The Chair Ch. 08


It had been about 2 weeks since their test run with Lisa and Nicki [see Chapter 7]. He had taken the down-time to make some minor modifications and also some additions. He was just buttoning up the base unit when Nicki called. She was wondering if she might get to try out The Chair again. He told her he had just finished some modifications and they needed a good thorough check out. She said she would be right over.

When she arrived he was surprised to see that Lisa was not with her. Nicki explained that Lisa was working. He offered her a large soft drink, explaining that she might need it to stay hydrated, as this might be a long session.

As she was drinking her soda he busied himself setting up the video camera. When she saw it she asked to see the tape he had made the last time. While she took a seat on the sofa, he started the video running on the large screen TV. He had fast-forwarded to the point where Nicki’s friend Lisa was getting into The Chair. Nicki had never been into watching porn, but this was different. This was more exciting because she actually knew the people on the tape. When the tape got to the point where she was fucking his ass with a strap-on, she couldn’t believe how hot she got watching herself in action. She explained to him that although she had brought the dildo and harness with her, she had never actually used it before. He told her that he was honored and that he would be glad to help her experience any other “virgin territory” she might want to explore.

Before she had seen the final portion of the video with herself bound to The Chair, she came while sitting on the sofa without even touching herself. Although she had been squeezing her thighs together almost since the video started. She had tried to stifle her orgasm so as not to attract his attention, but as she looked at him, she knew that he was aware of what had just happened. He told her not to be ashamed of it, and that he had also almost cum himself just from watching the tape.

When she saw the tape end where the others were helping her out of The Chair, she said she was disappointed that he didn’t have video of herself with the redhead and him pleasuring each other on the bed. He said he was disappointed too and he might need to buy another video camera.

Having just finished watching the video, she was again very horny and ready to experience The Chair. As she prepared herself by removing all her clothes, he took them and moved them far away from The Chair, explaining that they might get splashed. She then sat in The Chair, which was in the ordinary chair shape starting position. He started securing her by locking the cuffs around her ankles. The leg supports that he was cuffing her to were already spread apart about 15 inches at the knees. As he fastened the ankle cuffs he had a close-up view of her moist pussy, already excited from watching the video. This time he fastened all the extremity cuffs a little tighter than before.

Once all the cuffs were fastened tightly, he started the computer program. He had prepared it just after she had called and said she was coming over. The Chair tilted backwards into a horizontal table. She began to get a little worried when he approached her and began attaching several wires to various points all over her body. There were also a couple of wires leading to velcro straps that he wrapped around one of her fingers and her wrist. Suddenly she wasn’t nervous anymore, as she now knew that these were sensors to monitor her physiological reactions. When he saw that she understood what he was doing, he explained that these would be recording (among other things) her heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure. Once all the sensors were in place he checked the computer to make sure that they were all operating properly. The computer would be recording the data so that he could correlate it with the particular action of The Chair at any point in time. He then returned to her side and attached two medium size cups to her nipples. He also attached a large oddly shaped cup over her pussy. He coated the edge with some gel and used one of the straps to hold it firmly against her, making an air tight seal. This cup also had two hoses running into it. They came from ataköy escort a milk crate sized box next to the base of The Chair.

As he returned to the computer, from the readings he could see that she was already getting more excited. He then resumed the computer program for controlling The Chair and her arms began to move out from her sides. Her arms were stretched far out to her sides until there was just the slightest amount of pain. But this was a “good” pain. After pausing a moment to let her readings settle a bit, her legs began to separate further. These too were brought to the borderline between pleasure and pain.

She was now secured to the table as if it were a cross. Her arms and legs stretched to their limits before registering true pain. The table then began to tilt, but not lowering her head like the previous time. This time she was raised to an almost standing position. Of course she couldn’t stand, as her feet couldn’t touch the floor. She was completely supported by the cuffs binding her to The Chair. In this position she could now see that he had moved the large screen TV in front of her so she could see it. He remotely started the VCR playing the video again. He had rewound the tape to the point where Nicki had first entered the frame. As she watched the near life size images cavort on screen, the computer recorded her every reaction. The only stimulation she was receiving (beside the video) was the minimal sucking required to hold the nipple cups on her breasts. As he saw her readings on the monitor spike, he looked at her and realized that she had just cum from watching herself and the others on tape. He also noted that the tape had just reached the point where Nicki had orgasmed. He wondered if this was a coincidence or not. The TV then shut off and the program waited for her readings to normalize again.

