An Accommodating Lady Ch. 07


Hor and I returned to the lounge hand in hand, which did not go unnoticed by my two Accommodating Ladies, who were sprawled out relaxed on the sofa looking as though they had had a bit of a session themselves. Three of the buttons on Ruth’s blouse were undone, revealing a very sexy white lacy bra, and Sue’s lipstick had smeared somewhat. Nice to swing both ways, so they say, because it doubles your chance of a date on Saturday night!

“That was a rather long tour,” said Ruth, looking a bit miffed. “Did Hor show you all her etchings?”

“That’s not all I showed him. He has been well brought up, which is something you can pass on to his mother, Ruth. He is just as well mannered in the bedroom as he is at the dinner table. Although perhaps you shouldn’t mention the bedroom part.”

They all looked at me strangely as I burst out laughing. “Sorry about that. Hor’s remarks, although most flattering, just reminded me of an old joke that never fails to tickle me.”

“Well, share it, dear boy, let us join in the mirth and merriment,” said Grande Dame Hor, looking and sounding every inch the matriarch. Who would have thought that five minutes before, her tits had been hanging out of her bra and her mouth had been wrapped around my cock lapping up the cum!

“It’s not really all that funny but the battleaxe wife says to the meek husband: “I want you to be as polite in bed as you are at mealtimes, do you understand?”

“Yes, dear,” he says and when they get into bed later on he says: “I am feeling a touch randy tonight, dear, won’t you please pass me the vagina?”

And then I fell about the place all over again but the three women didn’t seem to think it was very funny. Ah, well.

After a nightcap, the three of us said goodnight to Hor. As she kissed me goodbye she handed me a note with her phone details and said that if I didn’t keep my promise to Ankara escort visit she would commandeer the company plane and hunt me down in Bloemfontein.

“That’s a good idea anyway. Come down and slum it with me. We could have a ball.”

“I might just do that,” she said, hugging me before I got into the car.

“Well, ” said Ruth, I hope you have some strength left for us.”

“I’m sure there is a bit of gas left in the tank, as our American chums would say, but I see myself more in a supervisory role tonight, you know, sort of directing the traffic regarding whose mouth goes on whose sexual organ and when.”

They thought that was funnier than the joke I had told and we sang along companionably to the radio on the drive home.

Once through the front door it was action stations. I told my two ladies to stand still while I undressed them. Ruth’s skirt and blouse removed, Sue’s dress discarded. As they both stood in their underwear I slipped my hand under Sue’s bra, cupping a breast. She was wearing a skimpy, soft beige bra, so her breasts were easily accessible. As her nipple hardened to the touch of my fingers she felt for my cock but I diverted her hand to Ruth’s lacy white nylon panties and told her to rub her mound while I concentrated on her.

I stood behind her stroking her bottom over pretty damp beige panties and then pulled them down to reveal her lovely tight bottom which I nuzzled and licked as she kissed and pulled down Ruth’s panties and began to lick her.

“Move into the 69 position,” I commanded and soon they were oblivious of me as they literally beavered away at each other, making soft wet sounds of enjoyment.

Now to put my plan into action while they were otherwise occupied!

I fetched the KY Jelly I had purchased against this eventuality and as Ruth was on top, I lubricated her backside, sliding the jelly in thoroughly Ankara escort bayan to make sure I wouldn’t hurt her when I did the dirty deed.

She was way ahead of me. She pulled her mouth away from Sue’s clit for a moment to look at me, half-dazed and in the throes of passion, to say: “Fuck me in my arse, darling. Be gentle, but put it all in and fuck me.”

I needed nothing further than that and I slowly and carefully worked my way into her back passage. Once she cried out with pain but said I should continue when I stopped and soon it was slithering in and out, tight as tight could be, with Ruth screaming with what I assumed to be ecstasy, although I wasn’t too sure.

She turned her head and said: “Do Sue now, she has never had it in her back passage before, either.”

Either! So this was the first time for both of them – and for me! I had never had anyone I would have dared to try this on. Certainly not old stony-face, the former love of my life. She would have got a big stick and stuck it up MY arse if I had tried anything like that with her!

“Please don’t hurt me”, Sue whispered as she swapped places with Ruth.

“I would never hurt either of you. We will go at your pace. If it’s sore I will stop.”

She nodded and spread her cheeks as she prepared to service Ruth with her mouth again and I lubricated her thoroughly before easing my cock into her. I actually couldn’t believe afterwards how easy it had been, but they both said that because they trusted me not to hurt them they had relaxed and let me feel my way in.

Once I got into Sue she went berserk, grunting and spluttering as I rode her to one climax after another, and she did the same for Ruth with her tongue. I was ready to come but I wanted their mouths as a receptacle. And I wasn’t about to ask them for that with my cock covered in shit.

I pulled out Escort Ankara of Sue and she lay hugging and kissing Ruth as I went to clean up. There wasn’t much on my cock but I bathed it in warm water and soap, dreamily contemplating how lucky I was.

They were lying quietly when I got back and without a word they knelt on either side of me, their tongues working their magic until I could last no more, shooting onto their faces and into their mouths as they giggled and slurped.

After that we slept and when I awoke, both women had gone. I slept again until Ruth shook me awake to say Zelda was on her way home from Pretoria and I might want to do the tripleS and make myself presentable.

“Be careful how you treat me in front of her. I am your mum’s friend and now your friend, but that’s all. Friendly kisses and hugs, yes. But that’s it. And be careful with Zelda, that’s all I ask! I know she is just a girl and that I can trust you. Just be her friend, please! “

I mumbled and muttered that I would behave like a gentleman, but it was a bit late for that as far as Zelda was concerned. She had expectations of me and she wasn’t the sort of lady who would be easily put off – assuming that’s what I wanted.

But although I was a conniving little shit and was going to do the dirty deed with the luscious and nubile Zelda, I felt bad about deceiving Ruth.

But then, 30 seconds later, the feeling had passed. A standing prick has no conscience, was my battle cry. Bring on Zelda and let the deflowering ritual begin!


For the thousands of fans who have been pestering me to write about Zelda and her virginity parting company, I promise it will happen in the next chapter.

My partner is pestering me to tell the truth so I will have to amend that figure or sleep on the couch again. Don’t get mixed up with an honest woman!

To both of you who emailed me to enquire if I was ever going to get around to Zelda again, it’s going to happen next time around. There, are you happy now? Why shouldn’t I embellish it a little bit? Nobody would ever have known. Spoilsport!

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