Intro: Belinda and I started dating in high school.  During the summer after our freshman year of college, a game of “truth or dare” led to a threesome between Belinda, myself and Belinda’s life long best friend Marcella.  The three of us ended up fooling around and experimenting with each other for the rest of that summer.  After eight years apart, the three of us ended up together again after re-uniting at a friends wedding. We ultimately acknowledged that the three of us were in love, despite the fact that Marcella was languishing in an unhappy marriage. Belinda and I headed back to Florida, but Marcella still had to finish up her divorce before she could pack up her things and join us in the sunshine state. Belinda and I continued to look for a house big enough to accommodate three people. After two months of three-way phone sex, the routine began to wear on us. Belinda and I began to grow restless without Marcella around.


JUNE 2007

After two months of searching, we had finally found the perfect house for us.  I had gotten a pretty significant advance on the book that I was working on, so we went BIG.  It was a four bedroom three bathroom house in an older neighborhood with a three car garage, an in-ground pool, and jacuzzi, and it even had that high privacy fence in the back that Belinda had been hoping for.  Only a small part of me was really in love with the house.  It was the back yard that really did it for me.  I could just imagine Belinda and Marcella lounging around back there all weekend, naked and happy without a care in the world.

I had never lived in a house like that before.  I come from a modest family, so it would be a huge change for me.  We had closed that afternoon and desperately wanted to celebrate.  The house was sitting empty as we had not yet moved in, but it was all ours!

After we called Marcella to tell her the good news, Belinda made a call to her friend Jenna.  She and a guy named Nick that she had just started dating were going to meet us out for a few drinks.  We then got dressed up and headed out for a night on the town.  It started out like any other night.  Little did I know, tonight was the night that Belinda and I were finally going to break from our routine.

I had met Jenna a number of times before.  She was what you’d call a ‘spinner.’  She was just a tiny little thing.  Belinda had known her from her previous job working as a hostess at the night-club that Belinda’s ex; Bruce owned.  Jenna despised Bruce as much as Belinda and I did, so I got along with her right away.  The majority of Belinda’s close friends were Hispanic, but Jenna was Asian. More specifically Chinese-American.  She stood about 5 foot and couldn’t have weighed any more than 85 pounds soaking wet.  She was thin, lean and tan and she seldom wore a bra, as her breasts were barely an A-cup.  She was a beautiful girl, with dark smokey eyes and shoulder length, straight black hair.  We met up at a casual little neighborhood pub that night.  Jenna was dressed very similarly to Belinda.  Short shorts and a tight fitting white sleeveless top.  From thirty feet away I could easily make out the points of her always erect nipples pushing against the tight fabric of her top.

She hugged Belinda and I hello and introduced us to Nick.  Jenna dated a lot of guys in the short time that I’d known her, and each new guy I met left me more confused than the last.  She could have had just about any guy she chose, yet she seemed to dig as deep into the douche-bag pile as she could, time after time.  Nick was no exception.  You know the type.  Fitted V-neck tee shirt with some ridiculous print involving a skull or a dragon, manicured eye-brows, getting ready to light a cheap cigar that he thought might make him appear more sophisticated… You know, douche-bag.

Thankfully, Nick didn’t talk much.  In fact, for great chunks of time throughout the night, he would disappear entirely.  The conversation between Belin, Jenna and me mostly revolved around our new house.  Jenna was one of the few people that Belinda had entrusted with our little secret about Marcella.  She knew all about our bizarre love triangle and, if anything, seemed to think it made us ‘cool.’  She had no gripes about Belinda’s bi-sexuality either.  Though she never claimed to be bi-sexual herself, Belinda had told me that she and Jenna had made out on numerous drunken occasions back when they worked together.  That made me like Jenna even more.

After another brief appearance from Nick, Jenna asked us when she could see the new house.  Belinda began to tell her about the house-warming party we would eventually have when I reached into my pocket and withdrew my key ring.  “Baby, they gave me the keys this afternoon.” I smiled as I dangled the keys in front of her smiling face.

After a quick stop by our apartment to grab a portable i-pod player, some playing cards and some booze, we were headed to our future home with Jenna and Nick following behind us.

“Where does she find these guys?” I asked Belinda.

“Who, Nick?” she replied.  “He seems alright.”

“Are you kidding me?” I scoffed.  “That guy is a monumental douche-bag…  Like ‘king of the douche-bags.”

Belinda snorted.  “Oh, he’s not that bad.”

“I don’t get it.” I went on.  “Jenna’s a cool chick, plus she’s smokin’ hot!  I don’t see why she keeps going out with these frat boy types.”

Belinda giggled at me.  “You think Jenna’s ‘smokin’ hot?”

“Sure.” I said, trying to downplay the situation.

“You know we made out a few times, right?” Belinda taunted.

“Yes, I know.” I smiled.

Once we got to the house, we gave Jenna and Nick the tour.  We then set up shop on the back patio, as there wasn’t a stick of furniture in the whole house, save for a dusty old sofa in the garage that had been abandoned by the previous owners.  Luckily, the back patio came furnished with a nice wrought iron set including a large table and umbrella along with several chairs as well as four chaises for laying out by the pool.  I got the music going and promptly made everyone a drink.

I won’t bore you with what happened over the next three hours.  The short version is that Nick got absolutely shit-faced and puked in my brand new pool.  I then had to practically carry him into the garage and toss his dopey ass onto that dusty old couch.

“I’m so sorry about Nick.” Jenna apologized profusely upon my return to the backyard.  “I swear, he’s never gotten like that before.”

“Don’t worry about it.” I said as I did my best to smile.  “I’ll just have to buy a shit load of chlorine I guess.”

That got everyone laughing and lightened the mood a bit.  We’d had several glasses of wine and all had a pleasant buzz.  I didn’t want Nick’s little ‘Mt. Saint Helens’ episode to sour our evening.

“This house is fucking awesome you guys.” Jenna smiled warmly as we settled back in around the patio table.

“God, I know.” Belinda ruminated.  “I can’t wait ’till we move in!”

And then, it was quiet.

Really quiet.

I pulled the deck of cards out of my pocket and popped it open.  “Do you play poker Jenna?” I asked.

Belinda started laughing.  “She used to play at work parties.  She would clean house!”

“Don’t exaggerate Belinda.” Jenna smiled.  I began to shuffle the deck.

None of us had any cash, so for a good twenty minutes, we just played for fun.  It turns out that, if you’re not betting, poker is pretty boring.  We were all trying to have a good time, but our lack of enthusiasm was beginning to show.  What happened next is just one more reason why I love Belinda so much.

“This is fucking boring.” Belinda finally blurted.  Jenna and I joined her in lighthearted laughter.  “We should start betting.”

“I would love to.” Jenna agreed.  “But, I didn’t bring any cash.”

“We don’t have to bet money.” Belinda coyly smiled.

“Okay, so what do we bet then?” Jenna asked.

Belinda answered by grabbing the hem of Jenna’s top and playfully tugging on it.  Jenna went wide eyed for a moment.  “Wa-ha…  You want to play strip poker?.. Against ME?”

“It would certainly liven up this boring ass game.” Belinda said through a broad smile.  Jenna then looked over at me.  “Oh, don’t worry about him.” Belinda giggled.  “Just earlier tonight, he told me that he thinks you’re ‘smokin’ hot.”

My cheeks reddened as Jenna let out a deep belly laugh.  “Okay…” she went on as she grabbed the deck of cards.  “Prepare to be some naked mother fuckers!” she hooted.

The game began with Jenna dealing.  It was summer time which meant that none of us were wearing all that much to begin with.  At the end of the first hand, Belinda and I were both light one flip-flop.  Three hands later, I found myself sitting at the table in my boxer shorts.  Belinda was down to her denim skirt, bra and panties.  Jenna was only missing one sandal.  She was that good.

I finally won my first hand on the fifth round.  Belinda whined as she stood up and unzipped her skirt.  Jenna laughed along as she kicked off her other sandal.

I’m sorry to say that I didn’t win the next hand.  Neither did Belinda.

