Calico Cove


Weather forecasts called for upper 80’s and mostly sunny skies that week. Every possible summer outfit would be on display that week and it is exactly what he thought while driving to work. Even though it was only late May, it was a cold hard winter, a long up and down spring, and finally summer was on the rise. Only a month away, it was coming hard and fast.

His hopes of seeing every lightweight outfit possible by office workers, employers, and employees of the downtown surroundings filled his head. Still it was early morning and work was calling. They had hired three new girls in his office. He was excited about that. He was excited about their training. He was especially excited to see what they would wear each day of that week.

Once out of the car with briefcase in hand, all of the visions of spaghetti strapped tops, lightweight but tight skirts, or tight blouses and summer slacks that highlighted the woman’s figures disappeared.

Work took over and there were three blocks to walk to get to his office. Not a soul except management wore suits or blazers. His happy thoughts initially turned to the upcoming frustrations of the day.

Then as he turned the busy corner, he saw them. Dozens and dozens of women and his heavy heart was no longer heavy. He set his sights on god’s creations and looked to the heavens and said aloud “Thank you God oh thank you, thank you!”

Several people turned to look. Some smiled but some just looked. To him each one looked superior in appearance. To him, each one dressed as he wished and hoped they would. He stopped short of the building’s entrance, pulled out his cell, and acted like he was talking on it while he looked at the slim, curvy, sexy figures heading to work like him looking for solace and something to cheer them up.

He wanted to rate them each. He wanted to smile and wink to some especially. Somehow and someway the warmth of the day brought out something nice to wear and something better to watch.

Then the President of the company, the company he worked for walked in, looked at him and smiled, and stopped. “Checking us all out” she asked him “well sorry I didn’t dress appropriately but I’m sure you’ll get your fill knowing you Jeff.” She laughed quietly to herself while smiling at him knowing what he was thinking. She was lesbian and she didn’t care so long as he didn’t bring it in the office.

He kept the phone to his ear and saw some unfamiliar faces. “They must be newer ones. He opened his briefcase, took out the list, and all three started that day in his office. As Human Resources director he was training them for a week and then they would work for him afterwards or be relocated to other departments. He would make that decision later.

Walking in after lighting up his day with the morning’s landscape of ladies and their outfits put him in an extraordinary mood. He was loose and relaxed, happier, outgoing, and amusing.

Knowing it was taboo to say “You all look nice today” he thought it as he looked at each of them as they rode the elevator. “How are you all today” he asked. They all said fine thank you. “Isn’t it a wonderful day” he asked and they said yes with their Monday morning smiles as though they didn’t want to be there like him, but since he had to be he made the best of it. With three pretty looking relatively younger women age’s 22 to 25 he had better make the best of it.

He continued to look at each, swiftly, not scoping any of them out for he knew he’d have a chance over time to do that and at lunch time too. “You are all new today right? Well then head on down that isle and at the end is a large conference room. There’s juice, coffee, and I think donuts and bagels of you want some. Feel free. Don’t think you’ll look like a pig if you eat, because I look past all that anyways ladies. I really do” and he looked at them and only smiled. “I’ll be there shortly; get comfortable okay?”

As they walked they didn’t say a thing until three minutes later when one asked what he meant by “…I look past that anyways ladies.” They discussed it but laughed it off. Five minutes later he came in, knocking first, and smiling. He plumped himself down at the conference table, looked at them, and smiled.

“It sure can’t be any nicer today can it? I have the greatest job in the world, I think. Look I don’t pull too many punches. I want to be set in my ways, but I am open to suggestions and ideas. Most importantly the main thing here is there is no rivalry. I can’t stand that and I’ll transfer you to another department where your manager won’t be as nice or forgiving. I am very, very forgiving. I will give you lots of leeway. I will listen to your issues. I won’t stand for petty, bitchy, insecurity which you might let control you. I won’t and it is as easy as that. Does anyone have questions regarding that” he asked them looking around the room. There were a few, but he squandered those concerns. “It is simple. “You got a boyfriend who gives you trouble all the time and constantly calls you at work because you Ankara escort got in another argument after having one the night before too. Easy ladies, get rid of him, find another guy, and heck move on. If we didn’t work together heck you never know I’m always available, so down the road if things change, and you aren’t working here, look me up” and he roared out laughing.

