At Long Last


This story is fiction. Any resemblance to any person alive or dead is purely coincidence.


My name is Ronda. At the time of this writing, I am 58 years old. For most of my life, I have had very low self-esteem. Hell, more like NO self-esteem. Like most of the women in my family, I am big boned and about 5-6, with wide hips and generous boobs, and very coarse dark hair. Any thoughts I had that I might be attractive were crushed in middle school and high school.

Like other girls from working class families of that era, when I graduated high school I found a job, while the girls from the better-off families left for college. That summer I met my husband-to-be, and had my first experiences with sex. He was not overly long, but thick, and the first few times were painful, but I endured, not wanting to lose him. But, with time, I got used to it, and began to like it, a lot. I learned how to give a blow job, and we tried every position we could think of.

He was from a blue collar family like mine, a popular guy, more rugged looking than handsome. When we made love, he would indulge in a little foreplay, then would put on a condom and we’d have sex. Once we were done, he’d take me home. Sometimes, I would have an orgasm, but more often I wouldn’t. But, I didn’t know better, and was just happy to have a boyfriend. A year later, we got married in a simple ceremony, with a weekend honeymoon trip, then on Monday it was back to work.

Once married, he told me he didn’t like condoms, and wanted me to get on the Pill. Being a good wife and wanting to please him, I did as he wanted and saw the doctor. Sex was even better without a condom, but once on the Pill I started to gain weight. Since my already big boobs got even bigger, he didn’t mine at first, but later complained about my big ass, and it was all those insults from school days all over again. He’d still want sex if he’d had a few beers, and I could get him interested by playing with his cock, but things had changed.

I had two good sized babies, and I was never able to get rid of the weight. My belly was stretched and hung down over my crotch, my boobs were flat and sagged down on my chest, and I had big rolls under my arms and on my hips. Now he was really turned off, even disgusted, and things took a turn for the worse. He’d insult me in front of his friends, and would reject any advances I’d make. Sex only happened when he was really drunk, and I came to hate it. He was still a good provider, and I was happy raising two children, but there was a big hole in my life.

Once the kids were in school, I took a new job as a secretary at a small insurance company with about dozen employees. I had a knack for the job, and stayed on a people came and went over the years. One who stayed was a guy a few years older than me, one of the sales reps who visited the agencies around the state. He was very nice guy, with an absolute terror for a wife, and we became good friends. We often talked about our families, and our troubles. A few years ago, I felt like he was wanted to be more than a friend. Oh, he was still respectful, but I would catch him checking me out, and he’d often flirt in a casual way. He was very good looking, but I wasn’t going to go after another woman’s man, even if she didn’t deserve him. But, the attention made me feel good, so I never called him on it.

I’ll never forget the day I got the phone call from the hospital. There had been an accident, and my husband was in the ER. He was gone when I got there. I was In a daze for a few weeks, but friends and family helped me through it. Since it was a workplace accident, I received a generous settlement, which was good, because I also learned he had cut back on his life insurance. I had enough to get by, along with my pay from my job, but there a lot of things I had to learn to do on my own.

One day, a client came in and asked to see me. His name was Tim, and he was in the same group of guys that my husband had hung with. Tim was a big burly man, with close cropped red hair and a bushy beard. Everything about him was big, big arms, big hands, big barrel chest and belly, and a big personality. I had always liked his sense of humor. I walked up to the counter and got the usual greeting.

“Hey Ronda, how you doin’?”

“Oh just fine. How about you?”

“Can’t complain, hell no ones cares if you do, right?” he said, followed by a booming laugh.

“Right.” I laughed back at him. Then he turned serious.

“So really, you’re doing okay?” I looked down, then back up at him.

“Yeah, I’m getting along. It’s a big adjustment, but I’m getting it figured out.”

“Well, if you need anything, you let me know. I’m serious, you need something fixed, need help moving something, anything like that, you call me. Okay?” I looked at him as he said this, and I could tell he meant it, it made me feel good inside.

“Okay, I will, I promise.”

“Good, doesn’t matter what it is, I’ll help you out.” Then he watched me put his number in my Ankara bayan escort phone, gave me a wink, and left.

