Brad and Marsha Ch. 02


That night, they left for was to become the Ditorro’s yearly winter getaway cabin on a sparsely populated resort island. Truly a tropical paradise, with the cabin overlooking a breathtaking ocean view, complete with their own extremely private beautiful white sandy beach.

In the bedroom of this getaway cabin, Marsha attacked her new husband with a lust she never knew she had in her. Marsha was a twenty-four-year-old virgin who hadn’t masturbated in months. She was extremely ready for her first fuck. As she tore open his pants, pulled them down, and shortly later his underwear, she saw why Brad had been so shy for so long. His penis, though completely hard, was MAYBE 3 inches long and about as round as her pinky finger. In spite of its small size, it was a handsome little cock.

“Oh honey! I think it’s wonderful” exclaimed Marsha, as she sank to her knees in front of her husband. She had been reading about ‘what men like and want from their women’ in Cosmo, and decided she would start their first night out right by blowing his mind (and his little cock at the same time). Marsha couldn’t help remembering for a second the day out on Mike’s patio. She immediately forced herself to block it out, preventing the waves of guilt from overtakeing her again.

Brad couldn’t believe how lucky he was as his wife immediately sucked his hard little package all the way into her eager mouth. It was so small that she was able to take not only his cock, but his entire scrotum into her mouth at the same time. The feeling from this was like nothing Brad had ever experienced in his life. As she began to wiggle her tongue on his balls, Brad let out a loud moan and experienced the first orgasm induced by his beautiful young bride. Marsha immediately tasted the warm load deposited onto her tongue.

“Mmmmmm…. Yummy!!” Marsha purred as she swallowed her first load of cum from her husband. That was rather tasty! Smiled Marsha up at her husband. She did note, with a bit of disappointment, that his tiny member had begun to shrink before her eyes. As she watched it shrank down into a tiny ball into his little scrotum.

“I guess he’s sleepy now,” smiled Marsha up at Brad successfully hiding her disappointment.
“It’ll recover in a couple of hours, and we can try to continue from there,” laughed Brad. So they began to unpack and Marsha made them a quick snack.

Shortly after the snack, Marsha found herself sitting on Brad’s lap, engaged in a passionate kiss. Though she couldn’t tell until she reached down with her hand, his hard-on was back!

“Any chance I could get me some a this?” teased Marsha.

“A VERY good chance, ma’am!” replied Brad, and he lifted her up into his arms and carried her to the bed. Though Marsha couldn’t have weighed 100 pounds dripping wet, Brad was pretty winded by the time he deposited her on the bed. He slowly started undressing her, and was in awe over her beauty as it was revealed to him. Once they were both naked, Marsha looked at Brad’s penis again. The penis that was about to take her long-held virginity.

“Well,” thought Marsha “he can’t do too much damage with that.” She had to bite her lip to prevent herself from laughing.

When Brad finally did penetrate her, there was very little pain. His little cock WAS large enough to pierce her hymen, and there was a little bit of blood. This reaffirmed Brad’s otherwise suffering masculinity. Marsha put up a good show for him, pretending he was so large and hurting her so bad. Quickly she adjusted, and could honestly scarcely tell he was inside her. As Brad erupted into his second orgasm of the day, Marsha found herself faking her first orgasm. She simply couldn’t disappoint Brad. She had to make him feel like he was taking care of her needs. Later, as Brad snored on beside her, Marsha quickly and efficiently brought her own relief by tickling her clit quietly.

Though Brad had a small cock, she still loved him….and realized that she always would….(though he had very little wood — she smiled to herself as the bad pun ran through her mind, making her smile).

*** The Adoption ***

After five unsuccessful years of attempting to have a baby, the frustrated Ditoro’s consulted their physician. Much to their chagrin, they were to find out that Brad suffered from ‘slow swimmers’. Simply put, Brad’s sperm were not active enough to make the long trip through the fallopian tubes to fertilize Marsha’s exceptionally fertile eggs.