“Now it’s getting interesting.” Jenna hooted.  She was grinning from ear to ear.

As Belinda reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, I stood up.  There was no point in staying seated.  The table had a glass top.  I watched Belinda’s bra go slack and slip from her shoulders and into her lap, and took just a moment to admire her beautiful little pale breasts before easing my thumbs into the waist-band of my boxers.  Jenna’s eyes darted back and forth between Belinda and me.  

“This is hardly fair.” I mock protested.  “If I was a girl, I’d still have a bra to take off before the big show.”

Belinda and Jenna both laughed hysterically at my feeble attempt to not be the first naked person.  Jenna then held out her hand, demanding my boxers.  “No way man!  I’m not wearing a bra either.  Hand ’em over.”

“Fine.” I pouted as I began to slide my boxers off.

Nothing overtly sexual had happened, so I didn’t have a hard-on, or anything.  I was suddenly very grateful for the warm weather.  Once I got them past my mid thigh, they fell to the ground on their own.  I stood with my arms at my sides for a few seconds to let Jenna savor her winnings.  She and Belinda both looked over my cock for a moment with little giggles of approval before I took my seat.

Jenna began shuffling the deck again before looking over at Belinda.  Belinda was never shy and made no effort to cover up her breasts.  Jenna then very ‘matter-of-factly’ said “You have pretty boobs Belinda.”

Belinda looked down at her chest.  “These little things?” she laughed.

“Oh, please!” Jenna chaffed.  “Your tits look like the Grand Tetons next to mine.”

Belinda chuckled.  “How would we know?  You’re kicking the shit out of us!  We’re both practically naked here and you just lost your second shoe!”

Jenna smiled as cool as could be.  “I warned you…  Speaking of, so how does this work now?” she asked looking at me.  “So, are you just out now?…  I mean, you’re out of shit to bet, so is it just us girls?”

I sat back in my chair and let out a sigh.  “Technically, yes…  BUT, if you want me to keep playing, I could bet other stuff.”

“Like what?” Jenna asked, genuinely interested.

“What would be interesting to you?” I asked her.

Jenna sat with a blank expression on her face for a moment before Belinda finally helped me out.  “He means we could dare him to do stupid shit for our amusement.”

Jenna’s face immediately lit up.  “Ooooh…  Okay!” she finally finished.  She then dealt the cards with a notable grin.

On the next hand, Belinda lost her panties and I was made to stand up and twist my hips side to side fast enough to make my dick smack against my body.

On the hand after that, Belinda and I both had to do fully nude hand-stands.

Finally, on the next hand, Belinda won.  I ended up having to dip my dick in my wine before taking a drink of it.  

Jenna stood up and wriggled out of her denim shorts.  She was down to her slinky white top and a pair of low-cut black panties.  Despite how short Jenna was, she was so thin that she actually looked tall.  Her legs were long and thin like a models.  Her skin was dark and smooth and I immediately started wondering how many more idiotic acts I would have to endure before I got to see a little bit more of it.

As fate would have it, none!  I actually won the very next hand.  I was having a ball being naked in front of Belinda and a new friend.  It was always exhilarating to be nude in front of someone new for the first time.  I had found Jenna attractive from the first day I met her, but after the events of that night, I found myself wanting her…  A LOT.

“You first!” I shouted, pointing at Jenna.  “We’ve been waiting long enough for this!” I laughed.

“Fine, fine…” Jenna trailed off as she stood up in defeat.  There was nothing sensual in her movements.  She simply grabbed the hem of her top and yanked it quickly over her head.  She stood before us for a moment to let us enjoy our hard earned victory.  

Her body was more beautiful than I had even imagined.  She was tan everywhere!  She had very narrow hips.  Her pelvic bone was just slightly visible just above her panty-line.  Her stomach was flat with a single toned line cutting up the center.  She was certainly not ‘boney’ but very very thin.  The best way to describe her build would be ‘athletic.’  Her breasts were barely large enough to cast a shadow and she had small dark nipples that stood straight out like pencil erasers.  I had never been with a girl with breasts that small and I immediately wanted to know what they felt like.

Then my mind went totally insane.

What if things escalate?  What if Belinda turns this into something crazy?  Am I allowed to do that?  As far as I knew, even though I was dating two girls, I was dating them EXCLUSIVELY.  If something happened with Jenna, even though Belinda was there, would I somehow be cheating on Marcella?  We’d never had that conversation.  I had fucked Hillary, but Belinda and Marcella were BOTH there at the time…  Hmmm…

I returned to reality, realizing that I still needed to come up with something stupid for Belinda to do.  I rifled through my mind as Belinda said “See Jenna, you’re so full of shit!  You have beautiful tits!”  To that, Jenna placed her palms over her small breasts and groaned.  “Come on!” Belinda cried encouragingly.  “Don’t be shy!”  Jenna joined her in laughter and finally dropped her hands.  

“Belinda…” I finally said, “Okay, you have to do that thing where you lick your nipple.” I smiled.  It wasn’t something she did terribly often, but it always got me really hot.  Belinda giggled at me as she cupped her breast.  She then pushed it upward as far as she could while craning her neck downward and extending her tongue as far as she could manage.  She pressed her tongue against her erect nipple and drug it back and forth for a few seconds and I felt a surge of blood filter through my cock…

Oh, shit…

Back to the game!  Jenna dealt again and won again at least three or four more times.  I was asked to try and lick my own nipple (with no success), dance a jig, and tuck my dick between my legs and walk around like a woman.  Belinda had to walk around in the front yard for thirty seconds, drink a shot of bourbon, and hold a beer bottle between her tits for ten seconds without touching it with her hands.

On the next hand, Jenna finally lost!  It was Belinda’s win, so she had to come up with something dumb for me to do as well.  Jenna stood up from her chair to remove her last remaining article of clothing.  I watched on, drowning in anticipation when Belinda blurted out “Wait!”

“What?” Jenna and I said in unison.

“I have an idea.” Belinda flashed her devilish smile.  Jenna and I both waited patiently for Belinda to tell us.  Finally, she spoke.  “Baby, your dare is to stand in front of Jenna when she takes off her panties.”

“Okay.” I smiled as I stood up and walked around the table.  I stepped in front of her, thankful that I hadn’t gotten a full erection yet.

“Closer.” Belinda insisted, so I took a step forward.  Jenna smiled up at me with her thumbs in the waist band of her panties.  “Closer!” Belinda demanded.  Jenna and I both giggled a little as I took another step forward.  Belinda finally stood up, taking command, and pushed us closer together.  We couldn’t have been more than three inches apart.

“Jesus Belinda!” Jenna laughed.  We both settled down as Belinda stood beside us and watched.  I had a good eleven inches on Jenna.  She looked up at me and smiled, looking slightly nervous.  I could smell her sweet smell.  I could feel the heat radiating from her tiny body.  I wanted her so badly!

“Okay.” Belinda said, finally satisfied that we were close enough together.  I could feel my cock pulsating in time with my heartbeat.  I worried to myself that I would get hard and Jenna would freak out. Jenna awkwardly began to push her little black panties down over her hips.  I was too close to her to see anything, but I could feel every movement.  She eventually had to lean into me to get them past her upper thigh.  I instinctively took a step back, but Belinda quickly placed her hand on the small of my back and nudged me back into position.  Jenna’s head was just above my waistline.  My rapidly swelling cock must have been less than 6 inches from her face.  I first felt her hair brush against it.  Then I could feel her warm breath on it.  I’m not sure how she managed to keep from bumping her face against it, but she suddenly stood straight up again and lifted her arms above her head.  “Ta-da!” she exclaimed.

I was half erect and there was no hiding it, although I was pretty sure that that was what Belinda had intended.  I took a step back and Jenna did a slow spin with her arms still held aloft.  Belinda and I drank in the beauty of her naked body.  She really was tan all izmit escort bayan over.  Above her narrow little slit between her legs was a pencil thin strip of jet black pubic hair.

“I love your body Jenna.” Belinda complimented, amorously.

“Thank you.” Jenna smiled.

“You’re so fucking cute!” Belinda insisted as she reached out to smack Jenna on her bare behind.

