Fill in Girlfriend: Anal Queen


I laid there in my bed not believing what I had done. I had let Coach Anderson, a thirty year old man use my eighteen year old mouth as his own personal fuck toy. Why did I suck him off in the shower? And why in the world did I get so hard with a grown man’s dick in my mouth? Was I gay? I know that I like girls, so what’s the deal. I had so many questions running through my mind that night I hadn’t been able to sleep, I had to be back in school in an hour and I hadn’t sleep all night. I wanted to ask Madison, this beautiful blond cheerleader that I was in love with, to the prom. But how in the world could I ever ask her to go to the prom with me when my dick was hard thinking about how I let a grown man cum all over my face and talk to me like I was some slut hot for his dick.

The more I thought about how Coach had used me, the more I wanted to jerk off, what was happening to me? I thought about how he had recorded me while kissing his cock, and how he had used my mouth while I was naked on all fours in front of him, like some little bitch. I couldn’t stand it anymore my hand reached into my pants and to my shock I was rock hard. I pulled my shorts down and gave myself a few quick pumps, thinking about how had a dick in my mouth and how I’d like to suck him off again, I could feel myself building up, it was going to happen, the more I thought about his dick the closer I got until, I exploded all over my stomach and chest.

I laid there breathing hard; I couldn’t wait for school I couldn’t wait to see him again. Later that day school had gone well but when I had my last class Coach Anderson hadn’t said anything to me. But why? Had I done something to make him mad at me?

I waited until everyone else was gone, gym was my last class of the day so I went into the showers and got naked, hoping the coach would come in and say hello to me, and thankfully I got my wise. I had my eyes closed and all of a sudden I felt someone spank my ass. I opened my eyes to see Coach Anderson standing there in front of me with his hand on my ass.

“Hi boy, how did you sleep last night? Knowing you sucked my dick in the shower, you liked it didn’t you? Come on you can tell me.” He looked at me with hot eyes full of lust, my cock started to get hard almost as soon as I saw him in front of me, but I wasn’t gay after all, I had to stop this, it had gone to far.

“Coach, it was fun and it was cool to experiment and all but, you do have a girlfriend and I feel bad for doing this, I mean I like girls and bursa escort I just don’t feel like we sh…” Before I could finish what I was going to say he did something that complete threw me off, he kissed me, he had his though so far in my mouth I almost chocked on it, he slowly pulled out his tongue and kissed my lips softly, his hand had never left my ass cheek and he was now rubbing my ass and patting it softly.

“Don’t worry about her boy, she is still out of town and I’m still lonely and I need some pussy, and besides maybe you forgot boy but I said I’m not going to delete your little video until I get to fuck you. Unless you want everyone to see that you were kissing my dick, maybe Madison would like to see that video; I bet she would like to know you’re a better cocksucker than she is.” He looked at me and I knew he wasn’t lying, if I didn’t sleep with him he would show her the video.

“Ok coach just please don’t show Madison.”

“Don’t worry boy, let’s go to my house and I’ll make a man out of you.” He smacked my ass hard and grabbed my hand, he made me get dressed and drove me to his house, it was a nice house two floors and brick, but he didn’t care about me seeing his home, he only wanted me to see his bed, I was so nervous I couldn’t believe it, I thought my heart was going to explode in my chest from excitement, I have to confess I wanted this as bad as he did.

The coach got out of his car and walked around to my door, he picked me up out of the car carried me in to his bedroom and threw me down onto the bed, ” I have something special for you to wear boy, if you’re going to act like a little bitch, you’re going to dress like it as well, and your damn sure going to get fucked like one, don’t worry boy after today you will never be the same, you will be a man, I’m doing you a favor I’m going to break you in boy, like you break in a horse. After today you will always be my bitch. Now you better be naked before I come back into this room.”

He walked down the hall and I quickly began to take my clothes off, I was naked in less than a second. My cock was rock hard what had I gotten myself into?

Coach Anderson came back into the room with a pair of black lace assless panties, black stockings for my legs; pair of women’s gothic boots with a buckle on top of them and black lip stick and nail paint. “I really love gothic girl’s boy, and today you’re going to be one at least for a couple of hours. Now go into the bathroom and put these on.”

