A Weekend At The Beach Ch. 04


I opened my eyes and found that I was laying on my side facing Julie. She was still asleep, also on her side and was facing me. Sometime during the night we had moved apart from our embrace. She lay breathing quietly with her mouth slightly open, and her full red rich lips parted in a half smile. Her lovely, curved body was silhouetted against the wall. Her trim, full breasts raised and fell evenly with her breathing. She still wore the lace trimmed garter belt whose straps held the lacy tops of her dark gray stockings tightly on her thighs. The whole ensemble neatly framed the thick bush of curly brown-blonde pubic hair which just covered her full Vaginal lips.

I lay there for several minutes admiring her, and marveling at the previous day and night’s lovemaking. Although I am well into what some call late middle age, I had performed like an adolescent, and felt much the better for it too.

Although I made no sound she suddenly opened her eyes and looked directly into mine. “Good morning Lover” bursa escort she said. By this time my Cock too had awoken, with a vengeance. In spite of the workout of a few hours ago it raised its head, and stood up once again in the presence of a lovely lady. She glanced down and smiled. “I’m famished” she said and thereupon bent down and took its crown into her warm lips. She began to caress its tip with her lips and tongue. She gently toyed with the opening, and applying slight suction to it. Soon of course a slight discharge appeared and I too decided that I was hungry. I moved over her body and positioned myself that my tongue and lips could reach her nylon clad thighs. I stroked them softly, reveling in the silky electric feeling that this imparted to my finger tips. I licked, kissed, and nibbled at her warm, smooth skin above the tops of her stockings. All the time I was inching my way up the inside of her thighs. These she parted for me as I approached my goal. In the meantime her mouth had engulfed in half of bursa escort bayan my Cock. This she alternately licked, sucked at and kissed, at the same time tickling and caressing my scrotum and balls. For the first time her fingers strayed close to my Anus which like my Cock had become exquisitely sensitive.

My tongue played over the inner surface of her Vagina whose lips I spread apart with my fingers. It reached her most sensitive spot and there it stayed, moving around and on it for several seconds. Then a gentle pressure on my head by her nylon sheathed thighs signaled me to retreat for a while. Julie could not tolerate any longer stimulation than this otherwise she would come quickly. This time she wanted to wait for me. Her Vaginal juices flowed profusely and the scent of Joy blended with her own unique essence, which I lapped up with enjoyment. My hands caressed her breasts, and her nipples became prominent and firm under my fingers.

Julie took all of me into her mouth which seemed to me escort bursa to be as hot as the inside of her Vagina. As my tongue probed upward and made its way into Julie’s Vagina I felt it was being held and squeezed rhythmically by the contraction of her muscles. At the same time Julie’s mouth was doing the same to my Cock. Without having to say anything we both knew that we were about to come at any moment, and come we did. Julie reached down and as her hips began to buck uncontrollably she pushed my head down against her Vulva. I reapplied my tongue to her most sensitive spot. She came convulsively, and continued to do so almost continually. At that moment I felt her finger which previously had only gently probed my Anus enter it, and felt it vigorously massage my Prostrate. I came in a massive explosion that also seemed to go on indefinitely. We lay that way for several minutes continuing our mutual stimulation, until sated we fell apart bathed in sweat.

“How about breakfast?” I asked her. “I thought we just had it” Julie said in reply.

We showered together, but were so completely drained by our experience that other than caressing and cuddling we could do no more. Then we ordered room service.

(To be continued)

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