We hadn’t even moved in yet and my fantasy of hanging out in the backyard with a pair of beautiful naked women had already come true.  That night, I also learned that Belinda and I have very similar taste in women.

Once Jenna had shown off for us long enough, she began to pull her panties back on.  “Well, that was fun.  You guys ready to call it a night?” she asked.

“Let’s keep playing.” I said.  I could tell that Belinda was attracted to Jenna.  Hell, they used to make out sometimes.  Even if I couldn’t have any fun with Jenna, I could at least watch Belinda have some.

Jenna stopped pulling her panties up at mid thigh.  “Are we staying naked then?” she asked.

“Oh, hell yes!” I laughed.  Jenna effortlessly slipped out of her panties again.  “New rules though.” I added.

“Okay.” Jenna replied, eagerly awaiting to hear them.  I was glad to see that she was both having fun, and comfortable enough in our presence to remain nude.

“Whoever wins gets to tell the two losers to do anything they want.” I finished.

Jenna looked at Belinda and was met with Bel’s trouble-maker smile.  She then looked back to me.  “Deal the cards!”

“Why don’t we just play ‘truth or dare’ without the truth part?” Belinda cut her off.  She then turned to me.  “Otherwise, Jenna’s gonna keep kicking our asses and making us do stupid shit all night, and I wanna make her do some stupid shit too.”

“I see your point.” I smiled.  “Is that cool with you Jenna?”

“So, we just dare each other to do stuff?  That’s it?”

“Or we could play it the way we used to.” Belinda answered for me.  “Where you can dare two people at once.  It’s more fun that way.”

“Okay.” Jenna agreed as she sat back down.  “So, what, do we take turns?”

“Yeah.” Belinda answered.  “You can go first.”

Jenna knew we were a pretty kinky pair, but she was clearly timid about pushing us too far.  All she asked of us was a kiss.

It was then my turn and Jenna looked over at Belinda nervously.  Belinda was great at reading people.  She immediately asked her “I know we’ve kissed before, but have you ever done other kinds of stuff with a girl?”

“Not really anything besides kissing.” Jenna shyly admitted.

“That’s fine.” Belinda assured her.  “I just know Johnny well enough to know that he’s probably got some kinky stuff up his sleeve, so is there anything that you want to just go ahead and take off the table right now?”

Jenna nervously bit her lip and looked around at us and then up to the sky.  “How about, you just say whatever you’re going to say and I’ll decide then.” she smiled.

“That’s fair.” I agreed, knowing that she was on-board.  If she weren’t, she would’ve said so right then and I knew that this night was about to get really interesting.

She bit her lower lip one more time and then blurted out “Okay, go!”

“I dare you to lick Belinda’s asshole.” I dryly said.

Belinda and Jenna both immediately burst into laughter.  It was an easy way for me to lighten the mood and relieve some of Jenna’s anxiety.  The laughter finally subsided and I went on.  “Okay, seriously…  I dare you two to kiss each other like you used to for a full minute.”  It was a fairly conservative challenge, but it was enough to loosen her up and get the ball rolling.  Jenna agreed that it was within the boundaries of what she was comfortable with and the two of them stood up and stepped toward one another.  I picked up my watch from the table and watched the second hand as it approached the 12. “Okaaayyyyyy…  Aaaannnddd…. GO!”

I looked up just as the two of them inched closer together.  They were both smiling like giddy school girls.  It reminded me of the first time I saw Belin and Marci kiss all those years before.  Jenna was about four inches shorter than Belinda.  She threw her arms around Belin’s neck and their naked bodies pressed into one another.  Finally, they both closed their eyes and pressed their lips together.  Belinda wrapped her arms around Jenna’s tiny frame and soothingly rubbed her back as their lips began to part.  Their jaws began to move as they softly explored each others mouths with an eager tongue.  That was about as wild as it got at that point.  Still, it was a beautiful thing to see.

I called time and the girls giggled once more before returning to their seats.  It was clear that Jenna was very comfortable with Belinda and had all but forgotten about douche-bag Nick, asleep in the garage.

It was finally Belinda’s turn, which meant that she would have to come up with something that Jenna and I would have to do together.  We all looked around the table, not sure of what was to come.  Belinda immediately defused the situation.  “Are you okay with this?” she asked Jenna.

“With what?” Jenna asked.

“Just, you know?  I’m supposed to come up with something for you to do with Johnny.”

“Well, what do you want us to do?” Jenna asked, clearly intrigued.

“Well, what are you okay with doing?” Belinda asked, trying to get a read on her.

“I don’t know.” Jenna evaded.  “I mean, I don’t know what you want us to do yet, so I don’t know.”

Belinda finally got bored with tip-toeing around and decided to test Jenna’s nerve.  “Okay then…  I dare you to let Johnny suck on your tits for a full minute while you finger yourself and he jerks off.”

Jenna and I both went equally wide-eyed.  Even I couldn’t tell if Belin was joking or not.  Belinda didn’t flinch.

“Seriously?” Jenna nervously asked.

“Uh-huh.” Belinda proudly confirmed.

“We can’t do that!” Jenna protested.

“Why not?” Belinda pressured.

“Because…  Johnny’s your boyfriend!” Jenna finally answered.

“So?” Belinda smiled.  “I’m the one daring you, so obviously, I’m okay with it.”

“What about Nick?” Jenna pleaded, though she was slightly grinning.  Belinda could tell that it wasn’t that Jenna didn’t want to do it, but maybe that she was afraid, though I like to think that she just wanted the justification of being bullied into it by Belinda.

“Jenna, that guy is a fucking loser, okay?  He’s passed out in the fucking garage!” Belinda chuckled, driving her point home.  “Come on, it’ll be fun!  It’s not like I’m daring you to fuck each other!  He’s just gonna put his lips on your boobs for a minute.”

Jenna was torn.  She looked back and forth at us for a while before turning to me.  “What do you think?”

I hadn’t expected to be put on the spot like that, so I replied with the coolest thing I could come up with. “I think it’ll give you a really good reason to get even when it’s your turn.” I smiled.

She looked back over to Belinda.  “A whole minute?”

“Yep.” Belinda was absolutely beaming, watching Jenna wriggle on the hook.

Jenna looked down in her lap for a moment.  I don’t know if she was genuinely wrestling with the decision, or if she only wanted to appear to be holding on to her last shred of demurity. She finally raised her head and looked Belinda in the eye. “Alright.”

With that, Jenna and I stood up.  I rounded the table to meet her and she looked up at me nervously.  “I know.  She’s crazy.” I smiled.  Jenna laughed a little as Belinda grabbed my watch.

“Okay, the clock doesn’t start until Johnny gets hard enough to do it.” Belinda smiled.  She looked over at the two of us and then sprang up from her seat.  She grabbed Jenna’s chair and pulled it back from the table and instructed Jenna to sit back down.  Jenna sat and Belin positioned me in front of her.  With my cock now at eye level with Jenna, I was already starting to grow just from standing there with my dick in her face.  Belinda mashed her naked body against me and kissed me wet and deep.  She found my cock with her right hand and began to gently tug on it for me right in front of Jenna.  Within ten seconds I was completely ready.

Belinda left my side and returned to her seat, staring at the watch.  “Annnnnddd GO!”

Jenna slowly spread her thighs and leaned back in the chair.  Her hand slid across her lap and then down between her skinny legs.  She tilted her head back as she began to softly massage her clit.  I straddled her right leg as I took my cock in my hand.  I then bent forward and lowered my lips down onto her dark and fully  erect right nipple.

I licked, bit and teased her nipple with my lips and tongue as she gently played with herself.  I stroked my cock in long slow movements as Jenna began to softly moan into the warm summer night.  This was already more than I had expected to happen.  I began to wonder how much further Belinda would try and push things.  Before I knew it, Belinda called time.  In my opinion it was much too soon.

I pulled away and left Jenna’s breasts glistening.  She slowly opened her eyes and leaned forward, as though she were returning to reality.  It took both of us a moment to compose ourselves.