“Just kidding all” he said. “I am married, but it sucks as marriages go.” Anyways there are a few other things I want to go over. “First, we are a very casual office. That means get comfortable, dress casually, not slutty, but feel free to dress pretty much the way you care to dress as long as you don’t walk in looking like you are a slut, please” he told them. “This is still an office and we try to appear somewhat professional. We have clients, partners, customers, and outside personnel who come through often and we don’t want them thinking he runs a porn shop and strip club does he?”

They all laughed and said they did understand. They wrote notes. That day they dressed conservatively, casually, and comfortably. It would change quickly. He finished his first days training two hours later. It was 10:15. “Time for a break; I usually will go out and have a walk and a cigarette. Care to join me?” They all said yes. They didn’t know what to do so they said yes.

Heading outside they all caught up to Jeff. “Isn’t it a beautiful day? I could easily be skiing, boating, and drinking somewhere right now. You know partying your brains out? You ladies like partying too?”

They agreed with him, laughing while they walked, and sparking great conversation while he watched the panorama of women strolling back and forth in their summer wear. “You don’t come out for your health do you” one asked. He didn’t answer her right away. “You come out to look at all the pretty women right?”

He laughed but said yes. Another asked “So are we to assume its okay to dress that way too? “Spaghetti strap tops, skirts, slacks, low cuts tops and prettier blouses; its okay with you?”

“Sure heck no I don’t mind at all” he replied. The first one asked him if he was a perv. “Only if you make me out to be one; it’s up to you to decide.” She told him he was nuts.

The day was done, they all reviewed their policy books, he went about his business, and stopped in on them occasionally. As they left, they all came in and were happy with the day and what went on, and said goodbye.

The next couple of days came and went. They all dressed conservatively and comfortably. None showed any sign of breaking down and wearing anything tantalizing or suggestive. He wasn’t concerned for they would in time. The office would become hot and stuffy and eventually would affect them all.

By Thursday afternoon, one had finally complained to another how stuffy it was and wearing slack was for the birds. He overheard it but had no control over the heat, air conditioning, or stuffiness. He turned on his fan, took off his tie, and rolled up his sleeves. “This is bullshit” he said to himself but loud enough that they had heard him outside. They wondered if he meant paperwork he was doing.

“Hey Larry, you hafta do something about this freakin air conditioning system. I’m burning up, my girls are dying out here, and we’re all about to come into work wearing bathing suits just so we don’t pass out man. Do you understand me?”

When they heard him yelling on the phone they all looked at each other and laughed. They agreed he was right and should do something about it. They didn’t stray too much from their little cove and dressing down Friday would allow them all to be a little liberal with what they put on.

It was perfect. Larry came in wearing a tight but lightweight t-shirt and shorts befitting of the atmosphere at the office. Plus he looked awesome in shorts as did his whole body. It was a detractor from a day of work. The girls came in likewise wearing sexy lightweight and low cut t-tops and shorts as well. All three had great legs, no tummy, nice curves, and great boobs.

Larry had the AC running perfectly and they were underdressed. Nipples surged thru bras and were easily noticeable to those who cared. Jeff cared the most and made appoint of coming out often to get great views of their cleavage, tits, nipples, and especially their Friday bests.

“You know what? I’m going to give all of you the afternoon off but on one condition only. You all have to dress like that for me more often” he said in a heart laugh. “Wow you all look like you’re heading to a beach club in Jamaica or something. You have me hooked for sure.”

They looked at one another, then him, and back at each other. “Are you for real” one asked. “Do you mean if we promise to dress like we are now in the future, then we get this afternoon off?”

“Yep that’s all there is to it. Can you do that? Are you able to do that? I mean do you know how pretty all of you are? I mean you always are but you are more then that today. That’s for sure.”

“Geez Jeff you only Ankara escort bayan like it because we’re showing off out titties and our titties’ nipples are hard as heck too. Isn’t that true Jeff? You just love seeing us like this right?”

