Britnee’s Trailer Park Adventures

Big Dicks

Author’s note: All Characters in this story are over the age of 18. All actions and depictions of sex in this story are between adults of legal age. No animals were harmed during the production of this work. Tuesday is Taco day.

Britnee’s Trailer Park Adventures Part One

“Yeah, Fuck me, you fuckin’ Inbred Morons!” Britnee cried, “Fuck me like you mean it!”

Britnee was sandwiched between the Gulliver twins, two of the homeliest and dumbest hill jacks ever conceived. They were desperately trying to fuck Britnee’s pussy and asshole like they knew how to use the fat cocks they had been blessed with.

Jayden, the idiot on top, grabbed her hips even harder and thrust his pelvis forward, ramming his 10-inch cock deeper into her tight ass, fucking her as hard as he could. He groaned as he felt his cousin/brother’s equally big cock pumping Britnee’s hot cunt!

“Gawddammit,” he moaned, “This is the best fuckin’ I’s ever had!”

“Get it, boy!” Jed shouted, “Fuck that ass!”

Britnee grabbed Jed by the hair and forced his face into the cleavage of her huge, grapefruit sized tits, “Will you two shut the fuck up? Fuck me hard and keep fucking me ’till I Cum!” she commanded, bouncing her hips faster between them, fucking their cocks as good as they were fucking her. “Fuck! Fuck, that’s good! That’s how you fuck a hot slut like me!”


This is the story of Britnee Lain, a 19-year-old nymphomaniac from the small town of Hootertonville in Southern Ohio. Like many girls in her age group, Britnee spent much of her time on her phone, sharing social media, watching youtube videos and texting about everything in the world with her friends. She was also highly intelligent but her education was sadly lacking due to years of budget cuts in the local schools and the fact that Britnee was expelled during her junior year of high school after she broke the school principal’s face open with a stapler! She knew was smarter than most people but, not having much education, and growing up in the heart of white trash America, gave her a very bad temper and a jaded outlook on life.

Britnee was a beautiful young woman with green eyes, pouty, kissable lips, and long, wavy blonde hair that complemented her cute, round face perfectly. She was also rather petite. Built like a gymnast, standing only 5 feet tall and weighing 95 lbs. Most of the weight was in her 34F tits. She was slim but slightly stock, with well-toned muscles yet just enough baby fat to give her an all over softness that men called “juicy”.

Puberty had hit early giving her a pair of large, grapefruit sized, perfectly round tits that sat high on her frame with rose pink areolas the size of poker chips and small, eraser like nipples that grew stiff at the slightest touch.Her hips were slim and curved into an ass that was shaped like an apple, round and perfect. She often looked like she was arching her back when she stood up straight, but that was how ample her butt cheeks were. Built more like a stripper or pornstar than a model, every guy she met drooled over her tight, sexy body.

With a face and body built for sex, it’s no surprise that Britnee was a nymphomaniac. She had grown up with sex all around her as her mother was always bringing home some loser to fuck from the dive bar across the street. The men were all disgusting rejects, and the trailer she and her mother lived in being rather small, Britnee saw and heard more fucking than if she had raised in a whorehouse. By the sound of it, her mother truly loved getting fucked and treated roughly like a common whore, she was always moaning and begging for more no matter what the guy looked like or how big or small his cock was.

Britnee’s mom was an older version of Britnee. She was in her mid 30’s taller than her daughter, had bigger hips and her tits sagged a bit, but, for a woman who had spent most of her life fucked up on booze, pills and any drugs she could get her hands on, not to mention the years she spent on her knees sucking cock for rent money, she was a seriously gorgeous woman. Or would have been, if the years of drinking and drug abuse hadn’t made her look like she was ten years older. Only 18 when her boyfriend knocked her up and then split, she had lived a hard life.

Using her good looks to get by, Brandee always provided for her daughter. As Britnee grew up, however, Brandee grew increasingly resentful towards the young girl, blaming her for her father’s abandonment and the loss of her good looks

When Britnee hit puberty and developed into a teenage fuck doll, she knew she would never be a whore like her mother. She didn’t want to work for a living but, she’d rather go without then let anyone, especially some trailer park low-life have any control over her.

Looking at Britnee, Brandee realized her daughter would probably end up living the life of some rich man’s trophy Ankara bayan escort wife while she remained stuck in white trash Hell. Brandee set about looking for a rich man of her own if only to show her daughter who was better.