“That was fan-fucking-tastic!” Belinda gleefully cheered.  Jenna quietly glanced over at me as I sat back in my seat.  The ice was broken.  Now it was time to push the envelope.

It was Jenna’s turn again.  She understood the rules now and she was out for blood.

She thought long and hard, leaving Belinda and I in suspense.  In truth, there was nothing she could have said that we wouldn’t have been up for.  Belinda was just as crazy and kinky as I was.  The real fun would come when it was my turn or Belinda’s.  Of course, fooling around with Belinda in front of a hot little thing like Jenna was a perfectly good way to kill the time in between.

“Okay you fuckers…” Jenna started.  I liked where this was going.  “I dare you to put Johnny’s balls in your mouth while he jerks off for one minute.”

Completely unphased, Belinda hopped out of her seat and smiled.  “That’s more like it!”

Jenna fell back in her chair, defeated and laughing.  “You guys are fucking crazy!”

Belinda knelt down in front of my chair and pushed my legs apart.  I scooted to the edge of my seat as Jenna counted down.  “And go!”

I took my shaft in my hand and began stroking again.  Belinda began by first licking my balls and getting them good and wet.  She then opened her mouth wide and pulled one nut and then the other into her warm wet mouth.  I could feel her tongue pressing up against my balls inside of her mouth.  It felt amazing!  I looked across the table at Jenna as I stroked myself.  She was watching intently as my hand glided up and down the length of my shaft.  I could tell she liked watching me as much as I liked watching her.

She finally called time and Belinda rose to her feet and licked her lips. Jenna was still wide eyed.

It was my turn again and I had already decided what I wanted them to do.  I had planned another big push.

“I want a ten minute show.” I started.  Belinda and Jenna both waited for me to continue.  “Basically I want you to both stand up and start by making out.  Then, whatever happens, happens.  Anything goes.” I smiled.  Belinda was smiling too.

“Ten minutes?” Jenna asked in disbelief.  She then turned to Belinda.  “Can he do that?” 

“That IS a long time Johnny.” Belinda said.

“That’s the dare.” I stood my ground.  “Unless the two of you want to concede…”

“Fuck that.” Belinda said defiantly as she stood up.  “I play to win!” she grunted in a masculine baritone.  She then stepped over to Jenna and offered her a hand.

Jenna took Belinda’s hand and stood up.  “I’m SO gonna get you for this.” she playfully threatened me.

They stood face to face, smiling nervously.  I stood up too and pushed them closer toward the back door.  “No no no…  Over here, under the light.” I smiled, fully intending to enjoy the show.  They squared off once again, both smiling big goofy smiles.  Their two naked bodies were bathed in the bright light of the back patio.  I stood a few feet away, holding my watch, savoring their anticipation.  The second hand finally reached the 12 at the top of the watch face.  “…And go.”

They immediately began kissing again.  By that point, they were good and comfortable, so they didn’t waste much time getting into it.  Within five seconds, they were kissing with open mouths and exploring tongues.  My cock had barely had enough time to soften up from the last challenge.  As I watched the two of them exploring one another’s mouths, I quickly realized it would not fully soften again any time soon.

Around forty-five seconds into it, the kissing had grown in intensity.  They were no longer just kissing because of the dare.  They were kissing now as though they both needed it.  Just as I had hoped, Belinda was the first to take it to the next level.  I happily watched her slide her palm up from Jenna’s hip, across her flat tummy and then settle over Jenna’s tiny left breast.  Jenna only seemed to kiss more passionately as Belinda began squeezing her little tit.  Belinda then began tugging on Jenna’s erect nipple.  Neither of them said a word, but would occasionally glare into one another’s eyes, longingly, in between kisses.

What happened next was really the only natural step Belinda could have taken.  As she fondled Jenna’s breast, she began kissing her neck.  She moved like a cat as she craned her neck further down and forcefully pushed Jenna’s tiny breast upward.  In a flash, Belinda had darted her tongue out like a lizard and made contact with Jenna’s pointed nipple.  Jenna moaned her anxious approval and Belinda opened wide and pulled Jenna’s nipple and a good portion of the flesh of her breast into her mouth.  I tore my eyes away for just a moment to look at my watch.  We weren’t even two minutes in yet.

Belinda finally pulled her soft lips away from Jenna’s glistening breast and smiled up at her.  Jenna chortled briefly before they began to kiss again.  The kiss was hot and ferocious, and then, ever so slowly, the moment I had been waiting for came.  Jenna’s small arms had been wrapped around Belinda and her delicate little hands were rubbing up and down the small of her back.  As the kiss unfolded, I watched Jenna’s hands circle around Belinda’s body and begin to slowly move upward.  A moment later, her fingertips slid over Belinda’s breast.  Belinda moaned into Jenna’s mouth as Jenna lay her palms against the soft flesh of her breasts.  She then began to squeeze them in a soft rhythmic movement.

Belinda threw her head back in a dramatic gesture.  Her hair flew wild in the warm night air.  Her perky little tits were now on full display.  That not so subtle hint, plus the fact that Belinda was a good bit taller than Jenna, left little question for Jenna regarding what to do next.  Jenna bent down ever so slightly and cupped Belinda’s left breast.  She then glanced over at me and flashed me a wicked smile before extending her tongue and flicking it against Belinda’s erect nipple.  Belinda moaned aloud with her head tilted back and Jenna glanced back at me as she pulled Belinda’s soft tit into her wet mouth.  My cock had gotten completely hard again and Jenna took a second to glance down at it.

They began to kiss again, this time, pressing their bodies together.  They both simultaneously squeezed and groped at each other’s breasts.  I quickly checked the watch.  We were four minutes in.  Belinda took a moment and smiled over to me.  “Are you happy so far baby?”

I glanced down at my fully engorged cock and then back up to her.  She began to chuckle.  She then reached down and cupped her own breasts and hunkered down to level them with Jenna’s.  As Belinda laughed her wicked laugh, she began to rub her pointed nipples against Jenna’s.  Jenna followed suit and pushed her own breasts out and rubbed her nipples against Belinda’s.  “You like that baby?” Belinda cooed.  I didn’t have to answer.

They resumed their kissing and there was still over four minutes to go.  In addition to groping one another’s tits, they were both using their hands to rapidly explore and rub all over each other’s bodies.  Belinda then aggressively overwhelmed Jenna and pressed her against the house beneath the patio light and tongued her mouth deeply.  As they kissed harder and wetter, Jenna arched her back, pressing her shoulders and head against the house and pushing her body out toward Belinda.  Belinda immediately darted down to suckle Jenna’s eager little nipples.  Before long, Belinda raised her right leg and bent it at her knee.  She wrapped her thigh around Jenna’s waist and Jenna reached down and grabbed onto it, holding it tight against her body.

In the heat of the moment, Belinda thrust her hips forward and began grinding her naked pussy against Jenna’s hip.  Jenna continued to grope and suckle her tits as Bel threw her head back and openly slid her crotch up and down Jenna’s upper thigh.  I checked the watch to see that we were down to just over three minutes.  I looked back up to see Jenna still happily licking and sucking Belinda’s tits as Bel practically fucked her left leg.

It was then that Jenna finally took a bit of initiative.  Showing surprising reserves of strength for a girl her size, Jenna was able to spin Belinda and herself completely around and then force Belinda up against the house.  Belinda leaned back against the wall to accommodate Jenna’s height.  Jenna leaned over Belinda and resumed gnashing at Belinda’s spittle drenched tits.  She then placed one foot on either side of Belinda’s right leg.  Belinda took the cue and raised her thigh up to Jenna’s narrow little slit.  Soon, Jenna was grinding her naked cunt against Belinda’s thigh in the same way that Belinda had done to her just moments earlier.  Belinda took the opportunity to lick and suckle Jenna’s pointed nipples once more.