It was only a few days later, my car started, died and wouldn’t restart. My brother and brother-in-law were both out of town, so I was stranded. I didn’t want the expense of a tow to a shop on a Friday evening, and was getting upset at my predicament, when I remembered Tim. I knew he worked on cars, so I found his number and sent him a text. A couple minutes later, I got the response: on my way. Sure enough, a short time later his old pickup wheeled into my drive. He climbed out, wearing a pair of blue bib overalls with no shirt, asked me a few questions, and was soon under the hood with a light and tools. I wasn’t any help, so went back in the house to do some things, and puttered around for a while. I glanced out the window, and Tim was no longer under the hood, so I walked to the back room and looked out that window. What I saw took my breath away.

Tim was behind the garage, taking a leak. He’d unfastened his bibs, and they hung to his knees, held out the way with one hand, while his other hand held his cock as it pissed a stream. It was big, real big, as thick as my husband’s and longer. He finished his business, gave it a shake, and pulled up his bibs. Only then did I realize he had on no underwear. With my hand over my mouth, I watched him walk back to the front. Oh my, I thought, what a man. The vision of his thick, hairy body was still in my head. He wasn’t ripped like the young contractors helpers I’d ogle, time had softened him, but he was still a big man, and I caught myself licking my lips. Easy girl, I thought.

“Ronda, I’ve got you going again. Can I wash up?”

“Sure. Right there at the sink. Can I pay you something?”

“Nope.” he said as he washed his big hands. “But I’ll take a beer if you have one.” I found a couple in the back of the fridge, and set one on the table for him. He sat down, took a long swig, and looked at me.

“Aren’t you going to join me?”

“Uh, sure.” I said, and got out the other bottle. When I stood up, I noticed he’d been looking at my ass when I bent over, looking away when I caught him. I sat down at the table, and we made small talk for a few minutes. Tm went out to his truck and brought back two more bottles, and by the time those were gone, we were laughing like idiots, and I felt more relaxed than I had in weeks.

Tim drained the last of his bottle, and looked at me.

“You like fish?” he asked.

“What, uh, yeah, sure, I like fish. Why?”

“I know a place that has good catfish. Want to go?” The abrupt questions had caught me off guard. Did I want to go? Why not? It was just a meal out, something I hadn’t done in ages, and Tim was good company.

“Sure, why not?” I replied. “When?”

“How about tomorrow, pick you up at 6?”

“Hmm, okay, that works.”

Tim nodded in approval. “Okay then, I’ll be on my way. Thanks for the beer.” he said as he stood up.

“Oh, no problem. Thanks for fixing my car.” I stood up too, and we walked to the door. He opened the door, and hesitated, like he wanted to say something. I put my hand on his arm. “Thanks again.”

“Yep.” he said, and went out the door. I watched him leave, thinking to myself, Wow, I’m going on a date. That night, I had trouble falling asleep, both from excitement at going on a date, and also from the mental picture of Tim holding his big cock. I squirmed around and rubbed my thighs together, and I could feel myself getting wet down there. After a couple of hours, I finally fell asleep.

The next day, I nervous about what to wear, since all my clothes were pretty plain, and loose fitting to hide my body. Then, I came across a pair of gray tights that I hadn’t worn for a long time. I remembered that my husband had made fun of me for wearing them, and with a bit of an evil grin, I lay them out on the bed. I matched them with a dark red top that was low cut in front, and showed a lot of cleavage. I spent a lot of time on my hair, put a drop of cologne between my boobs, and when 6 o’clock rolled around, I thought I looked pretty good for an old lady. Tim was right on time, pulling up in an older sedan that was spotless and shining. He got out to hold the door open for me, and I almost whistled at how good he looked. His clothes were not fancy, just a plaid shirt and jeans, but they fit him nice. His beard was trimmed, and when I got closer to him, I could smell his cologne, oh my did he smell good.

“Hey there Ronda, wow, you sure do clean up nice.” he said with a laugh.

“You don’t look so bad yourself. Nice car by the way.” He walked around and got in, and I noticed the interior was just as clean.

“Yeah, don’t drive it much, just for special occasions.” he said, winking at me. I laughed in return.

We had a great time, talking and laughing. The place had a deck that overlooked the river, and we had a table next to the railing. I decided to have a wine cooler, while Tim stuck with beer. Escort bayan Ankara It went down real good, so I had another, and a third with our meal, then slowed down and sipped at the last one while we watched the sun go down. A band was setting up in a corner of the big deck, and we decided to stay and listen. It looked like fun, watching the couples sway to the music, and at first I didn’t hear what Tim said.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I said, do you like to dance?”