.Not surprisingly, soon after Britnee’s 18th birthday, Brandee agreed to marry Merle. Merle owned the trailer park the mother and daughter lived in. Everyone in the park thought he was rich, because he lived in the newest, biggest trailer on the lot, owned a 40-year-old Cadillac, and, he had two broken, old bathtubs out in front instead of the usual one.

Britnee lost count of how many times she had heard one of her neighbors say something stupid like, “I bet him gots more money than that guy what owns the Jiffy Wash!” or, “He shops at the grocery store where from they bags the groceries fer ya!”

In her mind, he was the sleaziest, piece of shit scumbag she had ever met. He was always leering at her and rubbing his crotch whenever she saw him. “Keep the Holy Fuck away, you dirty fuckin’ bastard!” She’d yell, furious at the fat piece of shit! ————————————————————————————————————————–

“Shit, I love getting fucked up the ass and pussy at the same time! Pound me harder, you useless losers! Gimme what I need!” Brandee groaned, feeling her tight holes stretching to the limit!.

Jayden grabbed her hips and rammed his fat cock balls deep in her asshole. “I’ll give ya what ya need, you fuckin’ biyatch!” He pounded that tight ass over and over, rubbing against his brother’s cock in her sopping cunt! “Get it, cousin!” he shouted, “tear that slut a new hole!”

Jed muttered something unintelligible as he sucked on one of the giant tits smashing his face with every thrust. His hips were on autopilot, pumping up and down, pistoning Brandee’s hot pussy with his big dick. The two idiots fucked Britnee like their lives depended on it, which they thought it did.

“We’ll show you, you fuckin whore,” Jed grunted. “We’ll show you fuckin’ what’s what! We ain’t stupid! We ain’t a couple useless mopes liken you says! Tear that Bitch up, Jayden! We gonna fuck this bitch better n she ever had!”

“I’m fuckin’ her real good, bro! Fuckin’ this dirty cunt bes’ she Ever had!” Jayden howled, feeling his cock throb in Britnee’s tight asshole!

“AAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Britnee screamed as another orgasm exploded deep inside, “Fuck Fuck FUCKKKK! CUMMIMGGGGGG So Fucking Good!!!” She slammed her hips down on Jed and pushed back at Jayden, taking every hard inch of their huge, white trash cocks! “Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me hard! Fuck me like the little slut I am! Make me pay for all the nasty things I said to you! Shitttt!!! FUCK THE SHIT OUTTA MEEEEEEEE! CCCUUUUMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!”

Britnee came so hard she squirted her hot cunt juice all over the two idiots balls as they continued their relentless assault. Her ass and pussy were flexing uncontrollably around the hard meat sticks, milking them closer and closer to orgasm.

Jayden could feel the cum boiling up in his balls. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, “Aaahhh Fuck,” he cried! “I’s gonna cum in your Ass, Biyatch! I gonna fill it up!!!”

“Do it!” Britnee screamed, “Cum in my ass, you fuckin asshole! Shoot that fuckin’ cum deep in my ass!!!”


Britnee’s mom moved into Merle’s trailer, offering her daughter the choice to either move in with them or stay in the old trailer by herself. Merle wanted more than anything to dip his sleazy cock in Britnee’s tight young 18-year-old pussy and did everything he could think of to entice the young girl into moving. He even tried to convince Britnee’s mom that a family three-way would benefit everyone!

Now that she was a married woman, however, the new bride sternly forbid her husband from even thinking about fucking her overly developed daughter, stating that, “It just ain’t right! That sweet cock is’n mine n mine alone! ‘Sides, why would you want some girl what don’ know what she does iffin you can have a woman’s cunt that’ll keep you cummin’ all night?”

For her part, Britnee wanted nothing from her mother or her new husband. She was happy to be rid of them. With her mother now living on the other side of the trailer park, Britnee turned her home into a sex and party house! Guys came over at all hours of the day and night with bags of weed, booze or just their hard cocks!

Then the day came when Merle stopped by. “Open up, little girl,” he called out, banging on the door. “Daddy’s home!”

Britnee was just getting out of the shower and quickly wrapped a towel around herself so her perverted stepfather wouldn’t leer too much. She opened the door just enough to see out and glared at the sleazy old man grinning back at her.

Merle looked like the typical trailer Escort bayan Ankara park low-life. Standing 5 feet nine inches, he had a large, fat gut from drinking too much beer, and his dirty white tee shirt barely covered his girth. His face was fat and slick with sweat and he wore a bushy mustache that screamed 80’s pornstar! His head was bald except for a thin rim of greasy, brown hair just above his ears. Coarse, thick hair poked up from the collar of his shirt, both in front and back.

“What the fuck do you want, you disgusting prick?” she muttered, lighting a joint and taking a long drag.

