Wendy After the Gym

Wendy After the Gym
Wendy After the Gym

Wendy had been cheating on her husband for a long time now. He was away working on oil rigs for weeks if not months at a time and Wendy had needs.

Wendy had been working rouge young men for some time and while she always dressed professionally while at work, she often met some guys she knew while out shopping or maybe at the gym. At first, she was flattered by the attention and would role play a situation in her mind as she masturbated on her own. Her first time with a young man was intoxicating. Wendy had been more than a little nervous. He was very attentive to her needs, the older woman thing certainly turned him on. And he was ready to go again soon after Wendy had swallowed his load. He didn’t mind eating her pussy afterwards which got him real hard. Wendy was on her third orgasm as she let him cum inside her. Wendy saw him a couple more times, beginning to trim her pubic hair to make it easier for him to pleasure her orally, which she really enjoyed.

All the attention from this young guy awakened something inside Wendy. She knew what it was like now and he wasn’t going to be around for the whole time so Wendy had to find another guy. The weather was getting warmer and she had managed to get a consultancy role out of her home town where Wendy felt she could dress a little more provocatively, maybe there were some opportunities for her there. The college was a completely different demographic from her usual place, although she recognized some of the personalities. Shy, loud, confident, unsure, it wasn’t a world away from the issues Wendy faced on a daily basis.

It was in the afternoon session that one guy said, damn Tyler was right you are hot. Wendy tried to appear unphased, running her fingers through her hair, saying really, you both think I’m hot. He replied, well Tyler has a good eye for spotting women who like to play on the other side of the tracks. Wendy asked Don what he meant. Don explained; Tyler likes to find hot white women who don’t mind trying a bit of young black cock. Just like you hope to hook us up with a something we like we can do the same for you.

Wendy went through her usual questions with Don giving some suggestive answers, he wasn’t letting go on trying at least. Don asked Wendy if she was going to be here all week or was there someone else coming in? Wendy said she was there all week and staying locally so if they happened to see each other maybe Don might be able to provide her with a few more details on his counter offer. Don said he might be at the drive through tonight at about 6, he was driving an old mostly green 84 ford.

Wendy spent the rest of the day contemplating what was on offer and it was clear from the other guys she saw that Tyler and Don were the main players.

As time rolled by after work Wendy found herself going for a drive, the town was bigger that she had imagined and that Drive through was near her hotel on the way back, so why not drop by and get something to eat anyway.

Wendy ordered and went to park up, the lot was mostly empty with most customers either eating inside or taking their food to go eat elsewhere. At the far end of the lot Wendy saw a beat-up greenish car, so she rolled up beside it to see if Don was at the wheel.

The window of the car rolled down slowly and there appeared Don’s beaming smile, you hungry he asked. Wendy replied, you know I think so but maybe I got the wrong thing here. Do you want to get in and we can see if that’s what I need? Don leaned back a little to reveal Tyler in the seat beside him, Oh I think we have what you need lady, he said confidently.

Wendy was getting excited as she drove the three of them back to her hotel, making a beeline straight for her room. Once inside Wendy took off her blouse and skirt so she stood there in just her heels and lingerie. Is this what you were looking for she asked, I hope you brought the right tools for the job. Don began to caress Wendy’s frame, telling her she looked so good. Tyler slowly joined in as Wendy basked in their words and attentions. Wendy reached around finding Tyler was easiest to grab as she rubbed at his bulging crotch before sliding down his pants to reveal a very nice-looking black cock, hmmm Wendy purrs, that looks so nice. Tyler began to remove the rest of his clothes as Wendy sank to her knees to suck on his black cock. It looked even better now her saliva was making it wet and shiny.

Don spread Wendy’s knees and placed his head between her legs to lick her pussy. Wendy was reaching a climax already all the anticipation had her well on the way already as she clasped her knees around Don’s head, all the time sucking on Tyler’s black cock. Tyler had manged to remove Wendy’s bra and was massaging her breasts as she reached her first climax.

