Kit and Kat Do Lunch at the Y

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Kit and Kat do Lunch at the Y: My Latest Real Life Escapade

First off let me say that this is a real true-life escapade of mine, not a made up story, this happened in the beginning of November of this year.

I have been Bi since I was 13. Hell, I actually lost my cherry to a girl, not a guy, but then, that is a whole different story, one that I might tell if the members persuade me to. Now I am happily married and still very much an active Bi-Fem, I am at my happiest when there is not only a male love in my life, but a female one as well. Of course hubby has no problem sharing me, he always reaps the rewards of my escapades, even if he isn’t directly involved in some of them.

I met this woman, Kit through a personal ad posting I had. We chatted online and exchanged pics and stories through e-mail and decided to meet in person a week later. Kit is a real looker. She has long strawberry blonde hair, and gorgeous blue-green eyes. Perky b-tits, the kind that just stand up all by themselves and beg for me to run my tongue ring over and under them, to suck and nibble them.

Thursday I did just that and a lot more to Kit while trying not to get arrested at the same time. She was on her lunch break from work, and I had only one hour, and I intended to make every second count. We were in a van, a mini van, with way too many windows! We parked in a restaurant parking lot, but somehow we never made it inside. We decided that eating lunch and dessert at the Y was much more appealing.

So here we are, two smokin’ chicks in the back seat of this mini van, talk about your space issues, but we managed.

I leaned over on top of Kit and began kissing her ever so gently, rolling my tongue ring against her tongue and with every second the kiss lasted her mouth got hotter and wetter. After all, this was a total fantasy come true for her, nothing she had ever allowed herself to do before, only to lust about. I kissed my way down her neck and started to massage her tits through her shirt. They immediately stood at full attention. I could feel and see her long hard nipples peaking through the thin material of her tank top. I took one nipple in between my fingers and gave it a little pinch and a little twist, at which she let out a little sigh of excitement.

Finally I peeled her tank top down and put my tongue to work sucking and licking both of her nipples and teasing them to their fullest potential. As I was sucking her nipples I ran my hand down the length of her body and slid it up to her crotch. She was already starting to moan with delight. And she had soaked through her lace g-string and her black work pants.

I started running my strong fingers up and down the outside Ankara escort of her pants, massaging her clit and cunt with my fingers. She moaned and started begging me to eat her pussy right then, she couldn’t wait a moment longer.

So here Kit is naked in the back of a mini van with my head just absolutely buried in her cunt. People are walking by coming to and from their cars to the restaurant. All the while Kit is moaning in ecstasy as I put my tongue ring to work teasing her. I ran the ball of my tongue ring ever so lightly over the slit of her soaking wet pussy. And she threw her head back and moaned, “give it to me, now, I need to feel your hot wet tongue on my pussy, NOW.”

But I teased even more, this time I ran my tongue very gently around her clit and then I stuck it just up under the hood of her clit. This of course drove her mad! And she started bucking and trying to grind her pussy against my face. She not only wanted it, but she needed it bad.

Finally I gave in to her begging and when I did I sunk my hot tongue right inside her soft shaved pussy lips and began fucking it with my tongue. Kit was whimpering and grapping the top of my hair, telling me not to stop.

She was so wet, my tongue was just covered in her juices and it was driving me crazy, she was so excited at this point that she had me all wet and hot too. She kept moaning and thrusting her gorgeous hips against me, that’s when I decided it, was time. She wasn’t gonna last more than 5 more minutes at this rate. I decided to take her over the edge, I looked up at her and she was biting her bottom lip as it quivered in sheer pleasure. I reached down, my eyes never leaving hers and shoved my finger into her wet cunt.

She gasped with excitement she couldn’t even look at me then, down there between her legs with my tongue and my fingers working furiously. She new if she opened her eyes and looked she would cum in an instant. She got more and more hot and I shoved two more fingers deep inside her body along with my tongue and I fucked her deep, fast and hard with three fingers and my tongue until she was just about to explode. Then I pulled my fingers out and reached up and stuck them in her mouth. She responded by sucking at them furiously. I then used only my tongue to bring her to full orgasm, and as she started to scream and arch her back I positioned my tongue deep up inside her pussy and began to suck outward with all my might. I felt every hot bit of juicy cum hit my tongue swallowing it all down so as not to lose a single drop. I continued to lick her clit and play with her until she was so sensitive that she couldn’t take it any more.

