Fountain of Youth Ch. 02


While at work on the following Thursday afternoon, I received a text message while I was drafting a deed of release at my office desk. I looked at the screen on my iPhone and saw that the message was from Tyler. He had texted me at work every day that week and I always enjoyed hearing from him. I picked up my phone and read the message he sent me.

Tyler: hey gorgeous, how’s ur day going? I miss u <3 I smiled when I read his text message—he always had such sweet things to say to me. James: Busy, but good. Tons of paperwork. How’s yours? I miss you too. Tyler: I’m in math atm…so bored. It’s last block tho, yay 🙂 I looked at the clock—it was 2:30. He only had half an hour of class left. James: I’m happy you get to go home soon. Any plans later? Tyler: Nope. Hey guess what? Last nite I tried my dildo out 😛 I grinned and got a bit hot after reading Tyler’s last text. James: Way to get me excited @ work! Details? Tyler: haha, well it took me a while to get it in cuz i used lotion as lube, ) I felt my cock twitch from arousal, and I willed myself not to get an erection at work… James: You should use Vaseline or olive oil if you don’t have lube. And next time it won’t hurt as much, just keep practicing. In the shower is a good time to do it 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed it. James: By the way, I’m so turned on right now. I took a sip of water and glanced down at my neglected paperwork, thinking I should probably get back to it soon. Tyler: Do u have msn? Maybe when u get home we can chat…I’ll play with my dildo for u on cam 😛 Wow, this boy was fucking amazing. James: Yeah, I do have msn. I am so down for that 😉 Tyler and I exchanged email adresses. Tyler: Ok awesome. I’m so excited! James: So am I! Anyway, I should really get back to work now. I’ll talk to you soon. Tyler: Ok, later! <3 I could barely focus on my paperwork for the rest of the day—it was a wonder that I even got it all done. On my way home, I stopped at Safeway to pick up a pack of cigarettes, and I also got a bottle of water-based lubricant to give to Tyler the next time I saw him. I got home fifteen minutes later and went into my home office in the den to transfer my laptop from in there to my bedroom, so I could chat with Tyler while on my bed later. Then I went to the kitchen and made myself some egg salad for dinner. As I was eating and watching the news, my phone started ringing. It was Chase. I was glad to hear from him since I hadn’t seen him for a few weeks–he was always busy with his university work. “Hey you, what’s up?” I asked. “Hey, nothing much…just finished a four hour chemistry lab,” Chase said. “Yuck, you must be exhausted,” I said. “Yeah, I am. I haven’t been sleeping much either.” “How come?” “I just can’t sleep. Like, I’ve been lying awake until 3 in the morning some nights,” he explained. “That’s not good… You’re probably just really stressed out,” I said. “Yeah, I think that’s probably what it is,” he agreed. “I just want this semester to be over already.” “Yeah, so do I. I want my stress-free Chase back,” I chuckled. “I know you do, hun,” he said knowingly. “Do you have a lot of work to do this weekend?” I asked. “Oh Ankara bayan escort yeah—tons. It’s mostly reading, but that’s what takes the longest,” he replied.

“So, no time for me, then?” I said.

“Aww, Jamie… Do you know how badly I wanna cuddle with you right now? If I could, I would come over right now just to cuddle,” he said.

I smiled, “I miss you so much,” I said.

“I miss you, too,” he replied.

“I’m eating this egg salad that I made… It’s terrible,” I laughed.

“Oh my gosh… Is it one of those low-fat recipes you’re always clipping out of magazines?” he laughed.

“Yeah, it’s one of those ones,” I said.

“Geez, you could have just bought something, you know…” he said.

“I know. I even stopped at Safeway on the way

home,” I said.

“What’d you get at Safeway?” he asked.

“I just bought some cigarettes,” I replied.

“How many did you have today?”

“Let’s see…I think I had five today. One on the way to work, two after lunch, one on the way to Safeway, one on the way home,” I listed off.

“Okay, what happened to cutting down to two per day?”

“I dunno… I’ll admit I haven’t been trying as hard lately,” I said.

