Hurricane Party for Two


The wind outside of my apartment began to howl. A figurine on my neighbor’s patio blew over, and I smiled when I heard the glass shatter. Understandably, no one but me was excited about an impending, category 3 hurricane, least of all the couple who’d just lost their porcelain statue, but no one but me was riding out the storm with Sadie, the hottie in the apartment above me.

Several days prior, nearly the instant our local news station reported a tropical disturbance, Sadie’s message reached my phone. “Hurricane party for two at my place!” We agreed on tacos, margaritas, and old noir films until the power would inevitably go out.

During the five days following her invitation, I kept my fingers crossed for the storm to make landfall. Three trips to the grocery store, four boarded windows, and five loads of laundry later, I found myself staring at my reflection, making sure that every little detail was right. No one wants to overdress for a sleepover, but Sadie was breathtaking, and I wanted her to think I was, too. Keeping my goal in mind, I decided on tiny, black shorts and a light pink, open back tank top. No bra needed. I gasped when the soft, knit fabric grazed my nipples. How could I have been so excited already?

The storm was really picking up outside, but I could still hear old Mrs. Martin as she shouted for her husband to bring their plants indoors. Hurricane Daytona seemed to be making landfall, and it was time for me to get upstairs. Behind my breasts, my heart was pounding. A giddy wave of goose bumps broke out across my skin. My mind was running wild.

Sadie swung the door open before I could even finish knocking. “Brooke! You look amazing!” She wrapped her long, tanned arms around my neck. Her chest pressed against mine, and I noticed my knees getting weak from the coconutty scent of her shampoo. Couldn’t we save the drinks, food, and doe eyed actresses for later?

Afterall, this girl was a living daydream! She was in an oversized t-shirt and lace panties, perfect for a sleepover, and she couldn’t have been more show stopping in a ballgown. Her eyes were bright and round, framed by tendrils of curly, raven hair, her mouth delicate but pouty. All of this was paired with an unmatchable, vivacious energy and a fluttering voice. Blinding heat spread between my thighs.

Reluctantly, I broke our embrace to show that I’d brought the key ingredient for our margaritas- two bottles, just as promised. She pointed me towards the kitchen and softly closed the door behind me. Biting her lower lip, she admitted, “I know we didn’t talk about dessert, but I baked red velvet cake this morning. I hope that’s alright with you.”

Before I could answer, she giggled and brought a shushing finger to her lips. “Don’t tell anyone about my sweet tooth, okay? Just come try this.” Her bare, graceful legs led me to a counter across the room where she pulled an opaque lid away from a standard, plastic dish.

The cake itself was round and unassuming, but it smelled delicious. Sadie dipped the tip of her index finger into its side and used her mouth to clean it off. Her eyes met mine as she skimmed the surface of her lower lip with her finger, and a sly yet girlish smile emerged. Following her lead, I brought a small dollop of frosting to my lips and gently sucked. I could get addicted to something that good.

Sadie rolled her eyes and let out a sparkling laugh. “You missed a little.”

Balancing with one hand on my shoulder, she used her tongue to quickly lap a bit of frosting from my chin. My skin flushed. Warmth spread from my cleavage through my arms. My lips just barely parted, seeing an opportunity to press themselves firmly against the woman I’d been craving. I missed the chance, though, and as Sadie left the tips of her toes, I thought I saw the look in her eye shift to disappointment.

Once our drinks were poured and our plates were full of cake and soft-shelled tacos, beylikdüzü escort she turned to me. “The couch in my living room is pretty, but it’s not very comfortable, and it doesn’t fold out.”

“The bedroom then?” My eyes looked over her shoulder to the end of the hall. The bedroom door was ajar, and it was obvious she’d spent time adding extra comfort items to her king sized bed.

“Duh!” Sadie beamed. “Eight hundred thread count! And I just got some brand new pillows you need to try!”

We carried our meal to the bedroom, stifling giddy laughter and shushing one another like children. Sadie rested her plate on the nightstand and bounced onto the bed, lifting her arms like a gymnast when she landed.

“Ten! A perfect score,” I said, taking a seat beside her.

She gave an appreciative chuckle and bowed from her sitting position. “Because I’m just so gorgeous and talented and-“

“Dangerous,” I mused. I took a bite of food. “You’re dangerous.”

Her gaze was palpable, and my cheeks burned bright. As she scooted closer, her warm, bare thigh rested against my knee. I took a heavy sip from my glass. “We talked about watching The Big Sleep first, right?”

