Better Late Than Never Ch. 02


Copyright (c) 2009


I stepped out of my front door and tightened the belt of my raincoat — beneath it, I was naked, and the material brushed deliciously against my nipples. I felt them start to stiffen, and I wanted to put my hand between my legs …

I was off to see Daddy in hospital again — he should have been out by now, but incredibly, they’d lost the results of his tests! I’d visited him yesterday as I’d promised, but when I went into his room, longing to kiss him and feel his beautiful cock, and have his hands on me, I found he already had a visitor.

It was my Aunt Evelyn — normally, I liked her, but when I saw her I could have scratched her eyes out. As if her being there wasn’t bad enough, I saw Daddy snatch his hand out from under her sweater — the old goat had been feeling her tits! I suddenly remembered last Christmas, and seeing them kissing under the mistletoe, a VERY merry Christmas kiss … mind you, she’d kissed me like that, too, wetly, on my lips, and perhaps the next time I saw her I’d put my own hand up under her sweater … she did have nice tits …

I’d longed for Auntie to go, but she showed no signs of leaving, chatting endlessly. When she wasn’t looking, Daddy had blown me a kiss and rolled his eyes heavenwards, and when I sat on a chair I’d parted my legs and let him see that I wasn’t wearing panties…

I just sat there, politely joining in the conversation, almost dying with frustration, but I had to go to a meeting and couldn’t stay indefinitely. I’d taken the photo of me naked that I’d promised Daddy, tucked in a ‘get well’ card, luckily, so Auntie couldn’t see it, and I gave it to him when I left. I’d kissed him on the forehead like a dutiful daughter, and whispered ‘I can’t wait for you to fuck me, Daddy!’

I felt his eyes stripping me naked as I said my goodbyes, and then I noticed the way Auntie was looking at me, and I thought she’d probably like having my hand up inside her sweater…

The only consolation was that I’d seen the little nurse, Annette, and she’d agreed to meet me for a drink in the wine bar. We’d sat at a tiny table, our legs touching, and I’d put my hand on her thigh … afterwards, we’d had a meal, and she’d come back to my place.

She’d been wearing nylons — I couldn’t decide whether I preferred kissing her legs through them, or the naked flesh of her thighs above them …

I’d used her lovely body unmercifully, until she was a trembling wreck, unable to bear any more, begging me to stop, but I course I hadn’t …

I got in my car and put the key in the ignition, but before starting the car I paused for a moment to slip my hand inside my raincoat to finger my bare cunt (I know that most people call it a ‘pussy’, but it sounds sort of coy, and I prefer ‘cunt’ — it’s much more carnal). I imagined Daddy plunging his beautiful great cock deep into me …I was soaking wet already, thinking about it, and what I was going to do to Daddy, and I put the car into gear and tried to concentrate on my driving.

When I got to the hospital, I practically ran to Daddy’s room. But in the corridor I saw Annette — her face lit up, and she squeezed my hand. ‘I love you, darling!’ she whispered. ‘When can we do it again? Soon? Please? Promise me!’

I laughed throatily. ‘Don’t worry, you gorgeous little slut — I haven’t finished with you yet! Last night was just the beginning, to warm you up. But can you make sure that Daddy and I aren’t disturbed for half and hour?’

She nodded eagerly. ‘Yes, dear, but …’

I didn’t wait for her to finish — there was no-one around, and I gave her a quick kiss, and rushed into Daddy’s room. I stopped dead, horrified. My heart sank — oh, God, not again!

Standing by Daddy’s bed was a vicar!

He was short and bald, with tufts of white hair above his ears, and he beamed at me benevolently.

‘Hello, my dear! You must be Mr Cartwright’s daughter! He told me you were coming! I just dropped in — I like to visit patients, bursa escort for a chat and to see if there’s anything they want.’

I managed a weak smile, and said that was nice, and then I sat on the side of Daddy’s bed and bent to kiss him. I couldn’t have helped myself if the bloke had been an Archbishop, I had to feel Daddy’s lips on mine.

My body was between the vicar and Daddy, and I put my hand on his cock and squeezed hard, smiling at him, telling him I loved him with my eyes.

‘Hello, Princess!’ he breathed, covering my hand with his.

Already, my breath was coming rapidly, and I turned to look at the vicar. My raincoat had parted halfway up my thighs, and I saw him gazing fixedly at my bare legs.

‘I — I must be going,’ he said, his eyes still locked on my legs, and I couldn’t resist crossing them slowly, letting him see a few more inches of naked flesh.

‘Oh, what a pity,’ I said sweetly. ‘It’s so kind of you to drop in to see Daddy. But don’t let us keep you from the other patients.’

‘No — no — of course,’ he muttered, still staring at my legs. But then he gathered himself, and smiled absently, running his tongue over his lips as he backed to the door.

