He was in his mid forties and spent the majority of those years languishing in complete obscurity. Its clichéd to say but he was just one of those people that did not stand out in a crowd.

It wasn’t that he chose to be this way, it was just the hand that life dealt him and he accepted it without question.

Shyness had a lot to do with his station in life, but he could thank his upbringing for that. He was raised in a very religious setting where original and creative thoughts outside what the bible taught were squashed like a bug on a windshield. Thanks to this he did not even lose his virginity until he left home and went away to college, and only then because his friend’s drunken sister all but forced herself on him.

He never married and had only one girlfriend his entire life and that had been almost ten years ago. She lived across the hall from his apartment, and like the girl who took his virginity; she almost had to rape him the first time before he finally grew use to her and would accept her advances. They spent less than a year together when her job took her to another part of the country, and she moved away. There were other women in his life, but as always they took control and were the ones that initiated the encounter. They were often very bold and almost forceful in their insistence on having sex with him.

As is often the case when a person is crippled with shyness and self doubt, the world never gets to see what really lies beneath, and he was no different. Inside he was the complete opposite and was almost a genius in his thought processes and creativity. He studied writing in college in hopes of channeling this into great works of religious fiction, but at that time he had no idea where his real gift as an author lie.

It was less than three blocks from his apartment to his office so he walked it every day, stopping along the way to grab the Denver Post and a bagel. As he stood at the red traffic light, he glanced through the paper, but he felt like he was being watched. He turned and looked. Two young ladies sitting at an outdoor table by a nearby café were both staring at him. As he turned and looked at them, they both smiled and simultaneously the old familiar butterflies welled up in his stomach and his face flushed red.

When the light changed to green, he quickly crossed the street and made his way down the sidewalk toward his office. Having arrived at his office, he reached in his pocket and removed the keys. Unlocking the door he made his way in and let the door clang closed behind him. Flipping on the light it illuminated the small reception area, and passing through it he went to the only other door which led to his medium sized office.

Once inside his office he tossed the newspaper on his desk and then made his way to the bathroom, the only other room in the three room office where he came to work, something he did seven days a week. Entering the bathroom he closed the door behind him despite being alone in the office, something most people do without thinking about it. Once he was done he flushed the toilet and washed his hands at which time he opened the door and stepped back into his office.

Going to his desk he pulled out his chair and, as he sat down, he reached over and switched on his computer. As the screen flickered and it started to warm up he paged through the newspaper some more. As his wallpaper appeared he reached for the mouse and clicked to check his email, waiting for them all to download.

“Mostly junk,” he thought to himself as he started going through them one by one. Half way down he came to the one he hoped would be there. It was from his editor, and he clicked on it to open it.

“You did it again Shadow. I didn’t have to change a thing,” it read. “Probably your best work to date.”

Closing the letter he forwarded it and then finished cleaning out his inbox and found only one more email worth reading. It was from his best and only true friend Steve, so he opened it and read.

“Hey, buddy, do me a favor and put a bug in Amanda’s ear to call her mom. I know she’s busy with school and work, but it’s been over a week since she called or sent a text, and I am the one who is catching hell from Peggy.” In the next line he wrote, “By the way I logged on last night and read your newest story. It was fantastic. Don’t know how you do it but don’t stop.”

Steve had been his best friend since college, and it was in fact Steve’s little sister Cindy who took his virginity so long ago when they spent the holidays at his parents. Being his best friend Steve was the only one who truly knew him inside and out. Over the years his friendship had been invaluable in overcoming his lack of social skills. In fact it was at Steve’s insistence that he took the road he did that ended up leading him to his small but successful career.

It was just after college when he moved here to Denver to start a career as a young writer. He was mostly working on articles for religious magazines but was not having any luck ataköy escort getting them published. He was writing and submitting his work for about eight months when Steve came to spend a weekend with him and to attend a concert in town. While using his computer that weekend Steve stumbled onto a story that was never intended for anyone’s eyes but his own.