Belinda was driving her wild, just as I had hoped she would.  There was less than thirty seconds izmit eve gelen escort left at that point.  Belinda had reached around Jenna and was squeezing her ass and helping Jenna grind against her thigh.  Jenna even hiked one of her legs up the way Belinda had.  Belinda kissed her deeply and held her gyrating ass for her as Jenna ground against her thigh.  They were on the brink and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

“That’s time.” I called out.  It took them a moment to stop writhing and come apart.  There was a lot of heat that needed to dissipate.  My dare had given me a great little show, but had also served another purpose.  I wanted to see if Jenna had any threshold with Belinda, and so far, she didn’t.

As they untangled their bodies, they both stood on the patio casually in the porch light, and seemed to transform from two fiery sex goddesses, back into a couple of skinny girls.  It was just one of those things that stuck out in my mind.

Belinda glided past me with the joy of new found excitement in her eyes.  “How’d we do?” she asked, out of breath as she playfully squeezed my hard-on.

“Great.” I answered with wide eyes.  Jenna caught her breath and regained her composure and then proudly strutted past me, back to the table.  

I joined them at the table as Jenna sat down.  Belinda was much more relaxed by then and had put one of her legs up on the table.  “Oh, my GOD, I’m so fucking horny now.” she casually stated.

Jenna was looking at her out of the side of her eye and smiling wide.  “Really?”

“Oh, my god.” Belinda answered.  “Is it my turn again?” Belinda smiled.

“Uh-huh.” Jenna answered.  She didn’t glance around nervously that time.  That told me that she was ready for whatever Belinda threw at us, and that made me very happy.

“Fuck.” Belinda muttered as she pulled her leg down from the table.  She then looked over to me.  “Can we include ourselves in the dare?” Belinda asked me.

“Sure.” I smiled, curious as to what she had in mind.  Jenna was still eying Belinda and smiling.

Belinda then feigned thought for a moment.  Finally, she looked over at Jenna.  “Okay, then I have a dare for all three of us.” she smiled.

This was it.  I knew it.  Belinda had been building up an appetite all night.  So had I.  We had been dying without Marcella around.  She wanted to feel another woman’s touch.  She wanted me to watch her doing it.  She wanted to watch me with another woman.  The heat had risen up in us like a bonfire that had been choked down to coals and then suddenly doused in gasoline.

She looked at me first.  “All you have to do is stand next to Jenna’s chair.”  My curiosity was piqued.  Jenna was grinning and eagerly awaiting her instructions.  Belinda happily delivered.  I stood up and stepped over to where Jenna was seated.  My iron cock dangled in the air above her head.  Jenna looked up at me with her eyes squinted. She examined my throbbing cock and let out a short giggle before turning back to Belinda.

“Oh my god, what are you gonna make us do?” Jenna asked, still grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Belinda tossed me the watch as she rose from her seat.  She stepped in front of Jenna’s chair and bent forward, resting her palms on the armrests.  Her beautiful breasts hung down as she leveled her eyes with Jenna’s.  Without breaking eye contact, and in her most seductive voice, Belinda softly oozed the words, “I want you to jack him off while I eat your pussy.”  

Jenna turned beet red and covered her entire face.  “Oh, my god!” she whimpered softly into her hands.  Belinda didn’t move or break eye contact.  She was like a snake charmer.  

Jenna finally uncovered her face to reveal a giddy smile.  She breathed in slowly as Belinda went on.  “For five minutes.”

Before Jenna could think about it or even pretend to launch a protest, Belinda leaned into her and kissed her, wet and deep.  Jenna fell right back into the rhythm they had established earlier.  Belinda raised her right hand and began to grope at Jenna’s petite left breast.  Jenna moaned softly as Belinda kissed her neck and then trailed down to her ever erect nipple.  She then took Jenna’s left hand and held it in front of her own face.  She sensuously pressed her wet tongue flat against Jenna’s open palm, coating it with her slippery saliva.  Belin then went back to kissing her as she guided her petite arm up above her head and placed her tiny hand on my throbbing cock.  Jenna’s eyes were closed, and she was lost in the passionate kiss as her delicate slippery fingers wrapped around my shaft.  Belinda then reached down and nudged Jenna’s inner thigh, to which Jenna anxiously spread her legs apart.  As Belinda slid her fingertips across Jenna’s glistening clit, Jenna began to loosely slide her tiny fist up and down my cock.

I was really enjoying that particular view.  My cock looked absolutely enormous in Jenna’s tiny hand.  Belinda finally pulled her mouth away from Jenna’s lips and knelt down between her open thighs.  I watched in complete awe as Belinda closed the distance between her soft lips and Jenna’s wet little pussy.  I could almost read her mind.  She was going to wind Jenna up until she couldn’t take it anymore.  I sensed that she had known that I wanted Jenna for a while.  It immediately made me wonder if Belinda had wanted her too.

The next five minutes were quiet.  There was no dirty talking or anything like that.  Jenna would occasionally get so lost in the immense pleasure that Belinda was giving her, that her hand would sometimes just rest there on my cock before she snapped back into the present and continued to lazily stroke me.  Belinda wasn’t trying to force any kind of kinky mood that wasn’t naturally there.  She was into it just as much as Jenna was.  She was carefully and delicately making love to Jenna with her lips and tongue.  She was attentive and thoughtful with every single movement and it was clearly working.  Jenna lay back in her chair, moaning aloud with her eyes closed.  Belin wasn’t trying to make her cum.  It was a slow and lasting pleasure that she was giving Jenna.  I was happy for the slight lull in physical activity too.  I was in no danger of cumming any time soon, though I was enjoying myself immensely.

Belinda finally looked up at me and whispered “Is it time yet?” 

I peered down at my watch.  “Yeah.” I whispered back.  It had been almost eight minutes.

As Belinda slunk away from Jenna’s soaking slit, Jenna released my cock.  She opened her eyes and smiled up at me.  It was the weary kind of smile you see on someone that just got done with an hour long massage.  She looked exhausted from pleasure.  Belinda and I took our seats as we both watched Jenna.  She tilted her head back and sighed.  “I just need a few minutes before we keep going, okay?” she asked.  Belinda had temporarily put Jenna out of action.  I was impressed.

Jenna grabbed Belinda’s pack of cigarettes, despite the fact that she wasn’t a smoker.  She lit one up and Belinda and I decided to join her.  For five minutes, we sat in silence, smoking our cigarettes and ruminating on what we had done and wondering where the rest of the night might take us.  The mood was surprisingly calm.  We finally stubbed out our butts, one after another, and went on with the game.  It was Jenna’s turn to craft a dare.

Belinda didn’t care to tip toe around anymore.  She immediately turned to Jenna and put her hand on her knee.  “So, by now, you’ve probably figured out that Johnny and I are pretty fucking kinky.”

“Yeah.” Jenna sighed.

“So just go nuts, okay?” Belinda continued.  “I want you to think of the kinkiest shit you can imagine.”

Jenna sat and thought for a moment.  She then looked at Belin with a mischievous grin and then flashed her eyes over to me.  “I have an idea…  Come with me.” she said, rising from her chair.

We followed Jenna into the dark, empty house.  She walked through the living room and down the narrow hallway that led to the garage where we’d left her drunken date sleeping.  Belinda and I had no idea what she was thinking, but we were damned curious.

We reached the door to the garage.  Jenna placed her hand on the knob and turned it as softly as she could.  She pushed it open just a crack and peered into the darkness.  At first, we heard nothing, and then: a loud snore.  Belinda and I were smiling at each other, still wondering what was going on when Jenna whispered into the dark garage.  “Nick?”


She repeated herself a bit louder .  “Nick?”

Still nothing.

Finally, she loudly blurted out “Hey Nick!”

We all stood perfectly still and held our breath.  Still no response other than another loud snore.

Jenna then reached into the garage and found the light switch on the wall.  In an instant, the garage was awash in blinding fluorescent light.  I had never turned the lights on in there before and immediately made a mental note to change the bulbs out once we moved in.

The three of us peered into the garage and saw Nick lying face down on the dusty old sofa, still snoring.  We stood and watched him sleep from the dark hallway for a full minute to make sure he was out cold before Jenna turned around to face us.  She was grinning from ear to ear as she began to excitedly whisper.  “Okay, you asked for it!” she began.  “My dare is for you to go in the garage and give Johnny a blow job for a full minute!”