Upon learning this sad news, the Ditoro’s decided to adopt. They didn’t want to adopt just any child though. They wanted to pick a needy one that would truly benefit from being adopted. A child which had a much less likely chance to make it in the world without their assistance. For this reason, they didn’t choose to adopt a baby, since nearly every couple seeking to adopt selects infants. They also discovered that, statistically, minority children are also far more likely to be left behind by society, than their white counterparts. These facts aided the Ditoro’s Ankara escort in their decision to adopt a young black male. After several months of arduous selection activities, they narrowed their choice to a ten-year-old boy named Dejuanne.

Dejuanne was an only child whose parents had been killed 3 years prior in a terrible car accident. He was a shy, attractive, and bright child — who desperately needed a good home and loving parents.

Dejuanne, or DJ as his mother affectionately labeled him, immediately gelled with the Ditorros. Both parents showed him nothing but love and support, quickly making him feel at home in his new environment. After a few years passed, none of them really thought about the fact that Dejuanne was adopted. It was as though he had ALWAYS been their son.

The only difficult thing for DJ to adapt to was the fact that, due to all of the trauma that he had experienced in his life, he had pretty much missed out on two and a half years of school. When the Ditorro’s tested him to go back to school, he actually had to start three years behind.

*** Kids at School ***

Another of Brad’s extended business trips had come around. Marsha and Dejuanne had become accustomed to them, so they had settled into their normal routine of dealing with everyday life without Brad around.

Dejuanne attended an upper-middle class, nearly all white, catholic school. Now that he was “eighteen”, he had started to develop into a handsome and very athletic young man. He was just coming off a three-inch growth spurt, which put him just over 5’11”, already nearly full inch and a half taller than his adopted father. And the height difference was not the only thing that distinguished Dejuanne from his adopted father. Where Brad was somewhat short and thin, it was becoming obvious enough that Dejuanne had the chromosomes of a great athlete. The track coach quickly made the discovery that Dejuanne was an excellent runner, and convinced him to join the track team, running several different sprint and relay races. Though Dejuanne was only a sophomore, he was already one of the fastest runners on the team.

The problem was, he was also the only black kid both on the team, and in the school. Obviously his appearance was very different from all the other kids, which of course, caused the other kids to sometimes make fun of and ostracize Dejuanne. Today was, by far, the worst day so far. This was due to the fact that the kids had to take showers together, which caused Dejuanne to learn of yet another difference he shared with the other kids. Yet another difference that led to the kids making fun of him, and calling him names.

This was exactly what Dejuanne was reflecting on as he lay in his bed, brooding quietly to himself that evening, wearing only his favorite athletic shorts. Nor had his melancholy mood had not escaped the attention of his mother. As she was preparing herself for bed, she couldn’t help noticing the quiet sadness that overcome her son. She could well imagine what it was all about, having gone through her own share of teasing and being singled out due to her physical appearance during school years. This was a common bond that she and her son shared, so they were often able to discuss it openly, and she was normally very effective in helping her son deal with it.

“OK DJ, you might as well just come out with it. I know something is bothering you tonight.”

“Mom, do you think I’m a freak?”

“That is absolutely ridiculous! I think you already know the answer to that question, young man. What in heavens name could prompt you to ask me such an absurd question?”

“I don’t think I can tell you about this one mom. It’s kind of a guy thing.”

“Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been married to one of those for a few years now. Not to mention the fact that my father and three brothers raised me, so I have had some experience in this field. You should know by now that no matter what is going on in your life, you can always bounce it off your old mom!”

“Yeah right, OLD mom,” said DJ as he looked as his mother. Marsha still did a high-level aerobics workout for two hours everyday. She had just completed this before coming in to talk to DJ.

DJ had watched his mom do this workout from time to time. Whenever she did it, she wore a tight yellow spandex workout outfit. She would pull her hair back in a tight blond ponytail. There was not an ounce of fat on his mother. At age 26, Cheryl still looked like everybody’s high school cheerleader. She would bounce and gyrate around, under the direction of some nameless super model on the screen. DJ thought even her sweat looked cute!

The response from his mother made Dejuanne feel better. In fact, anytime he spoke with his mother about problems he was having things seemed to get better. This was certainly a difficult subject, and quite embarrassing to him, but he decided that he could really use her help on it.

“Today the coach made us take showers for the first time.”

“Thank Ankara escort bayan God!” joked Marsha, squeezing her nose together between her fingers, with a light smile.

