Coming out of the shower, water cascades off my body. I shiver from the cold, grabbing a big fluffy towel for the time being.

“She left the window open again!” I thought to myself as I glanced at the bathroom window while walking out into the hall area. Walking past a huge floor to ceiling mirror running the length of the large hallway, I saw the toned figure of a young woman walking past and stopping. She was 5ft10inches tall with a delicious golden brown tan from hours of sunbathing outside, big dark brown eyes, pouting crimson lips, soaking wet long shoulder length jet-black hair. The cold breeze on her wet skin had caused her nipples to harden. That… was me…

Smiling as I looked into the mirror, I walked into my bedroom, which I shared with my girlfriend, Jenny. The money spent and the time consumed by my daily gym routine at the local gymnasium had paid off at long last. My waist is slim, my ass round, smooth and squeezable, legs muscular and toned yet long and tanned, and large, round, firm suck-able breasts! That’s how I would describe myself right now. All of my features, covered in smooth, supple and silky golden brown skin. Sounds like a catch huh? Wait till you hear about Jenny? Jenny is a Goddess!

Rich golden waist length hair, which is not artificially coloured by the way, greeny-blue eyes, cute lil nose, and pink silky lips. Her body is a work of art… Figure to die for, 34″C, 24″, 35″! Oh God is she fine! Beautiful, rounded breasts with large succulent nipples, firm, flat lil stomach, which leads down to a finely trimmed pussy with the softest of baby hair. I drool to the thought of kissing her… My lips sucking on her clit… Her legs stretch all the way to heaven; they are long and slim, amazingly smooth to the touch; silky soft, just like the kisses she places all over my body in our times of passion… Jenny was a young, painfully beautiful woman, milky white skin in comparison to mine, smaller than me in height and size, yet perfectly formed. We both turn heads when we walk down a street arm in arm. Most definitely the cause of a few erections at any place where there are men when we kiss and fondle each other in public. We love showing off!

Daydreaming about her again, I smirked as I settled down on the bench in front of the mirror with my back to the door drying my hair with the big towel. I heard Jenny walk into the room; I could smell her perfume, Charlie ‘Red’. She is one hot chick! Angelic looking, but devilish and amazingly sexy! Right now, she was showing me her horny devilish side once more!

“Hey baby” I said, not turning to look at her in case I’d want to bed her right there and then. She wrapped her arms around my body, straddling the bench I was sitting on behind me, pressing herself against me, stroking my firm stomach. Jenny started kissing my neck as I leaned my head to one side, her tongue exploring my neck, sliding it up and down my neck, kissing and sucking at me as her hands roamed upwards, pressing her little hands against my left breast, squeezing it and rolling my nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

“Mmmmmmmmm… you horny baby?…” I purred at her. Stupid question! Of course she was! I turned my head to kiss her, our lips meeting in a warm seductive manner, her lips around mine, warm and tender. Her tongue parted my lips, our tongues meeting inside my mouth, twirling, playing. Her hands slid downwards, towards my moist vagina now… Just before she reached my clit, she stopped. Smiling, she pulled away from my lips and stood up. I swivelled around to face her stomach, and leaning forward, started to cover her with my warm, gentle kisses, my hands holding onto her small rounded ass pulling her towards me. She only reacted by stepping backwards, grabbing my hands from behind her, and pulling me up.

“But… the bed…?” I managed to get out before she led me downstairs to our sitting room, which by now, was dimly lit with hundreds escort izmit of candles. I gasped, surprised at her effort and secretly pleased with her. She obviously was used to me taking my time in the shower and probably took her time setting this out.

There was a blanket on the floor, a dark red colour with grips on the underside to avoid us sliding around on the wood panelled floor. Large rounded aromatherapy candles were on every available surface, and were mostly white, or red. There was a bowl of fresh ripe strawberries on the floor, with a can of spray cream next to it, and fresh ice in an ice bucket. Two glasses and a bottle of 1988 Dom Pérignon stood in another bucket of ice next to all the other things, and some slow jazz, which I didn’t recognise, was playing in the CD player. The scene, overall, was overwhelming! I could tell this was going to be a long, pleasurable night!

I sighed, my jaw hanging open as I took in my surroundings. Jenny saw my face, and reached up, draping her arms around my neck, she pulled me close and pressed her sweet lips against mine. I didn’t need to see her face, I could tell she was smiling as she kissed me.

“Happy Birthday sweetie!” she whispered. I looked at her blankly. Then it registered with me that what she said was true! Damn! it was my birthday, and I had totally forgotten about it.

