Accountant Ch. 05


I put him down on the coffee table and sat back in the settee pondering whether to let her move in. I’d have no hesitation if I thought it could last, oh how I wished it could last, to hold her sweet body as I slept and wake to her still in my arms.

I looked up as she walked in. she had her tank top and skirt on but was carrying her panties on an outstretched finger.

“Just till we go home,” she said.

She came and sat next to me, handing me the panties as she twisted and lay her head on the arm with her body lay in my lap. She drew her legs up, her skirt riding up or rather down on her tights.

“It’s so nice to think about my father being cleared but I can’t help feel guilty being glad he was murdered,” she said with a sigh.

“I know,” I replied, shifting my hand to cradle the back of her head. “But, that’s natural. I can’t help thinking of the money side, there’s a couple of million tied up in the accounts.”

“And the will,” Heather added.

“And the reopening of the inquest, you may have to enter a petition for that.”

“And I can’t say a word to mother about it,” she said giving another sigh.

“That’ll only be a day or so; Mike will update your mother on this as soon as he’s cleared it with his boss.”

“I hope so; it’s a big secret to keep,” she said turning to me.

“Are you going to write?” I asked my eyes centring on hers.

“I just want to lay here, my minds to full to write.”

“You can have another ten minutes, then I’m making more coffee and getting a few ideas down.”

“I’ll make the coffee,” she said stirring.

“No, have your ten minutes, I need to collect my thoughts first.”

She chuckled. “My thoughts are on cloud nine.”

I looked at her smiling face, her happiness almost a glow shining out.

“I’m happy for you, you’ve found the ‘Door into summer’,” I said softly, bringing my free hand to cup her cheek.

She laughed lightly. “‘Twas a dark and miserable night, the drizzle had seeped into her clothes depressing her even more.” She said, bursting into more laughter.

“She stood before the door, not knowing that inside her mother’s boyfriend was feeling horny from the erotic story he was writing,” I continued embellishing the story.

“You were kind and caring,” she said gazing at me. “Then I found your Lit account and couldn’t believe it, I checked when I got home and masturbated to the hotel scene in Ringworld, it was just so tender and beautiful, that’s when I fell in love with you.”

I felt pleased but disheartened that the rose coloured spectacles she was wearing would come off sooner or later. I wasn’t my heroes and true love was a chemical self delusion made possible through our genetic programing.

“I got some nasty comments about the foot fetish in that,” I said changing the subject.

“That didn’t bother me, but that bit where he was shot, that was a little mean.”

“I didn’t plan that, that came from the characters.”

She shifted, her hand coming up to take mine. “You’re going to be my Mr Darcy.”

I laughed. “And I’ll make you an Aphrodite in search of a human lover.”

She reached up and caught my shoulder as she rose, pulling us together for a kiss, her eyes bright as she looked into mine. Her hand slipped from my shoulder to my neck, pulling me tight to crush our lips together.

“I want to make love again,” she said softly as she broke the kiss.

My cock stiffened at her words. I couldn’t say it but her mother would be expecting me to fuck her later, if she went home in her happy state and my performance drooped shall we say, best not let that happen.

“My tongue is yours,” I said poking it out and waggling the tip.

The baby started crying. There was a look of concern as she turned, her legs sliding around as she stood. I leant forward to watch as she knelt next to the carrier her skirt only half covering her ass.

“I’ll put the coffee on,” I said as my hand slid into my pants to lay my cock flat.

“Okay,” she said without turning as she lifted him. “Can you pass the bag first.”

I stood and put the bag on the floor next to her as I walked past.

She was sat with George on her knees when I returned with the cups.

“Will you mind him a minute while I go to the toilet?” she asked cheerfully.

“Okay,” I said putting down the cups and stepping over to reach down for him.

“No, let him have a wander on the floor,” she said putting him down as she stood.

I turned and retrieved my coffee and stepped over to the armchair to keep a better eye on him. It was half three about, another hour or so and we’d be on our way to hers for tea, time enough still to get a page or so done.

Heather breezed back in.

“Do you think we could stop at the cemetery on the way home?” she asked walking over to George.

“Yes if you want.”

“Yes, I want to visit his grave, tell him it’s all alright now.”

“Fine by me,” I replied nodding.