“Mom, this is serious.”

“So were some of those odors you were bringing home!” laughed Marsha, successfully eliciting a smile from her son for the first time since she got into the room. “I’m sorry, please continue.”

“Well, this is kinda hard to share, but I found another big difference between me and the other boys.”

“Go on.”


“It’s OK DJ, you can trust me. I’m just here to help.”

“We look different down there.”

“Your feet?”

“MOM! No, our penises.”

“You mean some boys are circumcised and some aren’t?” guessed Marsha, trying to make the whole discussion easier for her son.

“Well, yes, that’s true too, but no, this difference seems to be just between ME and all the other white boys. You see, my penis doesn’t seem to look at all like theirs do.”

“You mean because yours is darker than theirs? You know we’ve already talked about this quite a bit young man. Just because your skin color is different, isn’t really all that important…”

“NO, that’s not it mom. I am shaped differently than them.”

“I’m sorry honey, I don’t understand. Different how?”

“It’s kinda hard to describe, but theirs are closer up to their bodies, not quite as visible, while mine seems to hang lower.”

“What do you mean hang lower honey?”

“Well, like Mike Thompson. He was undressing next to me. I wasn’t really trying to look, in fact I was trying hard not to, but he was right next to me….”

“DJ, it’s OK to notice physical differences between you and your friends. You don’t have to be ashamed of that. They are facts, so don’t be afraid to notice. Go on.”

“OK. Well, I could really only just barely see his penis. It was kinda all rolled up into a ball, and was maybe the size of the small part of my pinky finger. And pretty much all the other boys were the same.”

Marsha’s mind immediately flashed to her own husband’s somewhat small penis. Then it subconsciously switched to her brother’s somewhat larger ones as she remembered them from when she was a kid. And her father’s which was quite a bit larger.

“I think that is pretty much the normal size for boys your age DJ. It’s not really all that unusual. Can you tell me what the problem was?”

“Well, the problem is mine doesn’t look like that at all. You can pretty much see mine from across the room, and they all did. It hangs about halfway down my thigh, and they were all pointing to it, laughing, and calling me banana dick. Someone said something like ‘yeah, what a freak’ which is what made me ask you that.”

Suddenly Marsha realized that it had been years since she had actually seen her son without any clothes on. Since he had begun puberty, and really even before that, DJ had always been a very private boy. He was normally very careful not to run around the house without clothes on. This, of course raised her curiosity a bit.

“Would you like to show me?”

“MOM! I can’t do that.”

“Oh DJ, don’t be shy. I’m your mother, and I want to help. I’m also a grown woman, and I’m sure you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before!”

“But mine is so different mom.” Responded Dejuanne tentatively, though Marsha could tell that he truly did want to show her so that she could share her unbiased judgement with him.

“Yours is different from those boys, but perhaps you have simply developed sooner than them. And remember DJ, you are older than the kids in your class by 3 to 4 years. This can make a HUGE difference developmentally. Now don’t be shy, let’s have a quick look.”

As she spoke, Marsha approached DJs bed and started pulling back his covers. After pulling them back, she hooked her thumbs on either side of his shorts and began tugging them down. Since DJ really did want her assistance in this area, he accommodated her by lifting his butt off the bed so that she could pull the sorts down his legs & eventually off his feet. This left the boy lying on the bed in only his rather small briefs.

Marsha couldn’t help but already be impressed by the boys’ physique. Indeed, Brad had become somewhat plump over the years, with a big, round, white belly that protruded down his front which Marsha secretly found rather repulsive. DJ looked nothing like that.

Since he had joined the track team, he had been hitting the weight room on a regular basis. His entire body had become chiseled and hard from the workouts. This prompted Marsha to smile down at he son. “So far, so good! Now let’s have a look at the main attraction!” Marsha joked, trying to make her son feel relaxed.

“Before we do that….there’s something else I’ve been worried about also.”


“This is also very embarrassing and hard to talk about.”

“Well, I can’t help you if you don’t relax and just trust me.”

“I know. OK. This is something Escort Ankara that just started recently. I’m not quite sure why, but I think that lately I’ve started peeing the bed.”

“You THINK you have started peeing the bed?” Marsha asked, a little bit confused.