“Well, I used to. That’s been a long time ago.”

“How about it? I’m game if you are.” What the hell, I thought, why not?

“All right, let’s do this.” I said, standing up and taking Tim’s hand, and holding hands we strolled out on the floor. I put my hands on his shoulders, and he placed his hands on my waist, and we started to shuffle and sway to the music. Tim was pretty stiff at first, but I was so happy, smiling like a kid at Christmas, and I locked my hands behind his neck, and lay my head on his broad chest. I could feel him relax, and he pulled me against him. It felt great, just like in a Hallmark movie. I grinned at the thought, Hallmark never made a movie with old fat people!

We danced for several songs, had a couple more drinks, and then it was time to leave. I was feeling no pain, but Tim didn’t seem to be any different, his big old body just shrugged off the beer. He slid an arm around my waist, and helped me down the steps, across the parking lot, and into his car. Once at my house, he helped me out of the car, and walked me to the door. My head had cleared a little, and I looked up at him.

“Thank you, that was such a good time. I haven’t had that much fun in forever.”

He just smiled. We looked at each other, and with a little hesitation, we embraced, and kissed. Oh, it was nice. His big arms around me felt sooo good, and I pulled him tight against me. Then, I felt something pushing against my belly, oh my God, it was his cock, he was getting hard!

Tim let go of me, stepped back, and looked at me sheepish grin.

“Uh, well, I better go. Had a good time too.” He looked at me for a moment, like he wanted to say something else, then turned and went to his car. He gave me a wave, got in, and left. I went in the house, my thoughts in a jumble. Part of me said take things slow, another part was shouting I should have invited him to stay. Oh well, he was gone, so that train had left the station. I locked the door, picked up the house, went to the bedroom, undressed, and took a nice cool shower. Refreshed, I was combing out my hair when the doorbell rang. What the hell, who could that be? I put on a robe, and made my way to the door. Peeking through the security hole, I was shocked to see it was Tim. Fumbling with the lock, I cracked open the door and poked my head out.

“Tim, what are you doing?

“Uh, well, I, uh, need to tell you a couple of things, talk to you.” I could tell he was nervous, shuffling his feet and looking down as he spoke to me. I also noticed he was dressed only in gym shorts and flip-flops. His thick chest and belly were covered in fine red hair mixed with gray, as were his arms and legs. Under his shorts, I saw the outline of his cock as it started to push against the material. Glancing down, I saw my robe had opened, and he was getting a good look at most of my boobs. I pulled my robe together, and stepped back.

“Ok, come in.”

He entered, and shut the door behind him. I turned away, then felt his hand on my shoulder. I froze, and felt him put a hand on my other shoulder. Now he was behind me, close, but still with space between us. His big hands were warm on my shoulders, and I relaxed, let out a sigh, and leaned back against him. I did it without thinking, without any conscious decision, and as I leaned against his broad chest, he moved forward, pushing his cock against my ass, and kissing me on my neck. I leaned my head back to rest on his shoulder, and felt his fingers gather the material of my robe. I tensed, just a little, waiting for his next move, and wanting it to happen. Tim pulled the top of my robe down and away, off my shoulders, then down to my waist. It fell open as he did so, exposing my upper body. I sucked in my breath, my heart pounding away, God I was so excited. His hands were at my waist, and he let go of the robe, brought both hands up, and gently took hold of my boobs. At the same time, he nuzzled into my neck again, and started to plant sucking kisses on that sensitive skin. My pussy juices started to flow as this big bear of a man fondled my boobs, gently squeezing them, and thumbing my nipples. At the same time, his cock was pushed into the crack of my ass, telling me what was coming next.

I wanted to touch it, and slid my hand back behind me, searching for it and finding it, and grabbed it through his shorts. Tim grunted into my neck, and pulled me tight against his chest, squishing my boobs as he did. With my free hand, I undid the tie on my robe, letting it fall to the floor. Now I was Bayan escort Ankara naked. I had a sudden fearful thought, what if he saw me, and changed his mind? Only one way to find out. I released his cock and pulled away from his grasp, then turned and looked him in the eye.

