Exam Break at the Movies


Kent sighed and glanced at his watch. It was 10:30 on a Friday night and this movie he was seeing on his first date with Zac was dragging on forever. It was a terrible action movie that bored him terribly. He regretted suggesting this movie because Zac also couldn’t stop shifting, meaning he was finding this movie insufferable as well.

Zac leaned over to Kent and whispered in his ear, “Is it me or is this the worst movie ever?”

Kent nodded and blushed a little bit, “I’m sorry I suggested this. The previews hooked me in.”

“It’s okay. It’s almost over. I want to watch the predictable ending and pretend to be surprised by some twist at the end,” Zac leaned back into his seat.

Kent knew that there was at least another two hours to go since it was only twenty minutes in. The theatre was fairly empty since the movie had been out for almost two months. It was only mid-April but the humidity had been almost unbearable.

Kent first met Zac in their senior year English lit class after being assigned to do a group project together with some other students who turned out to be completely incompetent and absent. They bonded over their griping of their lazy groupmates but Kent secretly couldn’t have wished for the situation to turn out better.

They had decided to study together to prep for their final exam. Kent had every intention of pursuing his Master’s degree after this so it was a crucial moment especially for him. Zac had called up Kent on Friday afternoon and asked if he wanted to cram in a last minute study session before their Saturday exam. He said to balance out studying and relaxation, they should see a movie afterwards to blow off steam and relax for a good night’s sleep.

So there they were, sitting in a theatre together watching a horrible movie that neither were interested in but it was a good way to unwind and Kent didn’t particularly care to move from the seat. Zac shifted so that he was leaning slightly towards Kent when he suddenly felt Zac’s hand brush against his.

Electricity shot through his body as Kent took in the moment and slight waft of Zac’s cologne. They had flirted all semester and Kent had spent quite a few nights jerking off to the thought of Zac and his chiseled body.

Zac leaned over again, “I’m bored. And is it me or is it really hot in here?” Zac was fanning himself with his small movie ticket stub in a futile manner.

“I know how we can pass the time a little quicker,” Zac reached down and cupped Kent’s entire manhood.

Kent gasped and almost jumped right out of his seat. He was at a loss for words. He didn’t imagine this happening in a million years. Zac slowly started using his hand to massage Kent’s growing bulge. Kent thanked the sex gods for making him wear sweatpants out to the theatre because he was too lazy to change. The thin fabric did nothing to create any sort of substantial barrier between his twitching cock and Zac’s hands.

Zac and Kent looked at each other still not saying a word, replaced by their slightly heavy breathing now. Zac leaned over and kissed Kent; at first slowly, then seeking out his tongue to massage with his own. Kent shifted in his chair so that he could have better access to Zac’s mouth and grinded his crotch into Zac’s hand coincidentally. bursa escort

Zac’s hands continued to grope and stroke Kent’s ever growing bulge, which was now putting up a tent in his sweats. He was impressed with what he felt and imagining how large it could get made his cock stir in his jeans. The movie was completely forgotten as Kent reached over to reach Zac’s lap. He wasted no time in unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans to allow room for his hand to slip in and start stroking Zac’s semi-hard cock over his boxers, making sure his hand didn’t make direct contact just yet.

Kent’s tongue was now assaulting Zac’s as he kissed him harder and harder to match the passion of Zac’s hand on Kent’s pole, which was now completely hard and supporting a massive tent in his sweatpants. Finally, Zac couldn’t resist any longer and slipped his hand into the waistband and pushed down the fabric to reveal Kent’s completely hard cock that was pointing straight up in the air. Nestled at the base of his 9 inch thick, cut cock were two massive balls that hung down like small ping pong balls.

Still not breaking their kiss that had become a little sloppier, Zac grasped Kent’s penis and jerked it up and down twice. Pre-cum was leaking out of Kent’s cock slit and Zac used his thumb to spread some around his mushroom head, coating it in a layer of Kent’s own wetness. Kent took this as a sign for him to also continue his mission to get Zac’s cock out of his jeans. Kent pulled down Zac’s jeans and reached in through his boxers to bring his strong man meat out into the humid air of the theatre.