“Now isn that any way to talk to your’n kinfolk, baby girl?”

“You ain’t my kinfolk, asshole! State your business or get the fuck lost!” Britnee shot back, wishing murder was legal.

“He he he…ain’t you sumpthin,” Merle chuckled. ” ‘t seems we never got ’round to discussing the rent!”

“Rent? Rent?!? Are you fuckin’ kidding me???” Britnee screamed!

“That’s right,” Merle laughed, grinning. “Y’all din expect to live here for free did ya? Let me in an we can talk ’bout this like civulized people.”

Britnee took another hit off the joint, thought for a moment and opened the door. “Make it quick, you fuckin low life! I ain’t got all day!”

The fat, greasy bastard stepped inside and grinned even harder when he saw Britnee wearing nothing but a towel. “Heh… nice to see you got all dressed up fer me!” he snorted.

Britnee just glared, “I said state your bidness, you fuckin loser!”

“Hmm, now lemme see…,” Merle could feel his pulse quicken. Seeing the petite sex bomb almost naked in front of him was making him horny as hell! “Well, the way I figurs it, you’n been livin’ here past 3 months or so an’ no ones what paid the rent! But, I’ll be nice an’ only charge you $500 dollars fer to keep livin’ here.”

Britnee’s jaw dropped open in shock! She dropped the joint she was smoking and her towel came loose, exposing her huge, left tit for Merle’s evil eyes! “$500!!!”

“For one month,” Merle replied, feeling his cock straining against his pants.

“For one fuckin’ month?!?” Britnee cried, realizing her towel was now on the floor, but too angry to care, “Are you outta your fuckin’ mind?”

“Umm… umm… th- that’s 2 tittie- I m mean 250$ every two weeks!” Merle stammered as he stared at Britnee’s perfect pornstar body. His cock was threatening to tear a hole in his pants as he glared at her huge, ripe tits, perfect curves and completely shaven pussy between her supple, toned thighs. “Or…,” he breathed, rubbing his cock through his pants. “We could.. Ahhhh… work sumthin’ out…sumthin’ that’d be benifical to both of us…”

The old perv licked his lips and unzipped his trousers, grinning from ear to ear.

“Why you Nasty, Sleazy, Good for Noth-,” Britnee gulped as she saw Merle’s hard cock bust free from the confining fabric. Her pussy was juicing hard and she felt a wave of lust wash over her. She had to admit to herself it was one of the biggest, fattest, gnarliest, ugliest cocks she had ever seen! Normally, she would have stuffed it down her throat without a second thought. But this was Merle and her anger brought her back to her senses.

Smiling shyly, she offered Merle a seat, waving at the sofa. “So, what’d you have in mind, big daddy?” she cooed, slowly squeezing her massive tits.

“Mmmm…well,” he said, his breath catching a bit. “Fer starters… you could rub the sweet titties on me for say…$20 off.”

Britnee gulped down her rage and stood in front of her asshole stepfather. Leaning over so her tits were inches from his face, she said in a voice filled with lust, “You mean these little ol’ things?” She swore she saw his cock grow even longer! She wanted to suck the cum right out of the massive cock but, she knew she couldn’t. Not yet!

Merle’s breathing became even more labored as he leaned forward to taste her soft flesh but, Britnee stood up straight and put one foot on the sofa as she slid a hand down to her hot cunt.

“And how about if I let you lick my sweet, sweet pussy?” she whispered, softly rubbing her cunt lips.

Merle groaned with lust. Britnee looked down and watched a steady stream of pre-cum flow from his big, red cockhead, a sight that made her weak.

Turning around, the horny teenager bent at the waist, sticking her phat, round ass at the man she hated most in the world. “I know you love looking at my juicy ass, don’t ya, daddy?” she giggled, massaging the soft flesh. “Maybe you should spank it, hmm daddy?” Britnee gave her buttocks a loud SLAPPP! with both hands and then began to shake and jiggle, twerking her young ass right in Merle’s face!

Looking back, Britnee saw the ugly bastard fisting his gigantic cock, jerking it hard.

“Oooo daddy, stroke it for me,” she moaned. “Stroke your big dick for me. Daddy!”

“Aaaarrhhlllmm…Fuck! Yer so hot, lil’ baby,” Merle grunted.

Britnee grinned and spread her asscheeks Bayan escort Ankara as wide as she could and flexed her sphincter muscles. “Maybe you should stuff that big, fat cock up my tiny, tight asshole, daddy. I need a good fucking back there…”

“Awww Gawd!” Merle groaned, trying hard not to cum right then and there.

