Kim’s Journey Ch. 03

After Ricky left in the pre-dawn, early that Saturday morning, I was actually able to take a nap before the kids woke up. After a breakfast of cold cereal, for the most part, the kids played quietly in their rooms or watched Saturday cartoons on the TV in the playroom. In midafternoon, the kids finally all three went down for a nap at the same time. I was finally able to get back to something I had been thinking about all day when I wasn’t reliving the incredible night I had with Ricky, and that was the video I had discovered by accident of Gail and Maurice and Corey and Mark. The night before, for most of the video I was so stoned I wasn’t even clear as to what I had seen, but now my mind was clear as a bell and it was such a ginormous turn on watching the things this foursome did to each other.

I was deeply engrossed in the video with one hand inside my pants fingering my wetness and the other inside my shirt pinching my nipples, when I heard the front door. In my haste, I shut off the TV, straightened my clothes as best I could and ran to greet Gail and Maurice. I was totally unaware of the evidence I was leaving behind of my voyeurism, but that is another story for another time (if you want to hear about it).

I greeted Gail and Maurice and let them know the kids were all down for a nap and should be getting up anytime now, asked how things went at the hospital with Gail’s mother, and so on. Just small talk mostly, but I got the feeling Gail suspected I was a bit uncomfortable about something. Let’s face it, a few minutes earlier, I was watching them both engaged in an extremely erotic foursome with my neighbors. Now here I was trying to make idle conversation without picturing them both doing insanely erotic things and envisioning their naked bodies. When Gail would speak, as I watched her lips move, I couldn’t help but picture her full, wet lips taking Mark’s cock and even glancing at Maurice imbedded the thought of the enormous cock that hung between his legs, into my brain.

After many uncomfortable moments, I heard the door close again and couldn’t stop myself from shouting, “Ricky!” when I saw him walk through the doorway. I immediately wished I could have hidden my excitement.

“You two know each other?” Gail asked with what sounded like a bit of concern in her voice.

Ricky quickly constructed a lie, “Yea, we’ve met before, but don’t really know each other. I came by to check on things last night when I got back into town and we recognized each other and visited for a while. I know a couple guys over at WD. One that’s going to Tech this year, but he plays football, not basketball. Me and Kim met over there before.”

His story sounded convincing so Gail quickly let it drop. After some time and more idle conversation, the kids started getting up from their naps and Gail said, “Well, shoot, I was hoping I could drive you home, Kim, before the kids got up, but it looks like I will need to start getting them something together for dinner.” I think she was about to ask Maurice to take me home, which made me kind of nervous, when Ricky said he would be glad to take me. He wanted to see if he could find his friends in WD anyway. I was really relieved when Gail decided that would be fine, since we already knew each other and all. Besides, I really wanted to spend a bit more time with Ricky. I knew he would be leaving for Tech the week after next – he had to report early for basketball, and then I would be going to my first year at the junior college a couple of weeks after that, so I didn’t know if or when Ricky and I would get a chance to see each other again.

Gail handed me my money for babysitting the kids, thanked me again and we all said our goodbyes. They really were great kids and I was sure to let Gail know as long as I was around, I would be happy to watch them again. That’s when she did say, “Well, actually, in two weeks, my sister will be back on night shift and Ricky will off to college. It might be nice for Maurice and I have a night out while we still have a good sitter that we know we can trust.”

I told her I would be happy to (and maybe I could finally finish watching the video without interruption) – Oh crap! I know I must have had a deer in the headlights look on my face when I realized I had just turned the TV off and not the VCR. Would they know? There simply wasn’t anything I could do about it now. I just had to hope for the best.

We all said goodbye and off I went with Ricky.

As soon as we got in the car, I told him about the video and he said not to worry, but I was scared as could be. How could I have been so careless?

It didn’t take long, though, as I watched Ricky driving and reminisced about the incredible night of passion we shared the night before, to take my mind off of my carelessness and focus my full attention on the black Adonis who had taken me to places I never even dreamed of.