The guys broke their kiss, panting heavily now as they looked at each other with their hands still locked on each other’s hard erections. Zac’s cock was standing at full attention as Kent became to stroke it, milking pre-cum out of his throbbing member. Soon, the wet sound of Kent’s hand jerking Zac off started to get a little louder and Kent suddenly felt appreciative of his movie choice that was filled with explosions and yelling that drowned out the sex sounds that the two of them were making.

Zac moaned as his balls started to twitch and tighten against his body. His full 8 inch cock was raging hard to the point where his balls ached for release. Kent’s own cock was throbbing as Zac picked up the pace on jerking his twitching member.

The two guys continued to lean towards each other and jerk each other off.

“Let’s make it a race, shall we?” Zac winked at Kent as he gripped his cock harder and suddenly picked up his pace on Kent’s dripping cock.

Not wanting to back down from a dare, Kent gave Zac a devilish grin as his hand also picked up the pace on Zac’s member that was now swollen with his veins twitching as more pre-cum leaked out of his big head.

The two guys jerked each other off, harder and faster, trying to bring the other to orgasm before the other. Kent’s balls began to twitch more and more and he knew he couldn’t last much longer. Zac’s hand was virtually a blur on his thick meat, making loud wet slapping sounds as he tugged and jerked Kent’s manhood faster and faster. Kent’s balls began to tighten up as he knew he was about to blow his load. He frantically jerked Zac’s cock to try to take the focus off his cock that was ready bursa escort bayan to spew his cum any second. Unfortunately for him, his cock did not care and he was too far gone to keep trying to keep the cum in his balls from erupting.

“Loser has to drink the winner’s cum,” Zac said as he somehow still managed to increase his pace on Kent’s cock. Kent started leaking pre-cum in a steady stream and shot two powerful jets of pre-cum from his dick tip. Kent knew his time was up as he gave in and started to shoot his load. 7 powerful creamy ropes of cum flew out of his cock slit splashing the bottom of both of their faces and landing on Kent’s stomach and lap.

Without skipping a beat, Kent continued to furiously jerk Zac’s cock as he slipped out of his chair and positioned himself on his knees in between Zac’s legs.

“A bet is a bet,” Kent placed a second hand on Zac’s throbbing member and pulled his meat. He slid his left hand down and cupped Zac’s massive balls and massaged them. Zac moaned and started to pant harder and hard.

Kent was eye level to Zac’s wet, dripping cock and decided that it was now or never. In one swift motion, he placed his lips on the tip of Zac’s cock, still jerking his shaft with his hand. Zac started bucking his hips trying to get his thick sausage into Kent’s hot mouth.

Taking the hint, Kent began to suck Zac’s cock as he tried to bring him to climax. He had every intention of swallowing Zac’s load as he engulfed more and more of his meat until he had every inch down his throat, filling him to satisfaction. Zac wanted to cum but he was enjoying his first deepthroat blowjob and didn’t want it to be over too quickly. He started to pump his hips, slowly beginning to fuck Kent’s face with his big dick.

Kent started to moan, encouraging Zac to pick up the pace. Not one to argue, Zac began to fuck Kent’s face faster and faster until he was ramming his hard on down his friend’s throat and leaving trails of pre-cum every time he pulled out. Kent’s hand found his still hard cock and began to jerk himself off as his head bobbed up and down Zac’s lap.

“Shit, I’m going to blow. I’m going to blow. Fuck.” Zac gave Kent a warning tap but he just continued to give Zac the best blowjob of his life. He began to twist his head as he bobbed up and down on Zac’s twitching cock, sucking him so hard that it made Zac feel like Kent was literally trying to suck him dry.

