Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 03


I spent the next week planning our next encounter. Before she left, Bonnie had made an agreement with me that if the mousy brunette did not tell anyone what had happened or why, neither would I. That meant Amanda’s other friends/lovers should not be warned of what was going to happen.

Picking between the next two girls was not easy. While Amanda and Bonnie both fell on the ‘quiet’ and ‘introverted’ side of the scale, Jane and Anna most certainly did not.

Both were loud, kind of obnoxious, and it was not going to be as easy to make them agree to my wishes, much less to ‘break’ them. If their boasting was true, both had done things sexually that I had not and I was going to have to leave my comfort zone.

I considered going down the BDSM route, but I was afraid it was going to come off too hoaky. Whatever happened, it needed to be natural.

It took a couple days, but I figured out both the girl and the plan.

The girl was Anna. The redhead with the big, dirty mouth seemed slightly easier to tame, so I figured it would be easier to leave the ‘alpha dog’ of the pack until last.

Anna and Amanda had been best friends in high school, and while they hadn’t lived in the same place since, they still spoke regularly and saw each other a couple times a year.

After the complication with Bonnie passing out on our bed, plus my reservations about Anna’s response to my ‘suggestion’, I decided to make the next weekend an away game, so we booked a hotel room at a tourist town nearby.

Amanda wasn’t confident she could control a phone call with Anna, so I decided presenting our proposition in person was preferable. I am sure Anna was surprised when Amanda called and invited her for a ‘girls weekend’, but it obviously didn’t raise any questions that Amanda couldn’t dodge.

On Friday Amanda picked me up from work and we drove out to the hotel. It was about an hour away from our house. It was the offseason, so the hotel was neither expensive nor crowded. Amanda checked in while I waited in the car in case Anna beat us there. Controlling the initial conversation with her was paramount.

After checking in without incident, Amanda came back to the car and announced that Anna had texted her an ETA of 45 minutes. That left time for me to move my things into the hotel room.

After that was completed, we moved to the hotel’s indoor bar where Amanda took up residence at the bar while I found a quiet, dark table in the back where I could see my wife and the entrance without being in Anna’s direct sight line when she came in.

Anna’s ETA turned out to be overly optimistic, and so we waited. Amanda’s status as a lone female at the bar meant she was drawing some male attention. She had already accepted one free drink from a male suitor. Either her wedding ring was doing nothing to discourage pickup attempts, or my wife was not trying very hard.

Amanda was just accepting a second drink when Anna entered. I saw her first since my attention was not held by a possible suitor. Anna went to school for business and held some position in a corporation in a nearby city. I wasn’t exactly sure of her position, but she dressed the part of a businesswoman in a smart skirt-suit that showed off her legs to perfection and contrasted nicely with her pale skin and copper locks.

Amanda was probably a little tipsy and focused on the guy in front of her so she didn’t see Anna until the redhead was only a couple steps away. She shrieked a welcome, which surprised the guy she was chatting with.

He was even more surprised when Anna stepped between the two of them and planted a long, sensual kiss on Amanda. When the kiss finally broke, Anna turned back to him and said something short. It was to the effect of “Sorry, bud. She’s taken” I’m sure. Who Anna thought she was taken by was up for debate.

Amanda’s suitor slinked away and Anna ordered herself a drink. Anna’s back was to me, which was how I had set up so I was pretty sure I would not be discovered until I wanted to be.

I had coached Amanda on what to do and I hoped that coaching would hold up to the alcohol coursing through her body. Either it did or Anna realized it would be a short night without feeding my wife, because after ten minutes they moved to the hotel’s restaurant. I watched them go as did most other male eyes in the area, I was sure. I waited another ten minutes before following.

The restaurant was nearly empty and the girls were seated in a booth away from the other patrons, just as I wanted. The only hiccup was that Anna was facing me this time, which meant she saw me before I got to the booth.

Her voice was icy as she greeted me:

“Charlie, I didn’t realize you would be joining us.” Her eyes moved to Amanda, who chose to stay engrossed in the menu.

“Well Anna, I am afraid you were lured here under false pretenses.”

Anna put down her menu now, the ‘professional’ in her focusing on me alone.

“I know what has been going on behind my back, specifically at the Bachelorette party.”

