At The Carlos Hotel


“This must be your lucky day Ving.” said Vickie, the smiling desk clerk at the Carlos Hotel. “Gabriel said to give you the ‘honeymoon suite’ and there are a couple of girls around who they say put on a very interesting show.”

“That’s something that would really interest me,” Ving told her. Be sure to send them up to see me if they just happen to stroll in.”

“Will do, Sweetie. How long you gonna be stayin’?”

“Two nights.” “Okay”, she said as she handed Ving his key. “I’ll keep my eyes open for you.” Ving paid the $150.00 for his two-day rental of the ‘Honeymoon Suite’ on the fourth floor and pressed another $100.00 into Vickie’s hand.

“Thanks” she said. “Have a great day.”

Ving picked up his bag containing two bottles of vodka, tonic, limes and two or three changes of clothes and made his way to the ancient elevator amidst the assemblage of perverts and down and outers who frequented or lived at the Carlos. The Carlos was well past its grander days when it was the hotel of choice for visiting ball teams and even a dignitary or two. Situated in a very fast changing neighborhood in Uptown it stood today only because it was a cash cow for Gabriel. He invested very little in its upkeep and even less in it’s upgrading, but enjoyed a very handsome positive cash flow from the hotel and from the small but very profitable bar on the first floor. He encouraged ladies to work the bar and to bring their tricks to the Carlos. They could be certain that it was safe from the cops and Gabriel had the lowest “street tax” in Uptown. Ving had spent many days and nights here at the Carlos and was a preferred customer who had easy access to the fourth floor.

The Carlos was a six-story building that had 12 x 12 rooms on every floor except the fourth floor. One of the very few improvements that Gabriel made was to turn the fourth floor into only 8 rooms. Each room had its own bathroom instead of the communal bathrooms on the other floors, a bedroom, a room with living room furniture, a TV, a telephone that could communicate with the desk and a small refrigerator. One of the rooms was fitted out as a dungeon. No one would ever mistake the Carlos for the Ritz, but the fourth floor was reasonably clean and comfortable and just the right place for Ving and his lost weekends with the whores of Uptown.

Ving settled in and poured himself a large drink. He mindlessly watched the baseball game on TV but his thoughts were on more tawdry games. As he sipped his second drink there was a knock on the door. “Who’s there?” he said? The voice from the other side identified herself as Trixy-Lee. Sensing that the fun was about to begin Ving opened the door and to his surprise was greeted by two ladies rather than one. Trixy-Lee was a stunning, tall, black lady of about 30 years of age. She had a bursa escort great smile and suckable looking tits. The other lady – Gin Gin – was white, waifish and much younger. Gin Gin was very obviously submissive to Trixy-Lee and appeared to be very jumpy and ill at ease. Ving’s mind was already racing with erotic fantasies before the girls even entered the room! He quickly ushered them in and both girls took a seat on the couch. They eagerly accepted the drink that Ving offered and soon a deal was made between Ving and Trixy-Lee. Gin Gin was content to let Trixy-Lee do all the talking and while the negotiating was taking place and even though she sat back and opened her legs and let Ving see up her short skirt he could easily tell that it was part of the act and that her interest was in Trixy-Lee and not a man. Trixy-Lee had told Ving all about Gin Gin in a whisper while they were negotiating their deal. Gin Gin had no interest in men “…but she have certain needs. You know?” Gin Gin rubbed her cunt through her pink panties and as she did so the thin cloth conformed to her feminine creases and she made sure that Ving was getting properly aroused.

“Stop that you white slut.”, said Trixy-Lee as she slapped Gin Gin hard across the face. “Don’t you ever spread your legs like that unless it’s for me.” “Now get down and do me.” Gin Gin quickly knelt in front of Trixy-Lee and slowly ran her hands under the older woman’s skirt. Trixy-Lee opened her legs to accommodate her and to afford Ving a great view of the action that was about to take place. Gin Gin started licking up the inside of Trixy-Lee’s thighs and opening her legs even wider. As she licked Gin Gin reached for Trixy-Lee’s panties and pulled them to the side exposing her hairy cunt. She spread her lips and bit and licked at her juicy clit while she ran a finger up and down her pussy slit. “Eat that pussy you lappin’ bitch.” “Eat that Motha Fuckin’ pussy.” “You suck that fuckin’ pussy ’til I tell you to stop you white cunt.” “Suck it.” “Lick it harder.” SLAP! Trixy-Lee continued to order Gin Gin to eat her just the way she wanted and soon Gin Gin removed Trixy-Lee’s panties and raised her legs to allow Ving – who had removed his clothes and was stroking his budding hardon – to see Trixy-Lee’s wide open twatt. Gin Gin lapped and sucked and finger fucked Trixy-Lee and soon Trixy-Lee’s curses changed to moans of satisfaction. She pushed as hard against Gin Gin’s face as she could in order to give herself the greatest satisfaction. After a long session of being eaten and fingering her clit at the same time Trixy-Lee came with a huge, trembling orgasm. “Oh baby, you suck pussy so good.”, she purred in contrast to her earlier diatribe. Gin Gin smiled and continued to pleasure Trixy-Lee’s cunt with long, slow licks and Trixy-Lee continued to purr and her climax bursa escort bayan seemed to never end. She came hard again and again. All the while Gin Gin rubbed her own pussy and was turned on like wild.