I ran into the bathroom, bursa escort bayan without giving it a second thought, I was so turned on at that moment, I put on the black panties, my hairless white ass cheeks were hanging out the back of them, the front of the panties had little white skull and bones on them and a red bow, I bent over for a second to look at my asshole before he tore it apart, I quickly put the stocking on my legs and I put the boots on. I put the lipstick on and as fast as I could I applied the black nail paint.

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw for the first time that I looked sexy, I looked like a little gothic girl, a little bitch, my cock was ready to bust out of the front of the panties. I took a deep breath and walked outside to see Coach Anderson on the bed waiting for me, he was naked, his big body looked so sexy and his cock was rock hard.

“Damn boy, you look hot come here and sit on daddy’s cock.” I walked over to him and turned around so that my ass faced his dick. He grabbed my hips with his hands and pulled my ass onto his dick, my ass cheeks spread apart and his dick lay down in between them, he was hot-dogging my ass, and he moved my ass back and forth with his strong hands. “That’s right sweetie, you feel that dick, it’s going to be up your ass today, yea you like that don’t you little bitch.” Coach slapped my ass and laughed. I could feel my sweet lubing up his cock.

“Yes sir I love it, I love the way it feels.”

“Damn right you do, I know your kind, boys like you always pretend like your hard until you get what you really need a good hard fucking. You’re not a big bad though football player at all boy, you’re a little cock whore, hunger for this dick to feel you up, isn’t that right slut.

He lifted my hips with his hands and placed his cock at my asshole; he then returned his other hand to my hip and pushed me down onto his dick. I felt his cockhead go into me. And then I felt every inch of his cock sliding inside me.

“O…My…GOD…I can feel your dick going up my ass Coach it hurts. Please take it out its too big, please sir I’ll suck you off just please take that thing out of my ass.”

“Shut up boy, you like this dick, and your bottom will adjust to my rod in a second, you look so hot from behind like this boy, ummmm you look like a little gothic girl, fuck yea.”

He started to slowly fuck me; I could feel my ass going up and down and his cock going in and out of me. It started to feel amazing; before escort bursa I knew it I started to moan like…a bitch. Was that me, I couldn’t believe it, here I was getting assfucked by my coach dressed up like a gothic whore and I was moaning like a girl.

“Yea your starting to like that aren’t you baby, ummm my dick looks amazing up your ass, yea take that dick, now I can really start fucking you.” He started to make me go up and down on his dick, faster and faster until all you could hear was the sound of my ass slapping against his hips, sometimes he would grunt, he was really fucking me now and my dick was so hard it hurt.

“Yea take that dick you little bitch, beg me for this dick.”

“O please sir FUCK me…fuck…ugh…the ugh…hell…ugh OUT OF ME!!”I said in between grunts of pleasure and pain.

I felt his body start to move he moved me into a doggy style position without taking his dick out of me. He slapped my ass.

“Yea, damn baby, you do have a nice little ass, I’m so thankfully I’m getting to fuck you, you know something boy, you will never be the same after this you will always remember in your most private moments that you were fucked like a little slut. Now fucking beg for it you little bitch.”

“O please fuck me sir give me that hard dick, make me a man, I’m yours forever I swear it just please don’t stop fucking me.” I felt his dick hitting my prostate and I couldn’t take it anymore, I freed my dick from the front of the panties and felt myself cum all over his bed, I moaned like a bitch, It was the strongest orgasm I have ever had.”

He laughed at this, “Damn boy you just came with a dick in your ass, that makes you gay, your gay now boy, you gave into to me and begged for this big dick to fuck you, I have almost conquered you. I just have one more thing to do now and I will have broken you for good.”

He slipped his dick out of me, picked me up off the bed and threw me down onto my own cum, I was now laying on my back facing him, he put my legs up onto his shoulders and put his dick back inside me. It went in much easier this time. He interlocked his fingers with mine and kissed me, while I put my legs around his back, I knew what was going to happened next and I wanted it to happen. He pulled away from our kiss and fucked the hell out of me, still holding my hands all you could hear was my ass hitting his hips and then suddenly.

“O yeas BOY, im going to cum inside you, ooo FUCK HERE IT CUMS, FUCK…yea, take it boy take that cum, your mine forever boy, my little bitch, I fucking broke you.”

I felt the warm seamen fill my ass and we both laid there for what seemed like forever he didn’t look at me and I didn’t look at him, we were too embarrassed.

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