Once she had relaxed, the nipple cups began sucking at her nipples more intensely. Correspondingly her levels increased also. After her readings stabilized near this new level, the intensity of the nipple cups increased again, accompanied by another jump in her readings. After her readings stabilized again, the nipple cups increased to their maximum level. This time the jump in her readings was different. She had cum again. As he looked at her, he thought to himself that it was fortunate that she came when she did as there wasn’t a more intense setting on the nipple cups. Additionally, there was no more room in the 1-1/2 inch cups he had put on her. Her nipples and areola had been completely sucked into the cups, looking like some light brown marshmallow that had been packed into the glass bulb. As she began to come down from her last orgasm, the nipple cups reverted to their minimum sucking intensity and her nipples receded part way to their normal position on her breasts.

As she was just hanging on The Chair waiting for her next stimulus, he brought her another soft drink with a straw. He stood there and held it for her while she drank it down. He also replaced the nipple cups on her breasts with a different set. The new set was very similar, except there were 2 hoses attached to each cup where the previous set only had one. When he was satisfied that she was good to go, he resumed the program.

The first stage of this part of the program consisted of her being submerged into almost complete darkness. All the lights in the room had been turned off. The only light now consisted of a faint glow coming from the computer and the video monitor. The darkness produced a fluctuation in her readings as he had expected. Suddenly she felt a very cold and wet sensation on her left nipple. Because of the darkness, she couldn’t see that the second hose in the nipple cup was shooting a fine stream of ice cold water directly at her nipple. As soon as the stream stopped, the water was sucked out by the other hose. Now her right nipple felt hot and wet. The second hose on this cup was spraying a fine stream of hot water (100 degrees Fahrenheit – about the temperature in a hot tub) at her other nipple. When this stream stopped, the water was again sucked out by the vacuum. Both of Nicki’s nipples now felt cold. She assumed that ataşehir escort this was due to the airflow of the vacuum. She was wrong. Both nipple cups were now filling with ice cold water. Suddenly the lights came on and she could see that both cups were now filled with water and her nipples were covered with goosebumps.

Now she felt a new sensation. She was now receiving a stream of cold water directly on her clit. She had a powerful orgasm that lasted 30 seconds. Her entire body was now a contradiction in sensations. Her tits and clit were both freezing, her pussy was warm, and the rest of her body was perspiring from cumming. The cold water was now evacuated from the nipple cups and it was replace with hot water. The water stream on her clit now began to pulsate, sending her body reeling into another orgasm. This one more powerful than the last. The stream stopped, giving her body a chance to compose itself again.

A gentle ice-cold stream soon started again. As it did, she felt a different sensation. She now realized that she hadn’t peed since she had arrived here and she had drank two large soft drinks. She called to him, telling him that she had to get up to pee. He told her that she couldn’t get up, but she could pee. He explained that the apparatus secured over her pussy was designed specifically for this purpose, first to induce the subject to pee and second to suck the pee away. As she pleaded with him that she couldn’t pee like this, the cold water continued to spray her clit. Even though she was mortified about what he wanted her to do, she was at the same time getting more excited, either from the situation or from the water. When the ice-cold stream on her clit began to pulsate again, she could hold it any longer and she began to pee. Simultaneously she had another orgasm, but this was different than any other orgasm she had ever experienced. Not better or stronger, just different. As she peed, her stream of urine was plainly visible inside the clear cup covering her pussy. It would hit one side and then swirl around the cup as it was sucked out by the vacuum. She continued to pee for a solid minute before her bladder was empty. As she began to relax again, the warm water at her nipples was sucked out and a cleansing mist was sprayed and evacuated from the pussy cup.

She then felt The Chair beginning to recline again. Once she was flat, he came over and began to unfasten her. First he undid the cuffs on her arms and legs, then he removed the nipple and pussy cups. He suggested she just lay there for a few minutes until she got her strength back. Within one minute she had fallen asleep on The Chair.

Nicki was having a dream about her recent experience in The Chair. She was remembering the sensation of the water jet pulsating on her clit. This dream was so much more realistic than any dream she had ever had before. As she was writhing around from the pleasant sensations she was imagining happening to her clit, she began to wake up. She recognized that she was indeed on The Chair, but she was not secured to it in any way. She then looked down and saw that the sensation on her clit was not being generated by The Chair, but by the redhead licking her clit. Nicki then smiled at the redhead and laid back to enjoy it.