Belinda only smiled.  

My old roommate J.P. had been a black out drunk.  We used to throw things at him, draw all over his face, and sometimes even pick him up and move him to different locations without ever waking him up.  I smiled back at Belinda, not worried in the least.  Jenna then switched the light off.  

I stepped into the dark garage and walked toward the center of the room.  Belinda entered behind me and flicked the light back on.  I turned to see her proudly strolling toward me, her naked body bathed in white light.  “What’s the point if she can’t see us?” Belinda whispered.  Kinky little slut.

I turned to face her about five feet in front of the old couch.  She reached me and looked back to Jenna, who was holding the watch in the doorway.  “Just go!” Jenna whisper/shouted.

Belinda softly dropped down to her knees and hurriedly pulled me into her mouth.  I was staring at Jenna’s glowing eyes in the hallway.  It was too risky a situation for me to get into it enough to derive too much pleasure from it, but it was incredibly exciting to be kinky with Belinda, plus I loved having Jenna watching us.

About thirty seconds into it, Nick groaned and rolled onto his side, facing toward us, with his eyes still closed.  Belinda and I froze in the position we’d been in when we first heard him shifting.  My hands were behind my back and Belinda had about four inches of my cock in her mouth.  Her eyes were wide open and we were staring at each other.  We both stayed completely still for a good ten seconds before Nick finally let out a deep snore.  Jenna pulled the door open and urgently waved us out.

The three of us stood, giggling in the hallway as Jenna flipped the light switch and softly closed the door.  It was a good dare and it got our blood going.  That, and gave me plenty of cause to get back at Jenna, since it was my turn next!

We scurried through the dark house and made our way back to the safety of the backyard before we dared to raise our voices.

“Holy fuck, that was close!” I laughed.

“I thought you were totally busted!” Jenna giggled.

“Oh, my god…” Belinda began.  “What would you have done if he woke up?” she asked Jenna.

“I have no fucking idea!” she burst.  “I almost shut the door and ran back here!”

We all had a good long laugh at poor Nick’s expense.  I still wonder how he would’ve reacted, had he actually woken up and caught us.

“Alright, it’s my turn.” I finally said, rubbing my hands together like the villain in a James Bond film.  The girls were still laughing, as they both waited for me to do my worst.  I stepped in front of Jenna and put my hands on her shoulders.  Her beautiful smiling face looked up at me as I laid it on her.  “Now…” I began.  “…You get to go down on Belinda for five minutes!”

“I fucking knew that was coming!” Jenna howled.

“And you’re okay with it?” Belinda casually asked as she fell into her chair with her legs already open.

“Fuck it…” Jenna started.  “We’ve gone this far, right?”

Belinda was already playing with her own clit.  “I’m so happy you feel that way.” she smiled.

With zero hesitation, Jenna knelt down before Belinda.  She carefully placed her hands on Belinda’s thighs as Belin scooted to the edge of her seat.  

“Okay, I haven’t ever done this before, so let me know if I’m doing it right.” Jenna announced.

“Okay.” Belinda assured her with a smile.  She would too.  Belinda had grown very vocal.

With that, Jenna leaned into Belinda’s crotch and pressed her lips against Bel’s shaved cunt.  Belinda began to moan aloud in encouragement.  Jenna took to it like a fish to water.

Belinda seemed to genuinely enjoy herself.  I couldn’t resist getting involved, so I stepped behind her chair and reached down to her naked chest.  I gently began to squeeze and massage her tits before tugging on her nipples.  She moaned a bit louder at my touch.  It may have only been so that Jenna would look up and see that I was getting involved.  Either way, after that, Jenna fixed her eyes on us as she carefully lapped at Belinda’s hairless slit.

With Jenna now watching intently, Belinda made her next move.  She reached up to me and nudged me around to stand beside her chair.  Then, as casually as she might’ve gotten rid of her chewing gum, she spit into her hand and wrapped her fingers around my cock.  She began to stroke me with a tight grip as she threw her head back and moaned aloud.

I couldn’t help but stare down at Jenna as she lapped at Belin’s pussy.  Her eyes were glued to Belinda’s fist as it slid up and down my glistening shaft.  Somehow, Belinda had figured out that Jenna would want to see that before Jenna had.  Belinda tilted her head toward me and stared at my cock in her hand.  As she stroked me, she began pulling me closer and closer to her face.  I knew what was coming next and more than anything, I wanted to watch Jenna as it happened.  I wanted to gauge her reaction.

Belinda began to rub the tip of my cock on her lips.  Jenna’s eyes were glued and unflinching.  She seemed to know that this was coming too.  A few seconds later, Belinda parted her lips and pressed her tongue against the underside of my shaft.  Finally, she strained her neck and pulled me deep into her soft wet mouth.

Jenna never once broke her gaze.  She watched every movement as Belinda slowly, sensually sucked my cock in the moonlight.  Soon, I was moaning along with her as Jenna tongued her slit.  No one said a word.  The three of us were buried under the sensuality of it all.  Jenna delicately pleasured Belinda as Belinda slowly slid her closed lips up and down my shimmering cock.  We were all savoring each moment.  Taking our time as we gave and received pleasure in the rhythm of the warm summer night.

After what felt like four or five minutes, Belinda made another move.  She may have surprised Jenna, but not me.  I was onto her.  Belin reached down and pulled Jenna up by her face.  Jenna leaned over her and Belin pulled her in and kissed her deeply on the lips.  She then turned away and suckled on my cock for a moment before returning to kiss Jenna again.  She kept her hand on my cock as they kissed, still stroking me in long strokes.  She then leaned away from Jenna and stared her in the eye.

“Can I watch you suck it?” Belinda quietly moaned.  She was still stroking my cock beside her face.  Jenna’s expression didn’t read shock, but eagerness to please.  Belinda leaned further back into her seat and pushed my cock toward Jenna.

Jenna aggressively leaned into Belinda and turned her head toward me.  I turned my hips to face her as she opened her mouth wide and enveloped my cock with her warm wet lips.

It was immediately clear to me that Jenna was no stranger to sucking cock.  She tightened her lips around me, relaxed her jaw and throat, and pulled me DEEP into her mouth.  She sucked me much more aggressively than Belinda had and it felt wonderful!  That’s when Belinda decided to turn up the heat.

“Yeah, baby.  Suck his cock for me.” she moaned as she began to massage Jenna’s tiny tits.  I was too worked up to worry about explaining it all to Marcella later.  I knew we would have to and I was a little worried that Belinda and I might even get in a little bit of trouble, but not enough to stop it from happening.  Jenna was gorgeous and her lips and tongue sliding up and down my steel shaft was too exquisite.

She was so good at what she was doing that I had to pull away from her for a minute just to keep from cumming in her mouth.  I took a step back and enjoyed watching them kiss for a moment while I recuperated.  Before I could fully recover, Belinda pulled me back into her eager mouth.  I tensed up my abdomen and tried desperately to clear my mind.  I knew that emptying my nuts into Belinda’s mouth would put a huge kink in the unfolding events, and I wouldn’t dare risk that.  I jerked away from Belinda just before it was too late and stood back to watch them kiss again.

Thankfully, Belinda saved the evening by standing up and pulling Jenna along with her.  Bel led Jenna over to the pool and laid her down on her back on one of the long chaises.  She kissed Jenna a single time and then mounted her, straddling Jenna’s head and facing her feet.  I was standing beside the long chair as Belinda bent down and shoved her head between Jenna’s legs.  

Jenna immediately moaned into the night as Belinda began tonguing her pussy.  As Belinda found her rhythm, Jenna raised her head and shoved her open mouth onto Belinda’s glistening cunt.  I was happily watching them go at each other as I recovered, relieved to have some breathing izmit otele gelen escort room.  Jenna was no longer timid in her actions.  She lapped at Belinda’s sopping gash with an industrious tongue as she moaned lustfully.

Belinda suddenly jerked her hips upward, away from Jenna’s thrashing tongue and whipped her head around to look up at me.  “Put your cock in me.” she demanded.