At the time he wrote it, he was very angry and frustrated because none of his work was being published. He was also angry at himself for being socially awkward, but mostly he was angry at the religion that made him such an introvert. He was tired of feeling guilty every time he had any kind of thought that went against his upbringing, and, as he sat there at the computer, the anger grew greater inside of him and he just started to type. As years of guilt and sexual frustration flowed out of his fingers and onto the key board he wrote…

The Church of Hate By Shadow

It was almost dark when I snuck through the back door of the church; I knew they would be here but the fact that the lights were on proved my assumption correct. I was slowly making my way down the hall that led to the church office where I knew they would be. He was probably writing his Sunday sermon, more words from God to punish young minds. It was Pastor Jones, the head of the Trinity Church of Christ, I was here to see along with his young bride Elena who he had brought back from one of his many mission trips to the Ukraine, a young blond girl half the pastor’s age. The pastor worshiped the ground that Elena walked on, and it seemed every sermon he gave involved some tale about her and her country.

As I approached the open door of the office, I stopped just short of the entrance so I could listen. Inside I heard the clacking of his fingers on the keyboard and the low sound of modern Christian music with an upbeat tempo coming from what I assumed was a stereo. Not long after I arrived at the door the typing stopped and I heard Pastor Jones say, “Elena why don’t you run down to the chicken joint and grab us a bucket of chicken for dinner. I am going to be here a while so we might as well eat.”

“As you wish,” and I heard her slide her chair back and stand up.

Scrambling but still quiet I backed up and ducked into the broom closet so she would not see me as she came out of the door. No sooner had I made it inside than I heard her steps going down the hall towards the front door. When I heard the echo of the big door clanging shut and reverberating through the empty church, I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a short piece of pipe.

Quietly making my way down the hall again, I reached the door of the office, only this time I leaned forward, and peaking around the door frame, I looked in. He was sitting at his desk with his back to me not ten feet away, and he was looking at something on the screen. I couldn’t see the entire screen because he was blocking it with his body, but I could see enough to realize it was homosexual pornography.

It was a hatred for this man that had brought me here tonight, and I was determined to make him pay for the hurt he had caused me. I was only nineteen years old, but I knew what I was doing and had been planning it for months. My parents used the teachings of this man to crush my free spirit and rein guilt down on me almost daily. Any thought or action deemed unchristian like was treated as an affront to God, and I was forced to pray for hours for forgiveness.

Now here I was looking at his back as he stared at a screen full of gay pornography. This was the same man who suggested my parents put me in counseling because they caught me masturbating. Lord knows what they would do if they knew I was also having sex with the neighbor’s daughter.

When I acted, I moved so fast it surprised me, and I closed the ten feet between us and hit him on the back of the head with the pipe so fast he didn’t even know I was there. As he crumpled to the floor, nineteen years of hatred poured out of me. I fought back the urge to strike him again and again. Now knowing what kind of man he really was made what I did tonight all the more sweeter.

When Pastor Jones came back around, he was tied to his desk chair and had a rag stuffed in his mouth with duct tape holding it in place. I was pushing the wheeled chair up the main aisle of the church between the pews and stopped right in front of the pulpit and the huge cross that hung on the wall behind it. I spun him around so he was facing forward. As he looked at me through glassy eyes, a small trickle of blood dripped off the back of his head and onto the carpet. I guess I hit him a lot harder than I thought. I hated this man, and the last thing I ever wanted to do again was talk to him; but I looked at him and said, “You’re not a very computer literate man, pastor. I searched your history and found all kinds of incriminating websites you have been visiting. Not exactly the stuff you would want the church elders bakırköy escort or your wife to find out about now, is it?”

He just looked back at me, but I could tell I had him.

“I took the liberty to make a back up of them, and, if you don’t do exactly as I tell you tonight, they will find their way to the church elders. Is that understood?