Anna Ankara escort laughed and picked up the menu dismissively.

“Amanda and I have talked about it at length. How… close… you two have been since high school.”

Anna gave a ‘hmph’, clearly trying not to engage me.

“She and I have also agreed that she was wrong to deceive me.”

I saw the waiter approaching now, so I stopped my semi-rehearsed speech.

We all ordered without incident, but as the waiter departed Anna and I both jumped to gain the upper hand in the discussion.

As she blurted out: “So what”, I calmly continued.

“Amanda and I also feel that all of you are to blame as well, since you goaded her and encouraged her behavior well after it should have stopped.”

Anna sat back now, arms crossed. Her face was in a great grimace, her ‘bitch shields’ going up. I had seen her cut down people before with this well-rehearsed scheme, so I was prepared.

“I can see by your expression you do not agree. That is too bad, since one of the other girls has already admitted her fault. She and I also came to an…arrangement that wiped the slate clean between us.”

I could see Anna’s wheels starting turning, so I moved the discussion so she wouldn’t focus on who and what.

“I don’t want to drag anyone else into this, but as the wronged person in this, I would like you to show some remorse.”

Anna gave another ‘hmph’ and went to pick her menu back up.

“Well then, if you don’t mind, perhaps you wouldn’t mind if I shared some of these photos.”

I took Amanda’s phone out of my pocket, cued up a photo, and handed it to Anna.

At first, she didn’t break eye contact with me, but once she looked, she quickly flicked through the entire album. I saw her visage change from ‘pissed’ to ‘nervous’ as she did. I had created an album from a subset of the pictures that started the whole thing, an album which only contained incriminating shots of Anna. I had even cropped a couple photos to remove the other girls.

“Where did you get these?” Anna asked, clearly surprised.

“Jane supplied them.” Not a lie.

“It doesn’t matter, its not like you can fucking post these on Facebook. It wouldn’t be the first time someone took a nudie of me.”

Anna loved to brag about her experience.

“Facebook? Oh, I am sure that while my friends would enjoy a couple shots of freckly tits and a firebox, that wasn’t my target audience.”

“Oh, some sick website. Again, not the first time.”

I laughed now. “C’mon Anna, what would that gain me? This is about leverage, not spreading your… nudies.”

Now I knew Anna took extreme care to keep her life as a buttoned-down workaholic separate from her personal proclivities, which was probably a good move since her professional reputation would be ruined if the two met.

“You can’t… there is no way.”

“There is always a way, Anna. For instance, I have a contact at the company you work for, and I am sure there is some type of whistleblower office that would prefer not to employ someone who had photos like this on some… sick website. So yeah, there is a way.”

I let my threat sink in. It was true, Anna’s company took their reputation seriously, and if the photos were posted and my contact made aware, I am sure it would blow some serious heat her way.

After a minute, Anna’s face wrinkled up like she smelled something bad, and she responded:

“Fine, what is it you want?”

I smiled back, knowing that while I hadn’t won the war, I had won a major battle.

“What I want, is to see what Amanda has done… with you…

That earned me another “Hmph”.

“And do whatever I want… with you…”

I thought her face looked disgusted before, but now Anna screwed up her nose and showed full disgust.

I tried to remember that face for later when I was giving it to her, but waited for a response.

My silence gave Anna time to counterpunch, so she came out swinging. Not at me, but at Amanda.

“Mandy, how could you? Do you really want to know that I have seen him naked? What about him? Isn’t this cheating?”

The fiery girl was starting to raise her voice, so I put my finger to my mouth in a ‘shush’ motion.

“This agreement is between you and me, Anna. Amanda made her peace with what is going on, and is a willing participant in anything that happens.”

“Plus, it isn’t like you are going to be the first of her friends that I fuck.”

I said that as an insult, and Anna, ever prideful, took it as one.

“Fine, you want me, you fucking got me. I just hope you can handle me. Wanna go now? How about I duck under the table for a couple seconds and suck your cock. That should be long enough to get you off.”

I smiled back, knowing I had won another battle.

“No thanks, though I appreciate the offer and your enthusiasm. But we are both famished, and you should get some food in you as well. You are mine for the weekend, and who knows if you will be able to leave the room Ankara escort bayan to eat..”

As I had said, Anna had a mouth like a sailor, and I had decided to enjoy the back and forth.