She sat holding George on her knee while she rummaged in the bag.

“We can leave ten minutes izmit escort bayan early,” she said pulling out some of his toys.

“An hour from now,” I said looking at the time.

“That will do,” she said glancing up at the clock herself.

“Well,” I said getting up. “I think I’ll get a few words down.”

She smiled at me, her eyes following me as I walked across. I turned the computer on and sat back my mind already reviewing the path I’d chosen.

I started in with her second PM, it was almost Déjà vu, I had her tell him how his story had made her horny enough to masturbate reading it. Art and life melding together.

I was just at the point of him opening the notification email when Heather spoke.

“It’s four thirty,” she announced.

I moused the save and swivelled around. She was retrieving the carrier. I turned back around and clicked things closed, waiting the few seconds till the shutdown screen appeared.

She was strapping George in when I stood and walked around. I started packing the bag, putting the toys away. As I did that I mentally went around the house checking for anything else on or open.

I drove through the centre of town and found a parking spot, she leant over and gave me a quick kiss before getting out and hurrying to the gate and taking a quick look back at me before disappearing inside.

I turned the radio on and settled back to wait. I was turned watching the baby when she came back, she was smiling but I could see that her eyes looked like she’d been crying.

“Are you okay?” I asked as she climbed back in.

“Yes I’m fine now, ready to carry on with my life,” she said leaning over and hooking her arm through mine. “Let’s go home and see what mum’s fish pie is like.”

“That’s something you can’t fault her on, she likes cooking and she’s good at it,” I said as I started the car.

I drove her home and Sam was in the kitchen window as usual. I carried the bag in.

“Sam,” I said greeting her.

I walked over to the hall doorway dropping the bag off then turned to Sam.

“Fish pie tonight Heather says,” I said with a smile as I walked over.

“Yes,” she replied putting down the oven gloves and turning to hold out her arms to me.

We exchanged a quick kiss.

“Make myself a coffee,” I said turning to pass her and take the step to the kettle.

“You know that inspector Frost, he was on the phone today.”

“Ah ha,” I said non committedly.

“There’s new evidence in the fraud case, he wants me and Heather to go in for an interview Monday morning.”

“Interview?” I queried.

“That’s what he said.”

“If there’s new evidence then he probably just wants to update you.”

“I don’t know, it’s a mystery to me.”

“Well at least it’s moving again, you never know they might unfreeze the accounts.”

“That would be a blessing, I could afford to hire a manager and retire. You wouldn’t have to work either, we could have tropical holidays.”

And with plenty of money for parties and barbeques by the swimming pool the hunting and shooting set would welcome her back to freeload off, I thought cynically.

“I’m not ready to retire to party the night away, I like the quiet life here.” I said turning as I waited for the water to boil.

“Well you can sample it next weekend if you want,” she said smiling at me.

“What’s the occasion?” I asked.

“An exhibition and tackle sale, a place to meet, greet and network. It’s an all day Saturday event, we could drive up and spend the night, drive back after its over.”

“I’ve got an appointment with a client on Saturday. He wants me to do a quick audit as of close of business Friday. It would take me a couple of hours Friday night and we’d go over the results on the Saturday morning, eleven ‘o’ clock.”

“Oh,” she said sounding disappointed.

“Sorry,” I said. “I was going to tell you later that I’d be late next Friday.”

“It doesn’t matter, it would have been nice that all.”

“I know, I’ll make it for the next one.”

She turned back to dishing the food out and I finished making my coffee. I walked through to the lounge where Heather had unstrapped George and had him on the couch next to her.

“Will you mind him a minute?” she asked.

I nodded as I walked over to take her place. She let her hand trail over me as she passed.

“I won’t be long,” she said as she paused at the door.

I settled back, laying on leg along the edge of the cushions and picked up the remote for the TV. I put the news on and picked up my coffee and was still watching as Sam walked in with the food.

“Heather!” she shouted making the baby jump.

I picked up one of his toys and waggled it in front of him. my leg dropped down when Sam put her plate down in front of the couch. I put my coffee down and scooped George into my lap then dragged his toys across to clear the way.

She put my plate and cutlery down next to my cup and sat down next to me. I held George tight and stretched forward, putting the fork on the plate izmit eve gelen escort and picking it up.