We realized the remote was across the bed. Sadie leaned forward onto her knees, spread shoulder width apart, and stretched her petite length as far as it could go to. I couldn’t ignore the beautiful vision of her body, the dip in her spine or the roundness peeking out from the bottom of her lacy underwear. There was a delicious-looking damp spot between her legs, and I felt my heart jump.

Remote in hand, she rejoined me. For the next hour, we discussed the history of film, marveled at the theatrical stylings of Mr. Humphrey Bogart, and made hilarious attempts to imitate the accents of the beautiful women on her television screen. Finally, I rested my arm behind her waist, feeling the well-worn cotton of her shirt against my skin and for the first time I noticed her floral laundry scent. She turned her head to me, lips only slightly parted, and pressed them fully, passionately against mine. For a moment, I reveled in the feeling that I may orgasm just from this small act of lust and affection.

My fingers stroked her hair while our tongues began to explore one another’s mouths. I gave a small tug, and a deep moan escaped from her throat and met my lips. I tugged again and my mouth moved more passionately, inciting an even more fevered moan from her chest. Intoxicated by the sensation, I slipped the t-shirt off of her mesmerizing frame. Flushed, freckled skin was hiding underneath, and I had to know what she felt like.

Sadie’s head rolled backwards and her body quivered as my tongue traced her collarbone and my hands danced over her curves. I let myself relish in feeling the hills and valleys tucked along her body, and the transitions from hard to soft pulled my starving, greedy touch in every direction. They seemed to move with a mind of their own, one finally cupping and squeezing her right breast while the other anchored itself by holding onto her opposite hipbone. Feverishly, I licked and kissed my way upwards along the side of her neck and nibbled her ear. The moment my teeth skimmed her skin, she let out a lustful gasp. She reached out towards me and the tips of her fingers ran across my chest.

I hastily removed my camisole, revealing full, heavy breasts. She took my left nipple into her mouth and vigorously sucked as if I could feed her. Trembling and panting, I gingerly guided her onto her back and positioned myself on top. It felt like an eternity of rapture that I remained there, hovering over this sexy woman who sucked and squeezed my breasts like she intended to drain them. I could feel my clit beginning to swell. My entire cunt began to throb. It registered to me how intrinsically connected every part of my body was, something she already seemed to know expertly well.

“You’re so damned beylikdüzü escort bayan beautiful.” Sadie’s voice had become breathy and sultry. My pussy throbbed again at the sound of her, and I dragged my teeth along her bottom lip. She let out a gasp before bringing her mouth to mine again and switching positions so that she was on top.

Her dark curls created a canopy around our passion, resulting in a feeling of sexy seclusion. Her right hand reached for the night stand, retrieving from it a satin sleeping mask. She rested her nipples on top of mine, pushed the hair away from my face, and asked me, “Have you ever been blindfolded, Brooke?”

“Well, no,” I admitted. I tried my best to stifle a moan as she rhythmically moved her nipples over mine. How did this woman make me so hot? A wicked smile lit up her otherwise innocent-looking face.

She pressed her tits more aggressively against mine and forced my legs open with her thigh. I was fully naked and on open display. She moved her body up and down along mine, pushing her thigh against my pussy’s wet lips. I moaned and greedily spread my legs further apart.

“Have you ever been tied up?”

I shook my head.

There they were again- her playful eyes. “You’re going to come all over my bed tonight.”

Moments later, my wrists were bound to her headboard and her satin mask covered my eyes. The air was cool against my hard nipples, and for the first time I began to notice how luxurious 800 thread count sheets felt against my skin. Every nerve in my body was waiting for what may come, and my four remaining senses were hyper focused.

“Are you comfortable?” Sadie’s voice was soft and reassuring.

I nodded. The restraints were firm but not painful, and her bed was almost unusually cozy.

Something alarmingly cold dropped onto my left breast, then my right, and I jumped, pulling against the restraints. It happened again, three and then four times, in quick succession against my ultra-sensitive breasts and I gasped. I quickly realized it was condensation from Sadie’s drink. How could something so cold feel so good?

The bed indented as Sadie positioned herself on top of me. My body jumped again when her hot tongue made contact with my ice cold, aggressively erect nipple. A euphoric moan passed my lips as my back arched over the bed. Her hands squeezed and massaged my breasts while her mouth alternated between them. Her tongue swirled around my nipples, and her hot breath caressed me. I was continuously moaning now, writhing beneath her, and reflexively tugging at my restraints. A slick want was accumulating in my folds, and her earlier assertion seemed true- my pussy would come in Sadie’s bed.

