Just Another Lazy Afternoon


Already it feels like a long day. Recovering from the work week, I spent most of the morning cleaning, organizing and tying up loose ends at the apartment. I see the sun outside, but at this moment I can’t even go outside until I at least try and clean up.

There’s nothing wrong with finally showering at four o’clock in the evening, is there? I stand there and let the warm water relax my body. Still tense from the long work week, I relax and close my eyes. I start to shampoo my hair, and as I massage the shampoo into my scalp, I start to think…not about what I still have left to clean, or meeting to enter into my planner, or what I need to add to the grocery list, but instead—I think about you. I remember how great last night felt; sometimes there’s nothing better than you shooting a nice load of cum into my mouth. I already miss your perfect body, I miss your sexy shoulders and your smile and of course, your nice dick.

I snap back to reality, opening my eyes and realizing I better finish my shower. Don’t want to waste water; that’s another bill I have to pay. I rinse my hair, and then slowly run conditioner through my hair. I try and remember that I have to add conditioner to my shopping list, but I can’t even concentrate on that right now. bursa escort All I want to think about is you…..I sigh, and squirt some soap into my hands and start to rub it into my skin, massaging it in. I spend some time on my shoulders, on my stomach, my hips, and I avoid anything that’s begging to be touched. Then, before I can stand it anymore, I decide it’s time to pay attention to my breasts before I move south. I turn and allow the water to hit them as my hands massage my nipples, rolling and teasing them until they start to perk up. I start to lean against the wall, keeping one hand on my breasts and the other I move to my aching clit. I allow myself to relax for a few more minutes, rubbing and feeling my wet cunt.

I reach over to shut off the water, grab a towel and wrap it around my body. I walk into my room, and I know I can’t get ready quite yet—after all, I started something that I need to finish. Sitting handy from last night, I grab my vibrator and lay down on the bed. As I turn on my vibrator and start to rub it against my clit, I realize that right now calls for a bigger measure. Instead of my pocket clit stimulator, it’s time for my favorite sex toy: the “Strap-On Butterfly.” I wish I could feel your dick inside of me right now, but bursa escort bayan this vibrator will have to do. I strap it on, and flick the switch higher and higher on the intensity. I decide not to lay back down on my bed with my legs spread wide, but instead I crawl on my hands and knees, lower my back and breasts and imagine you are entering me from behind. I push my hips back against imaginary resistance, and suddenly—it hits me. I start to shudder, and let out a loud sigh as my first orgasm shoots through me, sending waves of relaxation to my whole body—every limb, everywhere. I close my eyes and smile, and reach to turn off my vibrator. Instead of turning it down and then off; I accidentally hit the function button.

Guess that wasn’t much of an accident….I can’t be finished now. That was too quick to satisfy how horny I’ve been feeling lately. I slide a few pillows between my legs and start to slowly grind against them. I wish it was you and your sinful smirk that I was seeing, so I close my eyes. I imagine you being here, the feel of your dick inside of me and that amazing view of your chest that I have when I’m on top. I can almost feel my breasts grazing your chest, and it sends my nipples tingling, longing for the sensation of your skin escort bursa against mine.

I roll over and imagine what I would love the most. Feeling you inside of me, with your strong shoulders being above me, and seeing and feeling your strong muscular body move in and out. I feel my body moving along with the image in my mind, and my lips can taste yours, feeling the intensity of our kisses, matching the intensity of our fucking.

It takes me mere seconds more as I break away from our last imaginary kiss, throwing my head back and feeling my hips buck up. My body shudders and tenses, and then suddenly relaxes and I feel the surges and spasms through everything. My thighs are quivering, and as I turn off the vibrator, I feel my heart beat. It feels so intense; I hear it so loudly and feel it throughout the body. My breathing slowly returns to normal, and I finally feel like I can open my eyes. I wish it was your face I would be greeted with your gorgeous body, but instead, as I walk towards the mirror, I see mine instead. My breasts look almost sore, and my thighs are still quivering a little as I stand still.

That’s when I realize it’s time to start the day, or rather evening. I wish that you would be over tonight, but I know I can’t expect that. I wish I could have you there to hold me so I wouldn’t wake up so alone. Instead I’ll just look forward to the next fantasy fuck with you, knowing that when I close my eyes you’ll be right where I want you—here with me.

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