A Tale of Two Grannies

Big Tits

Probably my last fact-based story, happening during the four years before I finally got married for the second, and last, time. My first marriage didn’t last for various reasons, but I am not going into that.

I’ve ended this with a “cliff-hanger”! Obviously, I know how the events ended, but I’d really be curious to know what YOU think I found when I went round the following evening. If anyone cares to guess, and guesses correctly, I’ll finish the narration in detail.


Even as a teenager I’d never fancied girls my age or younger. They had to be at least a year or more older, and believe it or not, back in the North West of the UK in the 1960’s there were plenty of girls in their twenties with limited, or even no, experience of sex! Although I nearly got caught out once when a girl I’d been taking on perfectly innocent drives accidentally let slip it was her birthday next week. Her fourteenth!! I dropped her like a ton of bricks. She may have had tits, arse and legs of a twenty year old, but I wasn’t risking a term of imprisonment! But I digress.

As I got older, so did the age ranges of most girl-friends. By the time I reached my mid-thirties I was finding fun with ladies in their fifties, or sixties. And this episode concerned a woman of seventy-four! And unlike any of my other matures, Barbara was neither plump nor big-titted, and her arse was thin enough to be barely noticeable. In fact, I did not set out to get her into bed with me. It just happened!

At the time I was going home with Janice, a woman of about 60-something – I never asked her actual age, it wasn’t important – who was everything I liked. Plenty of meat on her, tits I could bury my face in, thighs that would warm my face when it was squashed up against her fanny, and arse cheeks that gave a satisfying ‘slap’ while I was fucking her doggy style, a position we both liked best of all. I spent a fair few evenings each month round at her bungalow, humping her for all I was worth. And she was extremely enthusiastic, and very noisy when orgasms hit her.

Now Janice’s bungalow was in a small Close of similar properties, all occupied by men and women in their older years. “Sheltered Housing” it was called here in the UK. Separated from each other by a narrow paved pathway that allowed each pair of bungalows to have their kitchen doors facing. As a result everyone knew what everyone else was doing! And close enough to hear also! Janice’s home was at the end of one side of the Close with Barbara next door.

My unexpected relationship with Barbara came as a result of something Janice said to me one Saturday morning as I was enjoying my breakfast cup of tea, (this IS Britain), after an early morning humping.

“I know we’re a bit noisy in bed, but I didn’t realise just how loud we are! But last week Granny came round and really was quite cross with me.”

Granny? I was shocked. If Janice was about sixty, her grandmother must be over a hundred! Janice laughed at my expression, and guessed what I was thinking.

“No, not my real granny, she’s only 13 years older than me, but we all call her Granny as she is always poking her nose in and telling everyone off for any reason she can think of.”

“Has she been having a go at you?” I asked.

“Oh yes, told me how disgusting I am, a loose whore, and anything else she could think of. But it doesn’t bother me, I’m having too much fun!” She giggled like a teenager at the thought.

I joined in with the laughter, and thought no more about it, but it did continue to give Janice more moments. I still visited regularly and Janice was always happy to see and screw me. Everything changed three months after our conversation. I well remember it kicked off one Thursday evening. I had brought a couple of little surprises for Janice; a nursing bra, the kind that have nipple openings, and two very small vibrators.

These little toys were no bigger than a small person’s thumb and were just right to stimulate each naked nipple. Janice was keen to try her new toys, and we were in her front room as she stripped off her pullover and normal bra, and had just wobbled her tits into the nursing bra. To my eyes the fact that she was also still wearing her skirt made for an erotic sight. I was just freeing my cock from its constraining trouser zip, I was wearing no briefs underneath, when, without warning the door into the front room was pushed open. There in the doorway, stood Barbara!

She stood there, rigid, for a moment. Her face went bright red, her mouth opened, but no words came out. The fact we were both partly clothed probably made things look worse (from Barbara’s point of view), than complete nudity. Then speech, outraged speech, returned with a vengeance.

“I have never seen anything so disgusting,” she exclaimed, “you should be ashamed of yourself, Janice. Half naked, with a man half your age, in that indecent state. You’re nothing but a filthy tart!”

I wasn’t too bothered myself, but poor Janice was at first speechless, both with the bursa escort shock of being discovered, and by Barbara’s language. Then she recovered, and indignation took over.