Not in a big rush to get to WD, Ricky bought us drinks at the drive in and took the Ankara escort back roads, staying off the main highway. This also gave him a better opportunity to rub my leg and even grope my left breast a time or two with his giant black hand. I was getting aroused beyond my control and knew we would be in WD very soon, so in a cloud of foggy judgement, I simply leaned over to Ricky and took out his beautiful big cock. As he slowly drove down the country road, I marveled at this magnificence of his cock as I slowly stroked him.

“Would I ever see the gorgeous cock again?” I wondered.

Knowing that was a great possibility, I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to bring him pleasure one last time. I took him into my mouth. To this day, I can still remember how his cock tasted and felt in my mouth, my tongue slowly circling the giant head and how he filled my mouth with his warm meat.

There was nothing passionate or tender or teasing about how I sucked his cock. There wasn’t time for that. There was only hunger. Hunger to make him cum. With almost frantic desperation I did every single thing I had ever learned about pleasuring a cock in a span of a few short minutes and it paid off handsomely as Ricky fought to maintain keeping the car on the road, he exploded into my mouth. I was flicking my tongue under the head when he first exploded and I missed the first spurt, but caught all of the rest of him in my greedy mouth. I savored its salty taste before consuming his essence.

I raised my head just in time to see us on the edge of town, only 3 blocks from my house. I instructed Ricky how to get there and to drop me off at Corey and Mark’s, then showed him where it was. It was still daylight out and I didn’t want my mom getting mad since I never told her the family I was babysitting for was black. I don’t know if it would have bothered her or not, but things were different then and I wasn’t going to take that chance. I was going off to college in another month and didn’t want to rock the boat now.

I was a little hurt when we pulled in front of Corey and Mark’s and Ricky didn’t make an attempt to kiss me goodbye. As I was getting out of his car, it occurred to me it was probably because I just let him cum down my throat.

As I walked up to the front door, I was a bit surprised when Corey opened it.

“Was that Gail’s nephew that brought you home?”

“Yes, Ricky.”

Then, as I had come to expect, as I stepped inside and Corey closed the door, she turned to kiss me. After a brief mouth to mouth kiss, she held onto my shoulder and then paused for a moment looking at me.

“Oh Kim” Corey said, “You taste like cock and it appears you have some of Ricky’s cum on your neck” and then she totally shocked me by leaning forward and licking my neck, then with her tongue out and a dollop of cum on the tip of it, she leaned in to kiss me again. It was totally embarrassing but at the same time, so very erotic! Our tongues traded the sperm back and forth as they danced in our mouths. I was already aroused from sucking Ricky off, but I felt my wetness rushing to my vagina.

All too soon, Corey broke the kiss to exclaim, “Damn, you’re dangerous! That tiny little body of yours just gets me going!”

Corey turned away and took a seat at the kitchen table, so I followed. Once we sat down, she said her and Mark wouldn’t be going out that night so they wouldn’t need me to babysit. That’s when I noticed for the first time, Corey’s eyes were red and slightly swollen. She had been crying.

“Corey, is something wrong?” I asked.

She looked down and paused before answering, “Mark and I had a fight.”

Corey fidgeted in the chair and tried desperately to hold her emotions in check before finally breaking down and sobbing. Immediately my arms wrapped around her trying my best to console her. It took some time before she finally calmed down enough to say, “It will be okay. You don’t worry about me. Go home and go out tonight and have some fun with your friends.”

“No way! I’m not going anywhere and leaving you here to cry all by yourself. Let me run home for a few minutes and I’ll be back in a bit.”

I went home only to find a note from my mother telling me they went down to G___ to see my older brother and would be back the next day. Also in the note, she said she had a surprise for me when they got home. I packed a few items and headed back down to Corey’s.

Corey was just finishing feeding the baby his supper and then we gave him a quick bath and settled him in for the night after I fixed his last bottle. She poured us both a glass of wine and we settled in to the living room to talk about what was going on.