I balanced it on the arm and started to eat. Heather came in wearing an old track suit. She walked over saying nothing as her mother watched her.

She gave me the start of a smile she focused on George as she picked him up. She held him on her hip as she went and picked up her plate from the trolley and carried it to the armchair next to her mother.

“Pass me the remote,” Sam asked turning to me.

I fished it from the side of the cushion and passed it over. She changed to E! and settled back to watch. Her choice of entertainment was a tick in the wrong box.

We’d finished the food and I waited for the adverts before standing.

“I’m going for a fresh coffee, anyone else want one?”

“Take the plates out with you,” Sam said looking up at me.

I nodded and stooped to gather them up. I walked around to pick Heathers up.

“Thanks,” she said looking up from the baby and smiling.

I smiled back at her as I turned to load them onto the trolley.

“No one else for coffee?” I said over my shoulder as I wheeled it away.

As no one replied I assumed not and carried on to the kitchen. The program had restarted when I got back; Sam laid herself out, snuggling into my shoulder as I sat through fifteen minutes of a red carpet fashion show.

“Heather,” she said when the next lot of adverts cam on. “Monday morning you’re with me, that inspector called. He wants to interview us over in Featherington.”

“What about?” she asked looking up.

“I don’t know, apparently there’s new evidence or something.”

“What, they’re going to rake it all up again.”

“I don’t know, it’s about the fraud case.”

“As long as it’s not some big announcement that will make the local paper.”

“Twenty million fraud cases make more that the local paper the TV news will cover it,” I said stirring her pot with wry amusement.

“I hope they’ve solved it.” Heather said. “I hope that they’ve found the money trail and it’ll all finally be over.”

“I’ll second that,” I said.

“We’ll have to wait till Monday,” Sam said resignedly, ending the conversation.

We watched on till Heather took the sleeping George upstairs to bed. When she didn’t return after five minutes Sam undid her waistcoat and kicked off her slippers.

Half an hour or so later I disturbed her as I visited the toilet. When she cuddled back up she pulled my arm around her and put my hand on her breast, giving it a little rub before releasing it.

I softly massaged it as she un-paused the film. I felt my cock respond as I felt the bulge of her nipple through the bra and blouse. It felt strange being here with my cock anticipating fucking Heather’s mother while it probably had traces of her dried cum on it.

With Sam planning on how to spend her millions we’d inevitably drift apart, she and I wanted different things from life, I was very content with my life here and wanted no part of the Glitterati jet set scene.

I brought my hand over and undid the top buttons of her blouse then slipped my hand under to tease her nipple through the bra.

“Mm,” she said rubbing her back against me.

As my cock twitched in response I smiled at man’s propensity to be led by the gonads, even as I was considering my future with her my cock was raring to fuck her.

She switched off as the credits rolled. I pulled my hand from her blouse as she straightened up and turned to me.

“I read your book,” she said a smile growing on her face.

“Oh,” I said sitting up. “What did you think?”

“The sex was more realistic, I can see a lot of you in it. You really like Cunnilingus don’t you.”

My character liked cunnilingus; I thought, but didn’t argue because I also like it, that sloppy floppy pink slit and its special taste and aroma. If we were doing a sixty nine as well it was as good as fucking.

“And the story?” I asked

“Getting lost in space and finding an alien civilisation, I thought it was a bit far fetched.”


“Well you made them seem like giant bunnies.”

“More like Hares or kangaroos I thought,” I replied wondering how many others had pictured them that way.

I opened the door for her and followed her into the hall.

“I liked the scene where she was fucking his morning woody to wake him and then they made love again in the shower with the spray on her clit. Why have you never shown me that trick?” she asked.

“We can try it now,” I said with a chuckle as we rounded the banister.

She wiggled her ass at me from the bottom step. “Any more I should know about?”

“I have one where he takes Viagra.”

“That could have been a good idea for next Friday.”

“We’ll have a weekend away soon, no tackle show to get up for, how’s that sound?”

She giggled. “Make up for my missing you next weekend.”

She stopped at the top of the stairs and turned to face me.

“You don’t think they will reopen izmit otele gelen escort the inquest as well?”

“Why should they, if the new evidence is that he’s guilty then its case closed. If it’s someone else then George’s death was a tragedy.”