The redhead had arrived a few minutes after Nicki had fallen asleep. She was not surprised to find the blonde there, as he had called her before Nicki had arrived to tell her that Nicki was coming over. As Nicki slept, he described the sequence that he had just put her through. The redhead became so excited hearing all the details that she couldn’t wait to start phase two of this session.

As the redhead stripped out of her white blouse and black slacks, he checked the computer and video camera to make sure they were still recording Nicki’s readings and her images. When he had previously unfastened the cuffs that had secured Nicki to The Chair, he had been careful not to remove the various physiological sensors.

The redhead got on her knees between the legs of the sleeping blonde and began licking at Nicki’s pussy and clit. As soon as she started, he could see the blonde’s readings change on fındıkzade escort the computer. Nicki began moaning and writhing around as the redhead lapped at her blood engorged clit. That was the point when Nicki began to wake up.

It didn’t take long with the redhead lapping at Nicki’s clit before she screamed, signaling the first of her human induced orgasms of the afternoon. As Nicki was coming down from her sexual plateau, the redhead got up and stood beside her. He also approached the other side. He explained to her that they wanted to collect readings for comparisons between mechanical and human stimulation. He told her that they would both be providing her with many more orgasms this afternoon. She told them that that sounded “delicious” and asked what they were waiting for.

With that invitation he quickly disrobed and assumed the redhead’s previous position between Nicki’s thighs. As he began licking her pussy, the redhead explained that they also wanted to compare how her reactions differed between male and female stimuli. His technique was different, but equally as satisfying. He would alternate between licking her outer and inner lips, flicking his tongue over her clit, and plunging his tongue as deep inside her as possible. In her highly aroused state, it only took 3 or 4 minutes of this action before she clamped her thighs tightly around his head and came, flooding his tongue with her juice.

Once the blonde released his head from between her thighs, he returned to Nicki’s side, across from the redhead. Leaning over the blonde’s naked body, they both kissed briefly. Then they bent down and each took a nipple between their lips. As they both began lavishing their oral attentions on her breasts, Nicki placed a hand behind each of their necks, pulling them down toward her breasts. They both continued to kiss her breasts and nipples, lick and suck her nipples, and occasionally lightly bite her nipples until she thought that she couldn’t take it any more. Then she felt someone’s fingers begin to caress her pussy. She didn’t know which one the fingers belonged to, and to be honest, she didn’t really care as long as they didn’t stop. As two fingers began to enter her, another finger began playing with her clit. As a third finger was added to the two already inside her and they began thrusting in and out, she climaxed again. She found out later that is was his fingers inside her while the redhead played with her clit. They stopped playing with her breasts and pussy after she came. They then gave her a few minutes to recuperate.

He then helped Nick roll over on The Chair without disconnecting any of the electrical leads. Once she was in position, both he and the redhead began giving the blonde a nice relaxing head-to-toe massage. As one of them began working their way up her legs toward her ass, her readings on the computer began to climb also. As this pair of hands gently yet forcefully massaged her ass, the other pair was massaging her neck and shoulders. When the hand working on her ass began to brush lightly over her puckered asshole, she opened her eyes to see his erect dick just inches in front of her face. When the redhead began to work one and then a second finger into the blonde’s ass, Nicki reached out and pulled his hard cock into her warm wet mouth. As the redhead would thrust her two fingers in and out of her ass, Nicki continued to give him a very wet blowjob.

The redhead then abruptly removed her fingers from Nicki’s ass and told him that she was ready now. He then pulled his hard dick, dripping with saliva, from Nicki’s mouth and moved down between the blonde’s legs. He then leaned forward and began working his dick into her tight ass. When he had it all the way inside her, the redhead then began licking at Nicki’s pussy from beneath. She would lick all the up to the point where his dick met her ass. Then occasionally she would lick and suck his balls. When she sensed that he was ready to cum, she reached up and diddled Nicki’s clit until she came. At the same time he shot his load deep into her ass.

After they had disentangled themselves, he began carefully removing the leads from the blonde subject. After resting for a good 10 minutes, they each made their way to the bathroom where they showered away the remnants of their afternoon of sex and research.

By analyzing the readings he had taken with Nicki, he hoped to add a simple sort of artificial intelligence to The Chair. His plan was to enable The Chair to repeatedly bring a subject just to the brink of orgasm and then back off. —

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