I looked down at Jenna, who was panting and holding onto Belinda’s ass cheeks.  She showed no signs of objection, so I stepped up behind Belinda.  I then knelt down on the seat behind her, dangling my balls in Jenna’s face.  I was trying to conceal my giddiness as I pushed my cock into Belinda’s wet cunt.

Over the next several minutes, Belinda refrained from eating Jenna’s pussy.  She just moaned and bucked against me as I railed her deep and hard.  Jenna lay still beneath her, still holding onto her ass, but pulling her cheeks apart to allow me to penetrate Belinda more deeply.  Belinda just took it and allowed Jenna to watch my cock ram in and out of her.  Maybe she stopped eating her out because she wanted to get her riled up, or maybe just because it was too much to concentrate on, but either way, Jenna was definitely getting one hell of a show.

I decided to see how kinky Jenna might be and if, indeed, she was getting as turned on as I imagined.  I didn’t think it was too bold a move, seeing as how she had already tasted Belinda’s pussy and my cock.  I slid my rod out of Belinda’s dripping cunt and angled it downward above Jenna’s lips.  Without a moment’s hesitation, Jenna greedily pulled me into her mouth and suckled Belinda’s juices off of me.

Once my whistle was cleaned to Jenna’s satisfaction, she let me go.  I happily slid right back into Belinda’s tight shaved pussy.  I continued ramming Belinda for a few more minutes, allowing the heat to continue building in Jenna.  Belinda knew I wanted to fuck Jenna.  I’m guessing Jenna knew it too.  I didn’t want to appear too eager by making the first move.  Belinda was already leading us there.  I knew it was only a matter of time.

Sure enough, after a few more minutes, Belinda pushed me back a bit then dismounted Jenna.  I stood beside her and stroked my slippery cock as she helped Jenna to her feet.  Belinda then pushed me down onto the chaise.  I sat facing them as Belinda wrapped her arms around Jenna and kissed her deeply again.  Belinda then pulled away from her and turned her around to face me.  The moment I had been waiting for had finally arrived.  I let go of my cock and leaned back in the chair as Belinda placed her palm on Jenna’s lower back and nudged her toward me.  Jenna flashed a bashful smile at Belinda and was met with Belinda’s lustful grin.  She then stepped forward and knelt down on the seat, straddling me.

I gripped my cock by it’s base and watched as Jenna carefully slid down onto me.  She let out a deep, satisfied moan as I entered her tight little pussy.  She threw her arms around my neck as she began to rise and fall on my spear.  Belinda sat herself down beside us and then turned to face us.  She then leaned back into the chaise and spread her thighs, wetting two of her fingers in her mouth before sliding them down between her legs.  Jenna moaned softly as Bel began to diddle herself at our little show.  I leaned up and pulled Jenna’s tiny dark nipple into my mouth, playfully biting at it as she bounced softly in my lap.

At that point, I wouldn’t have dared to push things any further.  As far as I had planned that night, Belinda and I were going on a double date and I had no idea that any of this was going to happen.  I considered myself beyond lucky to be doing what I was doing.  Belinda, on the other hand, felt completely comfortable pushing Jenna even further.  I was lost in the pleasure of Jenna’s tight pussy sliding up and down my shaft, when Belinda stood up and then disappeared behind her.  I suddenly felt Belinda’s warm breath on my balls and quickly realized what she was up to.  My suspicions were confirmed a moment later when Jenna moaned aloud as Belinda pushed the tip of her tongue against Jenna’s sphincter.

I reached around Jenna’s waist and grabbed hold of her petite ass cheeks and pulled them apart.  Jenna then leaned into me further, allowing Belinda even greater access.  Belinda began deeply tonguing Jenna’s asshole and Jenna quickened her pace as she bounced on my shaft.  Belinda was such a kinky slut, and she seemed to know just how far to push people.  Just knowing that Belinda was back there tongue-fucking Jenna’s ass as she rode me somehow made her pussy feel even more fantastic than it already had.  Belinda then pushed Jenna’s petite body up off of my shaft and in to me.  I suckled Jenna’s breasts as Belinda took my cock into her mouth for a moment before pulling Jenna back down onto me.

We hadn’t discussed anal sex with Jenna at all, and I’ve learned that most girls have pretty strong feelings one way or another about the subject.  I imagine that tonguing her back there was Belinda’s way of addressing the issue.  I wasn’t sure if that was where Belinda was trying to lead things, but Jenna certainly seemed to enjoy having Bel’s tongue back there.  We didn’t know if Jenna had ever done anal before, let alone whether or not she liked it.  I guess Belinda’s next move was to see how Jenna would react, or maybe she just wanted to give Jenna an even kinkier show than we already had.

I heard Belinda’s voice coming from Jenna’s backside saying “Mmm. I want your cock in my ass, baby.”

Jenna giggled a bit as she climbed off of me.  Belinda loved anal.  When we usually did it, we went doggy style, but that night, Belinda had something else in mind.  Jenna stepped aside and stood, looking down at me.  Belinda positioned herself in front of me, facing away and pulling Jenna in front of her.  She then fell back onto me and hoisted her legs up, so that she was squatting over my lap.  It was pretty rare that she rode me that way while doing anal.  I imagine it was more for Jenna’s sake than hers or mine.  Jenna didn’t look shocked at all.  I wondered if Belinda had already shared her love of anal with Jenna.  She stood and stared down between Belinda’s ass cheeks as Bel positioned her tight little sphincter on the tip of my cock.  She spit into her palm and began rubbing it up and down my shaft before finally slowly easing down onto me.

It had been a couple of weeks since we’d done that and Belinda howled out into the night as my cock slid further and further up her ass.  As Bel began to rise up and down, she reached out and pulled Jenna down to sit beside us.  Jenna knelt with her knees apart, facing us and rubbing her own clit.  She leaned in to kiss Belinda and before long, was rubbing her clit and sucking on her bouncing titties as Bel slid her tight rectum up and down my slippery pole.

Jenna rubbed Belinda’s pussy as they shared another wet kiss.  As their lips parted, Belinda moaned to Jenna: “Can you lick my pussy?”

If you ask me, that was the point in the night when everyone decided to go completely wild.  Jenna smiled at Belin as she slid off of the chaise.  She knelt down between my feet and placed her hands on my thighs.  As Belin continued to slide her asshole up and down my iron hard cock, Jenna leaned forward and pressed her wet tongue against Belinda’s pussy.  Belinda wailed out “Mmm, fuck!  Eat my fuckin’ pussy baby!”  To that, Jenna began lapping at Belin’s sopping cunt as I pummeled her tight asshole.

Belinda has a very soft voice.  She always sounds sweet and innocent, so whenever she decides to talk dirty, it’s insanely hot.  That night was no exception.  She arched her back and twisted her head around as far as she could to kiss me.  It was more of a tongue sword-fight than a kiss.  She then turned back toward Jenna.  “That feels so fuckin’ good Jenna!” she moaned.  “Your tongue feels so good on my pussy with Johnny’s big cock in my ass.”  I couldn’t see Jenna’s face, so I have no idea how she reacted, but she continued to pleasure Belinda with her soft little tongue.  Then Belinda pushed Jenna even further.

“You want that cock in your mouth, baby?” she grunted as she bucked against me.  “You wanna taste that cock after it’s been in my ass?” she teased.

Jenna didn’t answer her, but a moment later, Belinda dug her feet into the seat cushion and rose up, off of my shaft.  “Suck that cock baby!” she demanded, and a second later, I felt Jenna’s warm lips wrap around the tip of my dick.  I couldn’t believe that Belin had gotten Jenna to suck my cock right after it came out of her asshole.  I chuckled a little in my mind at the idea of Belin having her own TV show called ‘The Slut Whisperer.’ (Jenna, if you ever read this, I am not directly referring to you as a slut, but pointing out the fact that Belin has an amazing way with women in a humorous fashion.)

Jenna slurped up and down on my shaft as Belinda moaned filthy words of encouragement, before she finally pushed me back into Bel’s distended rectum.  Jenna then rose to her feet and suckled on Bel’s left tit as she rode me.