Knowing that his reputation, career, and marriage were on the line; he hung his head and slowly nodded yes.

With that I walked back down the aisle and turned out the lights leaving him in darkness. I didn’t want Elena to see him when she returned, not yet anyway.

When she walked through the office door, I was standing behind it. As she set the bucket of chicken on his desk, I closed the gap between us and grabbed her from behind. I placed my hand over her mouth and whispering in her ear.

“Elena, you have a lot of choices to make soon but screaming isn’t one of them; and, if you do, bad things will happen to you and your husband. Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” she mumbled through my hand.

Still in an unwavering whisper I continued. “Pastor Jones has done terrible things to people’s minds in the name of God for many years and ever since arriving here you have done nothing but go along with him. Although what I am going to do here tonight is by no means a good thing, you will both pay for what you have done.”

At this point I stopped to let my words sink in before I continued.

“I am going to remove my hand from your mouth now, and you will not scream. Is that understood?”

As she nodded her head yes, I pulled my hand away and turned her around so I could look into her eyes. Holding her with a hand on each shoulder, I looked into her blue eyes that were full of fear. For some strange reason it excited me.

“I am not going to tell you what I know. I have just learned something about Pastor Jones that could ruin him and force him to leave the ministry. You don’t want that, do you?”

She shook her head no.

“You would be homeless because your house belongs to the church, and, after what he has done, no other church would have him. The reputation and influence you enjoy so much as the pastor’s wife would be gone.” I paused. “You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?”

And again she quickly shook her head no

I had been planning this night for months and the time was finally here.

Grabbing her by the arm, I dragged her out the door and down the hallway to the main foyer of the church. Moving to the wall where the light switch was, I flipped it on and in the now lit room Elena spotted the pastor tied to the chair at the head of the church. Still dragging her I quickly moved up the aisle, and, arriving at the front of the church, I forced her to sit in the front pew where she always sat on Sunday morning during the service.

Turning to face the pastor I said, “I am sure you have no idea just how much pain you have caused me, but you have robbed me of my teen years and tonight you will watch as I exact payment for that.”

She really was a beautiful woman, and I had a secret crush on her for years now. In fact it was her image I saw the day I got caught masturbating. As I turned from the pastor, I walked to the pew where she sat with my groin only inches from her beautiful face.

“Take off my pants,” I said.

I could hear the pastor suddenly struggle vigorously to free him self in vain and he was yelling something through the rag in his mouth but I had done my job well when I tied and gagged him.

Her face was a mask of fear as she reached out with trembling hands and undid the button on my jeans and then unzipped them. She slid them past my hips and down off my legs. She was having trouble getting them over my shoes so I just kicked them off and stepped out of my jeans. I wasn’t wearing underwear so when I stood up straight again my cock hung mere inches from her soft red lips.

Taking it in my hand, I started to slap her cheek with it, and, when I looked over at the pastor, he was looking the other way.

“Oh no, Pastor!” I said. “This show is for you, and you’re going to watch every minute of it. Is that understood?”

He didn’t nod but he did turn his head back towards his wife. Again he struggled to free himself but all of his efforts were in vain as he sat there helpless as I continued to slap his wife’s face with my hard cock.

“Open your mouth!” I told Elena.

“I… I…” she stammered but as she parted her lips I slid my dick in. Something happened. There was a change in her. To my utter surprise she immediately started to suck me off without being told. It was better than any fantasy I ever had leading up to this night, I was in the building I hated the most, with the wife of the man I hated the most sucking my dick, and it obviously was not her first time. She was eager and enthusiastic as she wrapped one of her hands around the base of my cock and was topkapı escort stroking in unison to the movement of her mouth. The other hand was gently squeezing my balls.

She was making slurping sounds as she bobbed her head back and forth on my now erect member, and I kept looking over at the pastor to make sure he was watching. She was wearing a baggy shirt that hid her breasts and a full length denim skirt that went clear to the floor, the normal modest dress of a woman of the church. However in the present situation it was doing nothing for me, and as I had fantasized about doing since I was fourteen I told her “Take off your clothes!”

