didn’t come then immediately

after 2 minutes.

She asked, aditya do you want to suck my breasts? I was laughing and

jumping inside my mind. I said yes then I laid her down on bed and went on

top of her. She was blowing my dick with her hands and I was sucking on her

breasts like an a****l. Her boobs were soft and huge with long erect nipples. I

was chewing them and squeezing her breasts like anything.

She was moaning loudly as I did that and she said to me in ears that she was

feeling as if she is with . She closed her eyes tightly as I sucked her

beautiful breasts. I whispered in her ears saying, there is no difference if it is

or myself as we both are brothers and same blood. So I don’t make a

difference I also told her since brother is busy I will satisfy her whenever she

wants. I was also fingering her cunt vigorously.

She was in ecstasy and whispered in my ears saying, so will you give me

satisfaction, really then I have no problem enjoy my beauty enjoy each and

every bit me. Do anything you want but give me satisfaction. She was in

trance now. Then after sucking her boobs I moved down and licked her pussy

out. I kept on licking her pussy and clit as I know Bhabies doesn’t want fucking

but good licking.

I explored deepest parts of her pussy with my tongue and trust me it tasted so

good. poonam bhabhi was completely in trance and in extreme satisfaction.

She was enjoying the whole session of licking. She moaned and moaned for

long and kept on moving away but I stocked my tongue onto her clit and kept

on licking and then she squirted a whole lot of orgasm onto my face with a

deep breath. She slightly came back to her senses.

She started saying while breathing deep, no don’t do this, I think this is

wrong let me go. I was not a fool to let go her and my dick veins were gusting

with strongest erection I ever had. She started pushing me away, but then I

pulled her legs wide and inserted my cock deep inside her in a single stroke.

She moaned and took a deep breath then I wanted to tease her so I asked her


I should stop and then she held my neck in her arms and pushed me towards

her. So I started fucking my bhabhi. My huge dick was digging deep inside

her. She was moaning the shoe time I fucked her. She was enjoying it so

much. I kept on fucking while smooching her sucking her boobs, squeezing

them and all. I fucked my bhabhi I different positions. She went on top of me

then I fucked her in doggy style.

I made her sit on my lap so that I can suck her nipples out and chew them

after 15-20 minutes I was about to cum then I asked her whether to cum

inside her and she asked me not to then I asked shall I do it on the bed and

spoil. She said no. Then I gave her only option. I caught her hair like I treat

bitches and asked her to suck my cock for grand finale. She licked off the

sticky layers on my cock clean.

I exploded a whole lot of cum on her face and inside her mouth then I cleaned

my cum on her face with my pointing finger and inserted then in her mouth.

She licked and sucked the cum and my finger good it was a good fuck and

then she dressed up as if he knew nothing and left the room and I had the

best sleep that afternoon and from that day my life took a good turn.

It was so fun to have a sex partner inside the family. I started to jump into her

bed once my brother left for morning sex, then strip poonam bhabhi’s clothes

off one by one while she was cooking and fuck her in the kitchen. We started

roaming nude in our house and our illicit relation ended daily exactly before 30

minutes of my brother’s arrival with a good fuck and the next day again started

with morning sex

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