“Well, here I am. You sure you want an old fat woman?” He looked me up and down, nodded, and pushed down his shorts. When he straightened up, his cock stood out, hard and proud.

“Yep, I do. You want an old fat boy?”

I grinned at him. “No, I want an old fat man.” Then I stepped closer, and taking his cock in my hand, and leaned into him, planting a wet kiss. He grabbed me by the ass, and pulled me to him, kissing me back and feeding me his tongue. His cock was hot and thick in my hand, and starting to drool sticky fluid from the tip.

Another thought popped into my head, and I broke the kiss and stepped back. Tim looked at me, a question on his face. I said nothing, just squatted down, and with one hand on his leg for support, took his cock in the other and pointed it at my face. No way I was going to take it, but I opened wide and sucked in the fat head. I heard him groan, felt his hands on the back of my head, and gave his cock head a swipe with my tongue. Tim jerked, and groaned again. I started to bob my head back and forth, taking in the head and a bit of his shaft, at the same time swirling my tongue around it. it had been a long time since I had a cock in my mouth, but it came back to me. I worked on him for a couple of minutes, feeling his cock getting even harder, when I felt his hands leave my head, and grab me under the arms.

“Girl, my legs are getting wobbly.” he said, pulling me to my feet. “Can we get in bed?”

“Haha, sure can.” I laughed, and took his hand to lead him to the bedroom. We got in bed, and resumed kissing and groping. I had a hand on Tim’s cock, and he had a finger on my clit, at the same time sucking on my nipple. It had been sooo long for me, and next thing I knew, I was clinging to him as an orgasm rippled through me. After I settled down, Tim kissed me, then began to kiss his way down my body, lingering at my boobs long enough to suck both nipples up until they were swollen, then kissing and licking down over the expanse of my belly. It hit me suddenly, on what he was doing, and I sat up on my elbows to look at him.

“You sure you want to do that?” I asked as he pushed my belly fat out of the way, and looked at my pussy.

He looked up and me and gave me a playful grin. “Yup, sure do.” I stared at him for a second, and he just gave me that confident smile, so I lay back down. I’d never had a man lick me, so I was definitely not prepared for what came next. Tim got his face right down there, so I could feel his beard tickle my inner thighs, and feel his breath on my pussy. The next thing was his fat tongue swiping up the length of my pussy until he reached the clit, then circling his tongue around it. It was like a jolt of electricity ripped through me. I clenched my fists, arched my back, and screamed with pleasure.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah! Oh God that feels good.” Tim just grunted and keep his tongue going. It was wonderful, the most amazing thing I had ever felt. For several minutes I rode a wave of one small orgasm after another, my hands on the back of his head pulling his face into my sloppy wet pussy.

Finally he took pity on me and sat up. I lay there with my legs spread, panting like a dog, wrung out from what I’d just been through. I looked down between my flattened boobs, and saw him kneeling between my legs, his cock sticking up like a tree trunk.

“Roll over old girl, and get up on your knees, it’s my turn.” he said as he patted me on the leg. I complied, rolling over and hiking my ass up in the air, then pushing up onto my hands. I looked over my shoulder at him, letting him know I was ready, and felt his big rough hands on my hips, followed by his cock poking my pussy lips. He found the spot, and I felt the big head stretch my opening, but as wet as I was, it slipped in pretty easy, followed by the rest of his shaft until I felt his hairy thighs against the backs of my legs. He was long, and was touching places deep inside me, kind of of a dull ache at first which went away after a few slow strokes.

I looked to the side, and saw our reflection in the mirror on the dresser. There I was, with my boobs and belly brushing the sheets, and a big hairy man behind me, fucking me slowly. It was like I was watching someone else, seeing the length of his cock pull out of me, then slowly push back in. My husband had always fucked me fast, wanting to get himself off, so the slow cadence Tim was in was a treat. I could savor every inch of him. I let my boobs down on the bed, and let my nipples brush against the sheet, adding to the flood of sensations I was getting. Once I was comfortable, I began to push my ass back to meet him, and Tim responded by giving it to me harder, making a smacking sound every time his body slapped against mine.

Another orgasm was building. I loved what he was doing for me, but I realized I wanted to see him when he erupted inside me, I wanted to hold him as he shook and pushed in me as deep as he could. I looked over my shoulder at my lover, and caught his eye.

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