That’s when she grabbed me by the shoulder of my shirt and pulled Ankara escort bayan me up between her dripping legs and hard tits to her mouth. And started kissing me deep and long. She wanted to taste her own cum off my mouth. She even licked herself off my chin.

I guess that was when she decided it was my turn because she stopped kissing me and forcefully pushed me backwards against the other side window of the van. She was out to taste my pussy that was all she wanted. She had tasted it before and hadn’t gotten enough. She pulled off my pants and my white g-string and went right to work rubbing me and then sucking my clit and running her hot tongue in and out of my body.

She does this cool little trick to me where she puts two fingers inside my cunt and fucks it in and out while she uses her tongue under them to catch all my juices. Then to top it all off she takes her thumb and uses it to masturbate my clit at the same time. At this point I was the one who didn’t want her to stop and I was moaning in shear delight. I grabbed her head and drew her further inside my body wanting to get her as close to me as possible. I reached down and started teasing her tits again, pinching, and rolling and pulling and squeezing. That was it, one feel of those gorgeous tits on top of all that she was accomplishing between my legs and I was ready to cum. And cum I did, my juice spurted out like a fountain, all over her nose and tongue and chin, I was like a waterfall. She was moaning again herself from the sheer pleasure of knowing that she had made me cum so hard.

And I gave her no chance at recovery I threw her back against the seat and started eating out her gorgeous wet pussy all over again, only this time with an even greater intensity because I was so revved up from cumming all over her face.

She didn’t last even two minutes and in those two minutes she came on my tongue and my fingers at least three times. At the very end of it I kind of got down in the floor of the van so that I could get a better angle to fuck her. I pushed my arms and head down against the seat to brace them against her ever-bucking hips and she rode my face to the point of exhaustion. I fucked her so hard that when the last of her multiple little cums came; when the big one actually hit; she screamed so loud that if anyone had been walking by the van to their car they definitely would have heard it and zeroed right in on us to see what the fuss was about.

She actually got light-headed with the last big one, and that was my awesome way of sending her back to work.

Cum drenched cunt, face and fingers smelling of my pussy juice, panties and slacks soaked through; she went back to work. With an awesome Escort Ankara smile and an inability to concentrate on anything else but me, her and what had taken place in that van.

Now, you would think that this is the end of the story, and for most normal people it might have been, but for me…NEVER! What I hadn’t told you until now is that all the while that Kit and I were going at each other we had been taking little 15 second video clips and still pictures with my camera phone and sending them to my hubby’s phone at work. (Again this is where he reaps the benefits even when not directly involved.) He was getting so horny at work and he was so excited to show of his awesome wife and all that I could get up to in a day, that he was showing the guy he worked with some of the pictures as they got e-mailed to his phone.

When I finally sent him the last video of Kit’s huge cum, he could take no more. He dropped his tool belt where he stood and headed for his truck. He intended to surprise me and be home when I got there from my lunchtime tryst. And surprised I was when I drove up to the garage and opened the door to find him waiting there for me.

He immediately started kissing me and licking my face and chin; he didn’t want to waste tasting one single drop of Kit’s cum either. He got me so hot licking another woman’s cum from his wife’s face, I mean just the sheer thought of it alone, what a turn on.

I pulled away and told him to drop his jeans and hop up on his workbench. Which he did with no complaints. When I opened his briefs to unleash his throbbing cock, it kind of sprung right out at me and hit me in the chin. I began running my tongue ring gently over the slit of his cock, and sliding my tongue down the side of his shaft. I could feel his cock growing and throbbing in my hand. I went down and licked and sucked and nibbled at his beautifully shaven balls. And then I quickly sucked the entire length of his huge dripping cock into my mouth and sucked it for all I was worth. When he couldn’t take it any more he pulled me up to him and began kissing me deeply.

The next thing I knew I was bent over a sawhorse in a garage getting the hell fucked out of my sopping wet pussy by his huge cock. When we both came simultaneously it was completely explosive.

We went about our day and then that evening while lying in bed we began talking about the days adventures and recapping them in our minds. Of course that was all it took and we were off to the races again! He ate me raw for two hours, and we fucked for another hour non-stop. My lunchtime tryst had turned into a non-stop day of sex, sex and more sex.

As for Hubby’s and my adventures with Kit, well, she is supposed to be “cumming” over for dinner soon. And I can only bet that when all three of us get in on the act there’ll be plenty more stories to be told!

So watch and wait and I’ll bring you our next true-life adventure soon!

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