She let my cock slide out of her mouth as she stood up. We were face to face so I took a few steps back so I could watch her. She started pulling her shirt up over her head. As she slowly took it off, I noticed her breasts were small and firm so she had no need for a bra but what surprised me most was to find her nipples were erect.

“Was she enjoying this?” I wondered.

She started to slide the denim dress down off her round hips, letting it fall to the floor where she then stepped out of it. Wearing only a pair of very lacy silk underwear and her high heels, I watched intently as she hooked her fingers in her panties. As she started to slide them off, she turned so I could see her ass and pussy as she bent completely at the hips. She did that on her own, and I quickly glanced over at the pastor. The look on his face told me he was thinking the same thing I was. She was getting into this.

She stood back up and looked at me intently when I reached out and grabbed her and pulled her close. At exactly the same moment our mouths came together, and I could feel her forcing her tongue past my lips. As our tongues were wrestling with each other, they darted back and forth from her mouth to mine. I felt her pushing her pussy against my erection. I was losing control of the situation, and she was taking over. I knew this for sure when she reached down and started stroking my cock as she bit me hard on the neck.

I no longer cared if the pastor was watching or not because I felt like I was being sucked into a tornado of pleasure. She was jerking my cock with abandon and was now nibbling on my nipples as she rubbed her pussy with her free hand. It was as if a wild woman had been unleashed within her, and she was growing wilder by the minute.

She stopped jerking me off and with a gentle push, she forced me to my back on the carpeted floor right at the pastor’s feet. Kneeling down beside me, she once again took my cock in her mouth and began to suck with abandon. I reached around her tight ass and ran my fingers up and down the length of her pussy and a small moan came from her throat.


After a few minutes of this she turned her body so her pussy was right above me, and then she lowered it to my mouth. My tongue darted out and started to lick her hot wet lips, running up and down the length of its crease as she continued her assault on my penis. The large empty cathedral echoed with the sounds of slurping and sucking as we continue to pleasure each other for several intense minutes. I was now completely focused on her clit, and I sucked it into my mouth time and time again. Drawing circles around it with the hard tip of my tongue caused her to squirm so I kept it up until she was grinding my whole face into her pussy. I could feel her juices flowing across my cheeks.

Suddenly she lifted her pussy off of me and turned around. We looked into each other’s eyes. Seeing her juices on my face, she used her tongue to lick me clean. Raising her body into a setting position where she was now squatting over me, she grabbed my cock; and, as she slowly lowered herself down on it, she locked eyes with the pastor.

It was incredible how tight she was. I don’t have a huge cock but it was bigger than average, and I felt as if it was going to tear her in two. Incredible moans of pleasure escaped her as she let her muscles relax so she could take me all the way in, and as she bottomed out I couldn’t believe what I heard her say.

With her eyes still locked with the pastor’s, she spoke to him in her broken English.

“Finally, a real man, Mr. Insy Weensy,” and then she returned her gaze to me and started to slide up and down on my cock.

I reached up and took one of her small breasts into each of my hands as she slowly rode me. With her nipples between my fingers, I squeezed her breasts and inadvertently she started to move faster.

She was so tight. It was if she was milking me. I never felt anything like it before in my life. In fact I never knew a feeling like this existed. The look on her face told me she was enjoying it as well, and judging from the feel it was the largest thing she ever had in her.

She moved even faster now and moaned nonstop so I started to meet her with thrusts from my own hips. I let go of her breasts and reaching out with my hands I grabbed the sides of her stomach as I speared upward faster and faster. We were now crashing together with a constant slapping sound, and we were both moaning loudly. I started to feel a tingle building in my balls and knew the end was coming, but she was oblivious to everything but her own need and was slamming down on my dick with as much force as she could muster.

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