It closed behind him, and I threw myself down on Daddy, kissing him wildly. I felt his hand on my legs, and I uncrossed them so that he could slide his hand higher …

I turned back the bedclothes, and I took a deep breath as I stared at his cock. It was just as I remembered it, very large — the blue veins standing out in sharp contrast to the whiteness of his foreskin, the dark red head swollen with arousal, as it couldn’t wait to bury itself in my vagina …

I trailed the tips of my fingers over his balls, dragging them slowly up along the length of his shaft … I glanced up at his face — I didn’t need to ask him what effect my touch was having on him — his expression told me all I need to know.

‘Oh, God — your fingers, your hands, Princess — I’ve imagined you doing this to me a million times, but it was always a fantasy, but now — it’s real!’ he gasped.

I smiled at him. ‘I’d like to touch you, to feel you, to hold you like this forever, Daddy!’ I whispered.

I closed my fingers round his cock and caressed it as I leaned forward to kiss him. Our mouths worked on each other, our tongues trying to intertwine, feeling his fingers toying with my clitoris, and I had an instant mini orgasm, shuddering as I squirmed on Daddy’s body.

But then I sat up, panting, and smiled at Daddy. ‘Oh, darling — I so much wanted to do that yesterday — I could have screamed when I saw that Auntie was here.’ Then I laughed. ‘But you seemed to be enjoying it, with your hand up her jumper! Do you fuck her, by any chance?’

Daddy grinned. ‘We’ve done it once or twice — well, maybe a few hundred times, if you must know!’

A thought occurred to me. ‘Does Uncle George know?’ Uncle George was Auntie’s husband.

He chuckled. ‘Know? He watches! And joins in — sometimes we have her in turns! And I think she fancies you — she kept talking about you, and saying what a fantastic body you have!’

I took a deep breath. ‘Maybe we should make up a foursome sometime …’

He took my hand. ‘Maybe — but not until I’ve had you all to myself. And thank you for that photo, sweetheart — Eve was right — you do have a fantastic body — I want to kiss every inch of it!’

I gently released my hand, and stood up. ‘You will, Daddy! But I’ve got something else to show you for now, darling,’ I said, and unbuckled my raincoat and undid the buttons. I paused for a moment, and then I opened it wide, letting his see my naked body, and he gasped. ‘Christ, Jenny, you’re lovely! Come here, sweetheart!’

I sat back on the edge of the bed, and he slowly ran his hands over my body, fondling my breasts, stroking my belly, moving his hand down between my legs, and then pulling me down on him and kissing me passionately.

Being practically naked bursa escort bayan for my father, feeling him stroking my body and kissing me re-ignited my orgasm, and I thought I was going to faint, the rapture was so intense. We clung together, kissing wildly for several minutes, and then I struggled to push the bedclothes down to his thighs.

He half rolled towards me, and rubbed the head of his magnificent cock against the soaking lips of my cunt, and again I thought I was going to faint with joy. I longed to straddle him and take him deep inside me, but I knew that if I did I’d never stop …

Instead, I slid down the bed and bent to kiss his huge white cock, seeing the thick blue veins pulsing, stroking them and touching them with my lips, then closing my lips around the swollen head, tasting myself as I did so. I licked his cock all over, running my mouth up and down its length, teasing his foreskin with my lips. I circled the bulging head, savouring it, trying to force my tongue into the tiny slit, and then I kissed its length again, but not stopping at its base but continuing down to lick his balls and kiss them tenderly, knowing what they contained and wanting it in me desperately.

At last, I took him completely in my mouth, rubbing him slowly with one hand while I caressed his balls with the other, sucking him hungrily.

I wanted to surrender to him completely, worshipping him with my body, submitting to his every desire — it was as if all those years of half-acknowledged longing were focussed into these few moments.

Daddy’s control was wonderful — I must have sucked him for five, ten minutes, and then I released his cock and moved up to kiss him tenderly. ‘I love you, darling!’ I whispered.

He groaned. ‘Oh, God, I love you too, Jenny!’

I moved higher to rub my breasts against his face, seeing him licking my nipples, and then I rubbed his cock against them for a few more minutes, before sinking down to suck his cock again. I felt him tangle the fingers of one hand in my hair, while he reached down with his other hand to crush my breast.

I sucked him frantically, and then — it happened. He grunted, and his body jerked, and suddenly his semen flooded into my mouth, choking me. I started to swallow madly, still rubbing him furiously, and slowly the stream diminished to a trickle, before drying up completely. Still I sucked him, not wanting it to end, but eventually I sat up, still rubbing him with my hand.

We stared at each other, neither of us needing to say anything, and he held my free hand and squeezed it.