“I saw how hectic things were at work baby, just thought you, and me, deserved this! Especially after you roped that deal with the Americans yesterday. Bet they were paying more attention to your tits and ass and not your smart ideas! Sexy girl!” she teased. I laughed slightly, swallowed hard, still taken back by her sweetness; her voice sounded like a small bell’s jingle in the large yet surprisingly cosy room. Holding back tears, I wet my lips with my tongue, drawing her close to me, my arms rested on her lower back, draped over her pert little back-side.

“Jenny baby, you… are… wonderful!” and with that, I kissed her deeply, my tongue drove deep into her mouth, my lips caressing her’s… My hands slid down her smooth skin, resting on her ass cheeks. Pulling away from our sensual kiss, I looked into her eyes, squeezing her cute, tight lil ass.

I couldn’t stand it anymore! Believe me, if u had a girl as cute and damn right sexy as Jenny standing butt naked in front of you with play things all over the place, you wouldn’t be able to wait either!

I led her over to the blanket, and while she lay down beside me, I opened the bottle of champagne, watching it bubble out the top. Pouring it into the two glasses on the table, I handed one to her, toasting each other. As I couldn’t wait any longer, I kissed her firmly as my hands exploring all over her firm young body, my body and mind hungry for her. Our lips locking together for another kiss as my hands searched around blindly for the can of spray cream near the blanket. Gripping it, I looked at her devilishly, licking my lips as I fumbled at the top. Snapping the lid off hurriedly, my lips went to her neck, planting wet kisses, licks and sucks on her hot skin, leaving wet trails on her skin going down to her breasts. I kissed all around her nipples, till she moaned and spread her legs wide to play with herself, but I saw, and grasped her hand, shaking my head slowly…

“And for that attempt, you’re gonna have to wait even longer now!” I told her, watching her pout her pretty lips at me, making a lil happy yet impatient moan. I smiled at her again as I continued my little journey around her nipples, placing short kisses between each full breast, tonguing around each nipple. I grabbed a piece of ice, and starting from her neck, I pushing the small cube to her breasts. She whimpered, pleading me, opening and closing her legs. Looking down, I could see she was wet already, holding myself back; I kept the piece of ice on her areola pressing it into her, swirling it around and around each nipple, and cold izmit escort as she was, she smiled and giggled, and bit her lip from the cold, bearing it for me. The ice was melting everywhere; there were wet puddles on her skin. I was surprised it wasn’t steaming from how hot she was! Her nipples were standing straight up, freezing cold by the time the ice cube disappeared. I leaned down to kiss her while I sprayed a swirl of cream on her left nipple. It looked out lil clouds on her soft skin.

She giggled, watching as I proceeded to place another swirl around her right nipple. Doing a zigzag trail down her stomach, around her belly button straight to her pussy. She bit her lip, watching as I licked and sucked on her nipple, eating the cream from her. I bit and licked at her nipples, wishing the cream was still there. She whimpered when I got too enthusiastic with my teeth, and looking at her apologetically, I rubbed her breasts better, squeezing one nipple with my thumb and forefinger, rubbing it with more ice as I warmed the other with my lips and tongue; swapping over, I could tell she was enjoying it. Her nipples were hard as hell, she covered my hand with hers, and made me squeeze her firm breasts hard. I placed a ripe strawberry in the blob of cream around her belly button, then kept on licking the cream from her flat stomach. My hand was rubbing up and down her leg, I could feel her hold her breath every time I got nearer her pussy as my hand traversed up and down her inner thigh. I continued to lick at her, her belly was creamy and greasy from the cream. I ate the strawberry from her belly button slowly, tasted sweet, but not as sweet as I knew she would taste! My lips journeyed to her pussy… slowly, planting small kisses on her, making her wait.

She went up on her elbows, watching as my lips went closer and closer to her dripping wet pussy. She willingly opened her legs wide for me as I slid a solitary finger into her steaming pussy. So so hot and beautifully wet for me! So juicy… I picked up my glass of Dom Pérignon from the floor beside me, taking a mouthful, I put my lips around her hot clit. She squirmed hard, pushing into my lips, pressing her soaking wet cunt into my chin, bubbles tickling at her delicious clit. She moaned loudly as I pulled her wet pussy lips apart, feeling how slippery she was, and pushing my fingers into her soaking pussy hard, I wriggling them around violently inside her, feeling her juices pouring out onto my hands.