“I love how easily you purr for me,” she said. Her hands grabbed my squirming hips and held them strongly to the bed. She wove her tongue down a slow, intricate pattern down my abdomen. She left a cold trail in her wake, a stark contrast against the heat of her tongue. It dipped gingerly into my navel, and she giggled when I jumped against her hands.

“I couldn’t help myself.” I said.

“I couldn’t either.”

I could feel her sliding down me, her nipples grazing my skin. My thighs spread wider with incredible want. My outer lips parted, and the inner folds of my cunt met the room’s cool air. The sweet and salty scent of excitement met my nose, and as the sudden, tickling pain of teeth against skin met my thigh, I wondered if Sadie could smell it, too.

“Please,” I begged her. My voice shook. The sound of my own desperate breaths reverberated in my ears. “I need it.”

“You need what, baby?” I could hear the teasing smile I’d grown to love.

The smell was getting stronger. The pulsating desire in my pussy was intensifying. There was an uncomfortable swelling still rising in my clit. “I need your mouth on my cunt. Please.”

Then, for a long time, there was nothing. No sound beylikduzu escort besides my breath and the fierce winds outside. Sadie seemed to be frozen. No winding licks, no hands against my skin. All I could feel were the sheets pressed against me and wet desire building until I thought it would run down to my virgin asshole.

That’s where sensation began again. Sadie’s pouty, skilled mouth was in the crack, licking me up and down over my asshole. Her nose hovered just above my open pussy, breathing me in. I writhed and moaned, my thighs tensing up and releasing again. Finally, her wet finger entered my tight asshole and it sent a jolt of pure pleasure through my body.

In and out, in and out. She rested her free hand on my lower abdomen. She picked up the pace, and I could feel her watching me. My moans were nearly a scream.

“Good girl,” she said, breathing heavy.

Her finger left me, and both hands cupped my ass. I could feel her warm, wet breath against my clit. I trembled with anticipation. When her tongue pressed flat against me and traveled from my vagina, over my clit, and to the top of my slit, my entire body lit up. She giggled and did it again. Already, I could feel pressure building.

“Oh god- you’ll make me cum,” I told her.

Sadie crawled on top of me and kissed my lips. The taste of my need for her was delicious in my mouth, and when she began to break away, I licked at her for more.

She slipped the mask off of my face and kissed me again.

“Are the restraints still okay? You’re still comfortable?”

I shook my head yes.

“We’ll just leave the mask off then. I want you to watch, and I want you to look at me while you cum. Yes ma’am?”

“Yes ma’am.” The words came naturally.

“Very good girl.”

Sadie found her way back to my pussy, and started with her tongue again. She caressed my ass and then my thighs while she worked. She lapped at every inch of me, from bottom to top and back again. Her tongue found my clit and swirled while she reached inside of me with two fingers.

I was moaning and panting and couldn’t stop. The pressure and warmth were still building. Sadie’s naked body between my legs, her eyes locking with mine, was almost too much. Her round ass tapered down into a narrow waist. The shape of her curves and the assault on my body were enough to send me over the edge.

My arms pulled on the restraints above my head while my legs tightened and shook. My hips bucked, and Sadie continued to suck my clit while her fingers stroked my g-spot. When the wave of ecstasy reached its peak, I let out a scream. She and I kept our eyes locked while my cunt squeezed her hand and a puddle started to form beneath me.

“Sadie! Fuck! Sadie!”

She was overstimulating me now, and I felt like I could break the headboard with my writhing and pulling. She watched me while I struggled and whimpered, never ending her attack on both my clit and my g-spot.

The white hot feeling in my pussy started again. She lifted her head and smiled, clearly pleased by what a mess she’d made of me. A sweet and painful release washed over me, and I screamed again. Tears filled my eyes as I bucked against her. A steady stream flowed from me and saturated her sheet set while as I came for the second time.

When it was over, I laid limply across her bed. Sadie gingerly removed the restraints, lowered my arms, and rubbed my wrists. I was still catching my breath when we looked at each other.

“I’ve been waiting on that for a while now,” she admitted. “You’re okay? Does anything hurt?”

“Not at all.”

She eased into bed with me and covered us with the comforter. She wrapped her arms around my waist, kissed my shoulder, and let out a peaceful sigh.

A few minutes passed before I was ready for more.

“Do you want yours now?” I asked.

“Tomorrow.” Sadie brushed the hair from my eyes. “For now, you should start a shower. I’ll be in after I change the sheets.”

She kissed my cheek and left the bed. She retrieved t-shirts, panties, and shorts from the dresser across the room.

“Let’s just relax and get cleaned up. We’ll have fun again tomorrow when the power’s out.”

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