You want to fuck this black cock Wendy? Tyler asked. Ooooh yes was her reply. The two guys moved Wendy to her bed laying her on her back as Tyler got on top slowly sliding his black cock inside Wendy’s eager wet pussy. Don asked, how are you doing there Tiny? Tyler said, damn you worked her up good. Wendy looked up at Don asking, Tiny? Don smiled saying just tag he has. Close your eyes Wendy he continued. Wendy did as she was told then felt her hands being moved on to something warm. She opened her eyes as her hands grasped at Don’s big black cock, her fingers weren’t able to meet as she wrapped them around, and her two hands still left a few inches showing. Don asked, that just the biggest cock you ever seen Wendy. Wendy began to suck on the head moaning, ooooh yes Don you are huge. Tyler was working harder and faster now as Wendy began to buck her hips back at him, she was ready to climax again as he kept on driving through her pleasure, Wendy was waiting for him to pull out but he kept on going, it felt amazing as she began to beg for him to cum inside her. It was all the additional encouragement Tyler needed as he thrust his black cock hard between her labia, hard and slow as Wendy felt his warm cum fill her inside.

Somehow Tyler’s cock looked even more inviting to suck on as he presented her with its shiny juice laden length. Don had quietly moved behind her as he rubbed his big black cock over her slightly gaping labia. Wendy blurted, you’re not going to put that in there are you? Don said, only a little bit, you want to try it just a little don’t you? Wendy imagined if it would hurt, or if it was going to feel good. Don said hold it yourself and imagine it’s your favorite dildo at home. Wendy said, but I don’t have one… Don said, go on Wendy try it out. Wendy stroked the top of his big black cock as Don used his hips to slide it over her labia. Wendy pushed gently, applying pressure as the bulbous head moved up towards her clit. Each time applying the pressure earlier and slightly harder until she felt the tip opening up her wet pussy. She felt in control as he moved back and forth each time now the tip of his big black cock opening up her pussy. That feel good, Wendy? Don asked. Yes, she replied. You like that big black cock in your pussy, don’t you? Wendy again replied yes. The next time Wendy slipped the tip of his big black cock inside her wet pussy Don moved his position, keeping it inside her as she moaned. Then shifting his hips further inside it went, Wendy moaning louder, you’re so fucking big. Don paused, too big he asked. Wendy moaned again, you’re so fucking big, you feel so good, don’t stop. Don took it slowly keeping Wendy talking dirty encouraging him to keep going. Wendy felt so full of cock as she cleaned Tyler and looked down to see her pussy stretched to the limit over Don’s huge black cock. It felt so good in fact Wendy asked Don if he wanted to go deeper. He didn’t answer, but Wendy moaned louder now as she was reaching another climax as his big black cock went deeper than any other cock had ventured, he was hitting the spot she needed and Wendy was trembling uncontrollably with her orgasm as Don ensured he kept on fucking Wendy’s soaking wet pussy. As her climax subsided Don moved onto his back and got Wendy to straddle him, it’s up to you know, take as much as you need Wendy. Wendy lowered herself slowly onto his impressive hard black cock. Wendy had him as deep as he had manged to go before and she looked down to see four inches of his cock still exposed. Damn it that is so big I don’t think I can take it all, Wendy apologized. Don said, there is always next time if you liked it. Wendy smiled and began to work up and down on his cock as Tyler stroked his cock occasionally getting Wendy to suck on it as she fucked Don. Wendy was lost in a moment of pleasure as she suddenly felt Don cumming inside her. Wendy lost control and forced her way further onto his big black cock. In a few incredible strokes Wendy felt her hips meet his as she now discovered a climax welling up from deep inside her. Wendy shouted, fuck me with that big black cock Don, and keep fucking me. Don managed to keep going until Wendy was slumped over his body as hers was in spasm.

As they tidied up Don approached Wendy saying, looks like you really needed that. Wendy replied, yeah who knew I need it so bad?

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