Breathing Happiness

Big Tits


This story starts out slow, but I promise it will get better. These first few chapters serve to introduce the main characters, and there’s no sexual content for a while after the prologue. It’s not a stroke story that’s over and done with in fifteen minutes. Take your time and enjoy the story. This story is edited by Xipper, and I’d like to give them the recognition they deserve for helping me write this. Part 2 will be better, I promise.

Please stick it through to the bitter end, I promise things will get hotter in the coming chapters.


Peter sighed contentedly and flashed a smile at the girl in his arms. The girl grinned back up at him, her eyes shined, with the glimmer only youthful joy can, and betrayed the unspoken affection she felt for her lover. Slowly lowering his mouth to meet hers, Peter brought their lips together and put every last ounce of emotion within his body into this kiss. She felt her heart skid at the powerful emotion she sensed flowing into her through his embrace, and as she melted into Peter’s arms he gently began to prod his tongue through her lips. Exploring the mouth of his lover, as he had so many times before, Peter relished in the warmth and love he felt radiating from her body. It had been quite the journey to get to this point, but it was well worth the taxing struggle for the feeling of absolute bliss coursing through his veins.

“Come on baby,” she husked eagerly, “let’s take this to the bedroom and we can really show each other how much we love each other.”

Her body shaking with excitement, she led Peter into the bedroom without ever letting go of his hands. Laying down on the bed and looking him in the eyes, she began to gracefully strip the clothes off her body. Once her skirt was on the floor, Peter could clearly see her panties were practically dripping wet.

“I’m soooo hot for you Pete, come fuck me stud!” she pleaded with the glimmer still shining in her eyes.

“Whatever you want love, I’d do anything for you!” Peter stated adoringly.

Now completely naked, her cleanly shaven pussy shone in the moonlight coming from the window.

“Should I close the window?” he asked.

“No, leave it. How kinky is it that someone might look through it and see us like this!” she exclaimed excitedly, “Now… hurry up and fuck me!”

“Always.” Peter managed to stammer out.

Chapter 1:

“Peter, wake UP!” my mom yelled from down the stairs.

Groggily I rubbed my eyes, opened them, and looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand to the right of my bed. 7:47.

“You’re LATE Peter, you need to be on the way to school in ten minutes!” she screamed.

I managed to wake myself up enough to yell back “I know mom, sorry I overslept.”

Frowning, I briefly wondered why my alarm clock hadn’t gone off at the usual time, but I quickly decided to forget it for now, figuring I’d have more time to think about it when I wasn’t in a huge rush to get to school on time. Even though I was now a senior, and had turned 18 over the summer, I doubted that the School’s strict principal, Mr. Richards, would have any pity on me if I was late for homeroom. See, my high school was one of those “Break the rules and we’ll make Ankara escort an example out of you” type of schools, and they made examples out of a LOT of people.

After pulling on a clean tee-shirt from my dresser, and sliding into the same jeans I wore yesterday, I practically ran into my sister on the way down the stairs. Although she was 10 months younger than me, my sister still liked to play the role of the innocent little sister.

“Watch out Pete, you almost knocked me down the stairs!” Katie said. “You wouldn’t want to kill your baby sister now, would you?” she added with a wink.

“Well sometimes when you sing in the shower-“, I jabbed playfully.

It was a dead lie, Katie was quite good at singing, and she knew it.

“Hmm, maybe I’ll make you WALK to school for that one! Asshole.” She tossed back, grinning.

“Let’s just get in the car,” I said checking my watch. 7:55. “School starts in five minutes, we’re going to be late.”

Giggling, Katie started to walk outside to our car. We both called inside to say goodbye to mom, and I made my way to the driver’s seat (Hey, I’m older and that means I can do whatever I want!) as Katie hopped into the passenger seat I couldn’t help but noticing her cleavage practically hanging from her VERY low cut V neck shirt.

‘Shit… those are NICE.’ I thought.

‘Damn it Peter, snap out of it. That’s your fucking SISTER!’

Even as I scolded myself for thinking of my sister like that, I had to admit that my sister was exceedingly hot. Her ass cupped perfectly in any pair of jeans she wore, and her blonde hair that barely graced her shoulders elegantly framed her model like face. I knew for a fact that her tits were amazing, being her brother. She was also a cheerleader, so she got a real kick out of wearing short skirts and flirting with guys. Many of the guys at school tried to get in her pants, but she never seemed to act serious with anyone, or, at least, in front of me she didn’t.

Because we lived about two blocks from the school Katie and I got there two minutes later. Stating that we’d see each other at home, we dashed off to our individual lockers to grab our books for the day. I could hear my friends going through the typical routine chatter that went on before homeroom in the background,

“Hey, did you do the homework for Jessel’s?”

“Damn dude, I’ve got Quint first period.”

“Today is the day we’ve got lunch together, right?”

Grabbing my accounting notebook and a pencil I walked over to the indoor bench where all my friends gathered to talk and moan about how bad the rest of our school day would be. As they turned the corner I saw some lucky guy walking towards us holding hands with Alexis Highton, resident babe of our school. As they got close I saw it was my friend Mike, and he had a smug grin on his face as he walked past, definitely wanted to gloat about his apparent score.

“Ahh shit man, do you think he’s crushing that ass?” Jeff Lincoln said from my left.

“No way, Mike is too soft to be getting such hardcore tail!” replied one of the other guys near Jeff.

“OI, Brennan! Aren’t you best mates with the prick?” said Sean McCone, a red-haired junior who had just moved to America from Scotland, “Do you know if he’s fucking that fine ass Ankara escort bayan right there?”