After a minute of two more of that, Bel had decided that she was ready to cum.  She rose off of me and pulled me up from the seat.  She then faced the seat and bent at the waist, placing her hands on the seat.  She looked over to Jenna and said “Spread my ass for me.”  Jenna knelt beside her and pulled her ass cheeks apart to reveal Belin’s gaping sphincter to me.  I slid back into her effortlessly and was easily forcing the entire length of my cock up her ass.  I grabbed her by the hips and brought my rhythm up to a ferocious speed.  Belinda began to rub her own clit as I drilled her ass harder and harder.  Her moaning grew louder and louder as she neared climax.

Finally, Belinda’s entire body went taught.  She wailed out and squeezed the cushion in her fists as the first ripple of pleasure rattled through her.  I rammed my cock up her ass, all the way up to my nuts and left it there as the second wave hit her.  She quivered as she howled again.  Her face had tangled itself up into a mask of pleasure and pain, as wave after wave of intense feeling crashed through her, until, all at once she was very still.  Her soft panting and relaxing muscles let me know it was time to remove myself from her.  I very slowly withdrew my shaft in the same fashion that a silent assassin might have drawn his blade.

Jenna wasn’t smiling anymore.  Her face read very serious as Belinda fell onto her side and then rolled onto her back.  She then sat up in front of me and pulled my cock into her mouth, licking and slurping her own fluids off of me.  Jenna admired her contently, as Belin looked back up to her and mischievously hissed “I want to watch you cum now.”

Belinda clambered up to her knees and pulled Jenna close.  With Jenna flat on the ground and Bel kneeling on the chair, they were almost the same height.  Belinda wrapped her arms around Jenna and they began to kiss again.  “Do you wanna cum?” Bel moaned in between kisses.

“Yeah.”  Jenna grinned.

That was all Belinda needed.  As they continued kissing, Belinda began to lean further and further back, pulling Jenna along with her.  Belinda finally pulled over to the side, like a matador slipping a bull.  Jenna fell forward beside her, bent at the waist, with her ass up in the air.  Belinda then began to goad her ever further.  “Do you want Johnny to fuck you again?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Jenna moaned.

“Yeah?  You want him to put his big hard cock in your tight little pussy?” Bel soothed as she pushed Jenna’s ass cheeks apart before me.  “Want him to fuck you until you cum?”

“Yeah.” Jenna moaned.  

Belinda’s eyes flashed up to me and she gave me this look.  It was a little smile between the two of us that read ‘Can you believe we got Jenna to do all this crazy shit?’  I returned her look with my own that basically said ‘I know, right?’  Then it was back to business.  Jenna was on all fours, across Belinda’s lap like she was a little girl getting a spanking.  Bel held her ass for me as I placed the tip of my cock against her narrow slit.

I shoved into her and she moaned aloud as Bel slipped her left hand beneath Jenna’s rocking frame.  Bel quickly located Jenna’s clit and began deeply massaging it as I jammed my cock into her tight little cunt.  For the next thirty seconds, there was no room for dirty talk as Jenna just moaned louder and louder.  Before I knew it, her body tensed up and she yelped like a beaten dog.  Bel fervently rubbed her clit as I continued to bury my cock in her tight wet pussy.  It was at that moment that I knew that Jenna would be around again.  She lived nearby.  She was single, and she loved everything we had done with her.  Now she was cumming as I fucked the shit out of her and my girlfriend flicked her clit.

I was shaken out of my happy little thought by my own orgasm rounding the bend.  Bel knew my patterns.  She saw it in my face.  She leaned over Jenna’s backside and rested her cheek against Jenna’s ass just as I pulled my cock out of her pussy.  Bel closed her eyes and opened her mouth as I began to violently stroke my cock.

I proceeded to spray thick white cum all over Belinda’s face and Jenna’s ass.  I was able to get a good portion of it into Belin’s mouth.  Jenna had turned her head and was looking back at me as I jerked load after load from my throbbing rod.  Belin finally sat back up and knelt beside Jenna.  Jenna then rose up beside her.  Belin smiled at her with my cum plastered all over her face.  Jenna smiled back and Bel gave her last push of the night.  She placed her hand on the back of Jenna’s head and eased her toward me.

Jenna looked up at me with a new sense of sexual confidence.  She opened her mouth and pulled my super sensitive cock into her warm mouth, despite the droplets of cum still clinging to the tip.  She sensuously sucked me clean in long pleasurable strokes.  Belin then pulled her away and, with cum all over her lips, kissed Jenna deeply.  I watched Jenna playfully lick the globs of cum off of Belin’s beautiful face, one at a time, before returning to Belin’s mouth, until Belin’s face was practically clean again.

By then in our relationship, Belinda and I had brought Marcella, Kasia and Hillary in on our sexual adventures, so the aftermath was not really foreign territory anymore.  Belinda climbed off of the chair and then helped Jenna to her feet.  They stood in front of me and kissed again.  Then Belinda turned to me and kissed me.  What I hadn’t expected was for Belinda to push Jenna and I together.  Jenna strained upward and I hunched down and we shared our first kiss.  I supposed that Belinda had gotten more comfortable over the years regarding intimacy.  I soon wrapped my arms around Jenna and grabbed her ass.  I then hoisted her up into the air.  She wrapped he legs around me as we explored each others mouths.  Belin then disappeared and a moment later, we heard a splash.  Despite the fact that we had no towels, she had jumped into the pool.

The three of us swam around and rinsed off, taking several moments to kiss, fondle and hold one another.  We then sat around and dried off, talking and smoking cigarettes.  The sky had turned it’s pre-dawn pale blue. Jenna asked for a pen and paper, so I got dressed and retrieved them from my car.  When I returned, the two of them had gotten dressed.  Jenna then scrawled out the words:

I don’t think this is going to work out.

We walked through the house and she slipped silently into the garage.  A moment later, she returned.  The three of us got into my car and went straight to my little garage apartment.  We were all extremely tired.  Once we got up the stairs, we headed into the bedroom where Belinda stripped naked in under ten seconds.  She threw herself onto the bed and looked up at Jenna.  Jenna laughed and began to undress for her.  I undressed last and climbed into bed with them.  We slept the day away in a twisted naked pile, waking occasionally to pee or eat.  Nothing terribly exciting happened aside from a little bit of kissing here and there.

When we finally got out of bed, it was almost dark again.  Jenna told us that she had a good time with us and we agreed, adding that we both hoped to do it again some time.  We kissed her goodbye, then spent the next hour talking about how to handle what had happened regarding Marcella.  We decided that it was best to just get everything out in the open.

We called her and confessed everything.  Belinda tried to justify it by telling her that she missed her so much and wanted to feel her touch, but couldn’t.  

Marcella wasn’t terribly happy about what we’d done, but eventually said that she understood.  The conversation then went into the finer details of our relationship.  Marcella finally made her point, bringing up the fact that Belin and I could at least have sex with each other if we wanted to and that she herself was alone all the time.  Belinda asked her if she wanted to fuck other people.  Marcella said that wasn’t her point.  She then said “If I’m going to be okay with the two of you occasionally messing around with someone else, then the two of you have to be okay with me doing it too.”  Belinda and I looked at each other as Marcella paused.  She then went on.  “As long as you guys tell me about everything, I’m okay with it, but I’m pretty fucking lonely out here, so…  You know?”

Belinda leaned over the phone and looked up at me.  “Johnny, would you be okay with that?”

“So, if you have sex with some other guy, you’re going to call us and tell us about it?” I asked.

“Of course.” Marcella replied.

I thought about it for a moment.  She had a strong point, and it was only fair…  Plus, the idea of Marcella telling Belinda and I some lurid sex story on speaker phone while we fucked each other seemed like it might actually be fun.  

“Okay.” I said, having no idea how many doors I had just opened.  It was quiet for a good while after that.  Marcella finally broke the silence.

“So, do you think you guys are gonna hook up with Jenna again?”

Belinda smiled at me.  “We might.  She seemed like she would be into it.”

Marcella then sighed, sounding more relaxed.  “So, what does Jenna look like?”  she paused.  “Tell me everything…”


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