“Yep” he said gleaming. “Damn straight and why shouldn’t I. You know you got it going on don’t ya? You all know you are sexier then shit right? You all know you want guys everywhere, well almost every guy to take notice right? Well guess what? I’m letting you know I’ve taken notice girl. Yes I have and all is right!”

They stared him down, stared at one another, looked back at him, back at one another, and they all began laughing and laughing at themselves. “I guess you are right Jeff; yep you are right!” Jeff joined in the laughter.

“Ready for break yet” he asked. “Let’s go on display all” he said and all four left and went for a walk and all four scoped out the surrounding downtown sea of sexy beauties be it a woman or a guy. Jeff was in heaven. Surrounded by 3 sexy looking babes, they knew they walked with a godd looking guy who just complimented them all over. They felt confident and sexy too and went with him to strut their stuff.

1PM came and the girls came to say goodbye to Jeff. He asked what their plans were for the weekend and they all laughed. “We’re going partying and clubbing all weekend what about you” they asked.

“I don’t know. I’m always looking for something new and fun. But I’ll probably go with my sister and brother, like always, and head to Calico Cove. “We’ll party up there but it’s usually boring. Not too many go up there. It’s okay.”

They all stared at him feeling bad, but in an upbeat tone they said “Thanks for a great week. Have a fun weekend.” He told them to do the same.

At the club at Calico Cove, Jeff and his siblings were hanging out talking and drinking. They had met new people as well as talked to the locals too. They danced and got drunk. Outside he was having a cigarette when out of the blue he heard “Hiiiiii Jeff what’s going on dude?” He turned and to his surprise all three showed up wearing fine looking skirts and some of the sexiest tops he had ever seen in his life. “Surprised to see us aren’t you” as each came up to him offered a warm fond hug and in turn obliged them with his own.

“My ohhh my you 3 look too fine for words tonight. How long have you been here” he said. It wasn’t too long but they had been out already that day getting their fill of alcohol and started talking about work, and since they liked him enough felt bad he wasn’t having the fun he really wanted. Neither were they and they liked him already.

Jeff was 34 and since he was several years older then them, they looked up to him and admired his style. He was easy going, nice, and a good looking fit man. With great legs, a firm ass, he was built as well. He seemed to have it all. His attractive looks combined with their drunken nature helped everything along.

All of a sudden they were all asking for cigarettes. All four stood outside smoking, talking, and flirting with him. Life was good all of a sudden. 3 young ladies who were his employees all came to see him when they didn’t have too, and were flirting with him too.

“Am I dreaming” he asked. They asked what he meant. “Here I am, all the way over here, and you three hardly know one another, and you came all the way over here to find me? Now is that special or what. I’m honored. I’m touched. I could be a lot more then that if I was drinking more.”

They all giggled and suggested he could be horny if he drank more. They asked him where they could get a room for the night. They asked him if he was staying with his brother and sister or who. He had a great suggestion. There was a cool place on the mainland they could stay at, but it was a house of a friend who he knew was out of the country. They jumped at the chance. Jeff went inside and said goodbye to his brother and sister.

Once on the mainland, they all got in his Landrover, stopped at the liquor store, and headed to a friends house. It was empty as he said it would be, and the young ladies were having the time of their life. So was Jeff.

“I hafta tell you, you all look really, really fine tonight or did I already say so?”

He did and they laughed and told him likewise. Things were getting better as they all looked sexier and sexier by the time they were inside the empty friend’s house. He turned on the lights, turned on some music, and before long all four were dancing and drinking and laughing and kidding around. Innuendos flew like bats in the night. Ideas emerged like worms after a rain. All four danced closer and closer like a bird on a worm after a good spring rain.

Laughing, dancing, touching, and some kissing led from one thing to another, but when it was all said and done, all four were on the grass out in the back, and not a soul around for 5 or so acres, so they relaxed and drew themselves closer to their boss, and hoping by doing so it could lead to a little romance Escort Ankara or more by morning’s light.

“God ladies this is going to make me horny. Do any of you know that or realize that?”

