changing my husband Chris to Chrissy by removing h

changing my husband Chris to Chrissy by removing h
That night while driving home was so intense. With every mile closer to home, my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. The thought of Troy’s dominance over my white sissy husband was to much for my body to bare. I must have had a dozen orgasms at the thought of Troy pushing my husbands head lower and lower on to the base of Troy’s Black Cock.

As I pulled into our driveway and put the car in park, Troy pulls up next to me and to my surprise, well I shouldn’t have been surprised I guess. Chris is still latched on to Troy’s Black beauty. Troy lowers the passenger side window as I lowered my window and proceeds to push Chris’s head all the way down his cock in order to make him choke. I can hear Chris struggling for air as Troy uses two hands to push him down further and Chris begins to gag uncontrollably. I can’t help but notice a few of the neighbors were outside and I know for sure that the next door neighbor had heard choking or gagging because he looked over towards the car as if he wanted to help. Just then Troy let’s Chris’s head go and Chris popped up from Troy’s cock with a bright red face looking absolutely wrecked! The neighbor tried to look away fast, but I saw him looking again, after all Chris and the neighbor are friends and often play cards from time to time. It was at that moment that Chris’s eyes and the neighbors eyes met. It was magical to say the least. The gig was up and Chris new that his friend our neighbor just heard that gagging and saw Chris pop up from a Black mans lap, red faced and dripping with sticky saliva. There was no doubt and you could tell it on Chris’s face!

The neighbor went inside and Chris took that time to run in to the house. Troy yelled out to Chris “Own it Bitch!” how degrading it must have been for Chris. I on the other hand had just had another orgasm.

When Troy and I entered the house, Chris was no where to be found. I thought for sure that Chris had run out the back door and was gone. Troy told me not to worry, Chris will never leave again and he will never pull this shit again either. I didn’t know what he meant, but he was about to show me. Chris! Troy yells out, and from down in the basement I hear Chris yell back, Yes Master! You in your sissy cave? Yes Master! That’s a good Bitch! Troy responds. Troy then leans towards me and says he’s ready. How? I was thinking. Just a few hours ago he was completely apposed to all this and I thought it was over. Troy tells me to get the bands and to meet him downstairs. So I went and got the bands and did as Troy asked. When I got downstairs I see Chris in a total submissive state on his knees as if he was waiting on me. Go ahead Chris, Troy says, tell Roberta you submit totally and under your own free will. I didn’t think Chris was going to do this and started to tell Troy that it was alright, but Troy turned to Chris with a gentle voice and said, “I want you to let Roberta know that you’re doing this on your own free will and that I won’t hold you responsible or harm you in any way whatsoever for your decision”. Troy then turns to me and says whatever Chris decides right now is of his own will. Troy informs me that he told Chris that he wasn’t going to force him in to this lifestyle. He also tells me that if Chris decides to leave we weren’t going to stop him. I couldn’t believe what Troy was telling me. Where the hell did my dominant Black stud go? How could he let Chris make his own decision? He wanted this after all, and I was getting pissed off. Troy turns to Chris and says, “I’m moving back and you can leave if you want to without any problems”. And WTF does Chris do? He gets up as if he was going to leave, but instead he shocks the fuck out of me and starts undressing himself while telling me that he totally submits completely to me and my Black Lover. Troy was completely serious when he said he would let Chris go without reprisal, but Chris is choosing to stay on his own free will? Troy had finished Chris’s mental state of submitting freely. Chris was now utterly and totally Troy’s Bitch!

Troy tells Chris that if you want to stay and you’re choosing to stay on your own free will you will need to sit in that chair. Troy points over to metal chair that was downstairs. You will finish taking off all your clothes, sit on that chair, put your arms behind your back in preparation for binding. Chris not only does exactly as Troy says but once he sits in the chair and puts his hands behind his back, Chris looks over to me and says, “I love you Roberta” I got choked up for a bit, until he finishes what he was going to say. Then I was in total shock! “I love you Roberta! I love you for doing what you did! I love you for showing me a real man and showing me my natural place in life. I love you for submitting to Troy and helping me find my true inner desires.” I was speechless! Then Chris turns to Troy, looks him right in the eyes and says. “Roberta! I love you for fucking Troy and I love that you made Troy, the one who humiliated me in the very beginning and who sealed my fate, I love that you cheated on me with Troy and made HIM, your new Black Lover the object I feared and cowered to in my mind for so long, the very instrument that releases me to be what i’ve always known to be deep down inside. Troy’s complete submissive sissy faggot white boy!” “Roberta, I submit totally now and forever every single fiber of my being to you and your Lover, my Master Troy.” “Please use me in any way you want, I submit totally to you and Troy, even if that means I spend the rest of my life in slavery, even if that means that I work for the rest of my life for yours and Troy’s enjoyment, even if it means that if one day you become bored with me and decide to rid me in any way you and Troy see fit, I totally and utterly submit to you and Troy.”

There was nothing else to say, Chris had said it all. From now on, he would do anything and everything Troy and I told him to do. I told him to hold out his hands behind the chair and Troy took some rope and told Chris that he was going to bind his hands behind his back so he wouldn’t be able to stop what was going to happen next. Chris totally complied and Troy bound his hands and wrapped the rope around the chair over Chris’s chest binding him to the chair. Troy then turns to me and asks if I brought down the other binding. Yes I replied, then it’s time Troy says. Chris, were going to attach the binding bands to your testicles Troy says. Do you understand what is about to happen? Yes Master, I do! Chris says. Troy reiterates, you understand that after this goes on it will restrict the blood flow to your testicles and they will die within 12-24 hours? Yes Master! Chris replies. Do you still want to go through with this? Troy asks. There’s no turning back at that point… Chris replies, Yes Master please take away my false manhood, I beg you Master. Troy looks over to me and says go ahead, and I pull Chris’s testicles down in order to get them as tight as possible. Troy stretches the band and slips them over Chris’s testicles and Chris lets out a sharp scream as the band retracts to it’s normal size. Right away Chris’s balls start turning a dark purple. It’s done Troy says and looks over to me and says jerk him off one last time, so I start to pull on Chris’s little clitty as it gets hard, or at least tries to get hard. But just as I can feel Chris begin to move with the rhythm and he would ejaculate at any time, I stop! Then start over. Troy looks at me and says, “That’s cold!” I start again and bring Chris to the brink and then stop again. I do this a few more times as I look at Chris and tell him that he will never cum again, but I want his last few hours of manhood to be as torturous as possible so he will remember it forever. I then tell Troy to take me upstairs and fuck me as hard as he can. We leave Chris alone downstairs and go upstairs to fuck for hours on end.

We fucked all night that night and most of the next day. We decided to go downstairs to check on Chris, and to my surprise he hadn’t moved an inch. How you doing Troy asks? I’m in a lot of pain Master! That’s good Troy responds, then it’s working. I looked at Chris’s balls and they were so dark, I mean almost black in color. I turned to Chris and said, it’s working Chris, a few more hours and your fake manhood will be dead. How do you feel? I’m in pain Roberta , real pain. Good, now remember this pain, it’s for your own good. Yes dear Chris replies. With that, Troy and I leave Chris alone again to complete his transformation. Later Saturday night we went back downstairs and there was no denying it, Chris’s testicles were now black in color and it had been over 24 hours. His manhood was gone and now all he had to do is wait for them to shrivel up and fall off.

I will give you the details in my next post. I will tell you this, Chris had a smile on his face for the first time in a while yesterday. It’s been a few months since this took place, but Chris couldn’t be happier.

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