‘Christ, darling, that was — I — I can’t describe it … your mother would never do that for me …’

‘I’ll do it for you as often as you like, darling,’ I whispered. ‘You can fuck my mouth, and my tits, and my cunt, and my bottom … I can hardly wait to feel your stuff spurting up my backside, filling me, and I’ll use my hands on you anywhere, whenever you like. You can use me, hurt me, anything, dearest …’

I reached for the glass of water on his bedside table and rinsed my mouth, gulping several mouthfuls, and he pulled me towards him and kissed me tenderly. He laughed shakily. ‘It’s going to take years to tell you how much I love you, angel!’

I imagined myself writhing beneath him as he drove his cock into me, fucking me madly …

I took a deep breath. ‘I think I’d better go now, Daddy, or I never will. God, I’m dripping wet!’

I reached for the box of tissues, but he stopped me. ‘No, dear — use these!’ he said, and fumbled under his pillow to produce the panties I’d left with him.

I wiped myself thoroughly, and handed them back to him. He lifted them to his mouth and kissed them as I unsteadily got to my feet and started to button my raincoat.

‘They — they say I’ll probably be discharged tomorrow,’ he said, and I felt my face light up.

‘I’ll pick you up, Daddy, and you can take me home and — fuck me! And fuck me! And fuck me!’ I whispered.

I escort bursa stopped at the doorway, not wanting to leave him. I turned and blew him a kiss, seeing him clutching my sodden panties, and then I left.

There was no sign of Annette, but then I noticed the vicar lurking at the end of the corridor. He beamed as I walked towards him, and I saw him looking at my legs again.

‘I hope you enjoyed your visit with your father!’ he beamed. ‘You seem to be very close, I must say!’

‘We get closer by the minute,’ I smiled sweetly.

He fell in beside me. ‘If you’re not in a hurry, Jenny — it is Jenny, isn’t it? If you’re not in a hurry, I was just going for a cup of tea in the cafeteria — and perhaps you’d care to join me!’

‘Why not?’ I said. A cup of tea sounded like a good idea, because I was still trembling slightly, and I didn’t think I was in a fit state to drive.

The place was half empty, and I carried the tray with our cups of tea to a small table, almost feeling the vicar’s eyes undressing me. I smiled to myself, enjoying the attention, even if I had no intention of doing anything about it — Daddy was the only man I wanted at the moment.

Even so, I swung my legs sideways and crossed them — the raincoat did what it was supposed to, and parted well up my naked thighs, and the old devil glued his eyes to them. That is, until I leaned forward to reach for the sugar, letting the raincoat gape open so that he could see my bare breasts …

I tried to make small talk about his work at the hospital, and he forced himself to collect his thoughts and stammer something about liking doing some good, and enjoying visiting patients.

‘Especially women, wearing revealing nighties, I expect!’ I grinned, and he blushed.

He picked up his cup and saucer and sipped his tea to cover his embarrassment, and I looked at him speculatively.

‘You want me, don’t you, vicar,’ I said. ‘You’d like to — do things to me, wouldn’t you?’

He choked, and I thought he was going to spray tea all over the table, and his cup and saucer clattered as he put them down.

‘My dear! I — I don’t know what to say! I mean — that is …’

He dropped his hand to my bare thigh, and I closed my eyes, shivering as I imagined it was Daddy’s hand on my skin.

‘There — there’s a room upstairs that I use — we could go there …’ the vicar said hoarsely, and I opened my eyes.

‘Perhaps tomorrow,’ I said. ‘I have to go now — I’m late already.’

‘Oh! Ah! Yes. Well …’ he stammered, watching me as I stood up.

‘I — I’ll walk you to your car, my dear.’

We went outside, and I found my car and unlocked it. I opened the door and slid behind the wheel, with one foot in the well but leaving the other on the ground outside — once again, the raincoat obediently parted, to the point where the vicar would almost have been able to see my panties — had I been wearing any.

I reached up and put my hand behind his head, dragging him down and kissing him fiercely, forcing my tongue into his mouth and exploring his dentures, and then I released him. The old devil was panting for breath, and I let him put his hand inside my raincoat and fondle my bare breast for a moment, and then I stopped him.

‘I must go, vicar!’

He straightened up and looked down at my legs again — perhaps he could see where my panties would have been, after all.

‘Maybe you’ll see more of me tomorrow,’ I said. And pigs might fly …

‘Yes — well — until tomorrow, then,’ he said reluctantly, as I closed the door and drove off.

I was feeling a lot better — I allowed myself to think about tomorrow, and seeing Daddy … Under my raincoat I’d wear my old school uniform for him when I picked him up. I’d tried it on that morning — I could still get into it — just — but he’d like to see it stretched tightly over my body, before he stripped me naked.

The only problem was the shirt — it was impossible to button up, but it looked good, hanging open, just draped over my nipples — and the loosened tie dangling between my bare breasts, accentuating their swelling inner curves …

But for tonight, I’d phone Annette — and tell her to wear nylons again …

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