Over the next hour or so, Corey opened up about her life with Mark. She told me how in college, she had been a typical college girl, exploring new things and being pretty loose. She dated a few different guys, went to a few parties and just enjoyed being on her own. When she met Mark at one of those Ankara escort bayan college parties, they had sex the night they met and soon fell in love. The first couple of years of marriage were pretty good. She said she learned quickly that Mark liked to show her off and really liked it when she would openly flirt with other guys. Trying to be a good wife and please her husband, she did her best to keep him happy and admittedly, being a young girl with a strong libido, really enjoyed all of the attention she received and the great sex they always had together. When she got pregnant though, things started to change and she really wasn’t into it as much. After the baby came, she said she was just too tired all the time and didn’t do a very good job of taking care of her marriage. She told me Mark had an affair, maybe more than one, and they almost split up then. Mark told her, if their marriage was ever going to work, she was going to have to get back to being the free spirited party girl he had married. That’s about the time Mark got his current job and they moved here to start over.

She went on to tell me, once they settled in here in WD, Mark had started bringing up the idea of swinging with other couples. Knowing her marriage was hanging in the balance, Corey decided to go along with it. She told me they had been with 3 other couples and their marriage had really never been better. She even really looked forward to getting together with other couples and the sex was always incredible and each time they did something wild, even the sex between her and Mark seemed to escalate to more frequency and intensity, but Mark seemed to want more. Like whatever she did, however “hot” she tried to be, he wanted the next level.

For tonight, Mark had made plans to go to A____ where there was an adult video store. She even told me where it was. He had taken her there once before. Corey explained to me about how the store had a theater to watch adult movies and how people would have sex right there in the theater. Then she told me about the video booths and for the first time, I learned about glory holes. She told me men would put their cocks through the glory holes and get a blowjob. That’s what Mark wanted. He wanted to watch Corey giving blowjobs to total strangers and that’s where she just had to draw the line.

Corey had told Mark, having sex with other couples was one thing and that she even really enjoyed it, but what he wanted just seemed too perverse for a young mother and wife. That’s when the fight broke out between them and Mark left.

It was about that time, the phone rang. Corey went to the kitchen to answer it and it was Mark. I went in to check on the baby and give her some privacy. Even in the baby’s room, I could hear the heated conversation. The phone call only lasted about five minutes. They argued back and forth the entire time. This was so foreign to me as I had never even heard either one of them say anything that would indicate there were problems in their marriage before tonight.

Corey got off the phone, the baby was falling asleep and the sun was setting. I returned to the living room as Corey was pouring us each another glass of wine. Strange as it was, it seemed the phone call was the best thing for Corey. Now she seemed more angry than hurt, so at least she wasn’t crying.

For the next hour she continued to unload. She told me she was certain Mark was spending the night with some woman he worked with or had met somewhere. In either case, he wasn’t coming home that night – that much was clear. Corey told me how thankful she was that I was here with her and that she would be a basket case without me there to help her through all of this mess.

After killing off the second bottle of wine, Corey asked, “Kim, do you ever get high?”

“Well, yes, I have a few times.” I admitted.

“Mark has some pot in his nightstand and I could really use a good buzz tonight.” And she went to get it.

She returned with a metal can. When she pulled off the lid, inside was a small pipe and the can was about half filled with marijuana. I watched as Corey loaded up the bowl and then we fired it up. After just one bowl, on top of the two bottles of wine we had consumed, we were both feeling no pain. That’s when Corey said, “Come talk to me while I take a bubble bath. Or better yet, come join me.” And she smiled her beautiful smile. I saw a very definite longing in her eyes. Even at my young age, I recognized that longing. She was happy to have me there with her and welcomed the thought of something between us. After all, a few weeks earlier, we had shared an erotic and passionate night together, but didn’t really have an opportunity to truly focus on one another. It was obvious that there was a strong bonding chemistry between us, even though we were ten years apart, she an adult woman, wife and mother, me still an awkward teenager; her curvaceous, sultry body with full breasts and wide hips, my tiny young body and pert Escort Ankara breasts. This night, she needed me here with her and I was truly glad to be there and was up for whatever the night would bring.