“Come on, Jamie, don’t just give up. It shouldn’t be that hard to cut down to even three per day.”

“I know. I’ll start again tomorrow. I promise,” I said.

“You don’t need to promise me anything. You’re doing this for yourself, not for me,” he said.

“I’m glad you’re checking up on me though, ’cause I honestly need that. Thank you,” I said.

“It’s ’cause I love you so much, Jamie,” he said.

“I wish I could kiss you right now.”

“You can kiss me in your dreams tonight.”

“Yeah, I guess that will have to do, for now,” I sighed. “Anyway, Chase, I’m gonna go take a shower and relax now, all right?” I lied, eager to get online with Tyler.

“Okay, I’ll probably do the same,” he replied.

“I’ll talk to you soon. Love you.”

“Love you.”

I hung up the phone and went to the kitchen to throw out my unsatisfying egg salad before going to my bedroom. I changed out of my work clothes and slipped on a nice pair of black Calvin Klein boxers. Then I sat on my bed and leaned against my headboard before I logged on to MSN and added Tyler as a contact. After I added him, I saw that he was online and I decided to wait for him to start the conversation. I looked at his profile as I waited. His name was Tyler Quinn. It was a beautiful name, I thought.

After about thirty seconds, I got a video chat invite from, which I accepted, and in a moment, he appeared on my screen. I couldn’t help but grin when I saw him—he looked great. He had styled his hair into a faux hawk again, which looked great on him, and he was wearing a blue and white striped tank top that went really well with his eyes. I couldn’t see what he was wearing on the bottom, but I really hoped it was nothing.

“Hey James,” he said playfully, smiling at me.

“Hey, sweetheart,” I smiled back.

“You look hot,” he winked at me.

I chuckled, “Thanks, so do you,” I said. “So, what have you been up to since you got home?” I asked.

“Well, I ended up going shopping for a bit with Erika after school… Then I came home, and the rest is pretty uneventful,” he said.

“Wait Escort bayan Ankara ’til you see what I got you after work…” I said. I reached over onto the bedside table, grabbed the bottle of lube and held it up for him to see. “It’s real lube, and it’ll work a lot better than lotion,” I told him.

“James, thanks so much!” Tyler exclaimed. “That will definitely be helpful. If only I had that right now…” he smirked.

“Yeah, it’s too bad. So, what are you wearing down there, anyway?” I asked.

Tyler tilted his camera down to show below his waist, and pretty soon his perfect cock came into view. It was fully erect.

“Wow,” I smirked.

“Want me to play with it?” he asked seductively.

“Yeah, please do,” I replied.

I watched on the screen as Tyler wrapped his hand around his cock and started jerking it off slowly. I felt my own cock beginning to get hard, so I pulled my boxers off.

I started rubbing my cock and I made sure my camera was angled so that he had a good view of the action.

“I wish you were here sucking my dick, James…” Tyler said as he pleasured himself.

“Yeah, I would definitely be sucking that dick right now,” I told him, never taking my eyes off of his cock.

Tyler stopped jerking off for a second and pulled his tank top off, throwing it onto the floor afterwards.

“I’m gonna get some lotion—be right back,” he said.

“Okay,” I said. I was super horny and excited to watch him masturbate with his new dildo.

Tyler disappeared from view for a few seconds before returning to his laptop with both his dildo and a bottle of lotion in hand, and a smile on his face.

“You don’t have Vaseline or anything?” I asked.

“I’m pretty sure my mom does, but I’m sure as hell not using hers,” he laughed.

I shook my head, “It’s just that lotion is terrible lube… But anyway, carry on,” I smiled.

“So how should I do this? Should I just lie down on my back?” he asked.

“Yeah, just tilt your camera down a bit,” I told him.

Tyler adjusted his camera and then lay down on his back, spreading his legs open.

“Is that good? Can you see okay?” he asked.

“A bit closer…” I said. “Yeah, that’s perfect,” I told him once he’d adjusted the camera. I now had a great view of his asshole, and my cock was getting harder by the second as I jerked it back and forth in my hand.

