Aunt Helen


I want to tell you about “Aunt Helen” and the profound relationship that she and I shared. She is responsible for forming my sexuality and sensuality, the good parts and the bad.

I have been told, more than once, that my sensuality is more like that of a woman than of a man. I am convinced that Helen is the reason I am the way I am. Most of the time, I love her for it and am very grateful for her guidance. The only regret I have is that society often frowns on expressing deep-seated feelings when it comes to sex. Some background might help understand how profound an influence Helen had upon me.

Before she came into my sexual experience, the only significant event occurred when I learned about masturbation. Actually, just about all the other guys were already doing it when I was taught how. The very first time I tried it, I was hooked!

First, I marveled at how stroking my erection changed the look of my penis. Before starting my manual ministrations, it was pink and soft looking. As I stroked it, I noticed how it became redder, now with blue veins showing through my thin skin.

When I felt my first orgasm and ejaculated, I experienced the most intense pleasure, causing me to close my eyes and breathe deeply, even though the squirting ribbons of liquid scared me at first. Later I learned it was normal.

I “did” myself every day thereafter, indulging my desire up to a few times a day. My favorite time of day was my evening shower. I would lean against the wall, so that I could look down at what I was doing. I would marvel at how my erection would come on so quickly. I would pull and push my skin over my erection slowly, then faster and faster as I could feel the warm pleasure starting somewhere deep in my belly.

With my free hand, I would splash at the water to make it sound as though I was just washing myself. At that age, it usually did not take very long. When I felt the oncoming orgasm washing over my legs and body, I would squat down to aim my cum at the drain. In awe, I would watch it gush from my pee hole, in erratic spurts as the most delicious feeling would overtake me completely. By the time I finished my shower, I would often be ready to do it again, but only if I knew no one was waiting to use the bathroom. It was my routine over the ensuing years, until I discovered my “Aunt Helen”.

She was married to a Navy cook. They were originally from New York. She had taught my mom when she was in nursing school, and my mom befriended her. Helen and her husband lived in a condo about a mile from our home. My parents had known them for a long time, and Helen was on the same bowling team with my mom. She was in her early-50’s at the time

Neither of my parents drank, but Helen was always with her bottle of Vodka. In fact, she always kept a bottle or two at our house. She was a very large woman, heavy and big-boned. She had very large breasts and thick arms and legs. Though of average height, her overall heft gave her a squatty look. She was very fair skinned, although she was often flushed with the glow of liquor. She was Italian/German by descent.

She was talkative, almost loud, but behaved decently most of the time. Her brown hair was graying slightly. Her husband, Lou, was a burly guy, very loud and boisterous. He was out to sea quite often. When at home, he and Helen fought often, and he was quite abusive. When the two of them drank, it was not unusual for him to strike her during their incessant arguing. Once, during one of their fights, my dad had to literally throw Lou out the front door. After that, he never came around, although Helen was at our home almost daily.

One Friday night, after bowling, Helen returned home with my parents. My mom fixed snacks, while Helen sat in the kitchen with her bottle. Afterwards, the grownups sat around talking. Helen steadily sipped on her Vodka.

Around midnight, I heard my mom telling Helen that she should not drive, but should stay the night instead. Helen was staggering drunk, but insisted that she would feel better sleeping at her own home. She said Lou was out at sea, so she would be able to just go to bed.

I had just gotten my driver’s license after my first year in college, and I eagerly accepted any excuse to drive my dad’s car. So, when he asked me to drive Aunt Helen home, I jumped at the chance. My dad helped Helen to the car. He put her in the front seat, and off I drove.

Helen had her head back and was restless and moaning from the ill effects of too much booze. At her place, I opened her door. She was in no shape to walk unassisted, so I helped her. I had a hard time controlling her bulk as she stumbled, leaning on me for support, in the elevator and to her door. I took her keys and helped her in.

She went immediately to the bathroom and, even before reaching the toilet, started to throw up. Most of it found the bowl, but some hit the floor. I went to get some paper towels. When I returned, she was gone. I cleaned the floor and finished the job with a mop and Lysol. I finished the job, washed my Ankara escort hands, and was going to tell Helen that I was leaving.