“No shit” one asked while another asked if he really meant that. Then more innuendos started slipping out as all of them came closer to the ultimate dance. They wanted to see his hard cock. They wanted to pet it too. They also wanted to hold it but who got to do what and when was a tough, tough decision.

He wanted to feel all of them out. He didn’t know who he wanted to feel out first. He didn’t even know if any or all of them wanted to be felt up, but he knew he wanted to. He wanted more then that as well.

“God I sure wouldn’t mind feeling al of you out tonight. I sure would love to cop a feel. Am I out of line?”

They said no and all of them said they wanted him to do it to them too. One suggested they all just lie their in the moonlight and what lights shined from inside the house and relax and see what happens.

Since there was only so much room, looking at his hardness was the easiest thing. But feeling it, such as petting it was another thing. Who went first was the question.

“Paper scissors, rock” one said. They all laughed including Jeff.

He agreed it was a great idea, but he got to participate too for fun. The girls laughed and began. To all of them it was hilarious. Drunk, none of them cared who did what first. Finally one of them helped out. One of the girls passed out. They carried her in and laid her down, and headed into the big comfortable family room with its plus carpet.

All three looked at one another. Quiet and not speaking, Jeff was still partially stiff, so he needed enticing. He told them they wouldn’t see much unless he did something to “improve his situation currently.”

They giggled and asked what he meant. He started to tell him, but stopped, shoved his hand inside his shorts, and started wanking himself.

One of them put her hand on his arm. She told him to stop and let them do that instead so he let her. The other whispered to the one with her hand on him and the two girls put their hands over his crotch, sliding it repeatedly across the sheathed partially hard cock.

That began to send clusters of exhilarating and quivering impulses through all three. He slowly became hard right beneath their hands. The two girls giggled, squealed, and started clamping down on it. Promptly the two girls became moist, then wet, and easily all three were without any difficulty horny!

Giggles, cooing, murmuring, and moaning filled the room and house. Besides him getting his attention, they wanted their attention too and they wanted it right away!

He wondered if they were horny and assumed they had to be. He attempted to feel both of them. Bypassing their tits even though he craved feeling them, he petted their flat tummies, but soon went down closer between their legs and both willingly spread them apart.

Nobody said anything. All they did was smile and wait. All they did was patiently lie on their backs waiting for that first slip of his hand inside their panties underneath the skirts they wore. Their clothes remained intact, but he would have loved them off. They did too but were too turned on, too horny, and too occupied with their feelings and didn’t even think about removing anything. All they wanted was this guy’s hand inside their panties, feeling their bushes, and their juicy warm pussy’s!

Quiet but excited grunting began to follow each inch. Both girls were only getting hornier! He only became harder. They wanted to see it, feel it in its flesh, and he wanted both of them to suck it! He told them, they told him, and laughing filled the room.

He unzipped, they took off their tops, and when they did, he gawked at the “best looking tits and bras he’d seen in months” he told them. He told them he hadn’t been with a woman in months.

They said they hadn’t been with a guy in months either. “So I guess were even” one of them said aloud. He laughed, pulled his cock out from inside his zipper and he held it out and put it up for display.

One of them leaned over, ran circles around its tips, but cooed too often, and the other girl realized why. “It’s making you horny isn’t it” she said excitedly to the girl feeling the tip of Jeff’s cock. “Ummm, do you uhhh” hesitating to do the nasty by actually offering to finger her cock, the other girl looked at Jeff, his cock, and then her. “I’ve never done this uhhh before but uhhh would you like it if I did you while you do that to him” she asked the other.

Jeff and the girl twirling her finger around Jeff flung their eyes and heads at her in a surprised response. As though they were both about to say “Do you mean that?”

Jeff was all for it! Of course he was. Seeing one girl finger another girl’s pussy? “Oh hell, yes do it! Ohhh man, you bet that sweet curvy and sexy ass of yours she wants to do it” he said to himself in his own wild fantasy!

The one girl looked at the other, giggled, teased Jeff, and went after the girl’s pussy that was fiddling and playing with Jeff’s cock like a hawk after a sparrow. This girl while doing a number on Jeff was being fingered wildly by the other girl.

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