“Who invited you in?” she asked, “and anyway, you’re just jealous, because no man would look at you now, you dried-up old crone!”

AS my cock had now shrunk back, I quickly put it away, and backed out of the room to let them get on with their quarrel. No sane man ever wants to come between two women having any kind of fight! I left them at it, their voices followed me as I hastened back to my car, wondering what the outcome would be. I decided not to return for a day or two, to let things cool down. In fact, it wasn’t until I had a phone call from Janice a week later that I had any news, then it was quite amusing.

“Hello, it’s me, Janice.”

“Hi Janice, how’s things? What happened after I left?”

“This’ll make you laugh. After we’d yelled enough at each other, Barbara rushed out of the bungalow. And took those vibrators with her!”

“Well,” I replied, “she wouldn’t have much use for the bra, not with her tiny tits. I’ll have to order another pair of toys.”

“You coming round soon? Say Friday night?”

“OK, see you about 8 pm.”

Well, I called round as appointed even though I hadn’t got around to buying replacement vibrators. Even so, Janice and I spent an enjoyable hour without them. I left, and got in my car to drive home. I couldn’t help glancing at Barbara’s home, thought it odd that at only just after 9pm all the lights were out except a dim glow from the window of the room I knew would be the single bedroom. By the time I reached the end of the street, a mad idea had taken root in my mind. Had Barbara found a personal use for the vibrators? She had walked in on us, how if I was to do the same to her? Wouldn’t that be a laugh?

I must have still been a tad light-headed from the sex, and the wine I’d shared with Janice. I’d be breaking into an old woman’s house at night, and what if she had a heart attack or something? This all occurred to me much later, but just then it didn’t even enter my head! I parked up, and walked back. I tried the back door to Barbara’s bungalow, which was unlocked, so I quietly crept inside. The place was dead quiet, except for the ticking of a long-case clock in the hallway. I sneaked to the partly open bedroom door, stopped outside and listened. Faintly I could hear a slight humming noise, and that wasn’t all!

“Mmmmm, mmm, oohhh, mmm.”

I knew what that meant, and had difficulty in holding down a giggle. Barbara hadn’t been able to resist trying out the toys, and from the sound of it, enjoying every moment! I dropped to my knees to peer in. (I had read somewhere that people don’t look downwards, only head level when looking at someone in the doorway). I poked my head round, and watched.

Barbara was lying on the bed, on her back. Her blouse was open at the front, she had no skirt on, just a pair of very old fashioned frilly-legged knickers. She had a vibrator in each hand, and was gently stroking each one round and round the aureoles of her nipples. Not that they were any size, in fact what tits she had were so flattened against her chest it was difficult to know where they were except for the position of those nipples. As she played, she kept squirming , pulling away, then pressing against the little toys. Her thin thighs occasionally twitched, opening and shutting together again.

As I watched, her twitches became more noticeable. She switched off one vibrator, and started stroking the other one up and down against her, rather bony, pubic mound through the knickers.

“Mmmmmm, oooohhhh, ahhhhh, mmmmm, ooohh.”!

Louder now, and more frequent she moaned. Then, she was so near, she took the vibrator away, lifted the elastic waistband of her knickers, and thrust the toy inside her knickers, straight against her clit. The sudden shock against bare flesh on that sensitive little nub made her almost lift her arse off the bed. In less than a minute her orgasm, probably for the first for many a year, hit her. Her legs went rigid, her body shook, her head flung back, and she yowled like a cat with its tail on fire.


Now the sight and sound of an old woman pleasuring herself to the finale would either make a man vomit, or get a real hard on. I chose the latter, and in fact, was tempted to go in and show her mine. However, sanity prevailed, and I reckoned a scream and charge of rape would not be a good idea. Anyway, I felt that Barbara deserved to beg for a good fucking, so I crept quietly away and out. At lest, now I knew she did miss sex and I had a good chance of getting inside those frilly knickers, and up that tight little cunt.

For the next two or three visits to Janice, I made sure I looked directly at Barbara’s front window, knowing she would be watching, and give her a knowing stare, and a pronounced sniggering smile. I knew that sooner or later curiosity would force her to face me and bursa escort bayan say something. My chance came quicker than expected, and one evening, as I was leaving Janice’s home, Barbara came out of her bungalow with a stern face.