“You’re gonna overheat in a minute… But… I know how I can help you out there…” She knew what was coming, another ice cube was pushed into her hot hole, sinking deep into her…

“SHIT THAT’S COLD!” She shrieked at me! Giggling I pulled it out, sucking her juices off the piece of ice. Her hand went up my leg, as I was lying with my legs near her head with my face buried in her pussy. She obviously saw how wet I was from teasing her, and wanted to tease me too. So she took a piece of ice from the champagne holder, and holding the cube in her fingertips, she started pushing the piece of ice up my leg towards my pussy. She started rubbing the ice around my clit, trying not to make contact with my clit, swirling the wet cube around it. She was right in saying it was painfully good! It burned, but left a wonderful sensation afterwards. She turned to her side facing me, her pussy pushing into my face as I moaned, a soft purr rising deep from my throat. My tongue thrashed furiously inside her tight pussy, I could feel her squeezing my tongue. My lips found their way to her swollen throbbing clit; it was calling out to be loved and sucked on. I got some cream, and sticking the nozzle into her angry swollen pussy lips, I squirted the cold cream into her. She was oozing juices and cream, I licked it all up hungrily, eating her pussy. She leaned over, got her glass, and decided to pour the rest of her champagne down the slit of my pussy. izmit kendi evi olan escort She managed to catch most of it as it ran down my pussy with her tongue; her hot tongue buried deep into me, fingers flicking at my clit, rubbing it tenderly as I did the same.

I suddenly heard a familiar noise then nearly came immediately as she stuck a thick and long vibrator deep into me.

“New birthday present babes!” She said, giggling.

Wow! The feeling was intense as she moved the vibrator in and out of my saturated pussy, pushing it into me hard while she lapped at my clit and pussy, my juices pouring out of my fucked hole. I was ready to explode at any minute. I sucked at her clit while licking and flicking it with my tongue from inside my mouth, pressing my fingers into her. I reach for another piece of ice, and shoved it right into the back of her cunt.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” She mumbled. My clit was still in her lips, “Fuck girl! I’m numb now… But damn does it feel good! Keep fucking me with your fingers, fuck me nice and hard. Fuck me baby! Make me cream on your tongue…” She taunted me.

“Mmmmmm… I love it when u cum on my tongue baby, cum for me!” I cried out at her, gasping for air; I was nearing my orgasm. I breathed in her musky smell, smelt damn good. My lips were stuck to her swollen pussy lips, pressing my tongue deeper inside. I pulled her up, lay down flat on my back, and made her sit on my face. She wriggled into the new position, sexy smooth pussy pressed into my face. I lifted her up slightly, she was so eager, but suffocating me wouldn’t help. My tongue wriggled and squirmed deep inside her, fingers playing with her clit. She continued to fuck me with the vibrator… She started moaning louder and gasping for air faster in time with my tongue thrashing on her clit.

“I’m gonna cum baby, I’m gonna CUM on you!” Jenny cried, her hips bucked, pressing her pussy hard on my face. She jammed the vibrator deep into my pussy and rubbed my clit at the same time. I felt it deep inside me, pushing into me, and all of a sudden, I felt myself contracting around the vibrator as we both came. Cumming at the same time, her pussy contracted around my fingers and tongue; I kept licking and sucking on her clit as she came again and again… Bucking on my face, covering me with her juices. And just as she liked, I drank every single drop of her, feeling her hot juices sliding down my throat, she murmured something while she sucked on my hot clit. My pussy closed around the vibrator, drawing it deeper into me, feeling it’s vibrations going through my body as I squirmed and moved against her precious tongue.

The feeling was incredible, she was cumming down my throat as I came; orgasm after orgasm ripped through my body, feeling her lips still on my clit was great. She had continued to lick and tease my cunt as I had cum, just like I had her. For her, the ice had magnified her orgasm, her wet pussy was cold as fuck, but had come alive as she came, building up her orgasm inside her for longer.

She collapsed on the floor beside me afterwards, she turned around, so she could see me face to face. Jenny reached down, caressing my very sensitive clit, giggling when she saw me moan from its sensitivity.

“You were brilliant!” I whispered as our lips closed around each other’s.

“Hey it’s YOUR birthday, and u end up pleasuring me? How does that work?” She said while leaning over to suck on my nipple, squeezing my other breast lightly, giving each breast the equal amount of attention.

“I don’t mind! We both came! It’s not like you weren’t playing either! I like drinking you…” We both giggled, kissing and playing more, feeding each other strawberries and cream off each other’s hot bodies. She had decided to spray cream all over me, and placing strawberries at various places, eating them off me, licking my nipples from time to time. Afterwards, we lay in an exhausted heap, resting, sleeping in each other’s arms. I knew there’d be more fun tomorrow anyway.

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