Trixy-Lee finally came down from her ecstasy and turned her attention back to Ving who stroked his hard cock as he sniffed her panties. “You better not shoot that gun baby. I hope you be savin’ it for me.” Ving realized that at his present speed that he would never last ’til he had a chance to fuck one or both of these ladies. Trixy-Lee’s mood had mellowed considerably since she was lapped and she pulled Gin Gin close to her and began to French kiss her and taste her own pussy juice from Gin Gin’s tongue. She quickly unbuttoned Gin Gin’s blouse and exposed her puffy little titties for her and Ving’s pleasure. The sight of Gin Gin’s small, pink nipples added to Ving’s excitement and his cock became as hard as it had ever been. He wrapped Trixy-Lee’s panties around his hardon and watched as Trixy-Lee licked down Gin Gin’s neck and took her nipple in her mouth and slowly and tenderly licked and sucked on it. Gin Gin was amazingly sensitive and she reacted with passion to Trixy-Lee’s oral attention. She lay back and enjoyed the attention of the older woman who knew exactly how to treat a lady. While Trixy-Lee worked her magic on Gin Gin’s little breasts she also worked her hand down to Gin Gin’s pussy and gently rubbed her through her panties. Gin Gin was turned on and ready for much heavier action!

“Come on and eat me – please. Eat my smelly cunt.” Gin Gin implored Trixy-Lee. Trixy-Lee was ready and quickly both girls moved to the bed and Gin Gin lay down and awaited the attentions of her older, black lover. Trixy-Lee obliged her by licking all the way up starting from her toes and licking all the way up her thighs. Ving was mesmerized by the large stain the crotch of Trixy-Lee’s pink satin panties. When he thought about her pussy dripping in them as she ate Trixy-Lee he began stroking his full hardon again. Soon Trixy-Lee raised Gin Gin’s legs and slowly began to remove her panties. As she did so Gin Gin’s cunt lips peeked out from between her thighs and Ving’s excitement continued to rise. Trixy-Lee’s tongue slowly lapped between them and Gin Gin’s excitement rose as fast as Ving’s. She responded to Trixy-Lee’s licking by imploring, “Do my clit!! Suck my hole!! Do my clit!! Suck my hole!!” “Eat me! Suck me, please?.” Gin Gin reached down and took her panties all the way down and began to entertain both Trixy-Lee and Ving with an outrageous masturbation show. She spread her lips wide and showed them her pink open cunt hole and she proceeded to finger fuck herself like a wild woman. Her young pussy was completely bare. It was so bare that Ving wondered if she was old enough for this. Such thoughts escort bursa went away quickly however as he plunged in and greedily lapped her beautiful, hairless cunt. As he began to move in along with Trixy-Lee, Gin Gin quickly closed her legs and screamed, “Trixy, keep him away from me. Don’t touch me you bastard!!” A quick slap from Trixy-Lee silenced her and Trixy-Lee quickly opened her large handbag and removed four nylon stockings. She quickly tied Gin Gin to the bed with them. Gin Gin lay helplessly on bed with her legs spread and her pretty little pussy beckoning to her two voracious companions. Ving wasted no time. He licked the inside of her lips and then from her cunt hole to her clit and back again time after time. Her fabulous feminine aroma aroused Ving even more and he ate her with a passion that surprised even him. Trixy-Lee joined in and between the two of them gave Gin Gin several big time orgasms. Soon Trixy-Lee turned her over and spread her cheeks to expose her sweet asshole. Both Ving and Trixy-Lee lapped it hungrily and Gin Gin came over and over. Their tongues lapped and slurped her and she raised up her ass to offer them the best possible access to her puckered little brownie. Gin Gin’s previous objections evaporated into a cloud of ecstasy.

Trixy-Lee was on her knees lapping between Gin Gin’s cheeks and she reached behind her and spread herself open for Ving’s pleasure. The sight of her pink hole and the way it contrasted with her darker surrounding skin was more than Ving could endure. He knelt behind her and slowly worked his fully engorged cock into her super juicy orifice. She accepted him eagerly and matched her motions to his as they fucked. “Fuck me, white boy. Stick that big dick in me. Shoot that cum in me. Fuck me like a fuckin’ dog.” Ving was so stimulated that it did not take very long for him to deposit a large load of cum deep into Trixy-Lee’s cunt. The pleasure was intense and when he withdrew another spasm overcame him and he deposited another large, hot load on Trixy-Lee’s asshole. It ran down the crack of her ass and down her slit. She quickly turned around and assumed the 69 position with Gin Gin and ground her dripping pussy against Gin Gin’s face over her loud objections. Another SLAP and Gin Gin acquiesced. Trixy-Lee moaned as Gin Gin energetically lapped up Ving’s spunk. Her face glistened with his cum as she licked Trixy-Lee from her asshole to her clit until she had licked up every last drop. All the time she slowly ran her finger up and down her bare little slit and pinched her clit until she came again and again. “That didn’t taste bad, did it” Trixy-Lee admonished her young partner. She took her panties and wiped Ving’s cock and gave him a few final licks!

Gin Gin took Trixy-Lee’s bag and hurried to the bathroom while Trixy-Lee and Ving had another large drink. Listening to her piss got Ving excited all over again and he almost made another deal with Trixy-Lee. When Gin Gin returned her earlier edginess was gone and she was very mellow. Ving feared the worst…

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