Within seconds, Zac started bucking his hips uncontrollably, shoving his dick in and out of Kent’s mouth. His balls exploded and over ten spurts of cum filled Kent’s hungry mouth as he swallowed Zac’s massive load. Kent’s own cock started to twitch as he got up and straddled Zac so that their hard dicks were touching each other.

Balancing himself carefully, Kent began to jerk off his cock furiously and rubbing his dick against Zac’s also still hard cock.

“I’m going to shoot again, fuck.” Zac furiously pumped his cock. Kent got up repositioned himself so that his ass was only a few inches away from the tip of Zac’s cock. They looked at each other and Kent gave Zac a wide grin as he lowered himself onto Zac’s rock hard pole. Zac gasped at the first sensation of putting his cock into Kent’s perfect ass.

Zac started to fuck escort bursa Kent as he held him in place. Each time Zac shoved his dick into Kent’s ass, he hit his prostate making Kent’s cock harder and harder with each hump. Kent’s own hard cock was slapping up and down between Zac’s abs and his own as he bounced on Zac’s dick.

Kent’s cock couldn’t contain it anymore as he grabbed his dick and gave it only three jerks before it erupted, shooting streams of cum directly into Zac’s panting mouth and all over his shirt. This sent Zac over the edge as he picked up the pace, ramming his cock in and out of Kent’s tight ass that was clenching down on his member. Zac could feel his cock leaking what felt like gallons of pre-cum in Kent’s ass as he fucked him harder and faster until his balls were making loud, wet slapping sounds in the theatre, only to be drowned out by more explosions.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m going to cum, I’m about to blow, oh FUCK,” Zac slammed his cock into Kent’s ass one last time as his cock began to fill his ass with shot after shot of cum. After his dick stopped spurting his seed, Zac slowly pulled his dick out of Kent’s hot ass just as the credits began rolling.

The two guys wiped themselves down and pulled their pants back up and left the theatre.

“Good movie,” Zac laughed as he got into the passenger seat of Kent’s Jeep. It was late and they both knew that they had to turn in for the night in order to get a good sleep before the big final tomorrow.

Kent began to drive Zac back to his place and the two of them discussed possible exam questions. Kent began to get stressed again thinking about it.

“We can switch subjects man. Relax, it’ll be fine. You’ll do awesome.” Zac laughed as he patted Kent on the leg. He left his hand there. “I have a way for you to take your mind off it for the next ten minutes.”

Zac pulled down Kent’s pants again and freed his cock. Kent hadn’t realized but he still had a massive hard on that Zac must have spotted when they got into the car.

Zac leaned over and started to lick Kent’s cock from the tip to the base of his thick shaft. Kent shifted so he had a bit more room as he tried to concentrate on not driving off the road as he got his first road head.

Zac started to suck on Kent’s cock, bobbing his head up and down, and massaging his balls with his right hand. He wanted to return the favour from earlier as he engulfed Kent’s big meat in his mouth, trying to suck out more of his tasty jizz. The drive was short so Zac began to increase his frantic sucks, making loud and wet smacking sounds as he sucked Kent into oblivion. Kent met his sucks by bucking his hips and forcing more of his rod into Zac’s mouth.

“I’m going to cum, don’t waste it,” Kent groaned as he unloaded his balls into Zac’s waiting mouth. Zac kept sucking to avoid losing a drop or getting the car dirty. He was forced to swallow three times to avoid having Kent’s seed dribble out of his mouth. Finally, he pulled Kent’s dick out of his mouth just in time as he pulled into Zac’s driveway.

“Thanks for a great night,” Zac smiled as he wiped his mouth of the last few drops of Kent’s cum. Kent pulled his pants back on as he smiled back at Zac.

“Let’s celebrate after the exam tomorrow,” he winked as Zac leaned over and gave him a light kiss and squeeze on his softening bulge.

Kent’s head was swimming as he pulled out of Zac’s driveway as he started on his way home. He couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come…

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