“All weekend? You won’t fucking last until midnight.” Anna snorted her derision, and took a big sip of her drink.

“Didn’t you hear? I practiced last weekend.” I knew she hadn’t, so she screwed up her face again, guessing.

Our banter was broken by my wife, whose nervousness at the situation manifested in a full bladder. I stood up to let her out, then sat back down.

By the time Amanda returned, the food had arrived, and we ate in silence. Amanda was clearly uncomfortable, but I had enjoyed the banter. I think Anna did too, though she would never admit it. Perhaps it was part of her mating dance.

After we all finished eating, I stood up with a flourish and held out an arm, pointing.

“Ladies, shall we return to our suite?”

Anna shot up and went to walk by me, but I agilely grabbed her hand and pulled her back. Surprised, she stopped and waited.

I waited for my wife, still tipsy, to stand up, then hooked both of their arms and practically sauntered out of the restaurant. There were only maybe three other people in there, but I knew that being paraded on my arm like a trophy would increase the flame in my fiery new companion.

We made it to the lobby, and I told to Anna to press the door to the elevator. She did and then made to step away.

“Where do you think you are going?”

“I need to get my things out of the car.”

“Anna, I don’t think you will need anything this weekend. And since I am in charge, I can almost guarantee it.”

Her jaw dropped a little now. I don’t think she expected me to be so… in charge.

“But, my stuff. What if someone breaks in to my car?”

I smiled warmly.

“Okay, give me your keys.. You and Amanda go up to the room and.. get comfortable. I will get your things and meet you up there. Oh and Anna?”

She paused now, deer in headlights. I had her on the ropes.

“Give me your phone too. You have no need for it.”

She give me her stink-face again, but handed over the keys and phone.

I headed towards the parking lot to pick up her stuff. I hoped Amanda had enough sense to relay my wishes. I didn’t want to fight Anna the entire weekend, but I did get an evil glee from giving her orders.

The fiery redhead packed remarkably light, but I took my time to grab the things and head back upstairs.

I made sure no one else was in the hall with me when I got to our door, and put an ear to it before I inserted the card into the slot.

Hearing nothing, I entered.

The room was a small suite. You entered into the ‘living room’, which contained the requisite couch, TV, coffee table, and desk. There was also a small kitchenette off to the side.

Near the windows on the left were a set of french doors that led into the bedroom. It was from in there that I now heard a smacking sound.

Dropping Anna’s bags against the far wall, I removed my sport coat and looked in.

I wasn’t sure what I had expected, but the sight that greeted me was probably the most likely scenario.

Anna was sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning back on her arms. She had removed her coat to display a nice cream-colored camisole but otherwise, she seemed fully clothed.

She had a big grin on her face, which was obviously due to the fact that my wife was between her legs, eating her out. Anna’s panties on the bed next to me confirmed that Amanda had free access.

Anna’s skirt was hiked up to her hips, but I couldn’t see anything else due to my wife’s head. Amanda had not removed her clothes either. It looked like they had just walked in, Anna had plopped down, and Amanda dove right in.

Like I said, I should have known this was coming. Anna was going to be a tougher horse to break. I had to resume control now.

“Amanda, honey. If you can hear me in there, take a break. You are going to ruin your dress.”

She must not have been ears-deep, because I heard the smacking stop and my wife turned towards me and smiled sheepishly through her brown hair..

I helped her to her feet, unzipped her dress, and pulled it off her shoulders, letting it puddle on the floor. I picked it up and hung it in the closet while my wife stood there in her underclothes, on display.

Her dress tonight had been a Little Black Dress, and her bra and panties were black to match. Not extremely provocative, but not bargain bin either.

“Baby, why don’t you make Anna more comfortable too. I would not want her to ruin her outfit either.”

Anna looked defiant, but allowed Amanda to remove her cream-colored camisole and gray skirt. As my wife walked into the main room to put them with Anna’s blazer, I took my time to admire the redhead.

The camisole must have had some type of integrated support because Anna was now sitting here naked, not that she was ashamed of it.

Anna’s tits Escort Ankara were not large, probably a B-cup, but were slightly upturned and just as pale and freckly as the rest of her. Her legs were sprawled back open so I could see that she shaved her pussy. Too bad. I had never touched a true firebox.