In the hallway, I saw her bedroom light streaming through the open door. I called to her but got no answer. I walked toward the light. Just outside the door, I found her blouse, wet and soiled. I picked it up and walked it back to the bathroom. I put it in the sink.

I walked back down the dark hallway to the bedroom and entered into the light of the room. I was not at all prepared for what I saw. There, sprawled on the bed, was my Aunt Helen. She appeared to have passed out and was lying on her back, askew to the bed. Her arms were thrown above her head with her legs flayed open, with one foot still resting on the carpet. Her dark hair framed her now ashen face. She was completely naked!

I froze in my tracks, a jolt of shock causing my neck to go cold, totally unprepared for what I was seeing, and trying to comprehend my situation. My first instinct was to leave the danger of my predicament. (What if she awoke and found me there?) The feeling that I was doing something wrong … being where I should not be … invading her privacy … caused me to think about running away. But, as I stared, I started to understand what I was seeing. I could see her belly rising and falling in deep sleep. I thought, “She’s sleeping. She doesn’t even know I am here.”

I remained frozen in mid-step. My own breathing was becoming louder, and I fought to control myself. After a long time, just staring and drinking in every detail of her body, I slowly and softly moved closer to the bed. Now I could see everything. What a transformation. I had only thought of her as a large woman, with no physical beauty. But now, as she was naked before me, she was nothing but absolute beauty.

I could see her large breasts, pendulous and heavy, flattened against her chest. I clearly saw her dark and large areolae, the tiny bumps on her dark discs, and the protruding nipples centered on each one. (I thought about the pictures that one of the boys had stolen from his father’s desk. The one showing the woman cradling her breasts, showing off her melons.) It was the picture that inspired so many bouts of my own masturbation.) But now, I was seeing it … in the flesh.

This was the real thing! I marveled at how many wonderful curves, hills and valleys there were to her body. I drank it all in. I noticed how soft and smooth her skin looked, especially over her belly and across her slightly parted thighs.

In time, my attention was drawn to the raised mound of hair where her thighs met. It looked like a dark full bush, forming a perfect triangle, which started low on her belly and disappeared between her legs. At the very center of her hairy triangle, there was a slight parting of her hair. All I could see was a cleft where her flesh was visible. I moved closer.

I was now standing dangerously close to her, and staring directly at the mound between her legs. I tilted my head lower and could see below her hair, to the start of the crease between her buttocks. Her skin was so milky white and smooth there. I noticed how the crease disappeared into her hair, continuing, to become the outer edges of the lips of her sex place.

As the minutes passed, I began to calm down from my initial shock. My fear and feelings of guilt were fast being replaced by a new emotion. I could feel my erection growing with each passing moment. I had to shift my hardness, trapped in the tight confines of my trousers. As my fear subsided and my lust intensified, I started to become more bold. (Surely she would not even know that I was here. I wonder if she would know, or even remember, if I should … TOUCH her?)

By now, I had been looking at her naked form for a long time. My erection was now full and fierce. I could feel my heart beating and noticed the warm sweat, now damp on my forehead. My breathing became short and erratic. For the first time, I had seen the naked flesh of a woman, and my passion was raging … for more. Now there was no fear. It had long since been replaced by a blend of curiosity and pure male heat. I cast all caution to the wind and wanted to explore what her vulnerable condition would permit.

Standing closer still, I reached down very carefully, until my hand rested on her breast. I could feel the contact of her nipple upon my palm. I squeezed softly and was amazed at the soft pillowy feeling of her. I massaged her breasts, now with both hands. I could feel my erection now twitching in its tight confines.

Soon my hand went to the main object of my curiosity and desire. I rested my hand on her mound and could feel her hair under my palm. Although her hair looked coarse and curly, I was amazed at how silky smooth it felt as I squeezed ever so gently. The bulge of her mound pressed back into my hand and I groped her between her legs for a long time.

I repositioned myself and was able to reach down with both hands. I was drawn to the cleft showing in the center of her hair. Using both Ankara escort bayan thumbs, I gently pulled her lips apart. What I saw there drove me into a frenzy of lust and passion. As my fingers parted Helen’s nether lips further, her mound of hair parted wider, as my eyes were treated to a large fleshy gash, with dark flesh framing the edges, and the most deliciously smooth pink flesh in the center.

