Her Office Escapade


I met this guy online, who wrote me the most erotic sex fantasies. I finally managed to act one out, exactly as he told it … so here is what happened.

Since the setting was my office, I got very turned on by the idea of using my actual work office for the scenario in the story. Like in the story, I’m usually there late one or two nights a week. Surprised by my boldness? Me too.

When I dressed for work the day of, I wore a tight skirt, white blouse and camisole. I wanted to enjoy feeling sexy all day so I put on thigh high stockings with a garter belt and high heeled “FM” boots.

Finally now it’s time. It’s late and everyone else has left for the day. I’m sitting in my office chair with the door closed, and imagine Greg coming in. I absolutely adore it when a man comes up behind me and puts his hands on me. My eyes are closed while I imagine his fingers brushing my neck and hair. I start moving my hand underneath my blouse (I unhooked my cami straps before starting), my fingers playing the part of his fingers, swirling and rubbing my massively hard nipples.

My nipples feel incredibly good at this point. I push my breast up and lick the nipple, imagining izmit rus escort his tongue is teasing it. My pussy is so wet already. I am on the verge of cumming just from my fingers rubbing across my nipples, and a struggle to hold back.

At this point I settle back in my chair. (Knowing that things might get ‘messy’ I put a towel on the chair first.) I slowly place a booted leg over each chair arm. This is one of the most arousing positions I can think of. My legs are wide apart and my pussy exposed fully to my imaginary visitor.

I would love him to see me this way…I am so wet just thinking about the reaction his cock would have as he saw my barely concealed pussy behind a thin piece of cum drenched panties… As I begin lightly stroking my own pussy, I can feel his fingers touching me through the panties…oh God, I so adore having my pussy played with through panties. His/my fingers continue rubbing my pussy through the soaking fabric. I really want to take some clothing off at this point. Do I have the nerve? Of course I do. Off come the skirt and panties. Stockings, boots, and blouse still on. I get back in the chair and re-spread my legs.

By izmit escort now my/”his” hand is moving all around my pussy, from the base of my vagina to the top of my clit…and back again. And again. Dear God this feels good. I love this feeling. I am completely exposed and sopping wet. I think of his story, and pictured him kneeling before my chair as he began eating me in this position. I imagine myself holding onto his head, desperate not to let him move from my pussy…although I know he has no intention of going anywhere until he makes me cum anyway.

His tongue (my finger) is teasing my clit now. It is driving me crazy. First moving fast, then slow, then hard and rapid. Leaning back in my chair, I am moaning and moving my ass and hips wildly. My breathing is heavy. One hand is grabbing my breast, flicking a nipple. My head is back, eyes closed. I want his cock inside me. Now!

I realize have forgotten to bring my dildo. I’m desperate. Fumbling, I find my hairbrush with (thank God) an extra wide handle. I stand up and face my desk. Wishing so badly he was actually there, I lean over my desk I raise a leg so one knee is on top of it.

I take the hairbrush kocaeli escort and slowly insert it into my pussy from behind. The hard “cock” entering me feels so good. Imagining it’s him fucking me, I start to fuck myself slowly, in and out, relishing the re-entry into my soaking pussy. I am moaning now, breathing getting heavy again, sliding the handle in and out of my pussy thinking of his cock moving in and out of me (and vaguely thinking about whether anyone might hear me now). “His” (mine) is on my clit rubbing it furiously now.

My hips are grinding to meet the hairbrush handle as is plunges in and out of me. I’m bending even further over the desk now, my ass higher in the air. As I imagine my mystery man pounding his cock to my very core, my hairbrush keeps doing exactly that. I don’t think I have ever been this turned on in my life.

His/my hand is numb from torturing my clit but he doesn’t stop. He – meaning my hairbrush – is fucking me in a wild frenzy now and I am aware that housekeeping could arrive at any moment. Then it happens. I cum over and over, my hips bucking wildly in the throws of a stupendous orgasm. I am gasping and sweating. My pussy pulsating. Cum is everywhere.

I land exhausted in my chair. My brush is still nestled in my pussy, which doesn’t want to let go. When I catch my breath, I think how nice it would be to kiss him tenderly and softly on his lips before he silently departs.

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