“What is all that silly pantomime about?” she demanded.

“Oh, I just wondered how many times you’ve been using those little toys,” I replied, again with the snigger, “you should keep your curtains closed better.”

Her face went bright red, her mouth snapped shut. If she accused me of peeping, she would be admitting her use of the vibrators. She swung around so fast she nearly fell, but kept composure and marched through her doorway. I went home, already planning the next step. I knew she did a month’s food shopping, well, once a month, obviously, and had to get a taxi home. It was always the same taxi, which gave me the idea.

I sprung the trap the next month. I phoned the taxi company, said I was Barbara’s nephew, and cancelled the appointment. Then I drove to the supermarket where she shopped and waited until Barbara came out with a loaded trolley. She stood there waiting, and waiting. Luckily she hadn’t thought of getting a cell-phone, so would have to use the public phone in the store. I watched, and as soon as I saw her start to push the heavy trolley back towards the store entrance, I drove past her, then stopped with a small screech of brakes. I opened the side window, looked out with pretended surprise.

“Oh, I thought it was you. You look cold and wet, can I give you a lift home, I’m going past that way.”

Barbara was not particularly glad to see me, as you could see from the look on her face.

“No, thank you.” she replied coldly.

I just waited there, looking at her getting colder and wetter. After a few moments, she made up her mind. Anything to get home and warm with all her shopping. After all, I wasn’t likely to do anything on that 15 minute drive in broad daylight.

“Oh, very well,” she eventually said, with reluctance.

Being the gentleman, I got out, opened the door to let her in, then the tailgate to pack her shopping in. She fastened her seat belt, and I drove gently away.

We left the supermarket and hit the highway, still driving at a reasonable pace. I didn’t want the journey to go too quickly. It was part of my plan. I was wearing very tight jeans which allowed a noticeable bump to show where my cock hid in expectation. I knew she had seen my cock sticking out in full readiness at Janice’s house. Now, if she kept glancing down at my groin I’d know she was remembering, and wanting to remember. If she looked grimly ahead I’d know she was avoiding the thought, in which case I wasn’t going to force the issue. I’ve never gone for the reluctance scene, not if it was real.

Happily for me, she did continually glance down. I decided to progress. I changed gears, and let my hand rest on her thin knee. For a moment I thought she would knock my hand away, then – she just let my hand stay there until I had to take it away to steer the car into her street. We pulled up outside her bungalow, I got out, opened the door for her, and as she walked to her door I grabbed her shopping bags from the car and took them into the house.

“I wouldn’t mind a cup of tea,” I suggested.

Without a word Barbara put the kettle on and made a pot of tea. There was an awkward pause until the drink was ready, then we both sat down at the table. Nothing was said as we drank, but Barbara kept looking at me with an odd expression on her face. Would she say anything to give away whatever she was really thinking? I finished my tea and stood up to leave. It had to be her asking me, I had already decided.

“Why, well, Janice, what you do,” she began.

I just looked at her. I wasn’t going to make it easy for her.

“It’s not fair,” she finally burst out, “Janice is much older than you, you’re good-looking, (I wondered which bit of me she meant!), she’s fat and loud, and you often sleep with her. No-one has even looked at me since my husband left me 25 years ago. Why her?”

“Simple,” I answered, “she let me know she was interested, and doesn’t wasted her time criticizing everybody..”

There was a silence. Then, to my shocked amazement, Barbara said defiantly, “Well, I’m still interested, as you call it, but round me are old men who’ve forgotten what their cocks are for! I may be skinny but I would open my legs for a man who could face having sex with me! Could you?”

I stood with open mouth! Her direct language, coming from a prim old school-marm type had for once left me speechless! This wasn’t quite the scenario I had planned, but it gradually occurred to me that this might be even better. Barbara took my silence for a rejection, her face resumed its grim look, but before any sharp words could come out I had made up my mind. I reached forward and downwards, grasped her thin arse cheeks, and pulled her abruptly towards me, cutting off whatever she had been about to say.

“Oh!” she almost escort bursa squealed, as the abrupt contact nearly knocked the breath out of her.

“So, you want fucking?” I demanded, (deliberately using the “F” word to see what her reaction would be. I soon found out!)