Britnee giggled and turned around, kneeling in front of the fat slob of a stepfather. “First, tho… We’ll have to get that big dick nice n wet! You want me to suck on it for you, daddy?” She reached out and softly gripped the massive dick, already slick with precum. The nineteen-year-old was almost overcome with lust as she felt just how hard and hot his cock was. It throbbed in her tiny hand, the mass of thick veins pulsing to her touch.

Merle leaned back on the sofa and closed his eyes, loving the way his teenage stepdaughter slowly stroked his 8-inch cock. “Taste it, baby! Taste my fat dick! Put your lips on it.” he grunted!

Leaning closer, Britnee slid one hand under the sofa and found what she was looking for as she felt the heat from Merle’s massive cock on her face.

“Oh, I’ma do more’n kiss it, big daddy!” She squeezed his prick as hard as she could while slapping her other hand against his balls.

Merle’s eyes jerked open when he felt cold steel against the base of his throbbing cock. Looking down nervously, he saw the straight razor in Britnee’s hand. “N N Now now now- don’ do anything foolish, girl! It ain’ gotta be this’n way!”

“Shut up n listen!” Britnee yelled. “This is how it’s gonna be…” she squeezed harder on his cock as it grew soft and withered in her hand. “You are gonna walk the fuck out of here an’ Never come back! You’ll get your money! Every month, you’ll get your money n you gonna stay the fuck away from me! Cuz if I see you anywhere near my lot, I’ll cut your nasty balls off an’ feed ’em to my goldfish! Got it?”

Merle nodded meekly. His heart pounded in his chest as Britnee released her grip on his shrunken cock and stood back, motioning to the door.

“Get out, you fuckin low life!”

Merle practically broke the door down as he tried to run and pull his pants up at the same time. Once outside, however, his courage returned, “You’ll get what’s what you little bitch,” he hollered! “You wait n see! You’ll get what’s comin’ to ya!”

Britnee responded by throwing a bottle that hit him square in the face. Merle grabbed his head and ran crying back to his trailer.

“Stupid, fuckin’, no good, pervert sumbitch!” Britnee spit and returned to her bathroom to finish getting dressed.

While she was dressing, the young girl decided that the best way to make some quick money would be to start dancing at the local strip club. It was located close to the trailer park and if she only worked a few shifts a week, she wouldn’t have to worry about the Government stopping her welfare check. Besides, she thought, with my pretty face and this killer body, who wouldn’t want to give me all their money!

Shortly, Britnee stepped out of her trailer wearing her best, slutwear. A simple, green tube top that barely covered her nipples, let alone her massive, grapefruit shaped tits, a pair of ultra-tight yoga pants, white with a wavy blue pattern that really made the perfect round curves of her hips and ass stand out and a pair of platform sandals with a 4-inch heel. Her purse and a pair of RayBans finished the look. She was the hottest girl in town and she knew it!

Walking down the lane to where the road turned into the trailer park, Britnee felt the string of her thong rubbing between her cheeks with each step and she grew even hornier than she already was. She was about to put her phone away and go home to stuff a vibrator up her pussy when the answer to her problems appeared before her eyes…

Near the entrance to the trailer park, there stood an old trailer that had been abandoned for years. But, as Britnee approached, she saw two young men carrying boxes into the front door. One was tall, the other, not so much. Both were pale and skinny. They both wore loose fitting cargo shorts. It was only when they turned around that she realized they weren’t men, just boys. She guessed that they were around her age, maybe a few years older. And ugly… “Goddamn slack-jawed, bug-eyed, toothless motherfuckers”, she said to herself.

The taller kid saw her first, “Holeeee Shhitttt!” He exclaimed, “Damn, girl, thems some nice titties! Jed! Come lookit this bitch! Hurry the fuck up!”

“Bitch?” Britnee stopped cold. She ignored the text from an old cellmate from Juvie as her blood started to simmer…

“Ma-Ma- Motherfuckin’ Shit, Jayden! That bitch is H-H-H- Hot!” Jed stammered as he stumbled out of their trailer, “Them is Big titties!”

“I can hear you, you idiots!” Britnee called, glaring at the 2 men, “Is that any way to speak to your neighbor? An’, didn’t I just hear you call me ‘Bitch’?”

“Way Y’all is dressed,” grinned Jed. “He shoulda called you Slut!”

The two morons broke out in laughter, almost falling over each other at their wit. Britnee walked up to them nodding her head, “Ok. ‘s alright.” SMACK! SMACK! She began to slap the shit out of both boys, turning their pale faces red.

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