I rolled my eyes, Sean had a bad habit of calling anyone who was seen with a girl in public “prick”. For some reason his constant swearing and belief that all women were born to worship him seemed to make girls attempt to stay away from him more than anything, not that anything as simple as walking the opposite direction upon seeing him would deter a thick-skulled man like Sean.

“First off, he’s not a ‘prick’ Sean.” I groaned back, “And no, I didn’t even know he talked to her until just now.”

“Well if he is, he’s one lucky bloke.” The Scotsman muttered.

There was a chorus of agreement amongst the gathered crowd, and then the bell rang. I settled in for a boring morning full of debits, credits, assets, and audits.


After getting through my first three periods with relative ease (I didn’t have any tests, and I slept through most of accounting anyways) I went to the cafeteria for lunch. Since our community was, in general, pretty well off our school was nice as well. The cafeteria had glass windows all along the back wall looking out into the courtyard where seniors could eat lunch on nice days. Grabbing a pizza, a Capri Sun juice, and a bag of chips I made my way to the cashier counter. Typing in my Student ID with an efficiency coming from muscle memory that can only be obtained through four years of typing the same digits into a keypad every day, I paid for my lunch and then went out to the courtyard to enjoy the warm spring day.

Coming out into courtyard I smiled as the sun warmed my face, it was getting closer to Track Season. After being cooped up inside all winter, I was always excited for track. The feeling of beating out your opponent at the last second of a race could never get old, and the adrenaline rush of the meets was something I’d loved since my first meet as a freshmen. Mike was also on the track team, and the two of us were captains for the Boys. I saw Mike sitting at one of the tables next to Jeff and a few other guys from our group of friends. Heading over in their direction I saw Jeff’s eyes go wide as Mike said something to him.

Seeing that the seat to Mike’s left wasn’t occupied by anyone I stepped up to the table and slid into the seat.

“Hey boys, how’s the pizza today? Doesn’t look nasty like it usually does.” I said to no one in particular.

“Dude, how can you be worried about the pizza when this fucker right here is tapping Alexis FUCKING Highton!? Jeff practically shouted.

Typical Jeff, throwing “Fucking” into the middle of any sentence that suited him.

“Yeah? Announce it to the world why don’t you?” I said back.

“Yeah I’m sure Mike would hate to be known for getting with that. She’s a perfect ten dude.”

“Perfect she may be, but why are you thinking about your friend’s girl like that?”

“Oh shit Brennan, you got me there!” Jeff grinned.

The rest of lunch passed without incident, we bitched about the tests we’d have to take during the afternoon periods that day, and Jeff kept bringing the subject of Alexis and Mike back up. When the bell finally rang Mike looked relieved to be free from Jeff’s constant attention.

“Hey man,” I said to mike, “is Escort Ankara Jeff bothering you by bringing up your girl all the time?”

“It’s no big deal bro, it’s just annoying after a while” he said

“Yeah I gotcha, call me later we gotta plan captains practice for the team now that the weather is nice.”

“Yeah sure I’ll hit you up after I get home from Lexis’s, I’m going there after school.” He said with a slight grin.

“Alright man I’ll call you later” I said, waving goodbye.

After battling my way through three straight periods of brutal tests, I made my way to the parking lot and met my sister at our car. We’d bought it together when we turned 16, figuring we didn’t need separate cars and that saving money would be better in the long run. Even though it was only a beater Honda, we were proud to have bought something with our own money.

“Hey Pete, we have to wait for Ellie. She’s coming over today so I figured we could just drive her.” Katie said.

“Alright that’s fine by me,” I replied, “Here she comes now.”

I looked towards the school where Emily, a pretty brunette who’d been friends with Katie since the sixth grade, walked over. Like my sister Emily had decided to wear a rather revealing outfit today, and it definitely flattered the cute teen. A checkered blouse that hugged her upper body in all the right places was unbuttoned to the third button, giving an amazing view of her eighteen year old tits. Further complementing her amazing body was a skirt, which was so short I’m sure it was well in violation of the school’s dress code, was taut against her amazing ass defining all of her curves leaving little to the imagination. I let my mind wander to thoughts of a naked Emily in the shower, her goddess like body dripping as she fingered herself under the watery spray.

“Uh earth to Pete? You there big bro?” Katie said from my left.

Snapping back to reality, I was practically drooling as Emily sashayed over to our car, winked at me, and hopped into the back.

“Let’s gooo Pete! I have to get something to eat, I’m staaarving.” Emily called from the car, exaggerating the vowels in an extremely flirty way.

I hopped in the car, turned it on, and shifted into drive. When we got home the girls went up to Katie’s room, presumably to shower. I made my way to the kitchen and made myself two ham sandwiches with mayo and mustard. Track Season approaching rapidly meant that I had to start getting back into a high calorie diet so I could perform my best.

After making my sandwiches I sat down at our breakfast bar, and happily dug into them due to the ravenous hunger I’d worked up throughout the day. My mom came down the stairs and we started to chat about our day. She worked in an accounting firm, and the spring time meant it was the busy season for her. She complained about customers not getting her the information she needed on time, and I complained about how many tests I had to take that day. My mom turned on the TV to watch the evening news. Feeling that the conversation was over I made my way up to my room booted up my computer and checked my Facebook wall. I could hear the water running from the bathroom my sister and I shared, and wondered if the girls could still be showering. I mean, it had been an hour or so since we’d returned from school; but girls can take FOREVER to shower! I knocked on the door.

“Anyone in there?” I yelled in, “I need to use the bathroom and you guys have been in there forever!”

==Chapter 2 Coming Soon==

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