Opening her further, I could see her fleshy hole. I was surprised to see that her flesh there glistened. The fleshy softness just inside the entrance to her hole was pink, and appeared to be moist. I adjusted so that I could hold her lips open wide with one hand. I took the index finger of my other hand and started to insert it into her hole.

I felt my breath catch in my throat at the divine feeling of her warm wetness yielding as my finger entered her. I pushed my finger deeper, until … at last … it was buried in her softness completely. I moved my finger in and out of her. Oddly, I noticed a ripple of gooseflesh washing over her thighs. I continued to move my finger in and out, and noticed that it felt as though her hole was becoming wetter with a slippery liquid coming from deep within her. It felt so good. It was as though the walls of her fleshy tunnel were melting and giving way to my finger. I felt her that way for a very long time.

Then, my attention was drawn to a small sheath of flesh just above her love hole. Using my fingers, I held her sheath open and saw a tiny bud nestled between what looked like tiny lips. I touched the bud of flesh with the tip of my finger. As I did, I was surprised to see her fleshy wet hole contract in a small spasm. More curious, I pushed on her clit more firmly, and her thighs jerked ever so slightly. Then, I took her clit between my thumb and index finger and squeezed. I heard her breath catch and her belly quaked in a spasm. By now, her clit had become harder and stood out from its sheath. I started to roll it between my fingers and noticed the way her fleshy hole twitched, and now oozed with glistening wetness.

As I continued massaging her clit, I noticed that her hips were moving slightly in time to my squeezing. I thought it very odd that she was able to react this way while still asleep. I looked up expecting to see her eyes closed. When I did, I was met with her eyes staring back at me!

She was awake! I let out a yelp and was jolted upright! I was in abject terror! I started to run for the door and she called out to me to stop. (In an instant — in my mind’s eye — I saw my parents scolding me. I saw Helen swinging at me in a fury.)

I ran out of the room and started down the hallway. Helen jumped to her feet and called out to me to stop. I decided to face the music and stopped in the hallway. Helen emerged and I was ready to duck when she reached me. I was completely beside myself with gripping terror. To my surprise, Helen did not seem to be angry. As she reached me, she took my hand and spoke. “Honey? Don’t run. Don’t be afraid. Please try to relax. I’m not angry with you. Really I’m not. Come here. Come back with me to the bed.”

I stood there panting with anxiety and still feeling very afraid. I wondered whether to run, cry, or try to apologize for my wrongdoing. While I was lost in my pondering reflection, Helen actually smiled at me. With that, she led me back to the bedroom.

She sat me on the bed and sat beside me, still holding my hand. I tried to blurt out an apology, but I could only stammer. Helen now took my hand into both of hers. She just stared at me. To my surprise, she did not appear to be upset. Actually, it seemed that she was trying to calm me down.

And I did calm down a bit. All the while she just stared at me, patting my hand to reassure me. When my shaking stopped and my breathing returned to normal, she spoke.

“Why are you so afraid?”

“Um … because of what I did.”

“Did you do something bad?”

“I think so …well, yes.”

“Was it bad because you were being sneaky?”


“Because you were taking advantage of me?”


“Because you were doing things to me while I was asleep”

“Uh huh.”

With that, she let go of my hand and hugged me, her hands seeming to press me into her nakedness. When she looked at me again, she was smiling warmly.

“Adam? You don’t have to feel bad because of what you did. You’re growing up. It’s normal for you to be curious. It’s a natural thing. And I’m not angry at you. You know why?”

“No. Why?”

“I have a secret to tell you. I was being sneaky too. And I was being just as bad as you.”

“How is that?”

“Well … you say you feel bad because you were taking advantage of me while I was sleeping?”

“I guess so.”

“Adam, honey, I was awake from the first time you touched me. I wasn’t asleep after that. And you know what? I liked it too. I liked the way you were touching me. And I thought you knew that I was awake. Didn’t you know that I was awake?”

“No Escort Ankara … uh uh.”