Anna sat there, letting me watch her. Amanda returned, unsure what to do. She stood there, fiddling with her own panties.

“Well girls, what about me?” I looked Anna in the eyes as I said it.

Her smile clicked down a notch, but she stood up and came over.

As my wife went to unbutton my shirt, Anna nudged her out of the way.

“Why I don’t I do this, Mandy. You work on his shoes.”

Anna’s heels were as tall as she could wear without looking slutty (her entire getup was, really), so when she stood in front of me, she was only a couple inches shorter than me. She looked me in the eye as she undid the buttons, slowly. When that was done, she opened my shirt and pulled it from my pants. She ran her hands over my chest and arms to remove my shirt. She was trying to get a rise out of me, and it was working.

Amanda finished one shoe, and I stepped out of it. Anna grabbed my belt now, unbuckling it, then the zipper. She paused to let Amanda get out of the way as she finished the second shoe.

“Well, let’s see if this cock Mandy has talked about for years is as fucking big as she says.”

With that, she reached inside my pants and grabbed me. She smiled devilishly.

“Not the biggest prick I have ever held, but its alright.”

I smiled, not taking the bait. Instead, I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed down, forcing her to her knees like my wife.

Once she was properly in a position for worship, I motioned for her to continue. Together, the girls removed my pants and boxers at once. My cock sprung out at full attention.

I gave Anna a look of “well?” and she grabbed my cock with one hand and kissed it.

Just like with Bonnie, I wanted our first contact to be one-sided, so I let her continue. I reached out to my wife and pulled her in to join.

Standing there letting two beautiful women work me from their knees did give me a great feeling of power. I didn’t want to let it go to my head, or my balls, so after a few minutes of top-notch cocksucking, I pushed them away.

“Good work, girls. Now why don’t we move to the bed.”

I held out a hand, helping each of them to their feet. They climbed on the bed, shucking their shoes as they went. I stood at the edge, watching.

“Anna, be a dear and remove Amanda’s bra and panties. She is overdressed. Plus they will prevent you from sucking her tits and eating her pussy.”

Anna did as I asked, but I could see she still chafed at following my direction.

Once my wife was as naked as the rest of us, I grabbed Anna by her hips and positioned her at the edge of the bed on all fours. While last week I had allowed the girls to play while I watched, I didn’t feel like giving Anna the same freedom. She had to know this was about me, not her.

“Honey, slide over so Anna can suck your tits.”

The girls complied, and my wife gave a nice moan as her friend went to town on her small, perky breasts.

I moved behind Anna and I lined her up where I wanted her without breaking the girls’ contact, and reached under her, cupping her sex.

My wife’s work down there had already wetted the field, but it didn’t keep me from probing Anna’s pussy with my fingers. I was a little rougher than I needed to be, but that was how I wanted it.

After confirming that she was, in fact, wet and willing, or at least wet, I lined up my cock and sunk deep in her with the first stroke.

I heard Anna’s breath catch when I entered her, and she let go of Amanda’s nipple to spurt out a response.

“Don’t fuck around, do you?”

My response was to grab both hips and start pounding her from behind. Anna was a girl who liked to get hers, so I am sure that doggystyle wasn’t her favorite position.

As I stood back there pounding the pale redhead from behind while watching her suck my wife’s tit, I watched her slide one hand under her. I felt something bump up against my cock, and I realized she was going to use it to get herself off.

Well, that was just unacceptable, so I grabbed Anna by both of her elbows and pulled up and back, forcing her face into Amanda’s crotch. In this position, she had little ability to support her upper body so it was munch or drown.

After a beat or two where she struggled against me, she started returning the favor my wife had given her.

This was good. Anna was giving pleasure to two people while getting little herself.

Unfortunately, crouching over the redhead and holding her arms made fucking her difficult, so I had to change it up.

“Amanda, be a dear and keep her face pinned in your pussy. Don’t let her play with herself.”

My wife nodded, her mouth open in enjoyment of the treatment she was getting. Her hands moved to Anna’s head, stroking her fiery mane, but also letting her know she wasn’t coming up for air.

I let go of Anna’s pale arms and grabbed one hip and one shoulder. I really went to town now, our bodies smacking together with each in-stroke.

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