Tyler put some white lotion onto his fingers and slowly rubbed it onto his asshole, moaning softly as he did.

“Yeah…get it nice and moist,” I said quietly as I watched him intently.

After a while of playing with his hole and fingering it a bit, Tyler put some lotion onto his dildo and then positioned it at his entrance.

“It might take me a while…” he told me as he began pressing the slender dildo against his tight opening.

I barely even heard what he said—I was raptly watching his ass as I stroked my cock.

“Oh fuck…” Tyler moaned suddenly as the head of the dildo entered his tight little asshole.

“Yeah, push it in there, babe…” I said. I almost came right then—hearing him moan like that and seeing the dildo buried inside of him turned me on so much. “How does it feel?” I asked.

“It feels good,” he replied, slowly pushing the head in and out of his hole.

“Does it hurt at all?”

“Yeah, it Bayan escort Ankara does. Last time it went away after a while though,” he told me.

“Good, just keep going. Get more of it in there,” I urged him on.

Tyler let out soft whimpers of pleasure as he slowly pushed another inch or two of the dildo into his ass while I watched him attentively. The more I watched him, the closer I got to cumming all over myself.

“This is as much as I can take,” he said, breathing hard as he slid the dildo in and out of his tight ass.

Shit, he was gonna have a hard time taking my cock once he was ready for me to fuck him.

I could tell Tyler loved the feeling of having a dildo in his ass by the way he was moaning and rubbing his cock with one hand.

“Can you get it any deeper?” I asked after a while of watching him masturbate. He still had a little less than half of the length to get inside him.

“Not yet…” he said.

“It feels the best when it’s deep in there,” I told him.

“Maybe you can show me how good it feels the next time we meet up,” he suggested, still thrusting the dildo slowly in and out of his hole.

“Now you’re talking,” I said. I was getting closer and closer with every stroke my hand made…

“I’ll let you fuck me nice and deep…” he said, rubbing his cock faster now.


“I wanna feel your cock stretching my ass…”

Even closer…

Tyler’s dirty talk had sent me over the edge and I suddenly felt that familiar tightening sensation in my lower stomach.

“Oh my God…fuck yes…” I groaned loudly as I shot my load all over my stomach.

“I’m coming, too…” Tyler panted, stroking his cock and thrusting the dildo simultaneously.

“Take the dildo out and sit up so I can see you come,” I ordered him.

Tyler slowly pulled the dildo out of his ass and sat up on his knees, stroking his cock vigorously. He was moaning and biting his lip and he had this amazing, lust-filled expression on his face as he got closer and closer to coming.

“Ohh yeah…fuck…” he moaned, looking down at his cock as he spilled his load all over himself.

Most of it landed on his stomach, but some of it also spurted onto his chest and face, which I found extremely hot.

Panting, Tyler looked up and smiled at me as he slowly trailed his index finger through the cum on his chest, and then he surprised me by bringing the finger to his lips and sucking it clean.

“Wow,” I grinned, amazed at how goddamn sexy he was.

“I wish it was your cum though,” he smirked, licking his lips.

“Okay, we need to meet up ASAP,” I laughed. “How is this weekend for you?”

“Next weekend would work better—my parents are going away to Belleville on the Friday and coming home Monday evening,” he grinned.

“Oh, that’s great!” I smiled. “How about I pick you up next Friday night and you spend the weekend at my place?” I suggested.

“That sounds awesome,” he said excitedly.

“Good, it’s a plan,” I said. “So, are you sure you’re ready to be fucked?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I really wanna feel your cock in there,” he admitted.

“That’s great,” I smiled back. “Just keep using your dildo so you get more used to it,” I added.

“I will,” Tyler said. “Well anyway, I’m gonna go take a shower now,” he said conclusively.

“Okay, I’ll talk to you later then,” I said.

“I’ll text you.”

“All right, hun.”


Tyler went offline and I shut my laptop, leaning happily against the headboard.

Damn, that boy really knew how to tire me out.

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