Corey checked on the baby once more and we walked into the tiny bathroom. I had sat down to pee and when I stood up, Corey turned and took my shoulders in her hands and thanked me again for being there with her. We shared an innocent embrace before she broke away and began undressing. I followed.

Corey stepped into the tub and then slid forward so I could sit behind her. It was a tender and gentle moment as I just snuggled up to her back, pressing my small, pert breasts into her and wrapping my arms around her. It only seemed fitting to lightly kiss her neck as she cooed. It was such a treasure to gently wash her body and take little opportunities to explore her, like after washing under her arms and using my hands to rise the soap, then slowly moving my hands forward to cup her voluptuous breasts. There was nothing overly sexual about our bath, it was more of just moment of gentle expression between two aroused women – well, one aroused woman and one very horny teenager.

After we dried off, Corey stayed nude, so I figured I should do the same. She retrieved the tin of marijuana from the living room and we went to her and Mark’s bedroom. Corey lit a couple of candles and we settled on to the bed as she loaded the pipe once more. That’s when she began asking me about Ricky.

I began recounting the events of the night before. Even though she had told me her and Mark had been with three other couples, she didn’t mention Gail and Maurice by name, so I left out the part about discovering the video tape, not knowing how she might take it. I told her how Ricky and I had gotten stoned and how he gave me a “shotgun” hit and it being so erotic. She said, “well, I’m not good at rolling a joint and you can’t give a shotgun hit with the pipe we have, but we can still share the hits.” With that, she lit the bowl and took a deep hit off of it, then leaned into me. As I had imagined Ricky would do the night before, the closeness of our lips as Corey exhaled into my open mouth really got to me and I expected her tongue to enter my mouth. But again, just like Ricky, she finished exhaling the smoke and moved back. But now it was my turn.

I hit the pipe, then laid it on the nightstand and leaned into her. I felt her breath, took the back of her head in my hand and breathed the smoke into her open lips. I felt our lips touch ever so slightly and that was it. I pressed into her and followed the smoke up with my tongue into her open mouth. We leaned in closer and our breasts touched sending shivers through my body.

We sank into the bed as our tongues made tender love, and I was instantly consumed with an overwhelming passion. I loved this woman. I cared for her. I wanted her. I wanted more than anything, to please her and console her in her time of trouble. At the same time, I was inexperienced and had no ability to dominate the situation and readily gave over control to her maturity as she rolled me onto my back and wedged herself between my legs. Our kisses went on forever and I savored having her tongue in my mouth and having mine exploring hers. This was so different from kissing a man, so much more tender, passionate and loving. And the feelings were compounded greatly by our breasts rubbing together. She was much taller than me (as just about everyone is) and had moved her right leg outside my left leg, so I felt her furry wetness press against my thigh as her left hip pressed against my mound.

When I felt her begin to shift her body lower, I panicked at the thought of her tongue leaving my mouth and aggressively sucked her tongue with my mouth, holding her with my lips. She pressed her hip firmly into my wetness and shifted back up to me and the passion of our kisses reached a totally new level. As she ground against my clit, I felt my passion building and knew I was only moments away from orgasm. I was about to have an orgasm brought on by nothing more than passionate kisses and the pressure she applied to my mound.

As I moaned into her mouth, her tongue became even more aggressive, sending me over the edge into wanton bliss.

“Ummfffff, ummmmffffffff, uuummmmfffff:” I cried

Between kisses, Corey gasped, “Yesssssss, cum for me beautiful girl!”

As I threw my head about, Corey quickly moved down my body and took my nipple into her mouth. She sucked my nipple with wild abandon and passion, circling her tongue around my nipple before gently and teasingly nipping it with her teeth, then aggressively taking as much of my pert tit as possible into her mouth, like she was trying to swallow the whole thing.

As I began to come down from my orgasm, she began tenderly kissing her way down my stomach, but she wasn’t just kissing and licking my stomach, she was making passionate love to my hot flesh. What Corey could do with her lips and tongue were indescribable. She would open her mouth wide and draw my flesh into her wet mouth before gently suckling her lips as she trailed slowly lower down my hungry body. She was a master, and I, her eager student.

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