“Yeah, but it seems to be tied to something. See, lately I have been thinking about girls….a LOT. Especially my teacher, Mrs. Jenkins. I’ve been imagining what it would be like to….you know….be with her.”

“Uh huh,” replied Marsha, starting to blush just a little bit for the first time tonight. The problem was, Mrs. Jenkins bore a striking resemblance to herself. This made Marsha begin to feel slightly uncomfortable with this whole discussion for the first time. Just the same, she knew this was a very important discussion and that she owed it to DJ to see it through with him.

Anyway, every time I think of her, I always become rock hard….down here, DJ indicated toward his crotch.

“I understand,” replied Marsha winking at him, trying to continue to make him feel relaxed enough to talk about it. Though, at the same time, as she glanced at the crotch of his underwear, she was beginning to understand at least the first part of their discussion. There was already a sizable package outlined by his briefs, and as soon as he started talking about Mrs. Jenkins, it seemed that it started to become even more prominent.

Marsha forced herself to remove her eyes from it and look her son directly in the eyes as he continued speaking to her. “Not only that, but on nights after I have thought of her a great deal, I have dreams about her, where we are kissing or touching each other, and I wake up and I have peed the bed.”

“Oh, I see!” smiled Marsha at her son. “You aren’t peeing the bed honey. Have you guys not learned anything about wet dreams in health class yet? Have you studied the reproductive system?”

“No. I’ve never heard of them. We don’t start that stuff until next semester,” replied Dejuanne.

“OK. Well this one is an easy one. I think I can put this one to rest very easily, then we will go back to the other discussion! Like I said, you aren’t peeing the bed at all honey, you are simply experiencing something called a ‘wet dream’. This is your bodies way of dealing with sexual excitement. You see, your body is ready to begin having sex. You are producing sperm, but you are not yet old enough to be sexually active. As a result, it stores up, and your imagination, and sometimes your dreams take care of it for you by creating a pretend situation that allows it to be removed from the body, and give you some relief. You know there is another way of taking care of that, don’t you?”

“No. What way is that?”

“We’ll talk about that in a little while. We can come back to this subject. For now, let me just put your mind at ease. You are NOT peeing the bed, and having wet dreams is a perfectly normal outlet of sexual tension for boys around your age.”

“Now, let’s get back to this whole ‘I’m a freak’ subject. Honey, I just want to share with you — when I was a teenage girl, you know I was made fun of quite a bit for my appearance.”

“No way! How could you be made fun of mom? You are the most beautiful woman in world!”

For the second time since the beginning of this conversation, Marsha felt herself blush a bit. “Thank you honey. That’s sweet of you to say. But there’s something that I think you already understand. Anything that makes us look different from our friends, particularly when we are teenagers, often leads our friends to ostracize or make fun of us. In my case, my chest was a bit larger than those of my girlfriends. This often caused my girlfriends to be jealous and the boys to pay far more attention to me than I was ready for at the time.”

DJ could understand that. His mom definitely was a very shapely and beautiful woman. Though he didn’t tell her, nor could he ever, when he fantasized about Mrs. Jenkins, he often interchanged his mom and Mrs. Jenkins faces and bodies, since they looked so similar anyway.

He could definitely understand how the boys who went to school with her would be fascinated in her large chest — it hadn’t exactly escaped his attention. In fact, as the conversation went on, he found his eyes drawn to his mother’s chest like a magnet. Marsha had already changed for bed, and was wearing a silky chamois that showed the delicious swell of her breasts. DJ closed his eyes and tried to block the sight out, to avoid becoming immediately hard.

“Now, let’s see the goods” said Marsha, pointing to Dejuanne’s briefs.

“All right” replied DJ as he began tugging them down. As they slid down his thighs, Marsha eyes were drawn, for the first time in years, to her sons genitalia. Marsha had to consciously force herself to close her mouth, as it fell open in awe as her son’s penis came into view. Just as he had indicated, his mostly flaccid penis hung at least half way down his thighs, and it was extremely round, with a plump round head bobbing at the end. She felt her cheeks turn completely crimson as she realized that his soft dick had to be at least seven inches long. His soft cock was at least twice as large as Brad’s was when it was completely hard!

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