Kisses, Handcuffs and You


I’m an over-40 married mom. I’m exactly what you think of when you imagine a PTA mom. But I wasn’t always this way. I was the quintessential bad girl. Ex-military. Drinker. Smoker. Drove a beat up truck. And enjoyed sex. A lot. And I didn’t discriminate between men and women. My son came as a surprise nine months after a drunken night that shouldn’t have happened between friends. Boom. Everything changed and I settled down. I married Joe when he transferred to another state. That was the only way my family would agree that my son and I move out west. But the marriage was more of a business agreement and ended my adventures. Then…

I started my new job at our local police department almost two years ago and there you were. It was an instantaneous attraction. You were so outgoing and really hot in your uniform. But it was your smile that had me melting. Oh, that smile. Your eyes crinkle when you really smile. Do you know how freaking adorable you are? Over time, we’ve become friends. I value our desk side chats, our friendly outings, oh, just any time you’ll give me. But I want so much more from you. I’m afraid I’ll lose you if I tell you, so I keep my daydreams to myself.

I’ve never fantasized about Ankara bayan escort anyone I actually know. Dreamed about them, sure, but I don’t have control over my dreams. But daydreams? Now that’s where my imagination comes in handy. You’d be surprised by the things we’ve done! The night after our first outing, I had the best orgasm I’d had in twenty years. You were amazing. If only you knew.

I changed outfits four times. I did my hair twice. Then I spent the thirty minutes before you arrived pacing or sitting on the edge of the couch, watching for you. You picked me up and off we went for a movie and drinks. We chatted and laughed the whole way to the theater and through the coming attractions. It was a really stupid movie and our easy banter made it hilarious. Then, you moved your leg so that your knee was even with the end of the armrest. I don’t remember much about the movie at that point. The only thing I was aware of was my hand moving to rest on your leg. You didn’t pull away or say anything. Then you moved again and your leg raised and tilted towards me more. I remembered to breathe, but it was short and shallow. My hand stayed where it was until the end of the movie. After the movie, we went Escort bayan Ankara to my favorite restaurant for drinks and a bite to eat. Neither of us mentioned my touching you.

We spent two hours talking about all sorts of things. We did have a couple of drinks, but not enough to take away my nervousness. When we walked out to your car, I thought you were opening my door for me. How sweet! But you didn’t. We stood there, finishing whatever train of thought we were on. Then there was nothing else to say. The parking lot disappeared. All I saw was you. Your eyes. Your lips. You. I was leaning against the car with you only inches in front of me. I felt your fingers hook around my belt loops. I reached up and caressed your face. I ran my hands over your hair, your cheeks, your lips. I have a thing for those lips, if you didn’t know. Then very slowly, I leaned forward and you met me halfway. Our lips barely touched. Once. Twice. I couldn’t breathe. My heart was racing. I understood that time was wibbly wobbly because I don’t know how long we actually stood there like that. Our lips a hair apart. Motionless. Then in the same instant, you pulled me toward you and I wrapped my arms around your neck. It was an Bayan escort Ankara explosion of sensation. Your lips on mine. Our tongues exploring the other. Our bodies pressed against each other. Lightening hit between my legs. I heard moaning, then realized it was me. The kiss was passionate and my knees were actually weakened. Then you pulled away. What the f___? You told me to turn around and put my hands on the car. I thought you were joking until I looked into your eyes.

I did as told and looked over my shoulder at you. You told me to keep looking forward and to spread my feet. I hesitated, so you nudged my feet with yours.

“I have to make sure you aren’t carrying anything that might hurt me,” you said.

You began to frisk me. Actually frisk me. Oh, you’ve found my trigger. To release control to someone I trust? Yessss. Your hands ran slowly over me. You cupped my breasts. My hard nipples easy to find. You pressed against me. One hand moved lower, over my stomach, cupping my mound. Pinning me to the car, you kissed my neck with little bites interwoven. When you pinched my nipple and rubbed my pussy, I heard you growl. Gone was the sweet young woman I’d fallen madly in love with. Here was a sexual animal that was going to take whatever I offered her. Yes. Harder. Please.

“Do you have your handcuffs?” You give a throaty chuckle.

“No, but I will tomorrow.” I cum hard, knowing you’re who I’ve looked all over the world for.

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