For answer, she pushed me away so fast I had no time to stop her. Which was a good thing as it turned out. Barbara reached under her skirt, and tugged her knickers down as far as her knees. They were woollen ones! Now, I always had a fetish about woollen socks, tights, or panties since my college days adventure with a tutor there who always wore pale blue, woolly stockings and matching panties (see “Toys for the Teacher”). Memories of that time awoke, and I felt the beginning of a hard on.

For a few moments I stood there like an idiot, looking at her old frilly knickers round her knees. Then, the stirring in my pants reminded me what to do next! I knelt down in front of Barbara, and pulled those panties down to her ankles, and, as she lifted each foot in turn (holding on to my shoulders to stop herself from falling over!), I lifted her frillies clear. Was that a tiny damp stain in the crotch? If so, for a woman of her age, it was a very good sign! I would have to see if I could help her improve on that.

Leaning forward, while still on my knees, I lifted her skirt and slid my head up towards her fanny, only for my lips to contact the unmistakeable rasping of nylon tights! I should have noticed, but had been intent of surprising her with a quick suck on her fanny. I had enough sense left not to tear down her tights, which might have put her off a bit, and instead hooked my fingers inside the waistband and pulled downwards. The body of her tights came down easily enough, leaving, as anyone will know, the crotch sticking to her crack.

Even there, the material held a slight moisture, as I increased the drag and rolled the tights all the way to her ankles. She gripped my shoulders more strongly as I disentangles her feet, and slipped my head back up her skirt. Obviously, she was unused to being eaten and slammed her thighs together at the sudden shock of having her fanny and clit abruptly caught between my lips. As she was so much thinner than her friend Janice, whose thighs almost smothered me in her orgasmic throes, I wasn’t too bothered by having my face squashed!

“What, what are you doing?” she gasped.

“Just helping you to get ready,” I replied, “do you like it? Something new for you?”

“It felt really strange,” she answered, “but I think it is nice.”

Nice? Well, at least she didn’t object. I continued to suck her fanny and clit as I licked both, until Barbara began breathing quickly and her legs started to give way. Good thing she was grasping my shoulders, not my head, something Janice did when we first got together, until I yelled at her that she was breaking my neck! Anyhow, I judged that Barbara was nearing a long-forgotten orgasm (if she’d ever had one), and wasn’t going to waste it without my cock inside her. I gently pulled away and stood up.

“Oh, I was beginning to really like that,” she objected, “can’t we do that some more?”

“Oh, we will,” I responded, “but it’s best if I get inside you as soon as possible.”

Barbara made no further objection, as I took her hand and led her into her bedroom. She stood by the bed, a little uncertain, watching me as I stripped off,.threw my trousers and briefs to the foot of the bed, and stood there naked in front of her, with my erection now free to stick out in front. She had seen that before at Janices’, but this time I was right next to her, and she was anticipating the next experience. I knelt down again, dipped my head under the skirt and fully between her knees before pushing upwards.

As I moved up, of curse her legs were separated, until my head nudged against her naked rfanny. I let her feel my hair rubbing backwards and forwards against her bush for a while before angling my face upwards and resumed licking and sucking her genitals.

“Ooooh, oooh, oooh,” she whimpered.

Her thighs were quivering, and by now I was certain that the wetness on my face was more than just my saliva. She was very close to orgasm, but I was going to make her wait a bit longer. I lifted her thin hands from my shoulders, and she buckled backwards on to the bed as I swiftly got my head from under the skirt. Good! Now for the next part.! As her back collapsed on the bed, I grasped her ankles and put each of her feet on my shoulders. The skirt fell backwards onto her belly, so I then removed her ankles from my neck, and held her legs wide. I kept hold of her, as at her age I didn’t want any pulled joints or broken bones.!

My cock head nudged against her wet fanny lips, and I pushed, firmly but not roughly. The muscle of her vagina resisted me as strongly as any virgin could have done, so even wet and slippery I couldn’t go straight in. I kept up a regular nudging of her fanny to allow her to relax and loosen up, and was eventually rewarded by feeling my cock head overcome the resistance and disappear inside her. In an odd sort of way, the sensation was similar to slipping a rolled-up condom over my knob! Except this enclosing was a lot warmer and wetter!

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