“Yes, I suppose, I don’t want Heather getting all upset again.”

“I think she’ll be alright.” I said as I slipped my arms around her.

She turned in my arms and started down to her bedroom door. I followed on, my hands slipping to her waist. She slipped her blouse and waistcoat off as I closed the door behind us.

My cock, already semi erect, stiffened and tented my trousers. The flesh coloured bra, when she turned around, made her look like Barbie, all breast and no nipples.

“I see your ready,” she said eyeing the bulge in my pants.

I started to fumble with my shirt buttons, working my way down as I watched her unzip her jeans and let them slip to her knees revealing the flesh coloured panties.

She sat down as I tossed my shirt onto a chair. As I unbuckled she had her jeans off and was slipping off her shoulder straps. I walked over as I unzipped and pushed down the shorts as well as I sat next to her.

I could feel my cock pressing against my belly as I bent and freed my feet. When I straightened up she stood and started to push her panties down in front of me.

Her ass and thighs were shapely but solid muscle, her skin taut as she bent still had the sheen of youthfulness shaved clean. The peep at the fleshy mound and the dark brown of her wrinkled lips had my cock twitch as if to prod me to take the opportunity.

She stepped out of them and glanced over her shoulder as I stood, my cock jutting out like a Fourth of July flagpole. She turned back and started for the bathroom door.

I strode after her, catching up as she picked up the shower cap. I walked past her and turned the water on, turning the temperature down slightly and detaching it shower head.

When she entered I stopped her in the middle. “Turn around and squat,” I ordered.

As she squatted I squatted with her, my free arm holding her close till we were stable. I checked the temperature on my leg then brought it down to spray her pussy as my other hand slipped up to cup her breast.

I looked over her shoulder and she leant back into me, her legs opening wider as her hips moved forward. I brought the rose closer and flicked the jets back and fore over her half open lips.

“Oh, oh god that’s good,” she said her hips rolling as she moved with the spray.

I stretched my thumb and turned down the outer rings and moved my hand back to focus the stronger jet on her clit.

“Huh,” she sucked in air in as her hips jerked back, her nipple pulling in my finger and thumb. Then she was moaning in delight at the thrill she was getting.

She took it from my hand and stared experimenting as she lurched forward onto her knees, her legs slipping wider as she directed a softer jet as her splayed lips.

“Try a harder spray on your rosebud,” I said kneeling behind her and putting my hands on her hips.

There was another couple of ‘Oh’s’ as she did and then she was back to her pussy and clit. I lifted her hips up and slipped a hand down to guide my helmet into her dripping tunnel.

She groaned as she pushed back on it, the spray giving my tingling balls as be took it fully in. I gave her a second then started to slowly rock my hips, feeling the warm water washing over it as she spayed it over her clit.

She got her orgasm long before I was near and dropped the shower head as I felt the shudder and the spasms gripping my cock. I held her hips tight to me as she sagged, her scream turning to whimpers as she gasped for air.

My hands slipped forward to her waist and I pulled her back up against me, sitting back on my heels and pushing my hands up to massage her breasts and roll her nipples in my palms.

She was moaning, her head back on my shoulder and my hard cock still lodged inside her. I was delighted when she started to bounce, the thrill of her riding me momentarily stilling my hands.

She stopped. “Move closer to the wall,” she said urgently.

I held her tight as she gripped my thighs and shuffled forward with me. She put her hands on the wall to stop me, leaning forward to begin bouncing again and sending surges of pleasure down my cock.

I moved my hands to my heels as I leant back slightly, my eyes admiring her muscled back as she pounded away. I could feel the tight knot forming in my groin as she began to moan herself.

My hips were twitching on the verge as she slammed back into me; her scream erupted from a ‘Yes….” Her contractions were all I needed to take me over the top, my hands flying up to wrap around her.

I groaned as my seed jetted deep inside her, then came the panting as I flattened against her. I could feel her chest heave matching mine as I clung to her, both of us bathed in the sexual afterglow.

As my cock shrank she edged back on me letting it slip out. She pushed herself off the wall and stood, I followed her, pushing myself up to stand behind her.

“Oh, we can do that again,” she said, smiling as she turned to me.

“You like it then,” I said turning to shut the water off.

“Give me more,” she said with a giggle as she lent in to give me a quick kiss.

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