We were quiet then, as I just let her words sink in. I was relieved. But now I wanted to ask her something. I started to a number of times, but the words just did not come out. She just sat next to me, rubbing my hand and comforting me. Then I decided to ask. But I did not have to.

Helen started by unbuttoning my shirt. She removed it and had me stand. She undid my trousers and pulled them down and off. When she started to pull my underwear down, I was embarrassed. My erection had returned the instant I realized that she wanted me naked … as naked as she was.

When she pulled my underwear down by my waistband, my fully hard erection sprang free … standing straight out … bowing upward slightly. She reassured me, and soon I was standing before her naked.

I felt a hot flush to see her staring at my hardness. She lay down and patted the bed next to her. I lay next to her and we embraced. She took my hand and put it where I had been exploring her earlier. She spread her legs for me very wide and my hands roamed over all of her soft and wet places. She kept reassuring me and made me very comfortable. It felt so wonderful to have her nakedness pressing against me.

Her hand went to my erection and I thoroughly enjoyed the way she massaged my hardness. When her hand squeezed me … gently but firmly … my cock muscles pressed back in her hand. I felt her thumb rubbing my pee hole. I was already leaking drops of precum, and she smeared the tip of my cock with the slippery wetness. She smiled as she took her thumb to her lips and sucked my wetness from it.

I couldn’t help but be in complete awe of what was happening. Here I was, lying with a real woman for the first time. And she was just as eager as I was.

She coached me very gently and tenderly, always reassuring me that I was pleasing her. She kissed me and stroked me whenever I did something she enjoyed. I grew to be very comfortable with her, and she guided me through our exploring of each other.

“Mmmm … yes, Adam. Touch it like that. Pinch it again … a little harder. Ahh … now use two fingers … move it slowly in and out of me. Now flutter your fingers as deep as you can go.” We enjoyed each other this way for a very long time. I felt very empowered. When I touched her, she shifted her position to help me. It felt so good to have her so willing … and so wanting. In time, she lay flat and pulled me on top of her. She reached up and turned off the lamp. I was lying on her, my naked body resting between her wide spread legs. I felt her hand reach down between us and soon she was guiding my swollen erection directly to her oozing love tunnel.

I felt it slide easily into her. Feeling my erection going deeper into her warm wet flesh hole was beyond description. Finally, I was completely in her and she started to gently rock her hips. Holding me to her, she coached me to start thrusting my hips to move my hardness in and out of her. I could feel her love muscles clenching then relaxing on my cock as I pumped it in and out of her.

In my state of extreme excitement, it did not take long. After a few hard thrusts into her, I felt my orgasm starting. She must have felt my legs stiffen and my breathing becoming deeper and labored. She hugged me tight to her breasts and whispered into my ear.

“Yes, Adam! That’s it! Do it hard now. Don’t hold back, honey! Just do it now! Yes … cum for me, Adam! Shoot your juice inside me. Squirt all of it deep inside of me! Now. Yes …now, honey … cum for me …cum hard, honey, cum hard!”

Her words drove me to the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced! I was moaning and writhing on top of her. I could feel and hear my swollen member squirting my cum deep inside of her. I could feel the whole length of my cock completely submerged in our blended juices, which was now squishing out of her as I continued to thrust into her hole.

At the height of my orgasm, I cried out and felt a drop of spit flying from my lips. I grimaced in the pleasure of my total orgasm, which left me limp and panting … lying fully upon my woman lover, as she stroked my back and assured me that everything was just perfect.

After we had had our first bout of intense and delicious fucking, we showered and went back to bed, now clean again.

She asked and was elated to learn that that was my very first time. I asked her if she had an orgasm and she said … in honesty … that she did not. As we talked, she was fondling my cock and I soon had a full erection once more. She explained to me how women need certain things to bring on an orgasm. She promised that she would teach me everything, and assured me that we would soon have perfect intercourse and orgasm together. But first, she wanted me to experience something else.

She folded a comforter and placed it along with both pillows under my head. In that position, I could see down the front of my body and saw my erection pointing at the ceiling. She moved on the bed, and soon I was staring in total disbelief as she first kissed, then licked, the tip of my erection. She looked up at me. Then, I saw my achingly-hard cock slipping between her lips and into her mouth.

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